Q & A with quotes from Ti Do’s book The Transfiguration Diet published in 1986 about the Three “I’s”

Question to Sawyer:
Hi, its been a while.

Ollody mentions a book his vehicle read when he was younger.
That would be a “memory”
My question to you is, in overcoming human wouldn’t memories of your vehicle tie you down to human, and separate you from your heavenly father?

Do speaks about using (either) “I” or “me” in one of the beyond human videos if i am not mistaken.
How it causes separation from your heavenly father correct?
How does that cause separation but identifying with a memory doesn’t? What is the difference between remembering something your vehicle did in the past,
and remembering something “i” or “me” did in the past?
thanks for your time.

Sawyer’s response:
Ollody was with his Heavenly Father (Do) and had spent the last 22 years overcoming his vehicle’s human attachments and what he was recalling wasn’t going to stimulate a breaking of the bond he’d formed with his Older Member. Now theoretically, if he began to think about his vehicles family connections and the emotional roots they all hold, even pro or con, then he would be opening the door that if continued by continuously entertaining such thinking about the past, then it could lead to separation from his relationship with Do.
The entire “process” of overcoming our humanness has degrees. It’s like having an addiction, mentally, physically, emotionally to another person, creature, place or thing as in substances and behaviors – sexuality, etc. to break that pattern the best way to do it is cold turkey of body and then in our minds.
Breaking away, which begins when the Older member blows their trumpet to announce their presence and reinstates the requirements to be in their overcoming process/program comes upon those selected vehicles rather suddenly and with extra help from the Older Member’s physical presence and the returning Soul who had participated from an unseen position to choose the particular human vehicle that would best match the provision of the experience they needed in particular to complete their metamorphic “overcoming/conquering of humanness” program.
As we went in the classroom, some of the strict disciplines were relaxed. We had more flexibility with our diet. We were sent to movies that sometimes had some sexuality and nudity. We were sent to be with our vehicles families over two weekends in 1985 and 1987. These things are still tests of our resolve and mental/physical self control and some did slip in their self discipline because of these opportunities, but it’s in the process of taking one step forward and one back and then two forward and hopefully only one back, that we are actually working what Ti called a “muscle” the muscle of our mental will, which is what Ti and Do said we actually were. We were the choice mechanism that decided what to let into our personal solar system and what to keep out.
I know of at least one classmate who was there from 1975 to 1989 who after the 2nd visit to families decided he wanted to leave and he was given a plane ticket to do so. I don’t know if he was given cash, but I was given a plane ticket and $600 in cash and I had a place to stay where I went, with some who were asked to leave the classroom because they didn’t want to try to learn a big aspect of the lesson plan.
Now regarding use of I or me. As with everything given to us by the Level Above Human representatives we can find it hard to know when to apply certain standards and can be awkward in doing so until we learn the lesson behind it. I spoke to Do many times as “I” feel this or think that. It was important to know when it was the vehicle talking and when it was that switch that was building it’s own identity that would be a graft to the vine of the Older Member’s tree of life.
But as in the Beyond Human series, Do spoke as “we” when he was sitting on Ti’s right hand, which incidentally was where Do positioned his chair next to Ti in most meetings they gave. I don’t know if he was consciously fulfilling prophecy, which was possible, but I can’t recall he ever said anything about doing so for the sake of prophecy, though even if he had done that to align with Prophecy, they do that for our sakes as they know, because of our susceptibility to the voices of influences(discarnates) and our assigned adversary(Satan) that was allowed to be our adversary to help us build that mind muscle it can help us to see the historic record of what They said/did last time coming to pass, as only they understand what would have been meant by such prophecy…”you will see the son of man coming sitting on the right side of power…”.
No humans I am aware of suggest that the Two Witnesses would be the Father and son(Jesus) return or for that matter the so called “second coming”. That’s for several reasons, one of which is that the Luciferians wouldn’t want people to be thinking in that way, as when they then came, he would have a harder time shooting them down. Secondly the Luciferians don’t want anyone to think of the Father as another real person. Thirdly they don’t want either of them thought of as physical beings and forth they don’t want people to take much of what they say whether in dreams to John or in the writings by those who spent significant time with the rep as literal. They’d much rather have us think that the Kingdom of God is a mystery, an esoteric spiritual state of mind and to the things that they have no idea about how they could be literal because of their skewed ideas of who Jesus really was and what his modus operandi was they assign figurative or metaphors to those aspects that otherwise confuse/confound them. The result is that people in general either think the entire Jesus story is a myth or so distorted one can’t trust any of it or that he came to bring peace (yes, peace of mind in knowing you’ve found the ultimate path off the top of the mountain and peace in terms of the way we treat one another and a disdain for humans killing humans, but in terms of what new students would encounter when they adhere to Their instructions/requirements to be their disciple, would be causing huge disruption in every family group that couldn’t buy that this was who they said they were, who their loved ones were giving their lives to, as in a feared cult) and that belief alone is the overcoming and ticket to the harvest rewards, or that just belonging to this or that organization and going through certain rituals demonstrates to God one’s resolve. (though all of these organizations to include secular humanist and atheist and all religions all have their own validity as a pathway though can only at best help an human arrive at the top of the mountain – still a human being while only the Above Human beings can provide the only way off the top of the mountain, and that mountain includes all the human equivalent space aliens who some at best have physical vehicles that can live a lot longer than earth humans yet are still temporary and still need all that humans need and often remain unsatisfied, though become programmed to coast due to those who do achieve significant degrees of comfort and self worth – looking to Mammon(human treasures, financial, possessions, social intellectual, artistic, spiritual standing).
But the beauty of this design, that permits and even provides those souls who by their own will want to create these illusions that in many ways they actually don’t think are illusions because of how they allowed such to overtake their minds in classrooms past, is that those who have living seed still in them, just have to keep that seed alive by not discounting, even when they have many unanswered questions. (that’s yet another illusion that if they were the Father and Jesus returned then how come they didn’t know certain things or everything for that matter). Ti and Do always had unanswered questions and all along there were things that puzzled them about what they were observing. They always said that they knew the things pertinent to their task to bring the classroom to their graduation while knowing there were additional tasks other members of the Next Level were doing, that time and time again they would see signs of in society and world events.
However, the point in not referring to self as I this or that is in the recognition that we don’t often know which “I” is speaking alongside the recognition of what came from our Older Member. In the case of Do, he only wanted to share what he received from Ti, (though he and Ti worked as equal parts of a partnership on this task, though Do recognized that she was the older, wiser, more experienced part of the partnership, so would regularly seek clarifications and understanding and a check from Ti, while there were tasks that Ti knew Do was more adept in, namely in communicating to the student body, as Do was closer to the station of growth of that student body, having taken a vehicle that could identify more with that student body, having experienced in that vehicles lifetime all of the salient points that could/would challenge a student to overcome to better assist them from a position of current practical experience in his getting out of those same human behaviors and conditions and do so using the vernacular the student body would identify with. This is the reason the Older Members need to incarnate rather than just show up on the white house lawn or appear to Paul as a blinding light to tell him what to do.
But in respect to the use of “I”, etc., like I said, we don’t often know which “I” is speaking which is something Do addressed in a book Do and students published (that began, so did involve Ti in it’s construction) in 1986, entitled, “The Transfiguration Diet”. This book was published by a company set up as “littlegreen inc’s think tank” that marked the classroom’s experimentation with food as fuel, overcoming aspects of our dietary likes and dislikes while providing the vehicle with an optimal health program, as They did not not for now long we would need to use these vehicles and wanted them to be the best tools they could be for us. After the book was published and a brief period of trying to sell the books, which I used to do on my lunch breaks around Dallas, Texas, when I had what we called an “out of craft task”, a job working for those outside the classroom whom we referred to as humans, (but not meant in any disrespect, though recognizing that we were in a program that was designed to evolve us out of the human kingdom and into the Evolutionary Level Above Human). Within a year of writing this book which largely came about through the study of Dr. Christopher’s musousless diet system that was largely the result of the work of early nutritional pioneer, Arnold Ehret, the group sold the book to Dr. Christopher’s son who made it available to book dealers but I have no idea whether it can be found any longer.
I must bring to everyone’s attention that this was written largely in 1985-6. Should anyone research the concepts contained within, having to do with the genetic structure and it’s computer like operation one will see that Ti and Do were miles ahead of their time. I’m not saying there was no one publishing things about genes and computers and/or equating them to silicone computer systems (though Personal computers had only been on the market for less than a decade by then – (we had an Apple II E in 1983 or so). But I’d wager that it would have been very few and far between in the science community to find anyone associating the mind as something tangible that became stored in “pockets” within the structure of the genes as Ti and Do relayed in this chapter. For those that are looking for tangible proof of who Ti and Do were, this could be one such proof that they were at the very least some very exceptional and gifted visionaries that combined with all else they said and did must cause any inquiring soul a great deal to seriously consider before writing off as not being who they said they were.
Also I want to mention that Ti and Do were always seeking more and more clarifications of most everything they understood. It’s like when reading the historic record attributed to representatives from the Level Above Human (Kingdom of God) and seeing something that feels like a revelation of understanding to us. It can seem like we now understand that verse and is exciting. Yet, because of the great overview of members of the Next Level, whenever their reps incarnate deliver their mind to the humans who become their disciples, we can so very often revisit many of the same scriptures and if we have grown in someways which always includes having some time to digest and even apply some of what we realize (become aware of), we then have opened ourselves up to receive even a greater understanding. Ti and Do said they were fed information in a need to know way. In other words, they didn’t have consciousness of that much ahead of their student body. In this way, they could honestly say, this is what we understand now but we know that it could change down the road. However, by change I can’t say I ever witnessed that the change reversed what they initially received. It’s that they simply received a clearer and more plain understanding than what they once had. Many times Ti and Do said they would ask their Older Members who were outside their view, (though Do suggested that Ti’s mind was serving as Ti’s own Older Member because she (the soul who took that female vehicle to do this task) was a much greater mind (holy spirit) than what the incarnate portion needed to do this task, so when they set up the task, part of Ti’s greater mind was made available to draw on. Do said that his mind had not grown to that capacity yet, though I believe Revelations chapter 12 indicates that by his preforming this task to completion (bringing the student body to graduation after Ti left the human physical body she took over for her task to as she said, “get Do going”) He, Do would also be promoted to a Father (caught up to his throne).

Before Ti left she instructed the student body to make their commitments to Do. The fact that they were witnesses to one another is another huge proof that differs from most all who have claimed to be Christs returned. The Luciferians can get one human to think they are the reincarnation of Jesus but they have a real hard time to get two to make such claim and to agree on who was the Older member. Humans to include space alien human equivalents to include reptilian space or under the earth beings being of a self centered mammalian mindset are hard pressed to manufacture a facsimile of these Two. And this is the reason there was such a fight against keeping the book of John and the Book of Revelations in the New Testament. John’s writings offered the most comprehensive view of the reality of the Next Level and it’s members as real beings and the forecast of what to expect in Their future return that it would have been a whole lot easier to snooker the human population without those materials. But Ti and Do said that the Next Level worked very hard to made sure that record remained and became available when they needed it to be available, to serve as an aid/guide to the new incarnations of Father and Son and their returning “saints” student graduation body.
By the way, the 38 + 3 were not the only ones to graduate. They were the ones who more or less got an A grade. Those who remain at this time can also graduate to their next best grade in school. In fact Ti and Do said that upon their arrival and the delivery of this “light” on Earth, enabled all life forms an opportunity to move up a notch in their evolution. Therefore the sooner we can open up to this and “believe” – the first step and then be willing to serve by sharing the same data with others the more we will each move up, so that when the garden is replanted and the souls that formed their allegiance with Ti and Do before our current vehicles die, will have those souls “saved”, what Do called but not literally, “put on ice” for the next planting and the start of our trek towards a graduation.
So here is a chapter:
“The Three I’s — Who’s Talking?
For the sake of understanding, it works best to picture or imagine that within each of us there are three I’s, or three voices that use the word “I.” For example, when we say, “I like so and so,” if it’s an intuitive like, or a like that’s been with us most of our life instead of a disciplined like, it’s the ancestral genetic heritage that is speaking (or the genes carrying that ancestral programming).
If it’s a learned like that is not intuitive, it’s probably the result of environmental influences or direct experiences we have had during this life that made a strong impression upon us. (The Genes also house the environmental influences or experiences learned during this life.)
If we say, “I like such and such,” and we like it only because we recognize the value of it, or feel it is more right even though we would intuitively tend to like the opposite, or if it is a disciplined like, then this is the mind talking and reflects a lesson learned in our genetic past. (Certain parts of our genetic structure also have pockets for housing the mind, what others refer to as spirit or soul.)
These three voices (mind-heritage-environment) all express themselves through the brain, so how do we learn to identify which voice is speaking? First, let’s talk about our genetic heritage. A good analogy that works for us is to think of genes as tiny information chips, similar to those in a computer. They contain all the information passed on through our blood line (or ancestral heritage) regarding physical appearance and constitution; likes and dislikes; attitudes, responses, and ways of thinking; how we express ourselves; desires and opinions; weaknesses and strong points; literally everything about us. Subconsciously, these genes will respond automatically, transmitting those thoughts into our consciousness, and we interpret them simply as “our opinion” voicing itself.
We don’t have to waste a lot of energy figuring out which source the voice is coming from. That investigation doesn’t serve us, except in the understanding that the wise voice or mind, which as learned lessons, will be the source of responses that will choose to restrain us from destructive paths. Anything less than a response of restraint, because of a lesson learned, is the vehicle(body) talking–the voice of the genetic programming from the blood strain and/or environment.
It helps us to substitute the word “vehicle” for “body” in our vocabulary, because of the way most of us today are programmed to respond to these two words. In many cases, “body” is connected with lower (animal parallel) responses–manifesting in self-consciousness, modesty, and sensuality; whereas, “vehicle” is a more objective term not having those same associations.
The mind and vehicle are completely separate, the mind having existed before we ever came into this life. Again, the mind has no relationship to the genetic characteristics of the vehicle (neither to the genes programmed from the inherited blood line nor to those programmed by the environment during this life). Remember, we’re not talking about the brain when using the word “mind.” The brain is that part of the vehicle which acts as a receiver and transmitter of the genetic signals.
Out teams vernacular uses the word “mind” in the same context as religious terminology does in reference to the the spirit or soul. The clarification of this usage is in no way intended to propose or endorse any particular religion, though the terminology could seem to suggest such. We’re merely trying to clarify the understanding of this three-voice concept (mind-heritage-environment). Whether this terminology is suitable in the eyes of some is really of no concern to us. The fact is that using it to implement the concept of genetic reprogramming has proven unquestionably to work to a tee. The technique is so successful and yields such remarkable consistency in results that our team is currently involved in exploring this topic in depth.
The “I,” in reference to the mind, speaks always with the most respectable and learned evaluation. For the sake of clarification, whenever we use the words, I, we, or you, in this book, it is generally the mind we are referring to, that part of us which wants to improve. It is therefore “our” task (our mind’s task) to talk to our vehicles, directly them in all their actions, and continually work to improve and refine the vehicle’s genetic characteristics.
We’re sure that most of you have employed this reprogramming technique anytime you exercised restraint or discipline for whatever motivational purpose. For example, if you avoided eating sweets because you wanted to lose weight, then you were unconsciously using this technique. In other words, if a voice inside you says, “I really want a piece of candy,” and you exercise discipline by coming back with “No, I’m not going to eat any.” then this is an example of your mind talking back to your vehicle. Only the voice of the vehicle (the genetic programming) would state such a strong liking for a food you know is harmful, while the mind is the voice that tries to get you back on track.”


3 Responses to “Q & A with quotes from Ti Do’s book The Transfiguration Diet published in 1986 about the Three “I’s””

  1. Jpgilyard Says:


    i had heard about this book, and was wondering if it was good to read. i may have mentioned this to you in our talks, but my personal big thing is not so much sensuality, but caffeine and sugar, etc.
    as of right now (within the past hour) i have had to make a call to Doctor Pepper MD to stop my (this bodys) withdrawals, not much, just 12 oz to stop the shakes. do you think this book could help someone in my condition? -Jon

    • sawyer Says:

      Yes, Jon but it’s a big change. For whatever it’s worth, food habit/addictions as substances are all forms of “sensuality”. I started to have a eyelid closing involuntarily. I was in the habit of staying up very late and eating snacks and drinking caffinated coffee and teas to stay awake and then getting up early and  going back to sleep if I could and the pattern was doing a number on my chemistry/nerves. So I went cold turkey on caffine and got one of those barely based drinks and had a whale of a headache for the first couple days and needed a lot of naps to be able to work on the computer for very long. After a month I started to add a little coffee back into my diet but about 20% of what I had been doing and tried not to eat to stay awake at night and though the eyelid still gives me some problem it’s dramatically decreased.

      The Transfiguration diet is a cleansing diet. Coffee or caffine is NOT in the diet. It’s mostly raw or low cooked fruits and veggies, veggie juices, and supplements with lots of extra virgin olive oil for fat intake, meatless and dairyless and sugar only in the form of maple syrup. But yes, you can find the book on Amazon or used book dealers on line and it’s not very expensive and is worth examining and incorporating gradually or entirely. 

    • sawyer Says:

      Of course we need to eat so it’s not a sensuality that’s to be totally overcome while in a human vehicle but that’s a big part of why Ti and Do had us re-think food into “fuel” and cooking as “experiments” and then addressed likes and dislikes, overconsuming, underconsuming that took us into many dietary experiments that started before Ti left with a liquid diet. The book would serve as an excellent overview of what to shoot for and is especially useful to optimum health. I consume many of the recipes we had then and have raised my daughter on some of them and she now has a natural affinity towards healthy foods, though I also allow her to consume flesh foods and sugars and Mcdonalds even as I don’t think small amounts of more toxic foods are harmful as long as one keeps their immune system healthy so they get rid of most of the toxins instead of allowing them to store in fat cells. Ti and Do always said of the diets that switching into different routines was healthy and when we had meats it was always in very small quantities and only 2 – 3 times a week. Like we’d have bacon with eggs once a week and a hamburger once a week and that would be about it for meat that week and then the next week we might have chicken in place of the hamburger.

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