BREAKING NEWS: Space and Earth Scientists On Edge

Not that I’m any kind of wizard but I’ve been saying for years that the Sun is by far the biggest reason for the Earth global warming patterns and that the global warming enthusiats that are so bent on human activity as a primary cause are in many cases afraid to consider such. Anyway, Mitch below makes some great points:


One Response to “BREAKING NEWS: Space and Earth Scientists On Edge”

  1. tmmody Says:

    CO2 is a greenhouse gas… look @ venus for what happens (although there is a lot of H2SO4, water, methane, and stuff there, too). We turn O2 into CO2 (all 8 billion of us and our industries and our vehicles — traditional use of that word).

    At the same time we are clearcutting entire continents of timber and the ocean has slowed in its absorption of co2.

    Are humans the primary cause? I doubt it… but they are obviously affecting it. Jesus, don’t give up on the 70’s yet, man!

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