uncloaked near mercury spacecraft

Here is a segment from Coast to Coast:

Annunaki Evidence:

In the second half of the show, researcher and author Marshall Klarfeld discussed the ancient ET race, the Annunaki, and how a possible cloaked space object, spotted near Mercury, could be one of their motherships. Based on his research, he surmised that the Annunaki created a mothership as a proverbial weigh station to facilitate their gold mining operations after they arrived on Earth. He cited the 11th tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh as evidence for this mothership, since the story details how the Annunaki escaped the Earth during the ‘great flood’ and fled to the craft. In turn, Klarfeld asserted that the entities may not be on Nibiru, but actually much closer and watching us from the mothership near Mercury.

So I wrote to Marshall:


I have some evidence that the spacecraft uncloaked by the sun’s shower the other day near mercury was in fact not a human nor human equivilent (space alien) race but an evolutionary level above all human mammalians (and reptilians) and are in essence the creators of our reality entirely which they do to provide opportunties to the humans they orchestrated into being, to become on their crew. These are not the same annunaki who did the gold mining, though perhaps some of the annunaki were in a Next Level Above Human earth based “classroom” geared to help some “overcome” their mammalian ways. My evidence is very circumstantial but nonetheless, worth considering.

I dont’ think those we call Space aliens have a “mother ship”. However, some space aliens are trying to get humans to help them war against the ones who are observing us, and determining when to instigate the recycling of earth and it’s life forms full steam ahead. I h ave evidenced that the ones considered the most hated by all, religious and atheists, named Ti and Do are the admiral and captain equivilents who are on board that or another spacecraft readiing to come in when all have had a chance to decide to whom to give allegience, to mammon or to the Level Above Human.

You can go to youtube channel: 3spm for more info on all this.

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