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I believe there is significant evidence that They, Ti and Do are the only celestial figures(people/beings) we see reflected in our various human family histories that are, and most importantly demonstrative of genuinely being evolutionarily, biologically and mental/spiritually above and beyond the entire human condition as also evidenced by Jesus and Moses, but also found in the earliest Buddhist and Hindu sects, not to leave out virtually all the religions in terms of behavioral standards for potential next steps out of mammalianism. Beings that have some ability to travel in space that are still human or equivilent are very, very limited, even with certain technologies that can make it appear they are greatly advanced, which is largely what space aliens(fallen angels past) are up to trying to prove to garner support for their agendas of trying to stop the inevitable recycling of the Earth’s life forms (and them), many of which are by their own choice weeds in how they seek to turn people away from the REAL nature of what members of the Next Level always teach when they come.

So they work to pit humans against the Level Above Human beings, saying they are “bad aliens”, even reptilians, that human governments need to try to fight against. And they try to appeal to human’s compassion (a characterisitic of members of the Next Level given to humans by their example in times past), while convincing many who otherwise might consider looking at who may exist that demonstrate Next Level behaviors, that they can find such a relationship by looking within themselves, a twist to the fact that our desire to obtain bonds with the Older Members from the Next Level is a personal effort, thus from within because even having that capasity was because of being given that “gift of recognition” in the first place, but to then think that is then a condition of “enlightenment” (whole body full of light) to recognize how we are all connected and thus to think that we by such belief alone, when mulitplied by others can affect changes to the overall human patterns is a misapplication of the intent of the Next Level to foster in us a desire to be personally in Their service and how we identify that most by how we treat one another.

It’s like children who received all the benefits and guidence from their parents not giving credit to their parents but instead acting as if that guidence and support came from a mysterious system, like a universal mind, which is so very similar to the way many religious, but especially many so called “born again” christians think by claiming the reward they qualify to receive it, because it was given as an objective IF they did what HE said, all of what he said as best they could understand it. If they really understood the intention behind what Jesus was quoted to have said then that would serve to identify any returning member from the Kingdom of God. So the Luciferian typed space aliens glue them to the words many of which were rendered ineffectual, no longer representing the literal changes we all need to begin to make to keep our name in the “book”.

It’s like no one thinks they need to prove to the Kingdom of God they want a relationship, even though that’s personal and not to be judged by any human and how seeking such will begin to foster changes to further lead us in that direction, thus we aren’t progressing by coming up with our own disciplines or insisting others follow every jot and tittle while ignoring the weightier matters.

Sorry, I’m carrying on here but perhaps some of it will be useful to you. I’ve known for a long time that there are people who were willing to look past the media hype surrounding Ti and Do, while also knowing the seriousness and uniqueness of their action to follow their Older Member in a self instigated exit of their physical cocoons, without feeling challanged in such a way to think such appropriate for their station in the overall school, of which we are not yet prepared for. In other words, they were ahead of us in the school but it’s not a competitive thing.

It’s important to know the formula so that when a soul body is brought back for a new opportunity to be with the next Older Member they will know Their voice by Their saying the same kinds of things. At that time those souls will be faced with some form/stage of “giving themselves entirely to the Older Member” (as Jesus and Moses taught) that most in the world at that time will outright reject and be classified a dangerous cult, because of how the last Older Member’s actions had since been distorted or ignored or misapplied which serves as a filtering out of those who were simply not given the seed.

I know that can sound elitest to suggest those who understand this and seek to have a continued relationship with the Older Members do so because they were selected/chosen, but rather than elite it’s more being “on the spot” to put one’s money where one’s mouth is, to so speak as if we talk the walk and don’t attempt to walk it too, then how much any gifted seed has taken would be a big question that only the Older Members can know. The only value to talking about it is as such can serve to help some who might otherwise not awaken to their full potential, because of being nearly drowned in misinformation. Thus the prime and perhaps only criteria to being “chosen” is to choose to seek the help of the Older Members in the form they last gave us. In the case of Jesus it was formulated in what’s been termed the Lords Prayer where we are introduced to the idea of wanting the Lords will for us on Earth, though prayers were never meant to be a mass appeal for help. They were always a personal and hidden form of having relationship with the Lord as otherwise it’s like showing off or highlighting self as holy and good.

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Deboarah also commented on her status.
Deboarah wrote: “In much the same way people ask “god” for help? Ti and Do have always held far more substance to me from when i first heard and read about them than any celestial figure,so you may be right!”

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