Occupy movement and pale/green horse in Revelations chapter 6 Prophecy

Some comments about Occupy movement and the green/pale green horse in Revelations chapter 6 Prophecy

Yes there have been occupy demonstrations in Vermont and some from Vermont have gone to NYC too and sure I agree it’s doing about all they can do, short of illegal things, to have some voice and sense of like minded community in a world that is becoming so inundated with games and illusions and profiteering on top of anyone who stands in the way in some way, even just being around. I continue to wonder about that rev 6 prohecy concerning the 4 horseman and the 4th horse, said to be Pale but the greek really meaning Green or possibly yellow(pale) green, indicating a new upstart. So many things are thought of as green. Money, “TEA” as in Tea party, the pale being the new shoot of the plant part as they are on the political areana. Then there is the Green Party first popularized in Germany where I’d say is one big seat of some Luciferian styled (active rebels to Next Level) – space aliens, with the way they embody the New Agers – the forward thinkers surrounding preservation of the environment, even to the point of legislation to prohibat certain behaviors that in some ways I believe is certainly a good thing, but like so much, has been turned into a political band wagon to profit from and divert attention away from the Next Level (as always is done) to give the appearance, because they largely dont’ know any better, that humans created the global warming and thus can fix it. I’m sure that even though humans may be adding to it, when the Next Level wants to recycle, they don’t wait for the humans to develop the use of fuels that will escalate it. They simply turn up the heat from the sun which may be as seemingly simple to us, not knowing the details, as sending some sort of programmed projectile into the sun or they do it with frequencies or something.

And I watch the names (like Palin) and ethnicity (green irish, like mccain) and religion like catholic = “green”. And the facts are that all these things all have degrees of truth to them, in terms of who is most leading the most humans to date around the world. But perhaps the biggest aspect of green, besides the money mongers (because of how money buys agenda in gov’t without concensus – they can pay people to do the work, rather than motivate them idealistically), is the way the US military, marines are largely in uniforms that are green and brown, the camoflauge – in other words how we can probably expect to see, though we already have, military patrolling the streets in major US cities because of unrest and crime in the streets. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see very harsh treatment first of those of arab decent, but virtually any dissident as was the case in the mccarthy era in the US to some degree that was significant. I wonder if that was held back from growing worse then, to allow the classroom to exist as the classroom when giving meetings would have certainly seemed fringe and dissident even though we were never political or especially social.
The bottom line in all that green talk is that it doesn’t matter if it fulfills prophecy in some blatent way. The White horse was in my opinion clearly Do as the rider, and the red clearly the republican coop de tat in 2000 that began in earnest with reagan and illegally came to office by supreme courty decree in the Bush doctrine and the 9/11 “shaking” and “wounded” but recovered “beast”of Rev., and Obama clearly in place re: financial matters as prohesized. I doubt many will be convinced to look at Ti and Do based on what I am saying is fulfillment of those prophecies but then I could be wrong about that so I press on to examine it and project my opinions of what it may mean, which figures most seem to represent the figures in those prophecies.

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