Ti and Do give an example of how to treat anger projected at you

This reminds me of a story ti and do told us.

Early on when Ti and Do, then not even Bo and Peep, but perhaps “Guinea and Pig” were driving somewhere, when some people came up behind them who were unhappy with their speed on a two lane mountain road. (Ti and Do would have been safe but not overly cautious drivers and were not impaired in any way so I doubt it was below the speed limit, though that’s not the issue). Anyway, those in this car soon roared past them and as they did were yelling things and giving the finger to them.

They paid it no mind, blocking it from causing them any concern or hurt feelings. (I don’t know if they had to conscious block the other car’s occupants apparant anger or if it was simply like swatting a mosquito for them by then as they had bigger influences to deal with).

But how often would most be stimulated (as I at times) to return an equally angry response? They kept driving and a very short time up further on the road they saw that they had crashed off the road into the ditch. They didn’t give any further details but said that because they didn’t entertain the anger projected at them, (in other words as I see it now, the anger had no place to lodge so) they said it was reflected back to the instruments of its delivery (and I presume would have made them angrier that made them even more reckless to where it came to a head in crashing). It was forced to express itself but applied to them instead of affecting Ti and Do at all.

I guess that example also relates to the rev 11 prophecy that whatever someone does to the two witnesses will be what happens to those doing the wishes accordingly. Sounds like the Jesus idea of “do to others as you’d have them do to you” can also work in reverse. What you do to others will come back at you – the new age idea that didn’t originate with the new agers as karma, even the modernized idea of instant karma.

And it also relates to the old testements, “the sins of the fathers are revisted upon the sons for 7 generations” (thus the next level even stops the karma at a certain point, to I presume give parts of the genetic strain a new chance and/or that this is related to when the Next level sends a rep, the same thing, who by The Older Member(s) and potentially their crews presence brings new opportunity to all the life forms on the entire planet by injecting their minds into the planetary atmospherically contained, “spirit world”.

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