Q and A re Do on Jesus virgin birth resurrection prophecy Incarnation Humanity and Sawyer regrets dropout

The following are an accumulation of questions and my responses:
(1) I thought God could see into the future, hence prophecy. Then again, now that I think about it, if Jesus ‘was’ tipped off about Paul, would he not have mentioned Paul? I also wanted to ask what Do taught about Jesus.
Right from the beginning Ti and Do said that the garden project was an EXPERIMENT, which means that they don’t know how it’s all going to come out exactly. Sure there are many things they know will go a certain way, because it’s part of the design, like that there will be a recycling following the harvest(s) would be a huge one.
Prophecy does demonstrate the Next Level’s knowing how the garden grows, the cycles and seasons and the behavior in general of the Luciferians is pretty predictible but the details of exactly who will say what to what they instigate and which souls will choose which direction and how long certain stages will take, how many souls will respond in a way that they would count favourable to save for a future harvest etc, and how and when and even how often and in what kind of debth and whether literal or figurative certain prophecies will be realized is all according to the free will of the creatures, though they know that the entire human kingdom isn’t going to respond favourably, like Do said, “it would deplete the human kingdom if everyone decided to seek Next Level membership all at one time”.
The Next Level certainly know that they are going to assign certain tasks having to do with the recycling, like the second set of 7 angels in revelations who have vials, one of which is to scorch the earth with fire/heat (thus global warming and drought, famine). But they don’t know how many will seek God’s help with these difficulties.
An example of how the Next Level changes certain things as needed is the Rev. 11 prophecy as the greek word apokteino can mean “kill in any way” as in hault or stop, and rise up/stand up again/resurrect, regenerate can have mulitple applications and can apply to Soul bodies, genetic strain (new leaves) growing and if they want, can decide to take one or more vehicle up to their spacecraft via some kind of levitation technology, into a cloud again. They could still have something like that happen to satisfy prophecy even more than it already has. Thus they design prophecy to have a certain flexabilty built in which includes multiple applications.
Jesus did forcast Paul but not by name when he said there would be false christs who will come “in my name saying I am the Christ” and though we don’t see it in the gospels, John in one of his letters says that “the antichrist has come”
1John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
1John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
1John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
2John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there were as many who were claiming to be messiah before, during and after Jesus came and went as there have been up to today claiming to be the second coming. We don’t hear about alot of them, but I’d bet there are many.
(2) Was it a virgin birth or was Mary artificially inseminated on board a NL craft? I believe the latter.
I believe Do said he thought the virgin birth story came about because Jesus was not born through Joseph’s or another human’s seed, that the Next Level, on a spacecraft did give the vehicle special treatment so it could better do it’s task. (paraphrased).
(3) was Jesus, as he was growing up, only a man who void of any divinity until his baptism?
So no Jesus was not only a human. Mary’s egg was human but the programming provided with whatever seed they used to inseminate her was special.
(4) did the soul incarnate into Jesus at birth, or when he began to awaken or did that soul enter him when he was age 30 at his baptism? Just so I’m clear on who Jeus was. I know that Do said, unless I misquote him, that Jesus was tempted – certainly after fasting but he did not succomb (give into/surrender) to forms of sensuality.
I believe Do said that the Mind/Soul of the Older Member from the heavens didn’t take over the vehicle completly until the baptism and that’s what some saw as a dove descending upon him (and the voice, etc.) (which would have been for those witnessing this advantage to experience.
Yes, Jesus was tempted. Do thought Jesus experienced many things humans normally do, which enables him to teach how to get out of our human behaviour from his own experience. I believe Do said, that this idea that Jesus was pure from birth was a lie to get people off track as to the way the Next Level set’s up such a task.
The whole point of the reason they come incarnate, taking physical bodies, was to have a hands on experience with what the students needed to do, in their terms, otherwise they would look at him and say, “It’s fine for you to say we need to overcome, but how do we do that” and a member of the Next Level simply doesn’t have that in their terms at their fingertips unless they get down into the snakepit with them, to demonstrate the same effort needed.
(5) “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of his mouth” is a statement used by a lot of ultra strict Christians. Then again I don’t know if that verse only applies to those in a Classroom situation onlu compared to those who around between the arival of Reps.
I could be wrong but believe “man shall not live by bread alone…” applys to all who want to apply it whether there is a rep here incarnate or not. The Next Level reps deliver the instructions … 10 commandments and other instructions through Moses, then the Jesus updates, and higher standards, as in, adultery is bumped up to even lusting in one’s heart for another when they have made that committment to another. This example in particular can be linked to the Jesus saying in one of the parables that “if we can’t be trusted with/in the things pertaining to man, then how are we going to be trusted with the things pertaining to the Kingdom in the heavens”? Ti and Do said, adultery meant ” not becoming an adult”.
(6) The Bible speaks of 2 resurrections. Is that interpreted as the 1st resurrectionas being one (a soul) who awakens and the second resurrection as that soul who graduates from a training program, seeing as how nobody can enter the NL without a guide or Rep?
Here is my interpretation to date of what is meant by Resurrection. But before I do, there are a couple terms translated to resurrection, one is “to stand up (again)” and another is to rise up.
The rising up defintion is the resurrection of the dead. Humans without seeking to be of service and thereby bonded to the current Older Member have no chance to live so are thus dead.
Now regards to “standing up again” which is what Jesus did first after having his physical body executed was to stand up again.
This applies to both the just and unjust, as all would be back (as Jesus and Ti and Do said) – the evil and the righteous that just and the unjust, the saints who gave their lives for Jesus’ word and the luciferian space alien fallen angel advasary (satans).
This return sets up the war in the heavens, a war for souls being fought as we speak.
Some will stand up again as they take vehicles that they then take to belief in the new reps while others will go against these same ones, thus they are either serving god or mammon and thus are standing up again towards LIFE (eternal) or towards Death (and in this case the second death).
So here is my best shot to date of a retranslation:
Rev 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
When he speaks of seeing thrones, these are those who conquered/overcame their humanness and were awarded next level vehicles as they became kings as the level about human is a level of pertaining to the human kingdom all kings, having conquered the lower forces, overcome their influences.
These are spoken of in another spot as the saints whom are to return and are to exercise the final judgement(decision of who is in the book of life and who goes to the second death).
(The more I think about my last dream of seeing a group whom I knew were my classmates on the pier (by the sea) dressed in white with smallish vehicles and didn’t feel Ti or Do being physically with them and then seeing that near mercury spacecraft uncloaking on december 1, 2011, I took as confirmation that they were back, having received their new vehicles (suits, clean garments – new bodies) and feeling in awe with my vehicle a little fearful due to my still acting to some degree in human ways.)
Then it says he saw in addition to those on thrones the souls beheaded….to include all who don’t succumb to the lower forces allegience, which I believe could include those of us who stick it out in the times to come when the forces against the Next Level try to force allegience to their government/religion, etc. I’d bet there will some type of new id card that may be something tatooed or embedded, like the jews and dissidents were marked along the lines of the inquisitions to where so called people of God and their secular counterparts forced people to renounce their faith in anything they deemed heretical. I believe this may take place surrounding certain so called medical standards like in the enforcing of mandatory vaccination programs. I already know of progressive, somewhat liberal people who believe all should be forced to get vaccinated thinking that otherwise those who don’t would become carriers making it harder on those that are vaccinated, blaming their detiorating health and immune system overload on those that choose to “use food as thy medicine” more. (Just one example). I suspect this mandatory health insurance program that the Obama administration has had some success putting into place could be a forerunner to this kind of required acceptance of whatever form of medicine they deem all should have. And where did that program start; none other than current lead republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts where he precided over that program for the state of Massachusetts.
When it says these live and reign with Christ a 1000 years, I suspect that is saying they are actually on Do’s crew for the final stage of harvest, “garbage disposal” (a phrase Ti used even before the first meeting in Los Angeles) and planetary recycling that might include setup for the next classroom, that would all take place in one day to them, but 1000 yrs our time before the next classroom begins at which point those who are allowed to continue in whatever fashion, saved to be the next batch of advasaries to the new student body are brought back for a little season.
Rev 20:5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.
So the “rest of the dead” are apparantly not the ones who were willing to lose their physical bodies by not sucuumbing or working for the “beast” – whoever is supporting this new world order of control over dissidents – threats to their form of law and order, religious and secular (as in the spanish inquisition, it wasn’t the actual religious (catholic) institution that brought charges and harsh deadly penalties upon the said heretics, it was the secular govn’t who I’d guess were not far different than what we see leading governments now – people that claim this or that religous affiliation in a vague kind of way according to how they were brought up to believe/affiliate and/or to largely satisfy the religious public to get elected, while not adhereing to anything that religion originally was founded upon, which all the religions and govn’t are examples of, but that can be used as a way to seperate out those who defy their authority.
At some point this form of time of great trouble will cease, it seems when the Next Level, Do and students (don’t know if Ti will be physcially present or not…it seems not according to Revelations).
Anyway I suspect these “dead” are who Jesus called the Meek, the gentle, peaceloving, remnant who regardless of whether they sought to serve the Next Level directly would provide Souls and associated genetic structures that could be restimulated to repopulate the Earth with vehicles that the returning souls could be brought back to interface with and “catch away” into the next classroom. These vehicles would not be a “match”, (a term Ti and Do used to describe the need of a vehicle to match in growth, thinking, behaviors, ways, etc.) for an incoming soul that would be taking off in it’s growth towards a graduation from where it left off when it’s vehicle died faithful to the Next Level.
Rev 20:6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.
But since the Next Level is doing all this for the sake of the returning souls having their next classroom opportunity, they are the ones being referred to as those who the second death has no power because they have demonstrated enough faith in the Next Level to where the Next Level will not want to recycle them. I suspect the only way these are killed is if during a classroom, they drop out and become luciferian equivilents in that they renegade actively against the Next Level’s truth/info/data Words and program. Then by their own design they are geared to eventual “second death in the lake of fire”. Ti and Do said that “all who came with them from the Next Level would be returning to the next level” whether they succeeded to grow towards graduation or not. Now I suspect that means they would return to the invisible or cloaked spacecraft that is the local headquarters for the Earth garden operations but also entails some who are in operation as messengers and watchers for the next level who have not overcome all their humanness yet.
Ti and Do said that the word did go out to even those who are considered to be space aliens (I don’t know which groups) before the current civilization began that such a graduation styled program was being offerred and that the requirement to be in it, would be to leave whatever they were doing and accept that part of the task would be to lose their existing vehicle (as in a crash – Roswell, Aztec, etc., to then undercover through the spirit world find a matching to their needed growth vehicle that Ti and Do said the Next Level would help them identify, take it over when the Older Members with their vehicles announced their arrival and motis operandi to be in the classroom to overcome their remaining humanness to prove to the next level they could be trustworthy crewmembers rather than on the fence and thereby to potentially go renegade. To make this choice had a risk to these “space aliens”. They could just continue to do what they were doing for however long their vehicles might last, as humans do, or they could sacrifice that life (that perhaps might include having some type of family among their kind). Ti and Do said that they could lose even what they were giving up and not become next level members if they, while in the Earth environment without a body chose not to participate in the Next Level classroom or dropped out of it, enticed to use their influence and know how, about how the garden grows and their heightened Soul body that they had, as these had been in such a program before but didn’t make it to graduation but didn’t go against, so ended up working in the domestic type of task, however that pans out with a next level supplied vehicle that in a space environment may last a long long time (human time).
Again, I believe this is why they who “hath part in the first resurrection” shall be priests(dedicated to serving the Next Level) who work (reign) with the Older Member (Do).
(7) Do you ever regret leaving the classroom?
Yes I do regret leaving, yet at the same time, I was not learning a major lesson by staying. I’m not saying I couldn’t have learned it, and it could have been that I could have left my body as they did, which I was fully engaged in doing for a long time, and then, as some others been assigned a task that would be an opportunity to learn what I yet hadn’t. Do said that there were some in the classroom, though they were fully committed, still had more to learn before they would be provided with a Next Level vehicle.
In case you havn’t seen nor heard me talk about what this lesson was for me…
I was simply too full of myself, though I didn’t know it and in most ways didn’t act it either. In my mind, giving my life was the act of a hero, a martyr for God, a zealot and though that can be a stage, as with all things human, it wasn’t a next level attitude because it is so focused on being “seen as special”. Before Ti left she gave many students, perhaps all, I suspect, a note that contained points that Ti said if not learned sufficiently would “keep you off the spacecraft”. In other words as Do later put it…You would not be accepted on Ti’s crew as long as you hadn’t overcome/conquered these human characteristics.
I had three things on my list.
1) likes to be seen as something special
2) a little too pleased with self
3) sarcastic (mostly with humans)
That was it but I didn’t know what to make of these except for the last one. When I was at what we called an “out of craft task” meaning a job outside the classroom environment, thus among those who weren’t trying to exit the human kingdom as we saw it, then I would at times be sarcastic in regards to the behavior of some whom I worked with. For instance I would sort of lord over them with zealotry, in particular, at a job that was cooking dinner, when another cook would get all angry and start using 4 letter words with yelling at others and the waiters/waitresses, I would at times indicate they were out of place – not needing to be vulgar, etc. and I didn’t come accross to them in a helpful way, but a sarcastic way.
Ti knew of some of the instances as I reported some but in particular I was fired by a job or two as a result though perhaps there was more to it, but Ti didn’t need to see a lot of examples to know this was a weakness of mine, as I was not at the job to try to change the way others were acting, though if they were acting that way to me, it would have been a different story but still not one to be sarcastic about, as if to put them into their place, while I held the higher ground.
After I left for a period of time I remember being critical of Ti’s telling me I like to be seen as special. I recall thinking…”no Ti I want to BE special, not be seen as special, and what’s wrong with that”.
It was nearly 10 years after I left that I woke up to what Ti was saying.
Here it is the reason I fell off the sexual abstinance wagon by allowing thoughts that resulted in masturbation was because I had screamed to Ti (while Ti was outside the vehicle she’d had – what was diagnosed as liver cancer that started in her eye several years before she left), that I wanted a task like Do’s, like Jesus had. I had become so full of myself from working so closely with Do on so many tasks, helping fellow students, being the overseer of groups of fellow students in the 1994 2nd public face to face offerring of the info, doing a bunch of the speaking on video’s and in public meetings and on TV and Radio and for news articles and helped edit Rob Balch’s book on behalf of Do and was in someways looked up to for my self control (though I always was far more permissive of my eyes and thoughts at time in regards to sensuality/sexuality), though in someways I also accomplished a great deal in that discipline. However I didn’t realize that Ti and Do’s crew were regulating how much temptation I was explosed to, which I did have several times I became privy to understanding. I knew at least in theory, but from my own experience that if Ti turned up the heat, I could be brought to my knees with my self discipline so when I inside my head demanded of Ti that I have a more challenging task, it was like saying the task I had was too easy so lay it on me, which wasn’t a negative to request, but I was doing so with a type of arrogance. Having the thirst to grow faster and serve more is great but that’s not where my head was entirely as I was operating for me, for my sense of heightening my self importance/value status. This wasn’t the first time but I didn’t see this until way after the fact.
But it wasn’t even hours after I screamed to Ti to demand faster growth and a task like Do had,
(that I was not even remotley capable of handling because I had no idea what influences/discarnates he was regularily subject to – I did have some experience with knowing when you become a figurehead, as in any human organization as well, there are more that want what you have so there is completition and so one must build a skin to handle the associated stresses of popularity, not to mention what one gets when lots of people hate you and wish you were dead, which Ti and Do both received mostly indirectly via thoughts and feelings from relatives of their students as well as all the criticisms from students and students discarnate influences, Luciferian advasaries – They are legitimately being attacked around the clock with doubts about who they are and what they are responsible for – as Do wrote in 88Update, “not a day went by that I didn’t question my sanity”. Ti and Do told us they ran off our influences from us often. They knew which thoughts were the influences that focused on them from the ones that were from their students. The ones from students were not that hard to run off but it’s like being in a forest full of mosquitos – after a long day of bombardment it’s exhausting as anyone with a mentally stressful job can attest to. Well their jobs was mental stress to the enth degree as they were not at all satisfied with themselves. They were always seeking how to help each student with their overcoming and how to move the overcall classroom to their next step which entailed physical considerations as well as how each student will respond – not wanting to lose them while not wanting to short them on what they needed to experience either, helping them make up theri own minds about what they wanted, the classroom or something in the world. If people knew to what lengths Ti and Do went to be sure each student genuinly to the best of their abilty wanted to do, they’d have no choice but to be in awe of these two and yet one would see any sign of this with Ti and it was only after Ti left that we saw the toll this took on Do, though how he rose above the weights each time)
that I was having sexual images in my head that I didn’t seem to have any abilty to stop or limit or distract myself from. I didn’t even seem to have the energy to want to stop them so at that moment I was out of control, when I thought I was so in control.
And yet after Do noticed how I’d become distant from him and I told him what I was doing, which was perhaps a week into regular masturbastion He asked me what I wanted to do and how he could help. I said, I needed to expose my breaking of vows/instructions to my fellow students, a regular occurance throughout the classroom and then at one point Do said to the group about me, that perhasp the hardest lesson any of us can have is failure. But at that point it was like I wasn’t even there and though in our “major/minor offense list” my actions and the deceit of hiding it were both grounds to be dismissed from the classroom, to which Do said, because I wasn’t threatening others with my loss of self control and because he said I had a lot to offer the Next Level so didn’t want to “throw me away”….that can sound harsh but in reality he had at that point 30 something other students that he was for his Older Member Ti responsible to bring through their individual birth canal. If any one student jeopardized another classmate’s viable birth or the mission, then that one was expendible, meaning they would be dismissed and given a plane ticket to where they wanted to do, usually with the option of coming back should they want to take a new stab at their overcoming process, which actually did happen with 19 students once sort of that way, but with 2 others with exactly that kind of ultimatum – that they needed to leave but if they wanted to tackle the lesson that caused them to be dismissed they would be accepted back. And we had a half way house for a while as well.
So now I’m in this semi-comfortable position. I’ve pushed past my fears of getting reinvolved which took years and began to be public with my experiences for the last 10 years, escalating more and more with a number of what I feel are contacts from Ti and from Do and from various classmates in dreams and in a sense of a open phone line and in theory I’m prepared to lose my life to this task, (though I doubt anyone takes it seriously enough to want to do away with the likes of me), yet at the same time I know I can offer Do more but feel for the moment I’m still doing what he’d have me do. But I’m very clear that in the not too distant future some major changes will take place that will make the 9/11 attack that brought endlenss war with no tangible enemy (the red horse) and endless financial crisis weights and balancing (the black horse) that will make it very unwise to be seen as soliciting new cult members (which I am not, but that’s never believed fully by those who know nothing about Ti and Do’s efforts), yet I must continue and when the internet becomes too restrictive in so doing (if that is what takes place eventually) then I know I must go on the road with the information, even church to church which can sound like a noble effort to some and to me in times past – you know that martyr/zealot syndrome that I don’t want to do, but I would not be able to just live out my vehicles days keeping what I know about Ti and Do bottled up.
So in some ways I do wish I would have stayed with them and left with them as I thought I was ready to do but as I have some roots reestablished that are often fragile, I do feel further testing of my resolve and trust in Ti and Do will present itself which I really don’t feel that strong to deal with, but all I need to do is ask Do for help and I will get it but then I have to impliment that help. I still have the same lessons to face and in a way they are harder now, having failed once.


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