Sawyer’s comment to Historicist post – Matt. 13.45 -46 The Pearl of Great Price

Below is my response to a blog entry regarding the parable of the Pearl of great price that is included below for reference:

Yes, but the things you considered to be pearls are lot spotlighting a gnat when still holding onto the camel sized issue we deem a pearl. Today, though I know few will agree, our most cherished beliefs are to us our pearls. It’s not that they weren’t pearls for the time period until you were shown the greatest pearl. They were. And this applies to those who cling to their science or to their technological advances or to their political icons or to their religious “faith” or to their spiritual practice, even to humanitarianism or environmentalism. All of these at stages in our overall growth can be our pearls but when the greatest pearl is shown us, it will not be easy to be willing to cash all these in for that one. Most will cling to their pearls to their death. After all for many those pearls brought them respect among their peers and even fame and even fortune and thus forms of happiness. So the big question we must each ask ourselves is, are we ready to give up our personal pearls as it will not be done for us. God will not force us to do so. God will not trick us into giving them up. God will not mesmerize us with great signs and wonders to convince us to give them up. So how will we know when we are being presented with that pearl of greatest price?
There is only one way to know it when we see it. We have to be willing to look for it. If it was given to us as a lightning bolt, would we have to look very hard for it? When Jesus said to watch and keep the oil in our lamps and make ourselves virgins in preparation for his return, was he just causually using those terms? I think not. Each part of each description held clues but unless we are willing to put all our preconceived notions aside we will miss what is before us. We also know that those that put aside those pearls to cash it in for the greatest one will be very few and they won’t be those who appear to be first in line or who say Lord this and Lord that so appear holy to others. And we know that He will come as a “son of man”, in other words born of a woman again, thus he must be seen in such a way that most will either hate or ignore Him thinking it’s impossible that this could be HIM. The priests among the Jews 2000 years ago had that Pearl presented to them and knew it not. If anyone thinks it’s any different now, they are fooling themselves just as much. Thus I suggest each of us petition God to show us clearly that Pearl of great price and give us the strength to be willing to cash in all the pearls we clung to up until now. When Jesus comes yet again, the One called Jesus that is, it will be too late to begin to cash in our pearls then. It will be like the virgins who did not purchase enough oil for their lamps so when the bridegroom came, they were not ready. They had even prepared themselves by reclaiming their virginity/purity, washing their robes but did not keep their eyes wide open to see as they had not bought the oil for their lamps to SEE by.

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