Ti and Do’s uniqueness – The only Kingdom of God REAL Jesus Cult of cults

I’ve been having a continuous discussion with someone named Sameul who initially was telling me about INRI which I have posteed about. Here is our most recent exchange that perhaps some might benefit from:
Here is Sameul’s email:

Check this site out, Sawyer (about the evidences that Jesus story was based on the Caesar cult):


This is the channel by that ‘Jesus Christ Man 666’ who claims that in less than 151 days from now he and his owns will be isolated in their building protected against radiation and with cosmetics etc, and the world will be devastated by nuclear explosion, and they’ll be transformed into bodies of lights (he says only Paul, apart from Jesus, of course, was right, taught the true Grace and the right way) and he’s gonna rule the world as the global governor and they’ll be like angels, having ‘atomic radioactive bodies’ etc (seems to be masonic trap as he discourses on altars whose floors are masonic checkered floors):


They’ll probably drop it on the Vatican, his videos and talks at least evidences that. He is that one who has the 666 tattooed and all his followers have too. Her in Brazil lots of old ladies and families are tattooing it and following him, for me he is just a masonic tool and they’ll probably try to make the holocaust this year of 2012 indeed while hidden in their bunkers, see that all those bastards have their bunkers, even Gates and those guys have theirs at the North Pole etc (low temperature would be helpful after the heat and later they’d be already habituated to the ‘nuclear winter’, just my deduction).

Thy say that they answer any question with his wisdom in less than 3 days, I send them my questions and points last week and they couldn’t answer until now, cos they don’t know anything in truth, the Beast, if the spiritual exists etc, of course, is the ‘Pope’, his name is 666, VICARIVS FILLI DEI equals 666 and means ‘in the place of the Son of God’, that’s the Beast, and in the ‘Pope’ only all the prophecies of the Beast are fulfilled – and that’s why I still give a chance to spirituality, there are evidences -, so when that guy teaches that he was Jesus and is the 666 it seems to be all bullshit.



Seems to be really wicked stuff.
*** end of Sameul’s email ***

Here is Sawyer’s response: (I know there will be alot of repeat for some who follow this blog but I believe there are things that felt new to me so hopefully I was pulling on Do’s mind to come up with):

I guess it really all boils down to making a choice of who seems most genuine and believable. I’ve made mine, though I do like hearing all the variations that are out and about, in a sense that is, because they all seem so contrived to me. All seem to take their few scriptures or wild interpretations that are not based on the facts (in the cases where people are using the historic records (scripture and related, not limited exclusively to the Bible, but the Bible does have the greatest consistant grasp). For instance many say the Woman in rev 12 is the church(body of believers) and a woman is referenced in another rev scripture that is actually explained as the church by the messenger delivering this info to john, which is what we often see in the jesus record and including revelations that the deliverer does explain some of the symbology, like jesus explains some some of the parables/stories/proverbs, like the seed spreader for instance. But in the rev 12 it’s clearly not the church because the church can’t give birth to the male child that gets caught up to the throne, thus becomes a king. Prophecy is provided for a function, not for entertainment or to build mystery. It is mysterious only because or until we see to what it is most likely referring. Among the entire bible, there was only one time in 19 years that Do (not Ti, though Ti was present when Do did this, which is typical of the way, they would not talk about themselves, (with the one exceptin of declaring who they felt they were in prophecy – the two witnesses, which they never went verse by verse to descipher, though they did expect to be literally killed and resurrected), held a meeting to where he went through verse by verse Rev 12 telling us that he felt this, woman was Ti but I don’t actually recall what he said in the verse by verse and I don’t know if that meeting was recorded, as we did generally record most meetings. They did refer to Jesus a bunch but not at all as in any church group and not with all that bowin and scrapin love love love balony. In fact once Ti burst out laughin when the shroud of turin was on the news, making a big stink over it and Ti said, “why are they making such a big stink over the snot rag Jesus used”. They never acted holy or righteous and moreorless except for their last task in human earth bodies had no symbology. They took everythng Jesus said literally when it was clear it was literal, which christians can’t stand, an indicator of who the christaisn really serve. This is one huge proof that it wasn’t a made up story as if it had been then the groups that formed around it would be consistant with sticking to the story, yet they don’t stick to the story hardly at all, except for the biggest generalities like “for god so loved the world….whoever believes in him…has everlasting life, though it said “may” have everlasting life and the word translated as belief really connotates trust as welll and in many other passages doing,keeping Jesus sayings, all of them, which as we know few even consider and those that do twist it, to making it into a “path” and heirarchy while incorporating many things jesus said nothing about that we have in record, like the monks/nuns who Ti and Do called muns and nunks – they often had these funny expressions that poked fun on all the false piety.
There would be no reason to twist a story inside and out if it’s just a story and why is it also that the root story is repeated in different cultures, even most. I know that movie zeitgeist really thought they had a win idea to point out the way different cultures had the same story…virgin birth, star, astrologers, etc., yet did they even consider that the Kingdom of God doesn’t reinvent the wheel every time they setup and maintain/develop the garden’s soul crop. Look at the other mythlogical stories. They are not filled with contraversy even among would be believers. Why all the contraversy…well because the Next Level allows the luciferians to do what they do to shroud the truth in half truths inuendo’s and outright lies and deceitfulness, as then it will force those who have living seed in their genetic structure because they in that structure (as humans are like leaves on a branch) They die and that spirit is released, but each leaf isn’t dependant on living only if that spirit incarnates – each leaf is actually a spirit maker as it’s all stored, even all our memories in the genetic code, so when the next level sends it’s reps the recognition of those reps surfaces to the degree of it’s experience, so those who’s ancesters were actualy in a face to face relatinship with Jesus, most clearly recognize his return when they hear his voice, (what they say, as they would also anticipate someone coming who worked with the father in the same way), and had all the other characteristics to include big time, their ways of thinking/acting that represented the qualifications they would need to measure up to, to reap the rewards though are given many, many opportunities to do so as long as they keep asking for help and trying to implement that help. And these would be a small number.
Isn’t it interesting that from the first meeting in Los angeles, the city of god’s angels, a root meaning of Jerusalem (though there are several), some 12 to 15 participants left all behind to follow them, (even though they weren’t anticipating having followers because the rev. 11 picture indicated they would prophesize, though other scriptures did indicate there were children (rev 6, the rider of the white horse has a liter of new borns in his hand – he was working to help them each conquer to be born, as indicated in many places was needed to be in the first harvest). Then they proceeded to san francisco bay area where the 60’s explosion of conscious hit crescendo, then up to waldport oregon, the forest/wilderness port, (all by the sea, as prophesized) where I joined and 26 others who needed no decisoin making process – just knew this was what I wanted, though I had been (as the others) a seeker of all truthes for that last 7 years or more and was far from naively swept off my feet I had been a hippie acid eating, hitchiking all over north america, wilderness woodsman, musician, shacked up with a jewish girl from a turkish family,since I was 16 or so. (not that that’s a big deal, but it’s simply not what we were portrayed to be. Then they headed to colorado and picked up aother 24 from 6 simultansouls meetings and on to chicago where the news of the waldport dissappreaences was supposedly solved when they figured out who the these mystereriou Two named bo and peep were, 2 middle aged ordinay folk, a nurse of premature babies and an astrologer (rev 12) and opera singer (the song relatinship of rev 14) who had served jail time for a misunderstanding for car theft when an early believer gave them a credit card to use that her husband reported stolen…So the media on national TV, the commons as in rev 11, shot down their authenticity in their minds, appearing to kill (greed apokteino = kill in ANY Way, hault, stop) which it did as Ti and Do were in las vegas which they called Lost Wages, and felt stopped because they thought they would have no credabilty due to their criminal record while they realized but it took them 3 days to pick themselves up and proceed with their task (rev 11) (the translators put alot of their own words in that chapter in particular which is researchable, and was based on translating apokteino as “kill”.
But what I’m leading to here is that by chicago there were 70 who had stayed on thought that, in fact most of those who hooked up and what number is in the original jesus group – 70. Coincidence, well the so called coincidences go on and on and on and on and on.
This national announcement caused Ti adn Do to split the 70 into 6 groups of about 12 each (Ti and Do’s group had only 6 students, from the LA meeting), which is in propecy that the flock was scattered but the story remained in the new with it’s UFO TWO title in I’d bet every newspaper in the US. So it was BIG news and the news continued for nearly a year with major stories in time, newsweek, psychology today, ny times did a full page picture of bo and peep in a huge magazine section that ti and do felt was the most objective report done. Brad Steiger famous sci fi writer engaged with bo and peep to write a book and it was entitled, “UFO missionarires extraordinare” but Peep and Bo, who later took names Ti and Do respectively (with the core students) didn’t like the way the book was done. And there as a movie made about them called The Mysterious Two, in which John Forsyth played Do and he was a very well known and respected actor but the movie was a dismal portral, that by the way had a flute player in it and as far as I know I was the only one who brought a flute with me when I joined, thinking I could sell it on the road, which I did and bought a $100 car that lasted a couple weeks.
Then after some groups split up and lost contact with bo and peep (me and my assigned partner, assigned by bo and peep, ended up criss crossing the US many tijmes by thumb mostly goign town to town and finding a free library room to hold a meeting, getting posters donated, getting preachers to help us with food and in some cases lodging), which brought us to Texas, and in particular to Corpus Christi where Ti was from, though I didn’t know that, but also to Houston where Do spent his adult years working in theater with friends like dan rather and others who became hollywood stars, as he was a profession opera singer and was a choir director/music director, pianist, etc. and where I went to this party because my partner named dandy then, knew people in houston so we visited with them and went to one of their christmas parties where a woman told he she knew marshall applewhite and said, he had “wandering hands”, like that was in indicator that he was not who he said he was, as that was before Ti awakened him to as Ti said, “get you going”, Ti leavigjn first which Do was always puzzeled about, wondering if she meant she would return to her husband and family (children) they’d left behind, but when Ti left her vehicle before the entire task had completed he then knew what she knew but didn’t express/know the details about. (They knew lots of things but didn’t have detailed explanations of what they meant, until it was time to understand them for students sake. They couldn’t be too far ahead of the students as the overcomign process is a very intricatly guilded one, student by student, that I could write 1000 pages about that would further demonstrate how very different and unique these two were above and beyond anythng normally considered human and beyond all the teachers before them with the excepton of Jesus who was just as unique and beyond human in his teachings.
This beyond human is yet another big characteristic of the jesus story that could not be made up because humans don’t know what could really be beyond human yet jesus was very clearly looking at all thngs physical as needing to be overcome to qualify to go wtih him into outer space with a new flesh like body – the reason the father healed that body enough to hang out for 40 days so that the 300 by then according to paul had a real proof they could not deny to then take that body into a cloud of light(spacecraft).
They said they came from outer space, the literal heavens, thus out of the clouds by crashing some of their spacecraft (that domestics like luciferians, who wanted to go thoruugh a final exam by overcoming their remaining humanness) and included sacrificign their physical bodies KNOWING they woudl not be dead in order to do an undercover task (theif in the night(spirit world) take over (incarnate) of prepared human bodies, which can be found in the scriture that “stars would fall from the sky” – there were sightings of the spacecrafts that crashed in roswell before the crash and when you add up the body count of all the bodies in all the crashes worldwide, which one may have been in Brazil actually, the number is just over 100 and the first one was one body found in TEXAS of all places.
This is more evidence that the US was the location for the new jerusalem and I have a lot of circumstantial proves of that.
but it was in corpus christi where I saw a UFO. that with a bright light the size of the brightest star one could imagine (not the sun though) made a Z shape in 3 seconds that had straight right angles to the Z, not diagnol as this one appears and made these at lightening speed, changing directions twice and it wasn’t a tiny Z. It was huge in height and length. I was not really a follower of UFO’s when I joined. I don’t know why this was shown to me but I could feel that there were people inside it.
So while travelign apart from any group for months I screamed to the heaven’s to the Next Level who we were taught to pray to at that time asking where they were and a couple days later I wandered into a library in oklahoma city where Ti and Do were giving a meeting and it may have been the meeting that Ti announced “the harvest is closed”, and all the groups that had been organized and were in concert with Ti and Do finished up what meetings they had planned and we were all told to meet at a wyoming national forest (where close encounters staged the alien arrival that came out maybe a year after we were initially there, though we went down to texas for that first winter as Ti announced this in april which is very, very close, in days/weeks at the most to 3 1/2 yrs of prophecy as in rev. 11 and niether ti nor do held another public meettign thereafter. Students had meetings in 1993/4 but Do didn’t speak at any of them.
In wyoming there were about 96 members to my recollection but there might have been a few that were not in wyoming then as Do said “about 100” were there if I recall. That number of 100 was somewhere in prophecy but I forget at the moment but my entire point is that it’s a small group that are in the first harvest as that number began to be whittled down by ti and do. That first winter when we lelft wyoming ti and do seperated out 19 of the studetns and told the 79 or so (as a few others left by then) that they made the first cult, unheard of in cult circles another of the many unique behaviors that did not end there. Do offerred students who had been with him from the beginning and this was in 1988 or 9 $1000 if they wanted to leave the group. One ended up taking him up on it but I don’t know that the money was the factor as there were many challenges and people left and sometiems were able to rejoin over the years until there were about 24 students when we began to once again provide a public offerring, though not in person until 1/1/94, probably the 24 elders as there were probably 12 women who were just as close to jesus as the 11 or so men were, out of the 70, though women then in society couldn’t get away with an external support of such a man as jesus was.
What this all boils down to, is that all your pursuits and your ability to see through all the charlatans shows that you are an avid seeker of truth, but you will have to lay that all aside and decide if Ti and Do are worth taking a leap of faith towards, which you are when you study everything they said and did as most depicted in the heavensgate.com site and the beyond human videos xfchecker97 has just made available again and the exit videos’ they made so there would be little opportunitey to questin that these were voluntarily destroying their “temples” like the butterfly leaving the cocoon that the catepillar provided, a Ti and Do depiction that made popular the term metamorhosis, as the luciferians grab onto everything the Next level reps do and get humans to make them popular to lose their originality. You will see everyone and their brother using the phrease, “Next Level” – as take it to the next level, which was coined by Ti in 1975. Plus Ti and Do were the first ones to desribe the next level as a scientifically advanced group from outer space (but not space aliens as we think of them now) and were the first to be clear that they had physical bodies of a kind while on their spacecrafts and labs in their crew minded environments. And Ti and Do were the first to describe the overcoming process as one of evolving into a new evolutionary kingdom as compared with human, animal, plant and mineral – all degrees of life forms even as building blocks for more evolved life forms.
Then there are all the firsts that occurred in the US that got their legs while Ti and Do were getting together (1972-3-5) which are when many of the false prophets arose as well. I don’t mean to sound nationalistic which ti and do certainly were not, but I would be very surprise to hear that brazil even comes close in all these regards. Now I’m not saying they aren’t at this time having extraordinary growth there but INRI from what I’ve seen doesn’t stand out as anythng at all special or unique in what he says or does. This stuff about coming in the clouds being flying around on an airplane. The pope does that so does that mean he’s fulfilling that prophecy.
I have tried to give you all I can of what amounts to concrete evidences and I have missed dozens and even hundreds of things that I encountered that make a reality of the overcomoign process not just something to sing about along with all the hypocrisies of all these false prophets who come looking like sheep but are wolves, sly and deceitful to entrap souls (not that they are conscious in doing so, because they, as they gain popularity, that some get from havign ufo/alien abduction/contactee stories that have lots of accurate depictions of certain ways the governments and religoius groups act so attract many and the luciferian fallen space alien angels who stimulate these abductions/contacts/channels then assist those that gain some popularity so they can infect many more with their lies and deceit.
But those like you know you can’t subscribe to any of these cause you see through them, though have examined so many and in such detail that it leaves you subject to another form of corruption, that of becoming a seeker that sabatoges “finding” that most precious pearl that one has to cash in all that they have to have. (jesus parable). Is anyone else teachign to cash it all in, even theri physical life. Jesus did and so did Ti and Do yet Ti and Do could explain in a plain way, why this is necessary as Ti will not let anyone to join her crew. She doesn’t need anyone (she is not a she in the next level). She is doing us new potential crew members a favour to open up positions on her crew so she wants only those that she can count on to do the job HER way or the highway because her way is her Older Members way that she knows from countless experience is tried and true but is still open to improvement that she may be the instrument of surfacing on behalf of her older member as she does her tasks and reports back the results.
Now Do is actually creating his crew now so that’s really the most immediate crew to which you can still apply though it’s a sub crew off of Ti his Older Members crew. Their tasks have so much detail and have so many challenges for crew members and so much participartory joy in the performing, it can hardly be imagined but the only ways in which we get a feel for such, which is very short lives and inconsistant and pertinent to near valueless endeavours on the human level, are the way humans work together and have that feeling of beign a part of something they know is much biggerr than themselves to the degree that they don’t mind being simply a spoke in that wheel.
The wheel genuinely needs every spoke to do the best service it can fulfill. To an outsider each spoke looks the same and doesn’t seem to be needed but if you take one out, the stresses on the rest of the wheel increases the potential for that wheel to fail in it’s maximum function.
There really is no individuality in the human kingdom as we in these vehicles are really just time shared computer systems. when we sweep out all the discarantes seeking to share time in our brain and with our activities then we are like little children. Humans,none of them are trustworthy entirely. The Next Level members are thus to become such a member we need to show the one we recognize to be the current rep from the Next level that we are trustworthy.
For those that did not have the opportunity to be with Ti and Do face to face, they have lost nothing in havign that same opportunity. They can begin their interface now and can grow it as fast as they wish and they can technically pass up even their older Member (that is if the older Member didn’t continue to grow as fast as they can which is a basic characteristic of every member of the Next Level so is mostly a technical or theorectical chance). But for a more practical example, in case it appear that I who had a physcial relationshuip with both Ti and Do, as I am not a member of the next level yet and may not be giving my all, so though I can talk from memory about all this and understand a great deal about it and have some self discipline in my life and do seek to do tasks for my older member and do ask help to escalate my service (as we can ask them to help us have the strength to even ask them for help more), there is no reason that you would’t be quicly passing me (using me as an example, though I (we) are not in competition. We measure ourselves agaisnt our Older Member of which if you decide to start talking to and looking to will have the same Older Member so we are thereby crew members though as you’d proceed in offerring of service, at this time we are all in dissemination of ti and do info mode, not that anyone can’t do all the overcoming they can/want but as new believers/disciples of Do seek to know how he would say this or what he would do in this circumstance, it would be natural to see if someone (and there are others like Carlan (crlody) that are activeily serving the Next Level who had experience with Do and then there are fellow new believers that have asked many questions of myself and/or carlan, so have certain potential answers, thus you would naturally want to pick the brain of other’s experiences in this regard but certainly don’t have to. We don’t ever need to be in touch hereafter as you could begin to talk to Do and start to feel when He is responding. Remember he doesn’t wow us with a vision like paul got. He doesnj’t come to us as a booming voice in the head, like a channeler and he doesn’t land his spacecraft to abduct us to make us a contactee. Nonetheless, He definitly responds but it’s mostly in a way, your vehicle will continue to be uncertain or tempted to make more of it than it was.
There are a few rules they taught us in the classrom pertaining to taking irreversible actions: If in doubt don’t. They will never tell you what to do until you are brought back to a physical classroom so have a face to face relationship and you let them know in certain terms that you want them to tell you what to do and how to do it and how to have the strenght to do it continuously, while they will still not take advantage of you in this way and will still require you to regularily restate your desire in both word and deed. They don’t make assumptions. What you see/hear is what you get with them. They dont’ beat around the bush. And we don’t set up our own test circumstances. We ask them to put us to the test if we want to move faster to which they will provide us with what they know we can handle if we ask them for help as we go.
This will never, ever be popular and there will always be a great deal of persecution for believign in them and talking about them. There is no formula that states to be in their servcie you must stand on the corner and talk about ti and do to the public. You may do that but you may not. I have and I do so while I play music but the main way we serve is by asking to be led to circumstances in a town where there might be a potential new believer and then if something occrus to you to try, (that’s not obviously dangerous or compromising of all the previous laws given from the Next Level), take a step, even a baby step in that direction and you might find you meet someone who you feel to give a little gold nuget to and see if they want more. They may be taken aback by you and they may get angry but the task isn’t to convert another. The task is to share the information which can often meant entering into debate as in a sense I have been doing here and I’ve done with many.
I have nothing I do that is stock. I have written the same things many, many, even hundreds of times to differnet people and it could seem like a waste of time. But I don’t think it is. I am trying to give you what my Older Member might me give you specifiedally right now. Sure I’ll be covering the same info and topics but it will be taylored to you in intention. I have little doubt that there is an Older next level student in soul form around you at this time and has probably been around you for a long time, even yiears who was guiding you to look at this and that while not committing to anything until you found what they knew to be the ultimate direction. But you are not them. You are like me, the decider. I have a soul doing the same thing with me, but I don’t try to converse with that soul as that would be opening the door to the advasary soul that is also around me and you, to pose as the next level. They can even come to us in dreams. I had a number of dreams where Do came to me to answer specific questions and it felt like Do to me because my vehicle and brain of course knew Do and have a degree of bond with him or else I could not be doing what I am trying to do. Then one day I had a dream and it seemed like Do (seemed?) but the message was unclear. Do would not come to me with an unclear message. That doesn’t mean when we do have a contact with Do and/or someone assigned to interface with us that we will automatically understand everything they relay. It’s just not by my experience and in observation of the way Ti andDo talked about and demonstrated their ways of “checking” and double checking the source of the info, that’s it’s without a certain amount of “chewing” on what they give us and enacting in our lives something related to what they give us, often seeing after the fact what they were leading us to. We are trying to establish a foolproof remote communication, but it takes lots of effort and time and experiences working with it to have that and we still never assume we have it, (while in a human kingdom). In a next level enviroment this will be the ordinary way to communicate, by thoughts and there won’t be any missunderstnandngs or thoughts received. It will be that clear. But in the testing ground we need to grow into that. I have expereinced some of that and perhaps you have as well. I’m not using myself in any of these examples to have you look to me in any way but only to share what I feel I’ve been given. I do make mistakes but I’ve notices over years of doing this that I get stopped in my tracks, while typing even each word if I am misleading. This is why I talk so much it overbearing. I’m trying to close gaps while I know I open them up all the time and leave loose ends galore and overstate things you probablty are way ahead of my on, dont’ need to hear again, but I just don’t know.
I do know that I thought while with Ti and Do that I was a pretty good listener and I was assigned to very responsible tasks working for Do as an overseer, even of an entire “craft” (what Ti andDo called the house we lived in) that had a body of students living /working out of (as at times we had 2 or 3 big houses so Ti and Do could give slighly differnet lessons to different students, though it was very easy to think one was filled with all the more advanced students, which sometime did seem to be the case, while at other times a student that needed the test of being “in charge” was assiged an overseer task to see how he would perform it. I suspect that was why I was assigned an overseer task – because I (my vehicle) wanted to be seen as somethng special so they gave me a way to feel special, though it could have also served multiple services for the next level as perhaps I was able to provide some of the overseeing that Do wanted. The next level often has a number of things to gain from any one decision, one of which is in the improvement of would be new crewmembers, the primary task we were learning while in the physical experiential “classroom” with our older member(s).
I’m worn out but I hope for your sake you will give Ti and Do a chance. It does not benefit me for you to do so. I don’t go to carlan or xf and say, I got one. That would be a human way I believe. But I do have a sense when my Older Member is smiling at me though I could be wrong about that feeling at times too as I do have a vehicle that has an ego and other weaknesses.


2 Responses to “Ti and Do’s uniqueness – The only Kingdom of God REAL Jesus Cult of cults”

  1. eutawangel Says:

    Folk seriously need to repent & BELIEVE the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16)…not satan & fallen beings in the same ole tired lie…while & ‘if’ they still can. 2 Thess 2:11- 14 “And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be condemned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: To which he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    • sawyer Says:

      You might want to consider your same advise and start actually examinging and quoting to others EVERYTHING JESUS SAID. Why do so many christians quote paul a hater of jesus disciples that jesus appointed. He was a charlan tricked by the Luciferians into thinking he was a representative equivilent to the apostles. That would be like a captain in special forces training a squad for a mission and then sending them out to do their mission and not telling them that he was also going to enlist one of those that was seekign to stop their mission by dragging those special forces into prison and overseeing the murder of stephen. This makes jesus look like a fool to put so much stock in what paul says. The ONLY things paul said that were of value came from the few disciples that worked with him to some degree as they didn’t want to judge him as not deserving. After all he thought he was a jesus devotee, but what he didn’t know was that he wasn’t teaching anything jesus said because he didn’t know anything jesus said, so he basically started his own religion and that today is called christianity which is why it is absent from Jesus actual teachings. I can prove this. The question is, can you examine it and “change your mind” which is what “repent” actually means.

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