sawyer’s Comments on Think Atheist bible reading group about Ti Do, anti-Jesus Christians

Heather added a comment to your profile on Think Atheist
So you just spammed all members of Atheist bible readers with your abduction claim -> without having the courtesy to spell out, in the least, what you were saying. So, point blank, I ask that you lay out your evidence or accept now that I view your experience as something for which you need medication.
At 2:58am on January 8, 2012, Sawyer Childs said:
What is your criteria for “evidence”? Before there was “science” as the doctine of a sub-culture, humans knew most of the laws of physics pertaining to what was unseen as in gravity, what goes up comes down, the power in wind, airflight in the birds, requirements for healthy life on all evolutionary strata fuel in sunlight, water, elements, that unseen stuff, air & environmental security all of which were somehow just here and in precise proportions. Genetically those same humans who in their ancestry thought about such things came to not be surprised when tangible evidence (from experimentation (the results of with thought to be absolutes)) showed up the naysayers who always stuck to their guns (the absolutes of times past) against what others somehow had this sense of knowing. At this time, we see scientists world wide puzzelled though most will deny while religionists, spiritualists, paranormalists, pagans and the list goes on, well the same story really. Most everyone is quick to say what’s not real or not true if they even pay mind to anything that’s going on around them.
Who among us does not need medication of some sort, be it some substance or love or sense of being special and needed.
Your are right. If spamming is contacting a group with an agenda, I am guilty though my agenda is abnormal. It’s not monetary, not narsacistic though I am aware I can at times be overly pleased with myself, what I count as a weekness because of how it promotes delusion. I am fishing but I’ve succeeded by throwing out the bait. I was caught myself at one time but was thrown back as too young, but I was looking to be caught, though I was very particular of which bait I was willing to comit to consuming as I would expect you must be or you’ve already made up your mind to not touch much if at all.
I’m not normally so cryptic and I know I’m not witty but the evidence is from two people who went crazy together, a Female and a Male, who have since passed, yet remain, who stand out among everyone else, hated with a passion or avoided like the plague, lied about, cried about, laughed about, con-spiri-tized and for a tiny few, considered and a tiny few more believed and their message was out of this world and clearly beyond the human evolutional kingdom.
The names they last used and are active labels to use now should anyone get an inkling to experiment are Ti and Do, yes like the song notes!
Heather added a comment to your profile on Think Atheist:
Our instincts about how things work are almost always wrong and science has been able to prove this time and time again; so, before science, people really didn’t have a clue how things worked. Our instincts about gravity are wrong, as our our instincts about how birds fly, etc.
Evidence is something that can be measured independently by different people. Regardless of who does the measurements, if they follow the same procedures they will arrive at the same results.
I am fully aware who the leaders of your cult were, and how they killed themselves. I’m also aware that they were able to convince others to join them. Now they are dead, and you can claim as you like but there is no evidence to the contrary.
Sawyer Childs responded:
I only brought up the observations of flying, etc. to demonstrate the evidence of what is possible we have been provided by no effort of our own. Instincts certainly can be flawed and so can various scientifically determinations. For instance how do scientists account for seeing objects in space in orbit about one another when the orbiting objects are much, much larger t han the object seemingly being orbited around? And how do scientists explain witnessing an object that appears tiny seeming to go into the sun and coming out the other side without being drawn into considering that the sun is holding the entire solar system in orbit from a vast distance and if such object is considered to be a comet as one report suggested, and these are from a JPL/Nasa site, and they say a comet is made of rock and ice, how is it that it could survive the suns heat? Then there is recent evidence on two fronts that light isnt’ the fastest something can move. And gravity is of late in question s to whether it’s a force pushing down on us or a force field from within or both. My intuition is that it’s both. I am an atheist when it comes to Religius depictions of what is Above HUman as it’s at this time in particular full of holes, yet the holes I see I’ll wager would not be ones others see. YOu seem to have made up your mind about a bunch of things and that’s really fine with me. As I’ve said, I have no personal interest in proving anything to anyone but I guarantee if anyone does take the time to look at Ti and Do they will know one thing for sure. They were unlike anyone else and they were clearly operating outside the human norm so of course would be considered crazy. And as for their students. I was one for 19 years and yet though from the start I knew I’d be giving my life, even literally, I was seen by Ti, (the woman) as needing more lessons and so circumstances came about that I decided to leave, a long story I have posted on my youtube channel name: 3spm , in case anyone cares to examine that. I am quite used to being ridiculed yet it still does pain me some but if anyone had been in my shoes since I was 13 or so and first began to have experiences with the “unseen” world, rebelling from the catholic church, blah, blah, blah to receiving visits in dreams from Ti, then Do, then some fellow students who were all physically deceased where they have told me stuff and some fo it predictions that seem to have come true and the years of getting to know these two amazing people first hand and seeing how they knew stuff way before science yet were not scientitsts (though that’s not what drew me to them), well all I can say is that it’s mindblowing.
Christians are among my greatest oppoents though I can easily shoot down virtually every one of their limited viewpoints. It’s not that it’s all wrong, waht they think, it’s that there is a great deal MORE and I say that to atheists who I respect for discarding religion, while see so many also reject common sense with it. Adn those that are new age spiritualists are in many ways most primed to be seekers of what more t here is, yet most fear looking and especially when they have found a comfort zone. I know for a fact that humans have only barely scratched the surface of all that will be revealed in the next months, however many there are before the planet’s surface is recyled to allow for a new planting. It really is just that objective, yet I don’t say this with the fearfullness many expect. I have no death wish. I have a teenage daugher and friends and family that have degrees of perspective while most don’t seem to have much of a clue but even if they do, dont”t express it to me as I am considered crazy for the most part yet at the same time it’s clear to them I’m not. But please don’t respond further unless you want to see my responses. Unlike most, I KNOW there is a ton to learn and should someone, anyone tell me something that peaks my interest, I’m going to look it over and as long as it peaks my interst I will look it over.
But so far, though I stay pretty aware of all the fringe groups nothing even comes close to all the things Ti and Do gave us to think about and I can prove by years and years of first hand examples of Them as leaders, knowing most all of the 38 +3 that laid down theri lives that they knew exactly what they were doing and had to convince Do over years of consideration that they knew the ramifications. I can prove this and have offered lots of it on my youtube channel and blog at: and it’s not hokus pokus proof, like supernatural stuff. For one tiny instance: In 1976 having just formed spontaneously into a group called by the US national press that all cover the story for months, the UFO Two, who had attracted some 96 serious followers over a year on the road, then sent 19 of these out of the group because they felt they weren’t ready. I’ve got tons of examples.

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