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uncloaked near mercury spacecraft

December 20, 2011

Here is a segment from Coast to Coast:

Annunaki Evidence:

In the second half of the show, researcher and author Marshall Klarfeld discussed the ancient ET race, the Annunaki, and how a possible cloaked space object, spotted near Mercury, could be one of their motherships. Based on his research, he surmised that the Annunaki created a mothership as a proverbial weigh station to facilitate their gold mining operations after they arrived on Earth. He cited the 11th tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh as evidence for this mothership, since the story details how the Annunaki escaped the Earth during the ‘great flood’ and fled to the craft. In turn, Klarfeld asserted that the entities may not be on Nibiru, but actually much closer and watching us from the mothership near Mercury.

So I wrote to Marshall:


I have some evidence that the spacecraft uncloaked by the sun’s shower the other day near mercury was in fact not a human nor human equivilent (space alien) race but an evolutionary level above all human mammalians (and reptilians) and are in essence the creators of our reality entirely which they do to provide opportunties to the humans they orchestrated into being, to become on their crew. These are not the same annunaki who did the gold mining, though perhaps some of the annunaki were in a Next Level Above Human earth based “classroom” geared to help some “overcome” their mammalian ways. My evidence is very circumstantial but nonetheless, worth considering.

I dont’ think those we call Space aliens have a “mother ship”. However, some space aliens are trying to get humans to help them war against the ones who are observing us, and determining when to instigate the recycling of earth and it’s life forms full steam ahead. I h ave evidenced that the ones considered the most hated by all, religious and atheists, named Ti and Do are the admiral and captain equivilents who are on board that or another spacecraft readiing to come in when all have had a chance to decide to whom to give allegience, to mammon or to the Level Above Human.

You can go to youtube channel: 3spm for more info on all this.

19 December, 2011 05:37

December 19, 2011

I believe there is significant evidence that They, Ti and Do are the only celestial figures(people/beings) we see reflected in our various human family histories that are, and most importantly demonstrative of genuinely being evolutionarily, biologically and mental/spiritually above and beyond the entire human condition as also evidenced by Jesus and Moses, but also found in the earliest Buddhist and Hindu sects, not to leave out virtually all the religions in terms of behavioral standards for potential next steps out of mammalianism. Beings that have some ability to travel in space that are still human or equivilent are very, very limited, even with certain technologies that can make it appear they are greatly advanced, which is largely what space aliens(fallen angels past) are up to trying to prove to garner support for their agendas of trying to stop the inevitable recycling of the Earth’s life forms (and them), many of which are by their own choice weeds in how they seek to turn people away from the REAL nature of what members of the Next Level always teach when they come.

So they work to pit humans against the Level Above Human beings, saying they are “bad aliens”, even reptilians, that human governments need to try to fight against. And they try to appeal to human’s compassion (a characterisitic of members of the Next Level given to humans by their example in times past), while convincing many who otherwise might consider looking at who may exist that demonstrate Next Level behaviors, that they can find such a relationship by looking within themselves, a twist to the fact that our desire to obtain bonds with the Older Members from the Next Level is a personal effort, thus from within because even having that capasity was because of being given that “gift of recognition” in the first place, but to then think that is then a condition of “enlightenment” (whole body full of light) to recognize how we are all connected and thus to think that we by such belief alone, when mulitplied by others can affect changes to the overall human patterns is a misapplication of the intent of the Next Level to foster in us a desire to be personally in Their service and how we identify that most by how we treat one another.

It’s like children who received all the benefits and guidence from their parents not giving credit to their parents but instead acting as if that guidence and support came from a mysterious system, like a universal mind, which is so very similar to the way many religious, but especially many so called “born again” christians think by claiming the reward they qualify to receive it, because it was given as an objective IF they did what HE said, all of what he said as best they could understand it. If they really understood the intention behind what Jesus was quoted to have said then that would serve to identify any returning member from the Kingdom of God. So the Luciferian typed space aliens glue them to the words many of which were rendered ineffectual, no longer representing the literal changes we all need to begin to make to keep our name in the “book”.

It’s like no one thinks they need to prove to the Kingdom of God they want a relationship, even though that’s personal and not to be judged by any human and how seeking such will begin to foster changes to further lead us in that direction, thus we aren’t progressing by coming up with our own disciplines or insisting others follow every jot and tittle while ignoring the weightier matters.

Sorry, I’m carrying on here but perhaps some of it will be useful to you. I’ve known for a long time that there are people who were willing to look past the media hype surrounding Ti and Do, while also knowing the seriousness and uniqueness of their action to follow their Older Member in a self instigated exit of their physical cocoons, without feeling challanged in such a way to think such appropriate for their station in the overall school, of which we are not yet prepared for. In other words, they were ahead of us in the school but it’s not a competitive thing.

It’s important to know the formula so that when a soul body is brought back for a new opportunity to be with the next Older Member they will know Their voice by Their saying the same kinds of things. At that time those souls will be faced with some form/stage of “giving themselves entirely to the Older Member” (as Jesus and Moses taught) that most in the world at that time will outright reject and be classified a dangerous cult, because of how the last Older Member’s actions had since been distorted or ignored or misapplied which serves as a filtering out of those who were simply not given the seed.

I know that can sound elitest to suggest those who understand this and seek to have a continued relationship with the Older Members do so because they were selected/chosen, but rather than elite it’s more being “on the spot” to put one’s money where one’s mouth is, to so speak as if we talk the walk and don’t attempt to walk it too, then how much any gifted seed has taken would be a big question that only the Older Members can know. The only value to talking about it is as such can serve to help some who might otherwise not awaken to their full potential, because of being nearly drowned in misinformation. Thus the prime and perhaps only criteria to being “chosen” is to choose to seek the help of the Older Members in the form they last gave us. In the case of Jesus it was formulated in what’s been termed the Lords Prayer where we are introduced to the idea of wanting the Lords will for us on Earth, though prayers were never meant to be a mass appeal for help. They were always a personal and hidden form of having relationship with the Lord as otherwise it’s like showing off or highlighting self as holy and good.

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Deboarah also commented on her status.
Deboarah wrote: “In much the same way people ask “god” for help? Ti and Do have always held far more substance to me from when i first heard and read about them than any celestial figure,so you may be right!”

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New comment Stoned to death for gathering wood on the Sabbath”

December 15, 2011

Here is a blog I follow and comment on with one of the last comments made. I responded below as well as to another comment. I suggest going to the blog to read the comments to see their context but I’m posting my responses in case they could help someone to address certain mindsets. Thus my comments are at the end here:

New post New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the World’s Population

December 13, 2011

I could be wrong but I believer the author of this article/post is like so many confused. I could believe that perhaps 90% of the worlds population will die as a result of the Next Level’s recycling plans and in part some fo this will be by natural disasters and the rest enacted by humans against humans as dissidents to whoever holds the most power and sees the rest as threatening to their continued power.

But the part about the defense authorization bill and who said yea is very telling and the fema camp kbr management.

blood red moon & NASA sees Mysterious Planet-Size Object Spotted Near Mercury reported to look like Star trek ship

December 8, 2011

Even with the scientists explanation of an data processing anamoly, it goes along with what Ti and Do said in 1982, which I believe is within one of the three tapes I posted on youtube while we were in Blackhawk, Colorado, that there could be human equivilent beings living on another planet in our solar system but their matter could be frequency and particle geared to a degree that our eyes can’t see/witness/record in our memory. Some said it seemed like the burst from the sun was uncloaking something that looked like the star trek ship. So imagine that the Sun is a fine tuned technological device that can send specific outputs to specific and precise directions and of strength, and geared to alter the vibration of matter in such a way that it becomes visible to human eyes. Perhaps when it was recorded after Jesus died that the people saw the dead come out of the graves was because the Next Level saw to it that they triggered humans to see at that time what was cloaked as a norm. This is what happened to me when I had a dream with Ti in it and I recalled nothing of it but awoke from it and saw a spirit float by me, so much so that I got up to see where it went and thought perhaps it was my daughter somehow but then checked and she had been asleep and never comes downstairs to use that bathroom anyway.

Thus what I am saying is that even if this entire story was made up like a “war of the worlds” test it still serves the same purpose. It allows humans to decide to look into it and consider it further or not, just like star trek supplied for the possability that space aliens or ET’s were the norm, not a rarity.

I believe the reason humans come through periods of time they look back on as coming out of a dark ages is because the Next Level is coming and going or directing the sun to provide this or that possible option to think about/do to humans and that if they don’t provide it, we can’t do it, or it would take much, much longer to trial and error an understanding.

That’s not without biblical reference. In the so called “garden” – the local plot where the current experiment began again, which there is evidence has occured before, there was a “tree of life” that they didn’t allow the new strain of humans called (hu)man. to eat/touch so they would not “live forever like the Next Level members” indicating there might be an ingredient or combo of such that when ingested provides petetual life as opposed to the decay cycle’s patterns.

So again, even if it was hoaxed the premise has considerable, at the least, circumstantial evideniary potential but I at this point believe it has the earmarks of being what it was reported rather than strictly an anomoly in the image interpretation as did have some doubt cast upon as well.

And along with this idea of only being able to see what we vibrate on, there has been some science on it, in fact quite a bit. For instance there is part of the brain some call the “reticular activating system”. Like say you want to buy a new car and you want something more unique and lets say you buy a volkswagon (not so unique now but used to be years ago), for example. So now that you are thinking of that car, you begin to see that car more, even feeling like you see it often.

It’s like the brain has to be told to look for something to see it. For instance you can’t tell the brain to look for something you don’t think is possible to see and get results because you’ve blocked it off, though the Next Level can decide to help you open your eyes and at the same time the Next Level brings with them when they work their garden some of the “fallen angel souls”, who they know will naturally have you ignore or divert to another form rather than think with an open mind to learn more as a “seeker” does.

I encounter christians who do this all the time by consciously telling me Ti and Do were false prophets but never say what they had propthsized that was false and at the same time will hardly look at what I consider to be evidencwe of their true prophecy fulfilled aand/or how we might see/witness that.

It seems these have never received or kept received seed alive, because if the Next Level gives someone startup software in a soul container, if it’s not nutured by seeking more which only occurs when we ask questions/seek answers, deal with what we consider to be inconsistancies in scripture and common sense.

I dont’ think this event near mercury the planet known to be the messenger, same word as “angel” has come to light literally during the time of the red lunar eclipse by accident. We are entering a new phase and we can expect a new level of people’s postive and negative towards what we have to share.

Jesus parable of the Wheat and the Tares – who is who – which are you choosing to be?

December 4, 2011

The followings is my comment to a post below. My comment follows it:

Hi, long time no talk, but it seems you are not posting here as much until recently. I have a lot to say, as usual but I’ll spare you most of it because perhaps your mind is made up and against what I feel I know and have of late probably doubled the mounds of scriptural evidence that Ti and Do were the “second coming” as the Two Witnesses, FAther and Son as prophesized.
But sticking to you post, I have a few things that I feel are of the utmost importance to consider and I can back them all up with numerous quotes from Jesus but these days I have less time to do so, but perhaps you will recognize what I will try to share. We know the Field is the World, which more particularily is the Human world because human is the condition of evolution actually that the Kingdom of God (The Evolutionary Level Above Human) seeks to provide the opportunity to wean those souls they planted in selected human beings (whom they cultivated genetically) from which is then to the Kingdom of God fruit from their Soul gardening experiment (as it’s being free willed, it’s not predetermined how those planted will respond).
Now the Tares are actually look alike to wheat, I understand, thus how do we distinguish them from the wheat. Well, we really don’t need to because it’s not our job to take out the tares, though some christians and other religionists think they are commissioned to do so, by killing and such in the name of their idea of God, based on what took place in history in the early evolution of Souls, essentially in the Moses camp, when those in rebellion to moses insisted on waring, so Moses gave in, in so much that he decided they could still be taught to follow God’s lead by their recognition that they only won the battles when Moses raised his staff during the battle. Moses wasn’t in favor at all in their killing, but then that gets lost over time, so that today as in the years til now, like I said many fly the christian banner yet are killing in God’s name, while going to church and synagogue and mosque and temple. And of course all those who support such behavior are also subject to God’s judgement as to whether or not they are capable of doing otherwise.
But this is not to say, only these are the Tares, the weeds, as what in Jesus eyes are evildoers really. (if you recall I feel most of what paul taught only confuses what Jesus taught as Paul was clearly NOT chosen by Jesus to deliver Jesus words, though that’s not to say one had to be, but there is a difference between someone who actually has a face to face relationship with the member from God’s kingdom who is serving in a “son of man” capacity. If the Kingdom of God could accomplish what they wanted by zapping anyone with a light and telling them what to do, then why bother going through the snake pit of humaness as Jesus did? However there are many, many, many evidences of how far afield Paul was).
What Jesus said was basically that all those who choose to serve Mammon as their master are choosing to be tares. Mammon in greek was mammonous (sp?) which at a glance means, “treasure, riches, wealth, etc.” but by further investigation is not limited to wealth of money, and other forms of monetary exchange as it is coincidentally including one’s sense of wealth and tresure in one’s mind and in others minds, thus all things human, or Mammalian as associated with genetic beings that produce young by conception and nuturing of motherhood, though feeding of milk for instance. It’s all related. Thus if we are looking up to any human in such a way that they become someone we wish to give our allegience and service to (the real meaning of worship (To work for), then we are serving Mammon). Now, it’s still up to God’s Angels(worker/servants, messengers, etc.) to decide (judge) who has decided who to be in allegience to and who has yet to decide and/or who has decided to give allegience to the Kingdom of God. Now that would seem to be most people in this world, correct, those, that is who appear to put fellow humans on pedestals whether in religious, political or social organizations. Of course Jesus did address the reward we get for putting our allegience to even a prophet. We get a prophet’s reward, that is what the Prophet is prophesizing about and what might come from it. If they are prophesizing that someone will meet a tall, dark, handsome fellow, fall in love, get rich and live happily ever after, perhaps they will get that, but if we are looking to someone who is Beyond Human desires and passions and motivations, even though they may often be seen as the biggest rejects of society for not being able to fit in or make something of themselves, then when they are presented with the returned “son of man”, in other words, when Jesus comes in the flesh again in his new body with his new name, but saying the same kinds of things that will render him a cult leader to all those who can’t stand the idea of changing their comfortable condition then if they seek His mind out, whether he is here or if it’s after he has left his physical body, (as evidenced in what he taught last time he were here), and in so doing some of these begin to overcome their mammonous allegience which would entail beginning to break away from all things mammon(human) then they will be counted among the wheat.
What we do know that just talking about God and Jesus is not a measure of who is a Wheat sprout and who is a Tare (weed). We also know that if we think of ourselves as first in line, we might just be last in line, if in line at all, or in the right line.
We also know that we are required to WATCh which is observe the signs and the times, which means leave no stone unturned and if we are teaching others what to observe and consider and what not to observe and consider because it’s pagan or new age or hindu or buddhist looking for atheistic or whatever, then we are potentially covering another’s eyes which Jesus did not give any indication we might do, without meeting with God’ wrath as that is in a real sense blaspeming because we really don’t KNOW exactly how God’s next “so of woman(man)” will come/be seen, except that in the end no stone will have been left unturned. And when anyone dies (their physical vehicle that is) we don’t know which ones are “saved” in Abrahams Bosum aka paradise aka the Kingdom of God (the part that is the holding area for those souls kept for future lessons) or sent to be recycled in the lake of fire, the second death.
And how are the angels weeding. Well it’s the 7 angels in revelations but the ones primarily with the vials, the containers that by their delivery, pour out whatever it is that puts in motion the weeder, which is largely that which takes away one’s physical life. Mind you, when this is happening, the so called victims of so called natural disasters (some of God’s weeding) still have the chance to look to God for God’s will to save them physically or not. Many may call the name of God (if they know one) at those times but any animal might do that at such a tramatic time, but those who at the same time accept their fate while wanted to connect with God, very well might have their physcial life spared for a time as they might be able to become awakened more to help others come closer to the real kingdom of God, while if God chooses that soul/spirit can in that moment also be “saved” for a future overcomign classroom after all the weeding and recyclign is done.
Now, I know it sounds like I am coming from a place above the crowd thus also would fall into the same category. I can not assume anything as to whether or not I am adaquately giving my allegience to the Kigndom of God or to Human. The standards change with the more you are given. Perhaps I will be saved into the bucket for returned lessons but for me to assume so is just not within my capacity and I’m not attempting to serve God to reap such reward. I just can’t help but share what I feel I’ve been given and continue to be given, though I know many take offense at what and the way in which I share it but that’s largely the human way it seems as I encounter that in every department of life, a type of competition of who is the better this or that, relatively speaking of course. The difference between the likes of this one, me, I know for a clear fact that if Ti and Do didn’t select this vehicle as one of many that were given the chance to be host to a soul implant (not at all like a human or alien implant), I would be sitting in one of you all’s chairs listening to someone else tell me stuff about Ti and Do, to which I’d be faced with whether or not something about it, as troubling as it may sound, I have to examine further.
There’s a lot more to say, but like I said, I’ll keep it short, for me that is.
Good to read your posts.

Comments by Sawyer to comments to a post on contrails and New World Order and Eugenics claims

December 3, 2011

The following is a post and some comments I weighted into that I am sharing for those who care about offerring their service to Ti and Do. I get my newsfeeds and never know which I may check out. I am not really concerned about contrails, though I am not without concern for them either but it’s part of observing what’s going on in this complicated world and when I see a comment I wish to respond to, which I usually do, I say my piece and generally introduce Ti and Do’s reality to the fellow commentors, many of which know me so ignore what I write but occasionally some respond and this is one of those cases that I thought was interesting to observe. Before I responded to Chuck, I did ask Ti and Do what I could say. Again, I am not trying to win over believers. I am working for Ti and Do, who are interested in providing to those that might be looking opportunity to decide if they have some of their MIND still living within them.
Here begins the post:
? UFO in 140 years old 3D stereoscopic images appeared 2011Solar Storm / Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights – Nov 28 – 29, 2011 ?
Killer Chemtrails and Poison Rains to thin Population
Posted on November 30, 2011 | 22 Comments
It is important to distinguish between contrails and chemtrails. Contrails are streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by jet airplanes at high altitudes. Contrails can exist in two forms: water droplet and ice crystal. Contrails typically become visible about a wingspans distance behind an aircraft flying at high altitude. The trail dissipates quite quickly, usually within a minute or so.
Chemtrails, on the other hand, are visible directly behind an aircraft, with little or no gap between the aircraft and the start of the trail. Chemtrails are said to vary from contrails in their length of persistence. Chemtrails do not dissipate quickly; they tend to form into mushy clouds which can block sunlight. Some people are reporting what they describe to be unusual activity in the sky, including jets leaving trails at low altitudes, spray lines creating X’s, S’s and parallel lines, lines that slowly spread to create a canopy of haze, and reports of unusual smells, tastes, and even illness related to the trails.
Chemical Odor Troubles Mall Shoppers in Tucson – November 28, 2011
Odor Sickens Students in Colorado – November 21, 2011
More Hospitalized as ‘Mystery Odor’ continues to Sicken Many in the U.S.
Also, a reddish-brown gel, dropped from low-flying aircraft, has been observed by people in the past and was even documented on Unsolved Mysteries. Samples of this substance have been alledgedly analyzed by Margareta-Erminia Cassani and found to be teaming with biological organisms. Other tests have shown that chemtrails contain more than 3 times the legal level of the toxic substance, barium. Chemtrails may also be one of the primary contributory factors in the collapse of honey bee colonies worldwide. Albert Einstein clearly knew the importance of the honey bee when he said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”
There are currently three main hypothesis for the purpose of chemical spraying in the skies: weather modification, population control, and testing of biological agents on the general population.
The following video contains more information about these “chemtrails”.
Even if we assume that these trails have nothing to do with eugenics or weather modification, we cannot ignore the fact that our skies are being heavily polluted with aviation fuel emissions that contribute towards a host of different health problems
Their impact on the environment, and the history of aerial spraying that has taken place in many countries.
Chemtrail spraying seems to be heaviest and most constant over North America, Solid proof that Weather Modification projects are being conducted all over the United States , Canada and most countries of western Europe. Some countries in Asia are being sprayed (Japan and Korea), but the greatest exception to any chemtrail activity whatsover is China. The Chinese are being spared completely because China is being groomed by the NWO to replace the United States as the leading nation of the world, both economically and militarily.
In 2008, a KSLA news investigation found that a substance that fell to earth from a high altitude chemtrail contained high levels of Barium (6.8 ppm) and Lead (8.2 ppm) as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver. Of these, all but one are metals, some are toxic while several are rarely or never found in nature
The health effects of bombarding the skies with sulphur dioxide alone are enough to raise serious questions about whether such programs should even be allowed to proceed… Read full in depth report Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack
The following health effects are linked with exposure to sulphur.
– Neurological effects and behavioral changes
– Disturbance of blood circulation
– Heart damage
– Effects on eyes and eyesight
– Reproductive failure
– Damage to immune systems
– Stomach and gastrointestinal disorder
– Damage to liver and kidney functions
– Hearing defects
– Disturbance of the hormonal metabolism
– Dermatological effects
– Suffocation and lung embolism

Just yesterday, a ‘Chemical’ snow blanket hits Residents of Dilovasi, an industrial suburb just outside of Istanbul, Turkey.
A mysterious substance that, on numerous occasions, has been found covering cars, trees, clotheslines, and vegetable gardens throughout the city.
Milliyet, a Turkish newspaper, reports that government officials are currently trying to identify the source of this sticky goo, which has reportedly made a number of people ill and ruined local crops… full articles Here and Here
In 1997, in an episode of U.S. television Unsolved Mysteries: Residents of Oakville in Washington state became ill from a mysterious white substance..
Other secret operations to thin population
A remarkable statement was made by Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of former United States president Dwight Eisenhower.
Laura Eisenhower was speaking on the sidelines of a UFO, science and consciousness conference in Johannesburg.
She said natural faults in the earth were being manipulated to produce catastrophes like tsunamis and earthquakes using Haarp technology or bio-weapons. Eisenhower said this was part of a secret agenda by a number of governments to decrease the earth’s human population in favour of colonies on mars and the moon… full article Alien tech used to thin population
After 16 years of denial, the White House Science Czar John P Holdren now admits that they have been “testing” the manipulation of Earth’s atmosphere with Barium salts, Aluminum Dioxide and other toxic compounds.
Bottom line: Time to wake up to the fact that we are all being sprayed. There is a world-wide secret program to manipulate the atmosphere. They admit it’s happening, but they won’t tell us why.
Source and author: infowars * timeslive * treehugger * naturalnews * NufffRespect ToxicSkiesItalia * endoftheamericandream * educate-yourself
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? UFO in 140 years old 3D stereoscopic images appeared 2011Solar Storm / Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights – Nov 28 – 29, 2011 ?
22 Responses to Killer Chemtrails and Poison Rains to thin Population
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Selected comments follow:
Stella | November 30, 2011 at 3:16 pm | Reply
Friends, Chemtrails have deadly poisons including parasites. Shortly (if not already) your bodies will be riddled with various new species deliberately ‘manufactured’. I mention this to create awareness NOT to create a scare, but for you to now understand how you can also CURE yourselves.
Kindly bear with me. I will create a website or update /org with the solutions. Don’t worry, I do not sell anything & it will not be too late. I expect to launch this at the end of December.
Peace. Do not be afraid.
God alone i.e. YAHWAH ALONE can save us!.
If you disagree,I pray that you are enlightened.
sawyer | December 1, 2011 at 10:29 am | Reply to Stella:
Disaggree with what – that Yahwah Alone can save us? The chemical bombardment of our skies are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the chemical bombardment in our water, food and air supply. Yahwah doesn’t wish to save our bodies. They are only looking to save the relatively few souls who show promise of accepting who They really are and I’m not referring to space aliens, who are “fallen angels” having rebelled, broke away from a past “classroom” with some participatory service to the Level Above Human, what religious call the Kingdom of God that is almost totally an illusion to date. Yahwah never instructed us to pray for others anyway. The Older Members of the Level Above Human taught their past students to pray to the ONE Jesus prayed to whom He called the Father 2000 years ago but this time around (as their second comign already happened, which I have a great deal of sciptural and circumstantial proof of) was called Ti as the one who was Jesus was this time around in the new vehicle he took was called Do. They were the heaven’s gate so called by the media “suicide cult” – the greatest and most misunderstood and most above human and futuristically advanced in body, mind and soul than any group prior, but most are too afraid to look at the data that proves it, as the invisible discarnates that are around all of us would hate for us to see them for who they really are and see what they have rejected.
Anyway, I’d guess that most of the reason fosr these chemtrails is to see if they can use technology to change the global warming patterns or to stimulate rain as desired or create cloud cover that radar can not detect. It’s not a eugenics program. If I were to believe that then I’d have to believe that all the manipulations that we are subject to, many of which are thought to be normal and fun, are a eugenics program. Even the space aliens benefit from healthy humans and know it or not these are behind some of the search for technology to solve problems that stand in the way of their agenda for survival
chuck | December 1, 2011 at 12:08 pm | Reply
my gosh, sawyer, what are you smoking? what a bunch of rambling crap. I don’t trust the govt. either, but this “first Jesus” and “second Jesus” and space vehicles, and the second coming already happening(did I sleep through it?), and the “level above human” stuff. You mix an occasional truth in with a bunch of gobblety gook. And pamela ann…..”ronald wielands free books”? That guy is as self-deluded as they come. He thinks he’s one of the two witnesses spoken of in the book of Revelations(his wife conveniently happens to be the other one). He’s been wrong in so many predictions I’ve lost count. I believe he’s also being investigated for tax evasion( i know, a govt. plot to silence him). The guy is a nut-case. If he’s one of you “check-it-outs”, i won’t bother to check any of the others. I can accept that someone is spraying bad stuff on us, but why does it always lead to Illuminati-demon-otherjesuses-aliens crap? A strange cloud in the sky and some of you go multi-dimensional-delusional. No wonder people laugh at sites like this(no offense to you bloggers who use your common sense).
chuck | December 1, 2011 at 12:18 pm | Reply
oh, i forgot. “Heavens Gate” followers being advanced or ahead of us. Are you joking, Sawyer. You could just look at their leader with his bug out eyes and see that his brain was fried. Is that what i will look like if i become “advanced”? Then i will just stay here at my “lower” level. Don’t get me wrong, i feel for those poor deluded souls who bought into his crap and took their lives. I came up with my own Two Universal Laws (i’m not competing with Einstein) a while back. Number one: people are stupid. Number two: people are easily led. Just watch the news, or read a history book. And those poor heavens gate people were prime examples of both. C’mon Sawyer, give me a break. I appreciate that you appear to be able to mix a little bit of every religious-alien-philisophical belief system in the world into one large confused cauldron and then spit it back out, but i hesitate to believe you really buy in to all that junk. I could be wrong. But thanks for posting.
Sawyer’s response:
You know, I hear ya. But when you go to the movies and see a story, then step outside and the story is upon you, you can of course stay in the movie, in your own protective shell, the shell all humans are born into. That shapes seeing what was in the movie as it really just might be! But of course if we are in love with the movie, why look at what’s happening – stay in the movie.
I’m not normally cryptic, though not elevating it .
So you don’t have any questions about the “loonies”. I was with them for 19 years fully committed, having been in fact overly willing to give my life, drink the coolaid, because I was brainwashed to think that giving one’s life, being the martyr, dieing for the cause, the highest cause. It was presented to me as a child, not unlike millions. The Ten Commandments. The Greatest Story Ever Told. Spartacus, and penty more. At 13 I told my mom I wanted to be a priest when I grew up. We weren’t really a religious catholic family, just holidays and sundays. Then when I was given a 50 question test to be “confirmed” and I couldn’t remember word for word the answers, mother superior was yelling at me and my mother standing by in aggreement with her as I cried…(sob story of catholic abuse designed to appeal to your heart, so you’ll buy my heaven’s gate story). So I stole and rebelled in the usual ways and somehow survived that, hooking up with a jewish girl and hitchhiking the US and Canada and a small part of mexico then shaking up againist both our parents will, doing the work a day joe day laborer but saving enough to try to homestead in the British Columbia mountians a long shot from a surburban NYC’ite. But that was not to be, while living with no facilities through the BC winter in a cabin with plenty of heat but way out in the bush with no facilities, it was like I was at home with that lifestyle – survival 101 – going hunting every day, but this city boy must have smelled for miles as I never even saw a moose or deer, while hunting parties on horseback stopped at my cabin for a cup of joe on their way into the total wilderness at the foot of Wells Grey Provincal Park. One day, while in town getting supplies, with my draft dodger friends and their canadian wives trying to get me stoned again, as I’d quit when my jewish girlfriend smoked one hit of ordinary bud and was hallucinating noah’s arc,that built so fear outside her room in her parents house, where I spent day and night, and the fear built -unknown – something I’d never experienced and on one hit – wierd to no avail…I mean I’d tripped many a time and freaked out running for the downers to calm my body down from a bad cut with speed, in that cocktail…yet no fear really, that is except one time re: the chicago seven riots, but that’s another story. So the fear and it’s right outside her bedroom door and I feared opening it, maybe 10 minutes passing and I thought, this is crazy …I’ve got to open that door…and as I got up, the door flies open and her younger sister by 4 years runs into the room crying her eyes out of control. Some guy, she said tried to pull her into his car.
Those mounties took me to jail and eventually to the border of Washington state. The truck I’d bought in BC blew it’s transmission linkage. I’d always figureed out how to wire it back together but this time it was inside the transmission.
Stranded in Yakima, Washington, I asked this guy if he knew anyone that could help us. He was what someone would call a jesus freak, so we stayed with him and his family and group and wow did we debate scriptures. You see growing up, despite that experience with mother whatshername I still gravitated to what was said of Jesus. I would join with my friends who were in the navy and stationed in Jamestown Rhode Island for their parties and I’d be reading the words attributed to jesus and saying to my navy friend Jack…what does this mean and what do you think that means. I wasn’t even a stoner then either nor a drinker – could never hold much.
And during all those acid trips my two wacco friends, one who ate acid like candy literally who once held a knife to my throat with his evil eye and a wicked addicts laugh, and the other a jew who said he dreamed I was with Jesus, like one of the apostles, which at the time I sort of gloated about…after all…I was programmed to think that was the ultimate… But we’d drop mescaline and go barefoot to this aboretum where lots of hippies hung out and played frisbee, brought their dogs, played music. It was like a mini woodstock every weekend…and we’d walk on the pointed hot stones with our bare feet and bear the pain. One day we were exploring, or perhaps following some girls, and came upon three large symbols made from twigs and such on the ground. The cross, the jewish star and the peace sign. I saw that and in dramatic doped fashion fell to my knees and felt like I either fell asleep or was daydreaming but the image was that I looked up and saw the clouds part and walla – Captain Kangaroo, my favorite show growing up was there, (and he may have turned out to be doing some hanky panky with his child guests).
Yes, this would make for a better story but can I leave it at that. No the heaven’s opened and I saw “the light” and there was a chorus of…”i saw the light, I saw the light…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…I saw the light (that was hard to type over and over and over).
So I came out of it and turned around and my two friends who by the way all carried bibles but I can’t recall ever reading them together or alone. We certainly wern’t part of any church or had a religious family, but they were gone yet their two bibles were left on the ground open with pages blowing in the proverbial wind or is it proverbial ground or proverbial bibles?
And that did it…I thought that God took them and didn’t take me, so I looked up to God somewhere in the sky and yelled “take me”.
I guess sHe took me serious as after getting to Oregon broke and hooking up with a local dealer and traveling down to Beserkly to catch a dead concert where a girl was being group f’ed in the middle of the filmore west, and the friend of mine who was studying law while dealing all manner of sustance messin with the gun toatin big players and dancing with the sufi’s and mediating on sri chi moy and debating with the hare krishnas and many other jesus freaks, talkign about the contradictions of the bible and all and on and on and on, with story upon story….joining with Bo and Peep in that international big media scene that I was smake in the middle of the Walter CRonkites report that they had discovered who these mysterious two Bo and Peep who 27 had left all behind including children to join, were so no one needs worry.
I told all my hippy friends in Newport oregon, some of which were in my band that I felt like “i sat in front of the equivilent of Jesus”. It wasn’t til years later that I figured out that the haze that was all over the room where I saw t hem speak, on serveral occaions was not smoke – it was something….well supernatural, but after beign on the road again having be scattered by the FBI hunt for Bo and Peep to see if they were respnsible for the cattle mutilations – the UFO cult that is, the UFO Two that is who later changed their names to the song Ti and Do.
I was putting my sleeping bag down on the beach just south of corpus christi texas and I’d been straight for many months. (I did return to some pot smoking and once ate 22 fresh picked (i picked t hem) psyllisybin mushrooms and got sick as a dog and then high as a kite) – so yes “what was I smokin” though I wasn’t when I wrote to you but who knows if that was what it took to not freak out by these kinds of things that I could tell dozens more stories about). However back to corpus….a giant z was carved into the sky above me, but the z had 90 angles and it was drawn before my eyes by a very large bright light traveling about the speed of a meteor with the start of the z parrallell to the earth at my vantage point. How it did those 90 turns and no noise and this was december of 1975, and I wondered, “if there was someone inside that thing”.
I didn’t join with Ti and Do because of UFO’s. I did want to be enlighened but the Bhagvad Gita didn’t float my boat, the bible didnt’, the meditations were boring, I liked sex, drugs and rock and roll and yet I wasn’t strung out or down on my luck or looking to change really…
So all I can say is that the movie became reality in ways you don’t want to see more of so I’ll leave it like that. Have fun.
chuck’s response:
sawyer, i sincerely appreciate your sharing, though i had trouble following some of it. much of what you experienced seemed to be tied into drugs or brain-washing et al, so don’t try to get too much accurate interpretation out of it. Don’t read me wrong. i definitely move to the beat of a different drummer myself. And i understand and buy into many explanations of conspiracies against us “average” folk, the not one percent. I’ve just decided to go with the simplest explantion, which is often the right one. There is a God, who has His own enemies, who desire to destroy what He loves. These are the ones working with our PTB to craft their own vision of what i like to call “hell on earth”. I believe in ufo’s, though not from other galaxies, paranormal events, and much of what is spoken of on this site. I just get frustrated when every little thing, however normal or natural, suddenly requires a convoluted explanation. There is enough stuff going on to worry about without getting distracted by without turning every little fart into a big bang. You mentioned the bible. I have found that book to be a lot more down to earth and related to reality than most people are willing to except. It does speak much about what is going on, and what is to come. Yes, there are plenty of idiots who use it for their own glory and self-aggrandizement, wildly misinterpreting it to itch their own ears and those of their followers. There is an ill wind blowing, and it is going to get so much worse. There is “the lie” that is on it’s way and way too many sad souls are going to buy into it. And in spite of it’s other worldly appearance, the big boys down here will be deeply involved in it. So i apologize if my criticism seemed aimed at you. It wasn’t meant to be. Just my way of saying let’s keep our wits about us so we can see the lie for what it is and not get distracted by lots of other lies nowhere near as important. Thank you again for sharing your story, or part of it.
Sawyer’s response:
Glad to meet you. I completly understand the sense of “swinging at a gnat and swallowing a camel” and the obvious sense of all the illusions and lies that go on. It’s a wonder anyone can treat anything as potentially real. I actually have zero interest in finding anyone to believe in what I believe which is realistically speaking seen as “the biggest evil and hated people on earth” (evidenced by an accross the board, distain by most every organization and every organizational leader, that translates as blatent ignoring, to blatent irrational justification to not look at one iota of what they were really about or if they do, it’s strictly the media pitch and if they go a bit further it’s only to find any little tidbit they can use to justify not looking further). Now there are exceptions, but like I was saying, I get nothing from anyone looking further….actually that’s not true, it does boost me a tiny bit to see, but I can get that from a caffine drink too, so why go through all I do to get that little boost. Of course many think I am trying to start a new cult and this has cost me quite a bit from publishers that run the other way, to people I play music with where I live, fearing when they often don’t even know what I believe or what I’ve been a part of, though my face and voice have been all over the media on all the popular network news shows sporatically over the last 20 years. I’m sorry my expressions are so disjointed with terrible grammar but communicating what it obviously beyond our human grasp ordinarily is not an easy chore in a world where language and terms have become almost non-communicative of reality.
I know it seems like Do and students and myself included place ourselves above the human fray, and I can’t deny that my 19 years experience with Ti and Do as their student in their monastically styled bedouin styled commune (cult) was extraordinary, as Brad Steiger referred to Them in the first book published about them entitled, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinair”, but the truth is that I failed to make the grade They required and that’s a long long story. In essence, though I wanted to give my life as they did, I did not want to give it for the required reasons yet I didn’t know that until I left them and did not want to return but then had to come forward when they exited, to tell the public at least a little of their reality (when I did most of the press). Then as I became the father of my now 14 yr old daughter who was in her momma’s womb while I was talking on 60 Minutes, and Larry King about the cult of cults, though I didnt’ think of myself as their student at that point, I could not deny that I beleived all they said… and did which was a whale of a surprise to my family and friends who knew of my 19 year exodus that I didn’t escape them…however, then began the dreams. The way I see it now, is that by my going public with what I experienced in the group, which a part of me feared doing as I didn’t really want the publicity (though when I had two big NYC publishing houses accept my and a deceased member’s mother’s side by side story, I was interested in making money from a book, and though Geraldo and BBC did pay me for my story, ~ $300 each, the only payments I got, which was good as my network marketing health business (blue green algae products) was nearly kaput when the media called it a scheme to sell pond scum)).
The dreams began, at first I was witnessing Do and some students milling about as if they didn’t know I was there. Then after a few of those one classmate, as we referred to one another came over to me to talk but I don’t recall what about. After a few of those I remember wondering in the dream why Do never looked at me. (This was wierd as after I left, which the last thing Do said to me when I declared to him my choice to leave, like I said a long story that I do tell on my 3spm youtube channel, was, “you need to become more objective”, then telling fellow students that “Swyody knew what he was doing so don’t try to talk him out of leaving” at which point, the next day I was given $600 cash and a plane ticket to the destination of my choice, which though I was from NY, preferred going to Phoenix where I stayed for a time with two x-members who were actually sent out of the group because they didn’t want to live by the rules, though they still believed and had some limited connection as they lived their human lives (who are the ones who maintain the heaven’s gate web site to this day). While working in the scottsdale area where we as a group had lived and I had worked a computer programming job, I for some reason thought I might see them again, even in the street somewhere. I rode a bike 5 miles each way to my job while maintaining an apartment in Mesa, and I thought, they might see me riding the bike on scottsdale ave. Anway I often thought, “If I do run into them and Do in particular, I want to be able to look him in the face”. Do never shamed me though I had broken the rules by allowing sensual thoughts to linger in my head repeatedly that resulted in masturbation, that I could not seem to get a handle on despite great relative success for the nearly 18 years prior.
The reason for the no sex policy, requirement by the way was because the members of the Next Level don’t have sex. Their physical bodies are not even capable of sex. Ti and Do said they didn’t have the plumbing for it, nor for food digestion. Their bodies were grown on a vine and we were building our “soul body” into one that could be viable to be born into one of those bodies, however the Next Level might faciliate moving our Soul body into this grown issue that largely functioned off of a photosynthetic process, thus the need for a more powerful power supply, but one that doesn’t need the degree of force generated by a fuel burning vehicle, as the mammalian human fulfills, but also has it’s energy decay result as well, that these plant bodies don’t, thus are virually eternal, though can still be killed if they are subject to something that could do so, like for instance in a planned crash of an expendible flying saucer, to release that soul body from it’s container (though there are different body forms and some still have an ability to reinstigate mammalian systems, which Adam had and the “fallen students” who had some “domestic” like tasks for the Next Level as their further training).)
So then Do looked at me in the dream, said nothing. No particular expression. Well, to cut this short, I had a lot of dreams from then on and then premonitions of 9/11 attack the night before, while I lived on Long Island, NY in stony brook and then other things and finally I asked for a sign and got it…just a shooting star when I asked to see something, while I was camping out on Montauk, NY. So I asked in my head if I could serve without leaving my family behind as I expected service to entail and I got back that, that was not required now. (It wasn’t a voice or anything like that. It was simply a sense of an answer, which was not out of the blue to experience and recognize as the 19 years in the group did prepare my brain to be receptive to remote communications (not that any of us are not prepared but it simply depends on whether or not we are willing to let their MIND in as it does jolt the brain, something I used to experience when I revisited the exit tapes of Do talking. I couldn’t watch the tapes through as it was too damn powerful. Others would say insane, bizarre, but I know it from being with Do nearly everyday and often one on one that I my brain/body needed to acclimate to He and Ti’s mind/physical presense. For a long time, when he would look at me, I would feel and hear inside my head a grinding sound that felt like it was initiating from behind my eyes. That eventually stopped but I believe that was the brain adjusting to the frequency “spirit” based structured “MIND”(holy spirit) they project through their human eyes. (As Einstein and Boehem debated, the eye is not only a receiver) not saying we all don’t also have that potential but there is a great deal more to consider about that.
So I agreed then in about october of 2001 to reinstigate providing service to the Next Level through Ti and Do, though I feared a bit how that would change my relatively comfortable family life.
(They did not approve of martrydom which is what I thought I wanted to be because I thought of that as demonstraing heroism and thus making me something special and saintly – the programming that in part has it real links but has been greatly distorted, which is permitted by the Next Level to provide a filter of one’s degree of soul seed viability by providing choice to find many reasons not to continue on a search for the ultimate truth/reality and the ultimate purpose of a human being – to acknowledge the manisfestion of a genuine member of the Next Level who would take a few through a difficult birth canal or harvest into membership in a more evolved but genuine LIFE.
Then after leaving long island due to being laid off of my comfortable computer programming job due to the .com crash and the company I was with’s poor public offerring and the fact that my salary needed to be trimmed while I trained a younger and cheaper replacement, we moved to the Vermont montains. After 9/11 I studied, like so many, all things related and began to write again, something I couldn’t bring myself to do since that near book deal in 1997.
And I was visited by Ti in a dream then Do in a dream and then certain classmates who answered questions I had. One question I managed to get the bravery to ask Do, was “do I need to prepare myself to lay down my life as they did”, to which Do came to me that night in a dream as if I was with him face to face again and said, “give your life”. He left it up to me and I had no desire to lay it down but I was willing to consider it, though I later realized I had a lot to learn and that offerring service to tell of my experiences may in fact put me in harms way physically, and to that degree I am willing to give, not that I want to accellerate such an event. There was nothing traditionally sucidal in their thoughts or actions, though that’s nearly impossible to realize.
There is so much evidence of the same minds having returned that I am bursting at the seems to tell about it, but I don’t expect anything from anyone in that regard. I have been told by some who tend to believe some of this as what Ti and Do said it was, that I to them are their Older Member and that’s not at all true. I am a student with a whale of an experience. The true test of whether or not I am moving into an above human mindset remains to be seen and the fact is that anyone at anytime can decide to dive into the same process as little or as much as they choose and then they get what they put into it which will include makign changes in their life but not through anyone’s dictation. It has to come from within us. In that the new age is right, The kingdom of Go is within us as Jesus said, but what they don’t acknowledge is that Jesus was referring to the soul seed given to all those who ask for it.
So what I do now is say…”you don’t need me” not at all. Nor does anyone need to subscibe to any organization or any cult or anything human. The only thing that provides opportunity for real growth is a quest for the truth (as that never ends) (though in the Next Level they don’t have liars, so the focus is on tasks and there is a great deal of individuality, though the members don’t really want it, but the Older Members insist they exercise it in the way they are taught. In this way, they can be trusted by the Older Members to carry on the very important tasks involved with gardening of souls (whch the Luciferian styled space aliens create facsimili of).
And I am certain that the Older Members, Father and Son were most recently manifest as Ti and Do thus the fasttrack to applying to be on their team in the future when a new classroom will begin, after the recycling levels the playing field on this earth where the weeds have infested is to simply ask our questions of, (using the new handles for addressing/identification), Ti and Do (as though they are Older Member and younger Older Member, they operate as teams, as they have since the current civilization was planted with souls). But if it’s hard to use those names, for anyone that considers this, they can simply do as Jesus instructed and project their asking way out into the literal heavens. Ti and Do said to picture those thoughts going as far away from earth as you can imagine. This way, the Luciferian space aliens (regardless of where they were from in the near space, which even many of the stars we see are in), can’t answer and pretend to be Jesus or Lord. For a while the Next Level will not allow any of the space aliens and/or discarnates to interfer with potential new students, though They also allow that interference as learning how they operate, while asking the Next Level and Ti and Do in particular for help is what teaches us to distinguish between all the “false prophets” and the real deal.
There is a great deal more to this. There will always be a mixed sense in our heads that see this as lunacy, but a lunacy we can’t help but gravitate to if we have some of Their seed still alive within us.
I’m not above human yet. There is no loftiness in talk alone. And to those who much is given, much is required. All this spiritual and religious assumption of great rewards for next to zero work and effort is pure illusion fostered by the current kings of illusion that have many of thinking this holodeck is the ultimate reality.