More comment exchange on Think Atheist about Ti Do Jesus and Evolution

Heather said:
The biggest difference between instincts and scientific determinations is that scientific determinations are written down and then scrutinized whereas instincts are most often kept private until after the fact so they can avoid scrutiny.
As per your ‘examples’, why not just provide a link so we can discuss one of them? The only thing I’ve made up my mind about is demanding verifiable evidence before I’ll entertain extraordinary claims. Your cult leaders were like many others who killed themselves and convinced others to do so with them – nothing unique in that at all.
I’ll tell you what – please send me a link to your Youtube channel so I can paste your end of world prediction next year so that everyone can see you are just another doomsdayer looking for attention.
You can stop blathering on about the evidence that you don’t have. I asked you to provide it in my first message to you and all you’ve done is spew the rhetorical gymnastics of any typical devotee trying to avoid admitting that you have nothing.
Sawyer said:
And regarding Do and students laying down their lives, your saying many have done that, unless I am misreading you, I suppose you are referring to anyone who commits suicide and/or the Jim Jones and Solar Temple ppeople, but to compare these and think they are the same because there was some degree of otherworldliness consideration to their retorick and they died and seemingly by their own hands shows you know little to nothing about these situations. Do you know that there is evidence that many or most were actually forced by gunpoint to drink the poisoned kool aid in the jim jones case and there were children in both their camps and the solar temple people in Quebec and France and some were forced there as well. It wasn’t presumed forcing. There were ones who survived both who testified how they were cohersed and forced and there are tapes of jim jones yelling at his followers to do it while his body guards with rifles were standing there with guns aimed on the people and some hunted down those who tried to escape into the woods. And in the Jim jones case there were zero indications he had anything to say that remotely coincided with what Jesus said, which can be said of most christians as well. Now with Do and the 38 + 3 students, it was very, very well documented by video tapes of those students that wanted to express themselves. Though there were many x-members and some who didn’t believe none had anything to say against Ti and Do. No abuse, no cohersion at all. We were always free to leave.Do Do offerred us $1000 to leave at one point since it becamse a very, very comfortable life style. I have testimony to all of it. So if you are really a reasonable minded person wouldn’t you want to ask some questions before you jump on the condemnation bandwagon?
Oh, there is lots more but here’s an important distinction: Ti and Do would not allow children or minors to join them. They said that this kind of decision to join and this was before they knew that they would exit their task by their own hand, because it was from the beginning exactly as 2000 years ago in that it was a detachment from our human roots and behaviors to evolutionarily make application to an Evolutionary Level Above Human, where there are physical beings who have physical bodies that they can grow on a vine the way humans grow tomatoes, but that live on a type of photosynthesis whereby their “mind” is grown to actually have more power by a type of metamorphosis in the human vehicle becoming the chrysalis, to build the strength of the mind to a degree that could provide the power supply to one of these non-mammalian vehicles. They are not space aliens as some think though. There is lots more on this and they were talking like this in the early 1970’s before star trek though they didn’t know all they knew all at once. They gradually pulled the new information into their human brains so to only be a step ahead of their student body because otherwise the human brain can have some adverse responses when reality comes into question. In the past this metamorphic process was called “conquering our carnal nature” as we see repeated in many cultures because this is always what they, the gardeners require to graduate into their environment and Family. But children can’t make such a decision. Now there is a ton more to say on all this but perhaps you have no interest so until you care to converse on this or something else, I will consider that I attempted to offer my experience to some of you here on think atheist. But on a closing note. The Level Above Human doesn’t need new members. They don’t need nor want anything from humans. They can grow humans on many planets in the Universe. Nor do they want robots. However they do have something to offer and they know it’s very, very special but that few will seek it out, though they would be glad if it was many. It looks to us that those who laid down their lives were naive and/or nuts or needy but looks are deceiving. But because They don’t need us, it’s up to us to prove to them we can be trusted, so we have to be willing to give our total self to them eventually. That’s not the standard now. As after the one called Jesus, belief alone in Ti and Do gets your soul pocket/container “put on ice” (not literally) to be brought back for the next opportunity. Thus there is no one on earth to believe in, no one to cow tow to, no one to impress, no one to trust, no books to by as all the info Ti and Do left behind is free, no organization to subscribe to, no need to visit my sites or to tell me you believe or don’t and until we each die we can choose to petition Ti and Do in secret (in our closet so to speak) to ask their help and to know their will for us, who want to become their students. So if you really want PROOF, give it a shot. Ask Ti and Do to show you some proof they are real and are who They said they were – the promised return of FAther and Son, the woman being the one called the Father and the Son being the same Soul who played the the role of Jesus. And they never ranted and raved or raised their voice or treated any of us poorly. There is a reason they made world headlines for months on two occasions. They were clearly above and beyond human in every way, but you can’t know that unless you take a good look to see.

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