blood red moon & NASA sees Mysterious Planet-Size Object Spotted Near Mercury reported to look like Star trek ship

Even with the scientists explanation of an data processing anamoly, it goes along with what Ti and Do said in 1982, which I believe is within one of the three tapes I posted on youtube while we were in Blackhawk, Colorado, that there could be human equivilent beings living on another planet in our solar system but their matter could be frequency and particle geared to a degree that our eyes can’t see/witness/record in our memory. Some said it seemed like the burst from the sun was uncloaking something that looked like the star trek ship. So imagine that the Sun is a fine tuned technological device that can send specific outputs to specific and precise directions and of strength, and geared to alter the vibration of matter in such a way that it becomes visible to human eyes. Perhaps when it was recorded after Jesus died that the people saw the dead come out of the graves was because the Next Level saw to it that they triggered humans to see at that time what was cloaked as a norm. This is what happened to me when I had a dream with Ti in it and I recalled nothing of it but awoke from it and saw a spirit float by me, so much so that I got up to see where it went and thought perhaps it was my daughter somehow but then checked and she had been asleep and never comes downstairs to use that bathroom anyway.

Thus what I am saying is that even if this entire story was made up like a “war of the worlds” test it still serves the same purpose. It allows humans to decide to look into it and consider it further or not, just like star trek supplied for the possability that space aliens or ET’s were the norm, not a rarity.

I believe the reason humans come through periods of time they look back on as coming out of a dark ages is because the Next Level is coming and going or directing the sun to provide this or that possible option to think about/do to humans and that if they don’t provide it, we can’t do it, or it would take much, much longer to trial and error an understanding.

That’s not without biblical reference. In the so called “garden” – the local plot where the current experiment began again, which there is evidence has occured before, there was a “tree of life” that they didn’t allow the new strain of humans called (hu)man. to eat/touch so they would not “live forever like the Next Level members” indicating there might be an ingredient or combo of such that when ingested provides petetual life as opposed to the decay cycle’s patterns.

So again, even if it was hoaxed the premise has considerable, at the least, circumstantial evideniary potential but I at this point believe it has the earmarks of being what it was reported rather than strictly an anomoly in the image interpretation as did have some doubt cast upon as well.

And along with this idea of only being able to see what we vibrate on, there has been some science on it, in fact quite a bit. For instance there is part of the brain some call the “reticular activating system”. Like say you want to buy a new car and you want something more unique and lets say you buy a volkswagon (not so unique now but used to be years ago), for example. So now that you are thinking of that car, you begin to see that car more, even feeling like you see it often.

It’s like the brain has to be told to look for something to see it. For instance you can’t tell the brain to look for something you don’t think is possible to see and get results because you’ve blocked it off, though the Next Level can decide to help you open your eyes and at the same time the Next Level brings with them when they work their garden some of the “fallen angel souls”, who they know will naturally have you ignore or divert to another form rather than think with an open mind to learn more as a “seeker” does.

I encounter christians who do this all the time by consciously telling me Ti and Do were false prophets but never say what they had propthsized that was false and at the same time will hardly look at what I consider to be evidencwe of their true prophecy fulfilled aand/or how we might see/witness that.

It seems these have never received or kept received seed alive, because if the Next Level gives someone startup software in a soul container, if it’s not nutured by seeking more which only occurs when we ask questions/seek answers, deal with what we consider to be inconsistancies in scripture and common sense.

I dont’ think this event near mercury the planet known to be the messenger, same word as “angel” has come to light literally during the time of the red lunar eclipse by accident. We are entering a new phase and we can expect a new level of people’s postive and negative towards what we have to share.

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