Is this Brazilian a false Christ and Jesus return? If so Why?

Below is a comment from someone named Samuel having to do with a Brazilian who claims to be Jesus. Samuel was responding to Henry’s post on the “spirit of discernment” blog that I frequent. That blog post is at the end of this post but I just included Samuel’s comment, followed by my comments. I suggest everyone that wants to spread Ti and Do information and wants to identify how they fulfilled prophecy to consider what I’ve written, to add to all else. If anything I’ve said sounds off mark or not in exact sync with things written, said by Ti and/or Do and/or their 38 students who I beleive got an A on their schooling, I’d like to know about it, and each can also go to the youtube sites listed where this alleged “christ” has video’s and followers to ask questions of them, etc.

Remember, that there is no reason to talk down to anyone or to get in heated debates with anyone with name calling and such. Those would not be member of the next level ways, but to engage in debate would not be discouraged because in so doing we can learn a great deal and can offer some learning to others. Some of this persons disciples may not have had a chance to examine Ti and Do’s information so this contact could have been instigated by some of them wanting to know the the truth and especially Samuel who has not found allegience to this alleged Jesus.

Ti and Do once said that if they came accross someone that shared with them things they hadn’t considered or known about, they would listen to what they had to say and would stay with that person until they felt they’d gleaned all they could, in other words as long as they brought new information they valued having. Members of the Next Level and that counts for students are not afraid to examine anything.

So what I have done is consider whether this person could have been influneced or sent by the Next Level, even if it’s for the reason of showing those that want the whole truth to see what is being offerred by some and compare to what they get from Ti and Do.

******* Samuel said: *******
on January 2, 2012 at 2:12 am | Reply Samuel
Hi there, Henry!
Thank you for sharing!
So, no one on Earth can be he, you assure me, right? I need to have that certainty, because I’m a Brazilian and here we have that man, INRI Cristo, who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus, he is even very similar to the image of the Shroud of Turin, and he lives really in purity, in a place in Brasilia, where he says that is the New Jerusalem, and so on. The only country in the world where he wasn’t banned for simply stating that he is back as promised and that the end is near was Brazil, even his ID is INRI Cristo (he says that INRI is the new name that he talked about before, the name he received when mocked on the cross) and he has a small group of disciples who live with him. I even had some contact with him through his disciples, he said that he recognizes me as one of his flock and so on. He is a vegetarian too, he says that he was that before, that the scriptures were corrupted and he points out the true intention of the Catholic Church and so on. He has the All-Seeing-Eye on his throne, so perhaps he is masonic and/or illuminati tool/puppet? Don’t know… His disciples say that it represent ‘God’s own’, nothing to do with any other order than his own SOUST (Suprema Ordem Universal da Santíssima Trindade, “Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity”). I just don’t want to be unfair with him since we have many affinities and he seems to be really sincere, if he’s not ‘he’, at least he is not lying either. He actually is convinced that he is the Christ and maintains with absolute certainty that he is the Christ. You got to read the texts and watch the videos on his site. Perhaps he an Antichrist as himself once said? He said once in an interview that for those who mocked on him as Jesus before he can be an Antichrist too, but he assures that he is the same Christ who was crucified 2 thousand years ago and is back as promised now. Please, check his new site out, English version and YouTube channel etc included, and share here your view if possible:
(the older one is:
Sincerely, wishing you a Happy New Year,
*******Sawyer’s response:*******
Hi Samuel – I believe three things you said agree with things Jesus said, mostly in the 4 gospels and the book of revelations. Paul’s writings took over the minds of most of today’s christians, because few could or wanted to understand/follow “keep” the sayings of Jesus, thus that was one of the prime ways the Luciferians were allowed by the Kingdom of God to become a filter of those who had been gifted to really SEE the return of the One called Jesus from those who, even if they were gifted (seeded), did not desire enough for their seed to take/sprout/germinate, grow to produce fruit. I will not take the time to document what I am saying until you ask for such and actually would rather you look them up, which is easy to do this day and age, with computerized bible search programs.
Firstoff, the return of the same Soul from the Kingdom of God who took over the physical body prepared for him to take, then named Jesus comes back again in HUMAN FORM, like he said as a “son of man” which is the equivilent way of saying, born from a human woman as the the term man was not gender based but referred to in most cases as a human being, but of course in this context flesh born of a female human being as his Soul lived long before the foundation of the Earth Garden. This is also evidenced by Peter in Acts who was quoting what Moses said about the Next Coming at that time. Each Kingdom of God member takes a human vehicle(body) conquers it’s(the body’s) human “mammalian nature” by demonstrating their knowing they must actually “give their life(physially and mentally(will) to their Older Member(Heavenly Father)” that amounts to laying down their physical life, on the promise that their Soul will then have the opportunity to be in the Kingdom of Heaven which offers substantial proof to some degree appropriate for the station of growth of the student body closest to harvestability at that time. The proof is in small ways that aren’t in themselves undeniable proof that gives students a chance to build their faith, by believing and learning to trust the physically present representative from the Kingdom of God/Heaven but then is given in large measure, (by turning himself in and turning the other cheek knowing he would be prosecuted for no offense yet still killed to shut him up, which was instigated by the religious whom he threatened, as they thought themselves the authority on God before the people and he constantly faced them with how they were anything but.) After all it was the birth of the Soul that required the physical body to acheive by putting all our trust in the present “Father”, whom Jesus represented to those humans at that time and was carried over to all the genetic seed, to prime that gnome for the Next Coming after Jesus left. He had to be “lifted up” which was actually descibing the ascension, not the cross, though both, but the cross was an ordinary way to kill people then, so was nothign special, but only members from the Kingdom of God can be “taken” seen by those humans then as ascending into a cloud or whirlwind (Elijah), Moses (though we have no evidence he was taken in the same way or not) and Enoch. The Kingdom of God does not need to send many different Souls to do these gardening tasks. The way it actually works is the Older Member aka Father, Lord, Jehovah, etc. is grooming one of their students (thus a son to The Kingdom of God vine/family unit) to become a Seedgiver (Gr. Pater/Eng. Father), which is depicted in Rev. 12.). There is a great deal more to say and show scripture for on this point.
Secondly I agree that this Kingdom of God Soul will have a new name as Jesus said not to believe anyone who comes, paraphrased, “in my name” (his name was Jesus then), “saying I am the Annointed(authorized by God the Father, who is also a real Soul, but a much Older Member of the Kingdom of God though was not visible to anyone 2000 years ago, except potentially on what’s been called the Transfiguration mount. It’s not clear that Jesus agree his three disciples that those two beings were Moses and Elijah, or whether he didn’t mind their thinking of them that way, which there is additional scriptural data to suggest were also the same Soul that later filled the role as Jesus), Christ. And He also said he would have a new name in Revelations. Search on “name” to see related scriptures. And the return was also described as a “song” that only His students who have washed their robes (overcome their physical bodies carnal nature) would know to sing. (Also in Rev. 14 -Search on Song).
Thirdly it does agree with scripture that the Kingdom of God will be given to a new nation(people/genus) so he is in the running since he is not currently in the middle east, as prophecy also said those returning as there were also students returning would be recognized because they will “speak in new tongues”. Now the greek work could have meant new languages but also new terminology, but most likley refer to both. For instance did the disciples of Jesus in Jerusalem after Jesus ascended into the clouds speak babble as some penecostal so called christians do. How is that communication? Do we think the Kingdom of God would play games with us that way. Don’t they want us to understand and communicate that to one another? I thereby suspect strongly that tongues in that context was not a different dialect/language but more generic terms, thus not restricted to previous then seen as “religious” terminology. Thus the return will have yet even more non-religious terminology.
(now if you share this with some of his disciples, there may be some room to counter my interpretation but if they stick it out to examine all I have said here and to which there is also a ton more, they will see how sane these possible translations are, scripturally sane, though most of the world will never see or allow themselves to see to this degree and even still I know I can still see much, much more. But seeing more doesn’t negate what we see now. In fact it’s like that song “old macdonald had a farm…” where one adds an animal sound then another and another. It’s like a piano roll adding notes. We continue to sing all the notes and add on continuoulsy so the song gets’ longer and longer and as it does begins to become a grander and grander piece of music to the ears of our soul bodies). Those that fear change will not permit themselves to examine much of what I am saying but unless one does, and does so with a consideration of it’s being real/true they cannot adopt the full breath of what is contained within all the Kingdom of God gives us.)
Some points I find of little to no significance and moreorless just a distraction from the many weightier issues:
– Jesus didn’t talk up appearances thus the shroud of turin, I’d bet to Jesus would at best be equivilent to a snot rag used to wipe his face. So it has sweat marks on it, so what. Who cares. How does it help us Overcome as Jesus says he did and we who follow after him must do and is outlined what that means, helped by the shroud of turwin.
– Now being rejected alone is to be expected by the most of the population and certainly by heads of state but even still the real deal will have global success getting attention when He blows his horn that announces his return. How they get global attention is because they tell the truth about what’s required and some recognize it as the truth and the Kingdom of God sees to it that the nation they come to is permissive of new ideas being expressed, so the Kingdom of God sees to it that what the returned representative says does get global attention, though most attention in the geographic vicinity of the new area (nation) the Kingdom of God determines to come to, to present their next phase in the gardening experiment.
– It is scriptural that the New Jerusalem is actually a new city on earth, other than the Jerusalem in the Middle east but as a test question how else is the new jerusalem represented to fulfill prophecy?
– Now him saying to you he recognizes you as one of his flock is fishy because Jesus said that the flock would recognize their shepard’s voice. For him to say he recognizes us is to set us up. It’s a manipulation, whether conscious or not and the Kigndom of God never, ever manipulates. They give options and they tell the requriements to be included on their team and they work with all students who want to graft to their family tree but they don’t bait people. Yes it is fishing but the honest bait does not attract the physical body as telling someone they are part of their flock does. Their “bait” so to speak appeals only to the “seed of God given to some of the humans”, though has degrees inheriant in all genetic stock, though for most by now has been subdued to nearly non-existence, though there is always hope up until our physical bodie’s die. Then it’s either believe in the real deal or not and many that think themselves first will be last and some will be fooled altogether.
– Also regarding the name being the name given to him while on the cross. Is there any indication Jesus’ Father gave him that name: INRI? Why would he change names then? To Jesus close apostles/disciples he told them to pray in his name. Thus they were to use Jesus, but that’s because they literally knew him so no one else could be a influencial imposter to them as they literally knew what Jesus vehicle looked like, how he spoke, the kinds of words he used, the inflections in his voice, the facial expressions, what lite him up and what caused him concern, what he laughted at and what he wept over. In other words they really KNEW Him so no one coming to them thereafter saying they were Jesus, (as happened to Paul which was clearly evidenced to be a Luciferian commondeering of Paul’s service). However, 2000 yrs or so later upon return none of those physical bodies are alive and what’s remained is what was passed on by word of mouth, by writing and by behaviour and ways, and since that time of Jesus exit, all the humans who died having witnessed Jesus, though mostly not believign in him and many of which sought to kill or stop his teaching, when they die they have the same interest of turning the eyes of anyone away from Jesus, as do the 1/3 of the fallen angels led by Lucifer who have a program to thwart anyone’s drawing to the Kingdom of God. For those that didn’t know Jesus personally, they could still call on Jesus name, but over time like I said the discarnate dead human spirits would gradually come to anyone calling that name to act or represent themselves as Jesus, thus upon return he needs a new name that can be once again a fresh “address” for new believers to call upon and not be interfered with. What most don’t understand is that the Kingdom of God is a real Family of many members who each at some point overcame a human or equivilent strata/level of life (evolutionarily speaking, but not Darwinian as Darwin was only recognizing certain patterns in flesh development and adaptation). These members perform many tasks with many details and what they do, that largely go undetected by most humans is the result of specific efforts to setup and enact. There really isn’t magic except in the way the Luciferians and human counterparts use the spirit world for their agenda to control all humans to keep them human. It’s not like it was depicted that the devil worshippers are only those that put spells on people and such in the mystical sense as the Luciferians entice us with all the “cares of the (human)world”.
– It’s also not scriptural that Jesus was vegetarian. I would like to see the evidence of this. In fact what Jesus said to his disciples is not to put so much concern for what we shall eat as what goes in the mouth and belly is not important. It’s what comes out that can be filled with lies and deceit, etc. So how can this be the same person because he’s vegetarian. Is that an update? And if so why the complete reversal in standards. The Kingdom of God doesn’t ever reverse their perspective. They build on the previous perspectives and standards. Now it is understood that the first humans of the gnome as cited in genesis were given a vegetarian diet (though not in todays descriptions of vegetarian, which can mean still being a junk food junkie while some include dairy while others don’t and for the most staunch includes mostly “live foods” consumed as close as possible to harvesting. Terminology is very, very important to this test.
– having a symbol on his “throne” is meaningless to scripture as best I can tell but perhaps there are some exceptinos to that as in the Moses camp, so I want specifics if I’m goign to test it against scripture.
– no doubt he is sincere but that doesn’t make him genuine. Many people are sincere but do many things that are very ugly and hateful and manipulating because they believe they have an agenda that justifys what they do. Like they say, you can’t fight “evil” unless you employ a certain amount of “evil” ways but that’s not Kingdom of God ways.
Objectivly speaking, to address whether or not this person you speak of could be in the running to be the return of the Kingdom of God through a new humanly body, one must put it to many tests and He must pass all of them adaquately and in a scriptural way that jives with all the teachings of the Kingdom of God from the start of our records during this current civilization, thus the genesis account.
Now to accomplish this one must seek to understand all the words in scripture and their context in the most likley translation choices (since none of the historic record comes to us in English or Spanish, but in Greek, some Latin(as related to Italian), Aramaic and Hebrew.
Thus here are some questions:
1) I would ask him What living in “purity” actually looks like?
2) Now there is evidence that the return is actually two returns. Can he elaborate on this? I don’t care if he knows scripture. If he was the real deal he wouldn’t need scripture, though would do so for our, his potential student’s sake as Jesus demonstrated as he said many things the scribes, etc. thought was blasphemy because it put a different slant or update to what Moses taught (though by then what Moses taught had been largely corrupted, yet no one should make the mistake of thinking, “oh well,it’s corrupt so we can’t trust any of it”. That’s a excuse not to try. The Kingdom of God worked very hard to insure that enough of the Moses and Jesus record was perfectly in tact which we could clearly glean from. The Luciferian influences teachers of Christianity, who many unwittingly serve tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater as all religionist teachers often do and as even atheists and new age spiritualists do as then they don’t have to face what might challenge their perspective and many times their income and popularity with friends and family and constituents.
3) What is the true intention of the CAtholic Church. I guess I’ll see that on the web sites you listed, but if you know a few I’d be curious?
4) Saying one represents “God’s own” is one thing. Demonstrating it is another. I’d like to know what they mean by the use of the term God. The real Jesus returned should be able to espound on that a great deal, and he must do so speaking “plainly of the Father” no longer in parables as Jesus said we could expect upon his return.
5) Again terminology. I would like to see how he defines the “holy Trinity” – talk is very, very cheap and often manipulating. When it’s info from the Kingdom of God, it’s sweet to the taste buds/mouth but then creates a sourness in the stomach because it requires of us action and action that most will ignore, or hate and or fight against.


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