the December 1 2011 uncloaked object near mercury

I was asked whether I had any more information about the uncloaked object near mercury to which I replied:

Well, I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure of what it’s not. It’s not space aliens, the human equivilent, to include reptilians and it’s not earth humans so that leaves the creators; one of Ti and Do’s crew of spacecraft. The Motis Operandi is so like Them in the records. But if you follow my blog, and/or my youtube channel: 3spm, you would have come accross the dream I posted a couple months ago where I was at the shore and actually thought of it as the Jersey shore boardwalk and out on a long curved pier (don’t know if there is such a thing) I saw Them. I can’t say if Ti was there or Do in particular but it was evident that all the 38+ students seemed to be there as I saw a group and my impression was they were dressed in white and had physical bodies that were child size with legs. I wondered if they were coming this way. I was shocked by seeing them and freightened, not because they were going to do anything I feared but simply out of the awe of who they were. But I knew (in the dream) that it was the discarnates that hang around me (as they hang around all humans) that were really the ones who were freightened, but since I have allowed some of those discarnates to time share with my brain/body (computer), their fear translates through my brain and thus I feel that emotion in my body. And actually, the discarnates fear is both awe and fear as the discarnates (as space aliens too) know their time is short before the recycling. I’m not saying this is any more conscious than when they were living in a body. I’ve had a lot of experience with such discarnates, running them off and giving in to them to degrees.

So in the dream then I began to move closer to the pier entrance to see if they were coming this way, towards where I was and saw that they were and I was shocked again by seeing that and moved farther away. I could see on this boardwalk that there were shops along it and I thought, I wonder if they will come and have ice cream. In other words I was adjusting to their coming and thinking of it as a real presense, not a spiritual (unseen) or undercover (incarnate as human) presense. A few days after the dream I remembered just days before the dream I had asked Do if they were coming back again. I suspected it for a long time, actually ever since a much earlier dream where Jwnody was telling me some things and I was left with a strong sense that they were leaving, but additionally that they would be returning. That made me think they’d been in their earth based invisible to humans spacecraft and thereabouts since leaving the physical bodies they had until March of 1997.

I’d also been looking at things Jesus said in the 4 gospels and revelations historic records that to me indicated what was called the Second Coming by christians was multifaceted which was especially proven by their being two depictions of harvests of the fruit in rev. 14, both of which included the loss of the physical vehicles of those souls who were counted worthy to be harvested for the Next Level’s future classrooms, after the current human civilization was plowed under to have a fresh start which would include sort of vacuuming up the spirit world of all the discarnates that had decided to either ignore or go against Ti and Do, proving they had no viable seed of that quality of MInd in their physical bodies and spirit bodies when they died, and this was the termed “second death”.

Now pertaining to mercury having given some of the background. That same weekend there was a lead story on yahoo news that there would be a red moon that would be visible only over the western US. We’ll there is a moon that looks like blood in prophecy and I ‘m not saying that there can only be one blood red moon, as I know there have been others and may be more to come, but the Next Level may use each one as a type of john the baptist alert that some other form of prophecy fulfillment will follow.

The next level can use the same prophecies over and over. They are set up to be multifunctional as the Next Level are all wizards when it comes to growing souls on gardens, while stilling keeping everything very free will based for the creatures they orchestrate the beginnings of that includes their form of genetic engineering while the Luciferians fallen angle space aliens from earth and previous garden planets create facsimili genetic engineering (but that never compare to the technology the Next Level has). Human and space alien genetic engineering and breeding programs always have very dark ramifications. They may solve certain problems for a time but they always have many more destructive aspects.
Then when I heard the report of the cloaked craft and someone described the object that became visible as like the starship enterprise, having two apparant cylandir looking parts, I thought, wouldn’t that be like the Next Level to send that thought to pick up on when the object was uncloaked. In other words, uncloaking wasn’t just something visible. It also provided insights to what was being uncloaked and it opened up my head to think of the sun as not only a distributor of light and energy radio waves but as a percision computer system that could very specifically direct specific frequencies to any body around it to be reflected to earth or directed to earth directly, that would actually provide a capasity for the life forms on earth to perceive more of the Next Level’s reality, while also stimulating additional changes to the earth environment, to include causing human objects sent into earth orbit to not hold their orbit as well or to have certain electrical problems to include more and stronger earthquakes and weather related phenomena.

Plus the uncloaking shows humans that they can be all around and not be seen by their instruments unless they want to be seen. And actually there are things happenign every day that are literally causing scientsts to scratch their heads in disbelief and dismay, while few are reported in the mass media and if they are they put some so called expert on the air to give some explanation that most just believe, which I could go into some examples that obviously turn human understanding of how things can work on their ear. It doesn’t mean humans don’t understand a bunch but they don’t know that there are many many, many more bunches to understand, that they would think of as an excption or anomoly or some sort of saving face kind of terminology. There is a great deal more to consider that your question stimulated. I was beginning to wonder if there was nothing left to talk about/consider, prepare for, but as it turns out consistant with all the years I spent with Ti and Do, if no one is asking them questions and absorbing what they were already given, then nothing new will come and to be honest I am one that has a pipeline with some operation to deliver, hopefully with some accuracy what They want to see provided to those who have a thirst for more than they can get from all the others.

However, I don’t think it was an accident that they uncloaked near mercury. Remember, Ti was an astrologer, though not for forcasting one’s future. She did natal charts, while operating the vehicle named Bonnie Nettles, but only did one for someone when they asked her three times to do it, but she didn’t tell them they needed to ask three times. In 1980 she and Do brought in a bunch of astrology books for us, the students to use, but told us we could not use them to do natal charts – the personal blueprint of the heaven’s when each of us is born. Ti and Do also said then that it was a game and over the years would have us case event and horary charts as one more indicator of certain things they were considering putting into motion. They didn’t base what they did on astrology at all. The simply used it as one more tool to see if taking some action with the group felt right to them. They had a number of other indicators to include prophecy. The reason Christians by in large have been told that astrologly is from the devil is set them up to disbelieve in anyone that would come promoting astrology, but those that were the primary seed receivers among our human species knew subconsciously that there wasn’t anything evil or satanic in astrology, so didn’t pay any mind to those christains it insisted otherwise. Meanwhile luciferians then stimulated the bastardization of astrology as they do with all things so that it becamse yet another type of “belief system”(religion) that they then could make a profitible in ego and finances from the use of – taught in schools, with licencing and all that human way of decaying it’s real value, that helps us recognize that what we think of as simply planets and stars, comets and such are actually intricately placed useful bodies/craft/devices to the overall garden experiment of growing souls to evolve mentally and physically beyond human.

So mercury in astrology is a planet that has as it’s character primary that of “communication”. In other words it’s said to influence humans in communicative ways. Those born under a strong mercurian influence which has to do with many things in the solar system and on earth past and present, physically and mentally, as all things are frequency driven inheriantly. Thus perhaps the mechanics of sending humans some new ideas would be to transmit their light from their once cloaked spacecraft, at the prompting and energization of that sun flare that would in turn reflect off the physical body called mercury to send Earth a huge frequency blast that is like a remote computer system sending a packet of information, or a thread or streaming of data that each of us has the potential to draw in, but is going to go unnoticed by all those who haven’t prepared their brains to receive more, which is accomplished by having the thrist to examine every iota of info that’s out there in the internet (whiich in reality is talking place in the heaven’s, as the humans packets are beamed up to satelittes and shot back down, the facsimil of what the Next Level does with planets that is called astrology.

I left a loose end in that last first sentence that all those born under a mercurian influence will depending on other things have degrees of communicative success in life, be well spoken for instance, though can also be the opposite. In either case it needs to be overcome. So those who have success because of their well spoken ability that they perhaps nurtured into a career that brought them fame and even fortune, should they feel drawn to overcome their humanness when the Older Members came to blow the horn, announce their arrival as Ti and Do did globally on at least two huge occaions. And those that were challenged in their communication would be faced more with overcoming their fear or inability to communicate to the satisfaction of those humans who place a great deal of stock on any one particular form of communication. This is just an example but it applies to all the planetary influences and there are combonations galore to it all. But to make application to Ti and Do’s team whether they are still here physical or not, which they are not now, requires the same thing of us, the first step being “believing they were who they said they were” and seeking to know their minds and to be in their service which at this time entails telling others about them in an escalating way. By learning everything we can about them, we are strengthening the soul pocket they gave all those who were still thristy for what they had to offer and were not afraid of losing the securty of what they think they have now in intelligence or spirituality or prestige or power or fame or fortune or influence on every level, humanitarian to manipulations and abuse and causing harm to fellow humans.

Ti and Do told us regarding astrology that, that planetary structure of influence upon humans no longer applied to those who becamse their students, as long as they sought to remain students. It didn’t mean students didn’t have to deal with the same influences, discarnates that ride many of those frequencies sent to humans. But where there is a certain type of destiny for each of us…for instance, we will all die and have certain ailments and physical and mental challenges and successes in life, families and passions and likes and dislikes, etc. once one decides to start on the path that by following will eventually remove them from the human kingdom which can only be accomplished by seeking the will of our Older Members in the most current and real manifestation (Do and Ti), then whenever they have a problem of any kind, if they ask ti and do to help them, they will receive help so they will not be as subject to what others will not know how to supplant because the Next Level will want to provide as much lesson material and potential grafting to their family unit as we can accomplish while in our current vehicle. When the Next Level feels their student body on earth now have sufficient lessons under their belt so that they will have a heathy grasp of next level ways and when all have had adaquate opportunity to begin that graft or not, then there will no longer any delay to the refurbishing of the planet’s surface, while saving whatever part of the genetic structures they may want to save, to use to seed the next civilzation with and recycling the luciferians so the old luciferians are sent to their transmutation into another less individualistic energy form while the new crop of luciferaian types become saved to be brought back for the next civilzation’s fertilizer that provide the backdrop of free will to become whatever we want to become, though the Next Level keeps it a fair playing field but that can seem confusing to us, because we often judge only by what we can see, the flesh vehicles, while they are not what the Next Level is ultimately growing. The vehicles are certainly part of the equasion of growth of the soul but is designed to be a footstool and to be dropped, allowed to die or even given up by choice even by our own hand IF and WHEN the present incarnate Older Member that we know we recognize allows us to, which again , we can think is not well thought out and examined but in reality it’s thorougly thought out and examined, though by those who we can’t see who are monitoring the entire experiment as one of their tasks for the Next Level. None of us at this time will be faced with laying down our life, but we do need to know that eventually we must give all which includes our physical life to prove to the next level we have faith in them and specifically the Older Member sent to teach us while undercover (incarnate to appear to be another human).

At this time to be willing to believe in Ti and Do and to tell others about them and understand the formula of overcoming and what will be required is a HUGE step to take and one that may be the reason some of us are apprehended and even killed in belief and support of. We can trust that if/when that happens it will a short lived sufferring and our soul will be quite aware of the reality of the Next Level thereafter so will actually be a blessing. We can even get used to a certain amount of the way this world is filled with lies and deceit and manipulations and enslavements on all sorts of levels humans ignore and see, obvious and not, but in this next year or so, however long the next level allows for all the souls to decide who they want to give their ultimate allegiene to, as Jesus said the Family of Supreme Above Human beings (God) or Mammon(human levels of treasure be it money or intelligence or ego or fame fortune or humanitarianism or religious/spiritual piety, etc.).
We can count on there being many more signs and deliveries of Ti and Do’s reality that humans will not know how to deal with along side increased environmental/geographic changes on all fronts. Not one human is being treated unfairly. Everyone gets what they believe/trust/have faith in. If it’s faith in a religious practice they get what that practice offers. None of us have the capacity to judge whether another’s soul will be saved by the next level or not. There may be different levels of criteria, different buckets that souls and even spirits can be gathered or sorted into. If a human has no potential to ever be given a soul or to take that soul into the development of fruit then they will be recycled. It doesn’t matter if the human is a child or an adult. A child can made some very basic choices even at a very early age and the next level can know whether that spirit/soul has the capascity to grow into more or not. It has nothing to do with whether the person is disabled, autistic, diseased, has acted in criminal ways. It depends upon what they have become by the time of their exit from their physical body which can be as fast as the thief on the cross, that gets that soul/spirit saved for a future opportunity.


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