Some comments from Youtube Inside Edition documentary on Heaven’s Gate

Segments from youtube comments. I am 3spm on youtube:

Here is the video they are commenting on:

you know you’re in trouble when one of the offenses is “trusting my own judgment – or using my own mind”
mrshixaction 4 days ago

(Sawyer note: These were some of the major/minor offense list, so this person did a little more homework than most).

@mrshixaction Unless you want to be in trouble with continuing to be human & you KNOW by experience, pastlife even & past in terms of their current physical vehicular incarnation. Under Jesus direction if what Jesus said means anything to you, (not what the religious say about Jesus), you MUST be seen as in “trouble” as you put it – be rejected by even many of the members of your own family but hated in the same way Jesus was hated as in his day he was certainly seen as a dangerous cult leader.3spm 15 minutes ago @mrshixaction Now the Luciferian Space “fallen angel” aliens twist everything up for human consumption so that some religious cheer when people act hatefully towards them. But this is a twist because they often stimulate that hate by getting into peoples faces, condeming them and their actions, like they have that right because Jesus did when they aren’t close to Jesus perspective and authority. The current idea of Jesus when it comes to all the specifics doesn’t resemble the real person.3spm 11 minutes ago @mrshixaction This perspective of Jesus also points out the popular idea of late that the entire Jesus story was made up to control people or lure them. If that was so, then why is it that nearly 100% of the people who claim to be his followers (or followers of the fictitious story) aren’t following any of the details of the main character in it. It’s because this way Jesus can be popularized & profited by while steering people against what He really said calling it cultish. A Luciferian ploy.3spm 5 seconds ago

why do they all have nike shoes??
Apfitt 5 days ago

@Apfitt from what research I’ve gathered from various internet sources, the nike tick symbolises (vaguely resembles) the comet that was the “sign” that Do was waiting formrshixaction 4 days ago @Apfitt The slogan of Nike then was “Just do it”. They were responding to feeling it was time to just do it & it has this double meaning, a frequent way the Next Level does things with words for human digestion, that was “just Do (as in the name of their Older Member/Heavenly Father, Parent/midwife from the literal heaven’s (outerspace) it”, in other words, “do it for Do” whom they had extended all their trust to & who authorized their following with him in exiting at that time and in that way.3spm 3 minutes ago @Apfitt I’d never heard anything about the Nike symbol looking or representing a comet. It certainly could have and they could have also enjoyed that symbol looking like a comet, but from mrshixaction’s comment to you it could have sounded like They indicated that was the reason they laid down their lives which was certainly not the case and I know having been with them dedicated for 19 years as my video’s evidence. The comet was the timing “sign/token” just as Jesus said would occur.3spm 6 seconds ago

Some thing about these people’s faces is wrong. It is like they had teeth removed. Maybe some of them were taking small doses of the poison with hopes to immunize themselves to the final drink?
evildnalor 2 weeks ago

@evildnalor Not a chance as I was with them for 19 years and I also have missing teeth. They were not trying to get out of doing what they knew they were about to do. The ones who had reservations left, were asked to leave, were ordered to leave (temporarily or for as long as they wanted, though didn’t have the option to return unless Do granted it them, which he did not always do). Their discontinuence of human activity did wear on them & they couldn’t afford routine root canal/cap work.

God did NOT put us on this earth to destroy ourselves… the end
MrMeineNamen 3 weeks ago

@MrMeineNamen Then why are so many destroying themselves including 99.999% of those who claim to be so godly? I understand the difficulty w/ their actions for you. If you consider they were the “second coming” you would really be on the god hot seat with yourself and all you relate to. It’s fearful! I actually experienced that in coming back to being an “active student” again as though I left never disbelieved in them. But I had a daughter in 1997, thus became tied but Do still accepted me back.3spm 5 seconds ago

Love the list of rules, especially “offenses: using my own mind”…maybe they should have thought about that one.
inorbit30 1 month ago

@inorbit30 That’s what real belief/trust meant to Jesus as well, which is why he said to his disciples they would drink the same cup he drank & be baptized w/ the same baptism he was baptized with, which was basically sacrificing one’s physical body by telling the truth to those who hated to hear it. The difference this time was they were ready to repeat that lesson but came at a time when society had been advanced to allow divese views in the new nation so little danger of being killed for it.3spm 8 seconds ago

they all just needed some friends… thats allYoungDrivenForDreams 1 month ago @YoungDrivenForDreams Sorry, they all had friends plenty in one another. They lived very happily here. I was with them for 19 years. However, they had to work hard to discard all their otherwise normal human ways and behaviour to have that happiness. That’s why Do even offerred $1000.00 for anyone to leave in around 1990, because the lifestyle did become quite comfortible though the students by then didn’t care about comforts and such which is why they could have them. 3spm 5 seconds ago

(AT 6.50) it was designed to make people not think for themselves …
so how is that any different then any other religion?
cherryhollowboy 1 month ago

@cherryhollowboy Actually I would agree that many or most of the religious are not thinking for themselves, but there is a great deal of evidence that no humans are really thinking for themselves that much as what humans are, are computer systems that grow that when dead remain as like a mental snapshot programmed object, termed a “spirit” that seeks to “live” by influencing existing humans according to the host living humans allowing them to share head space/action time. These discarded those.3spm 25 seconds ago

Applewhite had cancer and was going to die soon anyway. He just did not want to die on his own. So he took his people with him by lying to them about a comet hiding a spacecraft. What a twat.The24547377 1 month ago @The24547377 I always thought that his depression/anxiety and paranoia was getting to him and he wanted to end his life, never heard the cancer thing before.starkiller20293 1 month ago @starkiller20293 Sorry, I knew the man for 19 years. Those stories of his depression, anxiety and paranoia were distorted and exaggerated and some of which were bred from the days before he met Ti (Nettles, the Rev. 12 woman, he recognized to be his Heavenly FAther He termed His Older Member), the same soul that was with Jesus helping him and with Moses helping him, Do being the same soul as had incarnated into Moses and Jesus. My video channel evidences this. 3spm 6 seconds ago @The24547377 This was a lie put out to turn people from seeing Him/they for who they really are and I can prove it by 24 years of their history which I was a part of for 19 and you can see on my youtube channel if you dare and they even stated that it didn’t matter to them whether or not there was a companion with the comet as the comet was simply the marker/token/sign for exit they were looking for. You can still see that at heavensgate(dot)com . However Do may have had cancer, most of us do.3spm 4 minutes ago

I’m been communicating with someone down below who said wikapedia says applewhite met nettles while he was a patient in a psychiactric hospital which is not what Do said. However I may have stumbled on the whole truth. It may well be that The “male friend” Do said he was visiting when he met Nettles(Ti) was actually in the psychiactric ward where Ti was subbing for another nurse as her assignment was talking care of premie babies. I still don’t know this but it makes some sense.3spm 2 months ago @3spm Rob Balch had researched this and stated the same thing that Do had said, that He met Ti while he was visiting a friend in a hospital. Do had said on one of the tapes that she had come into the room to administer some prescription to a patient and that she also was looking after infants in another ward so it seems like it was a conventional, rather than a psychiatric hospital. crlody1 2 months ago @crlody1 Funny, that I recently was reviewing old articles and one was quoting Rob that it was a psychiactric hospital, but we all know how things get twisted in the media and especially when their influences want lots of reasons to build a case against. Plus I suppose Rob might have said that at one point but then researched it further and like you said determined Do’s story was truthful. The last thing Do would do is lie. He had no reason to do so. Of course that’s hard for most to recognize.3spm 2 months ago @3spm Have you ever lied about something at anytime in your life? I ask this because you say Applewhite would never lie or have any reason to lie, but people will lie or do things like lie for all sorts of reasons whether it be personal reasons or otherwise… I’m not suggesting he did lie but the possibility is there…. to say that he had no reason to lie or the last thing he would do is lie is a conclusive statement…. i’m not arguing with you & I respect your beliefs…ogrebattle22763 1 month ago @ogrebattle22763 I meant, after his awakening and pertaining to things he told the entire group of students, some of which he knew would not be his student to the full distance. He was very protective of his credability because he knew how people would crucify him for any infraction making it harder for some to come to at least “consider” He and Ti were whom they said they were. Now, he did tell “white” lies. For instance for years he didn’t have a drivers licence but drove & used assumed names.3spm 1 month ago @ogrebattle22763 However, I don’t care to convince you of anything, really! That’s not a lie at all. I’m only following up with you on the One point in the claim/accusation that he was deranged and/or beside himself or whatever it was you said or quoted from some article. Of course this all looks crazy, but looks are not often what we think they are, though if one has little or no experiences to teach that, it doesn’t make sense and looks like jusifications. 3spm 1 month ago

BUAHAHHAHHHAHHHHAAA! ALL OF EM LOOK LIKE WEIRD GEEKS..REJECTS!! RUDE AWAKENING WHEN THEY FIND THEM SELVES IN HELL! BURNING FOR ALL TIME AND ETERNITY..THERE GOES UR SPACE SHIP BUDDY…PSYCO! Do not be a fool–why die before your time?” (Ecclesiastes 7:17)1kaitae 2 months ago @1kaitae I’m not dead, are you?3spm 2 months ago @3spm what do you mean ur not dead..ur response dont make no sense..if ur typing than ur obviously not dead..duhhh1kaitae 1 day ago @1kaitae First off, what was the circumstance in the Ecclesiastes quote & who was talking. I beleive in Jesus not David or whoever was saying that, though I’m not saying it’s not a valid point. After all, “before your time” means what? Did Jesus die before his time? Did he have to arrange to be apprehened knowing it would result in his body being put to death? No. HE DECIDED IT WAS HIS TIME. These decided it was their time. But you also might consider Jesus definition of life & death…con’t3spm 2 hours ago @1kaitae con’t…Jesus definition of Life was meeting the strict (rod) qualifications to receive membership in his world(kingdom) that was NOT of this human world but was nonetheless real and physical (many dwelling places) – no place to lay their head (as they arn’t terrestrial anymore) (not to be confused with space aliens, who are all human equivilent terrestrial beings) & was “eternal”. Death was not connecting to his family tree, thus dieing physically AND in the 2nd Death – spiritually.3spm 2 hours ago @1kaitae What many people are confused by is in thinking they are in the exact same frame of mind as these who laid down their lives when 99.99999999999% are NOT, thus for these it would be suicide and insane and stupid with one exception that I believe would be very rare. Observing this, they would have to realize that Do and Ti and students were exactly who they said they were and couldn’t stand to not go to wherever they were going with them, as Do said was an open door for a while…con’t…3spm 2 hours ago @1kaitae There were 3 who did feel this way & layed down their lives in 1998 in the same kind of way but these 3 knew Ti & Do personally from 1975 but because of their difficulty learning the lessons while in their experiential “classroom” wern’t with them then. One known as Oscar asked to join the group after living without them but wanting to rejoin them for some 22 years having first joined in 1975. Do said he couldn’t join them but could live near othes who were believers outside the group.3spm 1 hour ago @1kaitae I said I’m not dead because Do has made it clear to me, through dreams of him that He can use me and that I am required to “give my life” which leaves me the option(Do’s way) on how and when and to what degree to give my life to Him in His Kingdom. While a member I thought myself fully committed to the end of the vehicles (my body’s) life, even to do what they did, but I’ve learned since I was not where they were at in love for Do. I was too into myself even after 19 years with them.3spm 1 hour ago @1kaitae Now this does not mean I can assume that when my body expires by whatever means that I have anything more than a chance that my Soul, (like an organ the Kingdom of God gives as seeds to those humans that want and ask for it, and demonstrate that want by opening up to, at this time Ti & Do as the so called “second coming” (not saying they won’t return one last time, though not “undercover”) will be saved/kept on ice (so to speak) to be brought back for a new chance to overcome humanness.3spm 1 hour ago @1kaitae And if I changed my tune & started to talk against Ti and Do or tell people there is not a Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human (above space alien human equivilents) aka the Kingdom of God from the literal heaven’s, then I would be siding with “mammon” (greek mammonous), Luciferians fallen angel space aliens, which is basically Human Kingdom Worship that includes human forms of wealth, money, things, fame, intellect, talent, spiritual understanding, religiosity, etc.) & I’d be DEAD.3spm 1 hour ago @1kaitae I understand how many can see these students and think they are geeky or dorky, wierd as they certainly were all those things but it was because they had detached as much as could be expected from their entire human kingdom behavior and ways, likes/dislikes, habits, addictions, mindsets, self centerededness to in a real sense become like little children, dead to the human world, having extinguised all their sensuality and washed their brains of human thinking, thus were ready to exit.3spm 1 hour ago

You know these people are having a great time on their spaceship. I hope they got good seats.100cjkennedy 2 months ago @100cjkennedy They did and I saw them in a dream early this morning and they were on their way back. The world is going in exactly the path Ti and Do said it would which began in earnest following their departure, initially in 1997 and then away from Earth by 2008 as I have many dreams to testify to. I was with them for 19 years and have lots of evidence that they were exactly who they said they were, The Father, Jesus and their saints returned as promised for harvest time.3spm 2 months ago I remember hearing about The Heavens Gate cult killing themselves & it was just another example of how people can be so easliy taken in by twisted people like Applewhite who have really disturbing personal backgrounds… I wonder if any of these cult members even knew about this guys past or anything about him really…ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 Yes we knew of Do’s (applewhites) past but what did you hear about him that was so disturbing. I know he dropped out of seminary, was in the military in communications, becamse a music director, was an opera singer, married and raised children, then divorsed and found himself to be gay inclined though eventually, before meeting Ti (bonnie) was fed up with all sexual relationships. I can’t confirm or deny he was in a psyciactric hospital but know he didn’t meet bonnie in one.3spm 2 months ago @3spm Look it up for yourself Wikipedia him….. He was in fact in a hospital you say you can’t confirm that but that is not true… you also say he never met his counterpart in the hospital that is also not true…ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @3spm Why are you saying that you can’t confirm that he was in a Psychiatric Hospital when this is well documented… you are claiming that you know he didn’t meet Bonnie in one & that is also well documented… so what you are saying isn’t adding up…ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @3spm I ‘m curious when other people who show interest in the cult ask questions regarding Applewhite’s past do you tell them the same thing? Because if you claim that you can’t confirm these things about him or her for that matter your not telling the truth…ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 Do told us the story of his meeting Nettles several times & wrote about it in the document 88update.txt, available at heavensgate(dot)com and my blog sawyerhg(dot)wordpress(dot)com . He said he was “visiting a male friend” who was in the hospital where Ti, as a nurse took another’s shift as her assignment was in the premie baby ward in this houston hospital. Ti never worked in a psychiactic hospital so that is collaboration of Do’s story. Plus Do had no reason to lie.3spm 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 If he wasn’t going to lie about that, why would he tell us that prior to meeting Ti he had homosexual relationships, though that’s not in 88update though he makes mention of the “male” friend. And what’s to be ashamed about, if he had at some point checked himself into a psychiactric hospital as was reported, and especially if it was because he wasn’t happy with his sexual choices? He didn’t tell these stories to us until around 1988, 12 years after we’d been faithful students.3spm 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 He did not tell us much detail of many aspects of his life. Around that time he told us this, he confronted us with a consideration: He said, “what if I’m not from the KIngdom of God? What if I’m just someone who wants to be or has good intentions”. Now some could say, he felt guilty and wanted to try to get rid of his students but, you know, there is always someone who comes up with their psychology on things that happen. I know people think the students were victims.3spm 2 months ago @3spm Gee I wonder why he didn’t tell you or give you much detail about his life…ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 You said, “Gee I wonder why he didn’t tell you or give you much detail about his life…” Is that sarcastic? You have your mind made up that he was hiding things so not to lose his students and that he was insane/psychotic, etc. I know that is the prevelent view and pertaining to human norms certainly was insane as was Jesus and as was Moses and as must be any true member of the creators kingdom. But even talk of spirt is insane to some & talk of conspiracies is insane to some.3spm 2 months ago @3spm Wait it wasn’t a sarcastic comment it was a inquisitive one….ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 re: where Do met Ti subject: I was re-reading old articles and one suggested without providing souces that Ti was actually subbing for another nurse in the houston hospital’s psychiactric ward as her assignment was talking care of premie babies. I still don’t know this but it makes some sense.3spm 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 I just don’t have the time/energy to try to answer all your questions. I understand that this is probably near meaningless to your life, thus just a little casual chatting and that’s fine but it’s not that for me. The areas that are inaccurate are insignificant anyway. If you’ve had any experience with media and human ways, you KNOW humans make lots of assumptions though state things with authority and are mostly absolute and judgemental so slant things as they see fit.3spm 2 months ago @3spm Did it ever occur to you or the rest of his followers that maybe the man had much more serious issues mentally & emotionally then he was willing to share or reveal?ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 I knew Ti and Do’s claims were seen as insane by most. When I joined in 1975, by October I was moreorless on my own with a partner going town to town telling about them. I was hitchhiking for much of the next 6 months without any contact with Ti and Do or others who had joined. If Do told me at any point that he had been in a psychiactic hosptal, even because he thought he was jesus or to conquer drug addiction or homosexuality, it would not have swayed me. I was not unusual.3spm 2 months ago @3spm Well tell me this…. did you see anything wrong with he taking his life & asking his followers to follow him in killing themselves? Because its one thing to have followers – follow his path in a life of peace & quiet if that’s what they chose to do but then take them in such an extreme opposite direction as to convince them that killing themselves was somehow all ok & that they were better off dead then on this planet is just not ok do you see where I’m going with this…ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 What I can’t confirm is whether that story of the psychiactric hospital was made up, assumed, because they did meet in a hospital, (to make him look insane, to go with what to most was an insane action), or because he actually had been in one at some point prior to meeting Ti or after meeting Ti. Yes I do generally say the same thing but this is the most I’ve talked about the psychiactic hospital. I need to update wikipedia. There’s a bunch in there that’s innaccurate.3spm 2 months ago @3spm Right…. it’s interesting because first you said that you knew for sure that he didn’t meet Bonnie aka Ti in the hospital when in fact that is where they met… now your saying that you can’t confirm any of his or her history & that his history with the hospital might be made up? Yeah ok…. ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @3spm You claim there is a bunch in there that’s inaccurate like what? ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 Why do you care, your mind is made up and that’s fine with me. I don’t want you to be any other way and there are some that will actually have had enough life experience and observation to discern more reality from illusion and deception that dominates the human population while most want to continue in their comfortable ignorance. This world will escalate in troubles til nearly all flesh is gone. So enjoy your mockery for as long as you can.3spm 2 months ago @3spm I’m not mocking you why are you getting defensive it’s your choice to believe what you want to believe as I I am just asking you what inaccuracies you mean?ogrebattle22763 2 months ago @ogrebattle22763 crlody1 said, “Rob Balch had researched this and stated the same thing that Do had said, that He met Ti while he was visiting a friend in a hospital. Do had said on one of the tapes that she had come into the room to administer some prescription to a patient and that she also was looking after infants in another ward so it seems like it was a conventional, rather than a psychiatric hospital”. Balch is considered the most knowledgeable non-believer, a professor at U of Montana.3spm 2 months ago @3spm I never heard of him but I’ll look him up & see if there’s any credibility about him or what he says… But Applewhite claimed that he was a visitor visiting a friend… & that he never checked himself into this psychiatric hospital which was documented about him… well who knows really…. A friend of mine did bring up an interesting point which I will share with you & that is most hospital whether it be general or pychiatric don’t give out or release information of any kind about peopleogrebattle22763 1 month ago The only people that join cults are easily fooled and manipulated and are idiots.TheManifested 2 months ago @TheManifested Then you’d better drop out of the human race. If you don’t think billions of people are being fooled and manipulated in direct and indirect ways they excuse or ignore, through religions, through spirituality, through science, through politicing, through every field and every career path, you are either very young or very naive. Look at atheists, not any worse than religionists really, but many of them think science explains our origin because they can see some patterns.3spm 2 months ago

2 Responses to “Some comments from Youtube Inside Edition documentary on Heaven’s Gate”

  1. tmmody Says:

    I’d love to see evidence that Do and Ti were who they said they were… like a picture taken from Pluto looking up at Charon… now that would be slick! Good hard evidence. Not just a bug-eyed eunuch who likes space movies and blueberry cheesecake.

    Where can I get a hold of phenobarbitol???? I would love to have some handy…

    • sawyer Says:

      I don’t know why I waste my time with you dude. Maybe I’m fascinated with your bent on childish bantering, as if it makes any difference to me what you say. But maybe you have this desire to keep revisiting for some reason besides whatever high you might get from doing so, so on that note, there is nothing you would see as evidence but in case I am wrong about that, I suspect the only ones that get evidence are those that deserve it and you may actually get it, but then what will you do with it? But if you really are behind what you are wishing for, then why not ask them. Go ahead – demand it of them. Why not even play a little chicken with it. Challenge Ti and Do to show you or …. I guess you can wager what it’s worth for you to know. Just because you talk like you do, is not necessarily to them offensive. So what of it? If they are just some dead humans, what’s to lose?

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