Wondering about heavens gate?

Of course he had mental problems (difficult adjustments to make) – He ceased to believe he was strictly a human being, even with a soul/spirit but a member from the only real future, a physical kingdom of beings that are ALL evolutionarily above human in every way, physically, socially, environmentally, technically who are so good at what they do, the world and it’s living beings they experimentally develop and continue to evolve don’t KNOW they exist UNLESS they plant a seed of themselves into the mix, which they do periodically and their arrival is the most recent in history.

If you go to heavensgate.com and look for 88update written by Do in 1988, he talks about the first 6 weeks he spent with Ti in Bourne, Texas where he says they both had a difficult time with this sense of who they were. When I say “who they were” it’s the MIND, the Soul package/container that their vehicles were prepped to receive coming into the brain, that had to be gradual and as needed, orchestrated by ….actually orchestrated by Them, those Minds before those days in early 1973, well before, even years, even many years before.

Do also said in that document that “not a day went by that I didn’t question my own sanity”, which he said because to get out of jail he had to take a psychological evaluation that he passed with flying colors. Someone who is insane, really insane ceases to identify with their insanity as something different than who they are. This is why we see in all the halls of governments, secular or religious leaders that will go to their grave insisting that their cruelty and deceit and lies and killing were all logical for the task at hand, what they needed to do to protect and serve and whatever it is they use to justify atrocities against other humans.

Thus of course people of this same ilk and with no MIND left from the Next level will at like an expert and lay claim to anyone they can’t or don’t want to consider what may have really been going on as insane, a religious fanatic. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. It’s their norm to be fanactical. Their fanatisism is just labeled, human and/or this or that organizational name political, religious, social, economic, spiritual on and on, thus anyone who crosses their norms is insane and they will point to whatever they can to justify it.

Also in 88update Do actually exposes his homosexuality that was BEFORE he met Ti and actually even a year or so before as Do also told us in person about his frustration with ALL sexual relationships he’s had.

He told us he met Ti while visiting a male friend in the hospital and there is all sorts of contraversy that he was in the hospital and whatnot, but the facts dont’ bear that he was ever in that hospital though Ti’s vehicles daughter Terri seemed to add credence to the story in at least the way it was reported as I haven’t spoke to Terri precisely about it, though I did converse with her for a time after I left in 1994. I just didn’t know at that time what she’d said to reporters though I knew of some letters she received from Ti and some think were evidence that Ti was not living up to who she said she was, which is another one of those huge stretches not substantiated by facts of what I observed of Ti for the 10 years she was using that physical vehicle named Nettles.

Anyway, what Do said about homosexuality, his or anyone’s is that it’s a genetic indicator that that strain had outgrown their gender consciousness, a necessary characteristic every aspiring member of the Next Level must overcome/conquer, though that doesn’t mean everyone needs to become homosexual. It has to do with the plant, the human’s gnome though some can still be hetersexual and also have just as much conquered their gender consciousness – it’s a fine line between actually as we all have both genders in our consciousess – both need to become one by graduation time which we just witnessed. But those who are homosexual are of course still acting sexually thus they have not overcome/conquered their human mammalian sexuality.

I know I’ve done a better job expressing some of this and you may find a post on my blog, http://www.sawyerhg.wordpress.com to this effect as well as other addressign of the many articles about Ti and Do that actually continue to this day.

Some say they were all part of a cia plot and blah, blah, blah. In 1976 the FBI sought Ti and Do for questioning thinking they might have been the reason for the colorodo/oklahoma/wyoming cattle mutliations (ufo implications). Ti and Do ducked out of the meetign where agents were looking to question them though they(we) had nothing to do with anything of the sort. That was probably space aliens as u.s. gov’t would just raise cattle if they wanted to use their organs and blood for genetic engineering, as the space aliens have evidenced having an agenda for.

Note how Jesus was accused of all these things as well. Because it said Jesus laid his head on John’s breast some think he was homosexual and before he awakend to his task he may have been. Why doesn’t anyone suggest he was NONSEXUAL and he had trouble with that as the reason he went insane to think he was from the Kingdom of God when it’s actually fairly clear that the Kingdom of God has no sexuality(period), though of course no one hardly wants to look at that, just like Jesus was actually in a sense anti family, anti human family that is but really only for those who wanted to cut their ties “for the kingdom of Heaven’s sake” which is a must to give our all to if we expect to qualify to be on on of their teams.

All religions are moreorless country clubs with their pie in the sky ideas fostered by the Luciferian space aliens that only a thirsty seeded soul can/wants to sort through to find the truth in it.

I hope you don’t mind but I have little time these days and want to post what I say on my blog and you have included a last name which I don’t like to publisize so I hope you have used a false name but it’s not like you are a believer neccessarily so it may be of no concern to you but I’m going to send this to my blog as is and if you want me to edit out your name let me know. Acutally I’ll just do that.

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Do you think DO had mental problems and did his homosexuality play a role in this ?

I’ve been reading lots about it and these are just claims others have stated
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