Comment to post re: remnant of the elect

For some reason when I comment on blog posts, they don’t post, so I have included my comment here again which will also go to my blog.

For those that read my blog, the following comment is in response to a post by Bro Gibs who posted his thoughts on the “remnant” who I believe to be those in the “second harvest” of rev. 14. So here is his post following by the comment I made that would not post:

Hello Bro Gibs, Sawyer here as per your invitation. I’d glad to hear you are pulling on multiple scriptural evidence to make your points and seeking to make no assumptions – get to the meat, the core of Jesus intention.

I agree the “remnant” are a piece of the core or what’s left from the core and I agree that we must overcome to reap the full rewards promised. As you know Jesus wasn’t absolute that belief=eternal life but was absolute that without belief it’s not possible at all but that each of us must overcome. But of course many think of belief as proclamation of allegence, when if one looks it up, it is that but it is also trusting and thus having faith in Our Father in heaven’s guidence of us, according to our asking for “his will for us” day to day, even hour to hour, though not so often that it becomes wrote, automatic and vain(empty of substance).
Thus a question I believe every Christian must confront is …what did Jesus mean by Overcome, also tranlated to “conquer” in many places?

What do we need to overcome to reap the reward. (AS soon as I say that, I’m flooded with thoughts that accuse me of thinking/saying/insinuating we earn our way into Heaven).
And yet, we actually must. It’s just not done by coming up with our own forms, but rather to stick to the straight and narrow guidelines/commandments Jesus gave and the forerunner rules/qualifications/commandments from Moses though with certain updates as this is entirely a process.

No one goes from belief to overcoming with one flesh experience, which is why he told his disciples (not necessarily told to any others) they must be “born again” of water/flesh also termed the resurrection of the just and the unjust.

Now I can hear the barrage of thoughts that say…oh, you are talking reincarnation and that ‘s new age so you are off track.

However there is a HUGE difference to all the varied ways reincarnation is taught by eastern religionists and those they influenced in the west.

The Lord chooses which Souls, He saved because they believed in His Son while part of a human body, to bring back for their next “trimester” towards their personal “spirit birth” and their task upon return is to literally take over a living human body who was asking to be in service to the Lord thus the host of the returned soul is still operating in a free will state.
Additionally, the human genetic tree will continue to produce new leaves and each new leaf has in it’s unconscious consciousness the memory of when they (their genetic self) experienced a member from the Kingdom amoung us.

Thus each new leaf has it’s own mind/spirit that still exists after death, and if not taken/saved by the Kingdom of God for a future lesson step simply continues whatever program developed while in a physical body but lacking a physical manifestation seeks to find living humans to act through.

Thus a huge part of the overcoming is to kick out all the dead human spirits that wish to take us over and this is called “washing one’s robe”, “sweeping one’s house clean”. Upon completion of sufficient house cleaning by the standards of the Father and Son, such an overcomer, (the real meaning of an Israeli), is harvested which entails loss of the vehicle they were brought back to take over as in rev 14 – the sickle is illustrated.

1Corinthians 15:50 Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. (I rarely quote Paul as much of what he said, though has some relevance, doesn’t do justice to all Jesus said. Jesus in essence said the same thing which is where Paul got it from, though apparantly through someone who heard Jesus, like Peter, as Jesus says after being born again of flesh you would be born of spirit, not he didn’t say “again” in reference to Spirit and the world pneuma is also Soul as there is a difference. All humans have spirit. But only a relatively small amount are given “souls”, depicted as “seeds” of wheat as opposed to tares, the look alike wheat sown by the enemy, the Luciferian Space alien (fallen angel originals and their human slaves they propogated and who have infested the Earth at this time neccessiting the upcoming recylcing that is underway and depicted by the 7 angels with vials in revelations that come after the two witnesses prophesing).

Now this overcoming isn’t actually possible until the Soul that was Jesus returns as part of overcoming, a huge part also, is learning how to give our all to the Kingdom of God, according to the direction from the Soul who is serving as our “midwife” to our soul birth.
This requires hands on, one on one interaction and will always be seen as a dangerous cult by all who have become entrenched in religions (though those religions are for many the best they can do to feel like they can relate to God) because He will come as a “son of man”, thus once again as Moses also indicated of Jesus return from the cloudiness, from the literal heaven’s.

This is why we must examine every “son of man” that is a potential, having indicators of being Him who as you know I have yet to find anyone that offers any scriptual evidence Do of Ti and Do have not fulfilled.

Just because we don’t agree with the method and timing of their exit of their overcome flesh body and the new tongue/language they speak and the way in which they fulfill the revelations doesn’t mean they are not the real deal.


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