What about yvvonne and leaving children to be in Ti and Do’s classroom

Question to Sawyer:

What I don’t understand is that woman yvonne and her husband came and joined the class just 6 months prior to their depature , as he left the group she did not follow and left her kids behind .

I could see the member who were with the group for year and more following these beliefs , I just can’t see how she could have believed and learned so much in just 6 months .

Do you have any thoughts on this ?

Thanks , Ryan
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From a human perspective, which we all have to work with, Yvvone’s joining and exiting at the same time and in the same way would not seem right, but whether we beleive it or not, this was not a human endeavour.

What Do said about the students that joined in 1994 was that the earlier students have actually paved the way for newer students.

Do also spoke at times about how there were some who were not in the class but who were still learning their lessons.

I believe it’s also along the lines of the Jesus parable of the ones who worked in the field all day vs the one that worked for only a hour getting the same wage.

It’s not up to us who the Next Level draws to them and how they determine their readiness.

Ti and Do said early on that theorectically any of us could pass up our Older Members growthwise. However, the liklihood is slim because the Older Members got to be Older Members because they wanted to grow as fast as possible to where their Older Members could trust them to perform tasks in the way They would and their Older Members would because they develop a clear “pipeline” that they don’t want their self to get in the way of or distort.

In 1993 Evnody joined. Her vehicle was the sister of Stlody. Stlody had been one of the 19 that was sent out of the classroom (didn’t make the first cut, as Ti called it) in 1976. He returned to the classroom via Drrody’s continued quest to find the class as Drrody was also one of those 19. This was 1984 or so when these two rejoined in Amarillo, TX. Some years later Stlody left again and then in 1991 wanted to rejoin and was given the opportunity and this time his vehicle’s younger sister also wanted to join. She did and within months Do felt she had been so quick to conquer her humanness, that he assigned her postions of responsibliy others wished they could have or that might be seen as being in line for, for many years. There was no even steven when it came to Ti and Do. They assigned some positions of responsibility and we later learned that the Next Level did so to test their ego, whether they wanted to serve the Next Level or build themselves into somethign they deemed significant.

Yvvone knew those children were really not hers and she trusted that the Next Level would see to it that those children were well taken care of. That’s difficult to put ourselves into those shoes and not judge her or Do in some wrong.

In 1975 when we joined Ti and Do said that anyone we left behind would be well cared for by the Next Level. One could say, they were just saying that to get people to relinguish their conscience. The facts were that in one case in 1975 where somone I knew arranged for the real dad to take the two young children, this woman didn’t stay with the group very long and it was reported to me years later that she was never heard from again after she left.

When I joined I had no children so was not faced with that decision. I know it’s not an easy decision, the reason Jesus said, “woe to those who give suck” in those days. Jwnody was actually pregnant when she joined and she while on the road in 1975 met a family that really wanted a baby so she made arrangements and when it came to delivery time, she and her partner went to arkansas and delivered the baby and gave it to this family. I don’t know whether they did so legally or not.

Human vehicles are important to the Next Level but only from the perspective that they can become the host of Next Level mind who then can bear new fruit through. Like Jesus said, His father can raise up children to abraham from stones. We are like the grass. That doesn’t at all mean we disrespect anyone nor abuse anyone or anything or even ourselves. We need to treat others as we want to be treated and according to the rules the Next Level has passed to us as these teach us.

Some in the Ti and Do classroom worked hard to conquer certain things and seemed to continuously have difficulty while others seemed to sore through things easily while they often would hit a very difficult area. I am a case in point. I was considered to be an excellent student. Do told me on several occasions I had a lot to offer the Next Level. But then there was one lesson that I was not excelling in as much as I could have and it became an avenue through which the influenes could attack me and get into my head, which was human sexuality. However, I would not have even been tested in the way I ended up being tested if I hadn’t demanded of Ti that I receive faster growth to which I said to her (while she was outside her vehicle then) that I wanted a task like Do’s.

Hours after strongly asking/demanding that of Ti I had images of sexuality in my head that I didn’t have a clue how to stop though til then I becamse quite a good “nip in the bud” self thought controller.

I am sure that Ti turned up the heat and sent me a “bigger booger” an advasary they said we were all assigned and I gave in and could not even muster the desire to not give in.

We can look at fellow humans and we never know where they stand in relationship to what the Next Level might deem a prospect for eventual Next Level crew mindedness.

Sure from a human perspective yvvone was a troubled young woman who some would say wanted an escape from reality but then what is reality to the fish in the fishbowl?

5 Responses to “What about yvvonne and leaving children to be in Ti and Do’s classroom”

  1. cultfilmfreak Says:

    Well I wish the very, very beautiful young, smart and talented Evnody left when you did, Sawyer, and so to be still alive. It’s too bad that an old man who lived a FULL life had to lead her to a death before she could have as many years as he did. I understand the whole COCOON concept of taking up old people but Evnody… she was, of all those people shown in that Exit Video… she was the truly beautiful human there with lovely, sharp eyes and she didn’t look far-out like the others. Sorry Sawyer, I realize you say you are still a follower, but dude… you missed the spaceship, so still believing in this guy’s works is like an atheist going to church on Sunday.

    • sawyer Says:

      I missed that spacecraft but it wasn’t the last “bus” as if you recall DO left the gate open. The Cocoon movie was excellent in a number of ways but not just for older vehicles. When most people see one another they mostly think that’s all there is to a person, while there is a whole lot more. People have their own interpretations of what they see with their eyes. It was very difficult to stay the classroom’s course, but the difficultly wasn’t often obvious or dramatized. Your comparison with atheism has no relevance I can see as I never ceased believing in everything Ti and Do taught though it certainly wasn’t easy to arrive at wanting to be in TI and DO’s service again and took years to, in some ways re-recognize and yet I am living in a dichotomy where I don’t fit into anything else entirely, so I dabble, yet in a heartfelt way.

      • cultfilmfreak Says:

        Thanks for taking the time to write back. I appreciate it. Take care of yourself. I know there will be another gate and everything, but you are alive for a reason, and I think it’s a good reason. Take care.

  2. cultfilmfreak Says:

    PS Reality to the fish in the bowl is the water it live sin. That YOU still live in, and that THEY jumped out of. Also, I think Envody had to dehumanize herself because she was the only pretty girl there, and if she didn’t, guys in that group would fall in love. They probably already were. Even the ones who castrated themselves. That doesn’t stop the mind from thinking, by the way.

    • sawyer Says:

      I think it safe to say that all students of Ti and Do must be in the motion of as you said, dehumanizing themselves. The saying that goes like, “Pretty is in the eye of the beholder” would seem to apply here as I can attest to my vehicle being attracted to a number of my classmates vehicles. And I know others I’ve been in touch with over the years have felt attraction to others besides evnody’s vehicle. True castration doesn’t stop one’s habits of thought but it goes a long way to stop those impulsive thoughts. Evidence of that might be how someone can be hungry to get off sexually and then they have an orgasm and the largest part of the drive is gone for a while. They had been taking in the sensual drug in thought and/or deed until they more or less had to act on it’s release. It’s the biggest addiction on the planet so much so that it’s considered abnormal to not be sexual.

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