Nor’s comment to henry on spirit of discernment blog

Hi Nor,

My name is Sawyer. Henry will not post my comments any longer. He is very narrow minded in my opinion and fears expanding his perspective.

You suggested that the scripture:
Luk 17:24 For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.

suggest the next appearance of Christ comes from the East, thus the person you claim is the Christ (maitreya) – annointed one from the Kingdom of God.

And you noted correctly that Henry’s tiny look at this one scripture is not taking into account others. However in this one scripture alone there are several clues among all the dozens of prophecies and the ways and behaviors and motis operandi of any genuine member from the Kingdom of God.

The english word used “as” is also translated as “like”. And Light is also as a lamp shines which can be literal revealing something to see better or to understand better but in this context as being “under heaven” suggests strongly that this “light” is on the Earth as opposed to seen in/among the heaven’s(sky to starscape).

Additionally, it says it will be the “son of man”. Well this was the way Jesus spoke about himself because of how He, “His Divine Soul, (as an Older Member of the Kingdom of God, as opposed to a young member or a student/saint seeking to become a member) was inhabiting or incarnated into, having taken over and prepared for him the human vehicle(body) named Jesus to use for this particular task. This simply meant that He becames born of flesh, born from a human woman’s womb as the term man meant “human” essentially.

Thus he was equating that his return would simulate literal light of a lamp shining all over the planet and in:

Rev 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

“Every eye would see him” which further indicates something visual though could be an internal “seeing” and doesn’t demonstrate that all understand what they are seeing as also those who sought to kill him would also see, so would they too understand that this was the one from the Kingdom of God. Well, perhaps they would.

But like Samuel said, He would be feared. Well the word also translates to be in awe of.

What this comes down to is that the words can be translated BOTH as literal and as figurative, as precise and as general and can also apply in these and other ways at different times as there are indications his return is two fold. There are two harvests in rev. 14.

Thus henry may be right but the question will remain, who will he and others have allegience with when he comes as in all cases he is in a human form/body. He also indicated he would have things to say, new things, a new name, a name that relates to a song and that since the rev. 11 two witnesses are also both considered to be christs and jesus says his father is also coming back to “make our abode with you” which is literally “live with” (as any son of man must to be on earth), whoever satisfyes the return must be two sons of man and one must be in a female vehicle (body) according to rev 12, the woman is clearly the one giving birth to the son and the son is taken up to the throne so this is the relationship of father to son and there is another prime indicator that the father and son return when jesus says he will return sitting on the right hand of power. Well, he spoke of his father as his ultimate power and to sit at someones right hand is to be their instrument as he was/is but we must remember members of the kingdom of god are real and have physical bodies, though their flesh is not the same as human flesh, which Jesus was demonstrating by taking it into the cloud of light after proving he was NOT a spirit, (though he as a soul/spirit did control that human vehicle having overcome it’s human mammalian ways).

Now this is a test to you right now. I have revealed a great deal of new ways of thinking about the reality of the kingdom of God. The facts are that no one even comes close to demonstrating a complete fulfillment of prophecy like those called Ti and Do did while they were here in human vehicles.

If you don’t fear the changes that must be made when we are presented with the truth as we can never continue to cling to the old when we SEE how much more there is, as Ti and Do provided tons more info than anyone else even combined, since Jesus but even more than Jesus because the primary ones HeThey come for are also further along in their understanding so can handle more.

So I suggest if you still are a seeker, that you must examine everything you can find on Ti and Do. If you discount what they said and did over 24 years as not holding the real ultimate truth then that’s your choice. What you decide does not increase my stature one iota so I dont’ have to know what you decide.


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