Jesus parable of the Wheat and the Tares – who is who – which are you choosing to be?

The followings is my comment to a post below. My comment follows it:

Hi, long time no talk, but it seems you are not posting here as much until recently. I have a lot to say, as usual but I’ll spare you most of it because perhaps your mind is made up and against what I feel I know and have of late probably doubled the mounds of scriptural evidence that Ti and Do were the “second coming” as the Two Witnesses, FAther and Son as prophesized.
But sticking to you post, I have a few things that I feel are of the utmost importance to consider and I can back them all up with numerous quotes from Jesus but these days I have less time to do so, but perhaps you will recognize what I will try to share. We know the Field is the World, which more particularily is the Human world because human is the condition of evolution actually that the Kingdom of God (The Evolutionary Level Above Human) seeks to provide the opportunity to wean those souls they planted in selected human beings (whom they cultivated genetically) from which is then to the Kingdom of God fruit from their Soul gardening experiment (as it’s being free willed, it’s not predetermined how those planted will respond).
Now the Tares are actually look alike to wheat, I understand, thus how do we distinguish them from the wheat. Well, we really don’t need to because it’s not our job to take out the tares, though some christians and other religionists think they are commissioned to do so, by killing and such in the name of their idea of God, based on what took place in history in the early evolution of Souls, essentially in the Moses camp, when those in rebellion to moses insisted on waring, so Moses gave in, in so much that he decided they could still be taught to follow God’s lead by their recognition that they only won the battles when Moses raised his staff during the battle. Moses wasn’t in favor at all in their killing, but then that gets lost over time, so that today as in the years til now, like I said many fly the christian banner yet are killing in God’s name, while going to church and synagogue and mosque and temple. And of course all those who support such behavior are also subject to God’s judgement as to whether or not they are capable of doing otherwise.
But this is not to say, only these are the Tares, the weeds, as what in Jesus eyes are evildoers really. (if you recall I feel most of what paul taught only confuses what Jesus taught as Paul was clearly NOT chosen by Jesus to deliver Jesus words, though that’s not to say one had to be, but there is a difference between someone who actually has a face to face relationship with the member from God’s kingdom who is serving in a “son of man” capacity. If the Kingdom of God could accomplish what they wanted by zapping anyone with a light and telling them what to do, then why bother going through the snake pit of humaness as Jesus did? However there are many, many, many evidences of how far afield Paul was).
What Jesus said was basically that all those who choose to serve Mammon as their master are choosing to be tares. Mammon in greek was mammonous (sp?) which at a glance means, “treasure, riches, wealth, etc.” but by further investigation is not limited to wealth of money, and other forms of monetary exchange as it is coincidentally including one’s sense of wealth and tresure in one’s mind and in others minds, thus all things human, or Mammalian as associated with genetic beings that produce young by conception and nuturing of motherhood, though feeding of milk for instance. It’s all related. Thus if we are looking up to any human in such a way that they become someone we wish to give our allegience and service to (the real meaning of worship (To work for), then we are serving Mammon). Now, it’s still up to God’s Angels(worker/servants, messengers, etc.) to decide (judge) who has decided who to be in allegience to and who has yet to decide and/or who has decided to give allegience to the Kingdom of God. Now that would seem to be most people in this world, correct, those, that is who appear to put fellow humans on pedestals whether in religious, political or social organizations. Of course Jesus did address the reward we get for putting our allegience to even a prophet. We get a prophet’s reward, that is what the Prophet is prophesizing about and what might come from it. If they are prophesizing that someone will meet a tall, dark, handsome fellow, fall in love, get rich and live happily ever after, perhaps they will get that, but if we are looking to someone who is Beyond Human desires and passions and motivations, even though they may often be seen as the biggest rejects of society for not being able to fit in or make something of themselves, then when they are presented with the returned “son of man”, in other words, when Jesus comes in the flesh again in his new body with his new name, but saying the same kinds of things that will render him a cult leader to all those who can’t stand the idea of changing their comfortable condition then if they seek His mind out, whether he is here or if it’s after he has left his physical body, (as evidenced in what he taught last time he were here), and in so doing some of these begin to overcome their mammonous allegience which would entail beginning to break away from all things mammon(human) then they will be counted among the wheat.
What we do know that just talking about God and Jesus is not a measure of who is a Wheat sprout and who is a Tare (weed). We also know that if we think of ourselves as first in line, we might just be last in line, if in line at all, or in the right line.
We also know that we are required to WATCh which is observe the signs and the times, which means leave no stone unturned and if we are teaching others what to observe and consider and what not to observe and consider because it’s pagan or new age or hindu or buddhist looking for atheistic or whatever, then we are potentially covering another’s eyes which Jesus did not give any indication we might do, without meeting with God’ wrath as that is in a real sense blaspeming because we really don’t KNOW exactly how God’s next “so of woman(man)” will come/be seen, except that in the end no stone will have been left unturned. And when anyone dies (their physical vehicle that is) we don’t know which ones are “saved” in Abrahams Bosum aka paradise aka the Kingdom of God (the part that is the holding area for those souls kept for future lessons) or sent to be recycled in the lake of fire, the second death.
And how are the angels weeding. Well it’s the 7 angels in revelations but the ones primarily with the vials, the containers that by their delivery, pour out whatever it is that puts in motion the weeder, which is largely that which takes away one’s physical life. Mind you, when this is happening, the so called victims of so called natural disasters (some of God’s weeding) still have the chance to look to God for God’s will to save them physically or not. Many may call the name of God (if they know one) at those times but any animal might do that at such a tramatic time, but those who at the same time accept their fate while wanted to connect with God, very well might have their physcial life spared for a time as they might be able to become awakened more to help others come closer to the real kingdom of God, while if God chooses that soul/spirit can in that moment also be “saved” for a future overcomign classroom after all the weeding and recyclign is done.
Now, I know it sounds like I am coming from a place above the crowd thus also would fall into the same category. I can not assume anything as to whether or not I am adaquately giving my allegience to the Kigndom of God or to Human. The standards change with the more you are given. Perhaps I will be saved into the bucket for returned lessons but for me to assume so is just not within my capacity and I’m not attempting to serve God to reap such reward. I just can’t help but share what I feel I’ve been given and continue to be given, though I know many take offense at what and the way in which I share it but that’s largely the human way it seems as I encounter that in every department of life, a type of competition of who is the better this or that, relatively speaking of course. The difference between the likes of this one, me, I know for a clear fact that if Ti and Do didn’t select this vehicle as one of many that were given the chance to be host to a soul implant (not at all like a human or alien implant), I would be sitting in one of you all’s chairs listening to someone else tell me stuff about Ti and Do, to which I’d be faced with whether or not something about it, as troubling as it may sound, I have to examine further.
There’s a lot more to say, but like I said, I’ll keep it short, for me that is.
Good to read your posts.

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