All the problems we see now will escalate dramactically – call on Ti and Do for help dealing

Yes, there will be more and more self proclaimed leaders, more who say they are Christ and Maitreya and the Two Witnesses and a prophet and Space Brother, illuminated ones so to speak.

Ti and Do said that when they came not only all levels of life were getting a lift opportunity, but that the presence of the Next Level’s energy/mind/information about their reality right “at hand” stimulates the negative to also express itself more blatently. It didn’t happen nearly as much while the “classroom” was in affect becasue the Next Level didn’t want interference with bringing those students thru their “birth canal” (first harvest). We can see that there are dramatic increases in uprisings and dramatic increases in x-military committing suicide and taking others out with them, as well as people with bombs and all sorts of killing agendas. And that is against the backdrop that is part of the same “pressure cooker” syndrome of gov’t not being able to or wanting to act on behalf of the people, which causes the people to rise up toward revolt in all the ways they can and are led. So we are looking at anarchy in the near future. I know this is being anticipated and I dont’ doubt that it’s being prepared for, thus more security forces on the street, more civiliians acting as snoops and scabs and informants and “eyes”, which has it’s value understandibly, but also has it’s dark ramification of putting people under scrutiny because of a misplaced fearfulness, like automatically because they are a different ethnicity, or race/color, sexual orietation, belief system, class, intelligence, etc. As this escalates the jails will become overcrowded and this along with the increase in street actions – mass demonstrations by all factions that will turn bloody more often, because of police/military riot control that will be shown as a few bad apples in the police force so the politicians can seem to be above the fray for a time. And so there will be a need to take larger numbers of people out of society, thus the “FEMA” camps. These are already underway, some being populated by those who are arrested not having citizenship or a proper document to be in the US being taken to camps and having their kids seperated while they are sent south of the border. Sure some will be trouble makers,yet some will not, but it will not matter who is or is not as gov’t doesn’t have much discernment and the officers are their product.

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