Who could be most attracted to Ti and Do’s (Father and Jesus, Lord and Moses) teachings

Here is my response to someone who was concerned that they alienated another fellow believer in Ti and Do:

Those that are attracted to Ti and Do’s information will come from all walks of life but by in large will be made up of those that rejected and were rejected by all things mainstream and probably in one way or another did not fit in and got into trouble with the law, etc. They could even be murderers, soldiers, pornographers, addicts, robbers, rapists – the list goes on…

I don’t say this without evidence. Jesus evidenced this and so did Do when Do has us communicating with some that were in the highest security prisons in the United States which I witnessed. We communicated by mail with some in folsom prison and levenworth, for examples. I may be wrong about Folsom but levenworth I recall for sure and there were a few others.

I never heard Do say anything to the effect of: Find out what they did to find them selves in prison before relating to them. Some did tell us they were there on drug charges and some never said that I recall but I wasn’t a primary responder or checker of all the letters we sent in cooresponding with people following the USA Today ad and the couple dozen ads we put in alternative newpapers worldwide. I was a checker on some though. We had partnerships assigned to relate with certain ones and then checker partnerships assigned to oversee those partnerships and then lvvody and jnnody, but also jwnody and chkody were primary as overseers of the entire project and all reported to Do.

So I suggest forgettign about vetting or being suspicious of what anyone else believes or doesn’t believe, what they do or don’t do. That’s not up to us. We don’t have the overview, which is why Jesus said not to judge or measure other’s and he said many things about where the new believers would be found – those who need a physician, those who ARE sinners, have and perhaps continue to miss the mark of the goals set by the Lord & Moses and then the Father and Jesus and to date Ti and Do.

Now as Jesus said and Ti and Do taught, if you have a problem with a “brother” bring it to their attention, but we really dont’ have that type of community as that phase has passed for the time being. We can’t very well consider one another who believe in degrees in Ti and Do brothers/sisters in that faith because none of us have given our lives to Ti and Do and in a sense can’t, except to a degree, because they have to be incarnate for that to legitimately occur.

There may still be a future gathering of believers in Ti and Do, like the essenes were and like the believers in Jesus after he left formed, in which case there would be more grounds for a classroom type situation, as we wait for Ti and Do to yet return. I don’t know if Ti and Do will preseve some of the genetic crop and if so who that will be. It may not work well for a start up crop of new souls to become incarnate/assigned a human vehicle that in it’s genes has the memory of the circumstance surrounding Ti and Do’s classroom. They may want genetic stock that better matches the souls that are coming up to their first trimester towards their soul birth, like in the Moses camp and it would perhaps be an unfair advantage to provide those souls with vehicles that have that genetic memory, however subconscious.
Ti and Do always said, the next level provides vehicles that have to be a close “match” for the souls coming back to try to take over and bring through whatever trimester of theri overall birth they are engaged.

But for now, we are pretty much on our own, which is a strong lesson in and of itself to learn. This is then the kind of experience an Older Member moreorless has when they take over a human vehicle (incarnate), before the Ti and Do stage. They are alone and they learn that their Heavenly Father/Older Member is their sole relationship, though they can have relationships with fellow humans because it is how they interact with humans that is our main lesson plan, as we go about sharing with some about what Ti and Do brought.
I dont’ think it’s Ti and Do’s intention for us now to isolate ourselves because how then can we disseminate the info besides through the internetm which I believe is fine but should not be limited to if we wish to expand our service.

Nor does it seem to work that well to like a bull in a china shop go to everyone we encounter and moreorless shout how they must recognize Ti and Do to be saved. Lucifer has seen to it that for most, that would turn them off immedieatly. Better, I believe to take one soul at a time while asking to be led to who in a town might be interested and then see if any seekers cross our path and then if they are thirsty enough to pull it out of you, though it’s a learning experience to decide how much to say, when and how.

So there will be times when one is lonely for human interaction and times when one feels their Older Member closer. When Do missed Ti, especially at night when in his bunk he said he would wrap his arms around his own body as if to hug himself, thinking of it as his Older
Member. He gave that to us to do when we felt that lonliness.

So if it helps perhaps you can think of yourself as being in the first stages of preparation to do a Jesus type task, if that becomes something you want to work towards as there are many departments for service in/with Next Level crews.

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