On the road for Ti and Do the 144,000 new believers

The following was in response to a new believer in Ti and Do’s request for advise as he felt he needed to leave his current partner and go to a homeless shelter.

It is very difficult to embrace Ti and Do and remain in an environment with those who don’t or hate any idea of it (not saying this is the reason for your departure). From my experience and I believe this is what Do showed us, though at the time in the classroom I didn’t fully grasp, was that moving into more and more of a real Next Level connection means we and those around us become subject to the lower forces who wish to turn you away from Ti and Do’s family in any way they can which is frequently by their using those in our family to get at us.

There is nothing that can stop your overcoming process. I don’t know of any situation that can not aid in your overcoming, but overcoming our humaness, though it’s always in motion by further embracing of the Next Level – Ti and Do’s teachings/examples is going to be upon us by doing the tasks Ti and Do assign students – a student being anyone who wants to be.

You can be of great service to the homeless. I know that may look freightening as most change does and in this world of course being homeless appears to look like failure but to the Next Level is normal as one of the last things they thrive on is the human comfortible home life. That’s not to say there is something inheritantly wrong with the human condition in this regard, except as it becomes so fearful to not have it, that it then nearly abolishes one’s option to rise above that comfort level, thus the Next Level uses so called natural catastrophe’s to shake things up some so more can begin to have a chance to see more.
But even people who are sick of mind and/or body homeless or not, in pain or not can have a hard time not getting into yet another comfort or even discomfort zone as they begin to fear if they eliminate their mental/physical pain they will lose this or that benefit, and/or have no excuse to push their way out of their difficulty by seeking the Next Level, however they understand it’s help, though that often becomes associated with religion, when most of the religious are also entrenched into their comfort zone, as you know.

However, there will be a few that you will meet that are actually open to what you could say about Ti and Do. In fact, if you keep yourself regularily in “tune with” Do, He through His crew and perhaps him directly at times will send humans to you to hear about Ti and Do from your perspective so that they will be given the choice for then but that they will take away with them as they proceed in life until they have additional experiences that can help them have further awakenings to establishing their own communication with Ti and Do as opposed to thinking they need to attend church services and talk the jesus talk to be connected to the real Kingdom of God.

While on the road for 5 months without any connection to Ti and Do and their organized student body, in 1975-6 I often stayed in homeless shelters, but also met people who invited me to their homes (but I was traveling with a female partner Ti and Do had assigned me, which I’m sure helped to relax some from worrying that I was a criminal of some sort), and we were hitchhiking as well, an automatic way to meet people. However, because we had no money and had this amazing infomation we felt compelled to share, as Ti and Do had instructed, we went to those that said they worked for the Kingdom of God, for help with gas, food and at times lodging, though we had sleeping bags so we could sleep whereever we could which often was a church that still had an open door (though these days that may be few and far between). And this also took place on our 1994 9+ month excursion.
Ti and Do were also fully supportive of our offerring to work for food, shelter, gas at any time. You don’t have to feel limited to shelters. Assuming you’ll have a car, there are some that live out of their car and live well (meaning are safe, and have their needs met, even if it’s eating a can of cold vegetables). However, you dont’ need to feel you have to have little comfort as a way to feel you are overcoming your humanness. You can ask anyone for help and work and you can feel honest to tell them you feel you have a mission to share what you know about Ti and Do who were Father and Son returned. You would treat every circumstance as unique and go into every situation thinking about what Ti and Do might have you do in this or that circumstance. It can be dangerous but if you keep Ti and Do on your mind, They will look out for you but you don’t want to assume it to the degree that you put yourself into circumstances that your feeler says is not a smart idea. Ti and Do’s crew will keep offerring you help to even get out of circumstances you might find yourself in, so you can put your fears aside and begin to trust Them more.

You can also go to a hotel and tell them of your need. Seek to speak to a manager. Try to maintain your cleanliness and appearance, clean clothing and such so that they can see you aren’t skaming them or are dangerous. You can give them ideas of what you feel your mission is but dont’ have to tell them everything up front. You certainly don’t want to say you believe in the Heaven’s Gate cult as influneces will use that to turn them off to you. It’s not that you are being deceitful to not say that. It’s that you realized the enemy is shrewd so need to be as shrewd. Our objective is not to convert anyone to anything differnet. It’s simply to show them the opportunity to have their own personal relationwhip with Ti and Do. It is important to use those names now, but that’s a big step for some so don’t discount someone else’s sense of their connection with the Next Level, in their terms.

This can actually be an exciting time and along they way, you may run into some that didn’t know what else to do, thus became homeless and may want to travel with you and you may find you have another Next Level enthuisast to partner with. Where your overcoming will be tested, though perhaps not, will be in meeting some that will be attracted to you in some way physically and/or mentally that could become a sexual stimulus. I suggest treating such as taboo and should you feel tempted treat it as a lucifieran influence you say the equivilent and forcefully, to “get behind me satan” while asking Ti and Do for help to resist such temptation (the idea behind the Lord’s Prayer).

The overcoming will be in a sense easier on the road when you don’t have the same patterns in front of you day in and day out, but whatever are your areas most needing to be addressed is, will come up. You don’t have to force them. No self testing is needed.
You can always find a library where you can have access to the internet for some communication with me and if I learn of anyone else feeling to be or driven into the same kind of circumstance I will communicate that to you to determine whether they might be a potential partner. I suspect Ti and Do will find you a partner though it may not be a permenant one.

You don’t need to be in a “sufferring” state of mind. I found libraries a great place to get warm and become aware of events in the area wherever you are. You can often get a shower at a universary in addition to shelters and when you have a little money truck stops and you can also learn to do a sponge bath standing next to a sink by standing on a towel. Try to leave anyplace you stay in at least the same or better condition as you found it.

Eat whatever you are given or can afford and of course what works for your body and is quality prepared. If you have a tent and a cott to sleep off the ground and a coleman stove that would be good too. Oscody who lived in seattle and worked a high tech job lived out of his stationwagon for years finding places he felt were safe enough. The Next level will help you. You can bet on that, but it’s up to you to ask and heed the indications they give you, whether that’s to get up and drive somewhere else without an obvious reason.

I’ll put this on a video. You might want to chronicle your activities on a blog. There may be 144,000 of new believers who will all in their way be out and about doing the same things so your experiences could help them a great deal.

“son of man has no place to lay his head” – that’s a homeless conditon. You home will be to be with your Older Member, Do.

I would give you my phone number but the Next Level may want to use me to try to help others like yourself and if so then the lower forces will be seeking to stop me as well so I think it’s better we don’t have that direct connect. And that also goes for inviting you to where I am. My current partner who we are not eye to eye at all about Ti and Do but have a situation that works for now, though I’ve nearly left several times and probably will, is not a situation that would be of any benefit to you and your relationship with Ti and Do, which is all that matters now.


4 Responses to “On the road for Ti and Do the 144,000 new believers”

  1. BboyHercules Says:

    This information helped a lot Sawyer. It is true that the next level has helped me live in four different places. Loved every single one because I’ve learned how to adapted to each one differently with out any really known struggle. I pray to Do every chance I get.

    • sawyer Says:

      Adaptability is one of the many common characteristics of all members of the Next Level. It’s like the way radar can work for a navigation system. I just wrote a little piece on “prayer” and forgive me if I sound overbearing but it was a Next Level way to bring new terminology each time they come and with it the opportunity to better program the brain to a greater sense of reality. Thus when Jesus said, “pray”, he was really saying “ask” the Father in the Kingdom of/in the literal heavens. The kind of prayer Ti and Do changed the premise to was to seek a “check” on things we want to do, or in how we did it with the intention of learning how our Older Member would do it. By relying more and more on Do’s input in your life you are enstilling and saving in your own soul pocket that same “mind” which better prepares you to recognize a member from the Next Level when you are in the position and trying to take over a new suit of clothes for the graduatoin task.

  2. BboyHercules Says:

    I just watched your recent videos of the class room. I actually starting practicing the teachings… Very difficult bytheway. It was a glorifying seeing recent events and signs from Do and Ti for my next task in my life and the life after. But I also watched a new episode of a show I’ve been watching and I figured you find this link very, very interesting to you.

  3. BboyHercules Says:

    Here’s the link to the audios of Heaven’s Gate that you mentioned in your recent video of “WY classroom 1976 overcoming process lesson steps part 3,”which I’ll be purchasing this Friday. =)


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