About Paul of Tarsus & son of adam(man) returns & requirements to be taken physically on board new jerusalem spacecraft

Regarding Paul of Tarsus and more:

You will see places where Paul is telling those to whom the letter is addressed what to do. Like that long hair on men is no good and how everyone has their spiritual gifts, his being prophecy. We need to remind people that Jesus demonstate as his WAY (I am the way, is saying use me as an example – do what I do, say what I say) and his demonstration included saying that he was only telling others what the Father gave him to say and how he’d kept all the disciples his Father gave to him and how he actually chose to be killed (which is in many examples on earth considered suicide – kama kazi pilots from japan would crash their fighters into naval war ships to be sure there was a strike, Martyrdom. The entire difference between doing so for a government and one’s incarnate older member who is with us and we are with them and have in debth conversations about doing so is just that, who it is for, as Jesus said God or Mammon, boiling down to one or the other. Anyway off the track of paul…
You might find some things I posted on my blog http://www(dot)sawyerhg(dot)wordpress(dot)com and perhaps also on http://www(dot)blogtalkradio(dot)com/sawyerhg
I’ll see if I still have stuff and send it to you.
And of course Paul’s envy (covetting) what he saw the Apostles had, which I can relate to, as I felt jealously towards classmates that had more contact with Ti and Do, which changed for me when I decided to put that out of my mind and just do the tasks around the craft, however meniel – vacuuming, transcribing the meeting tapes, etc.
I think to do this in a next level way would be to not judge paul but to point out that these were areas he would have lessons on if his soul was saved and brought back, which I suspect it would have been, because he certainly believed in Jesus and put his life on the line for him.
I don’t believe that he said anything that would/could have turned someones’ eyes at that time away from believe in Jesus, though because of his writings and inexperience and humaness and mostly Luciferian manipulation, like you said we see lots of evidence that his teachings have replaced Jesus because they are much easier to understand and then follow.
How many people can fathom, “if you eye offends you pluck it out, better to enter into LIFE with one eye than to burn in the hellfires (paraphrased), and the other tree equivilent quotes.
I wonder how those say the entire Jesus story was made up to con people to follow the leaders like sheep, to do their bidding would say those scriptures would be a lure to someone.
(oh, then the luciferians would have someone who thinks that, think, well, the story also morphed, was changed along the way like in the telephone game).
But then isn’t in interesting that the entire Jesus story is centered around giving one’s physical and mental life to the KIngdom of God though the Father and Son incarnate.
And if the jesus story was made up was also the moses writings just as fictitious?
sorry, off track again.
I’ll try to put something together on the famous rapture quotes in 1thesselonians and a few other places that I suspect he could have only received from Peter or another who was or knew disciples.
I believe there were actally 24 returneed souls there, so with the new vehicles they incarnated into by cohabitating with the Soul in the vehicle, became 48 and then at this time became the 96 in the same way with Ti and Do, 48 souls returning to take over 48 vehicles for the first graduation. Jesus indicated exponential growth from investment in a parable.
I may not have that right but it is interesting how numbers line up in this as we were down to 1 or 2 more than 24 when making the beyond human series, when Do gave us adult names and told us he thought we’d done all we could do so it was now time to wait for other things to happen in the world.
And, when you started asking about the virgin birth, I had been for some time asking/puzzeling over what Jesus meant by “son of man”. At first I thought he was saying, “son of human”, but I then thought it was saying “son of man as man was an “adult” – like I said, becoming an “adult” means you have graduated the human kingdom.
Then just a couple days ago, it hit me, which I suspect was from Ti and Do’s crew, from whoever has the task of messenger with me(us), that since the english word man, though in greek means the same thing the hebrew word that Jesus would have used would have been “adom” or “adam”, thus he was saying, “ben (bane) of adam (aw-dawm’)
as in…
Eze 2:1 And he said unto me, Son of man, stand upon thy feet, and I will speak unto thee.
Eze 2:2 And the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard him that spake unto me.
Eze 2:3 And he said unto me, Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me, even unto this very day.
which I know is saying the same thing as to what Jesus seemed to mean by use of the phrase, still being an offspring of or from human…
but then where the sense of having received more clarification was in the idea that Jesus’ Father wasn’t Joseph, so where did they get the sperm, I began to think and walla, Adam, the first being popped into my head and of course all the vehicles that had descended from Adam/Eve, and who ever mated with Cain and Abel and Then when Abel was out of the picture, Seth..etc. – So adam was functionin as a human.
So to Jesus I believe “son of man” was a task assignment and the return was going to be yet another “genetic offspring of the adam seed lineage as the human gnome that’s been made current to a Souls’ development and experience while developing inside a human is passed on via the sperm to the next egg setting up the subconscious mind with the awareness they’d arrived at minus the events/activities that brought them to fruititian.
Jesus saying, “you will see the son of man coming in the clouds…” sound to me more next level in this way. It’s not self centered. He is not assuming it will be him returning, though at the same time he knew he had that task assignment ( though he also knew that upon his return to the FAther, if he hadn’t done his task to the Father’s approval, that task could be given to somene else. I may be wrong about this. I suspect it works in theory of the Next Level way of not DEPENDING upon the accuracy of our second guessing what our Older Members would think/do, though in practice it had been that Souls task from the start – adam, enoch, moses, elijah before hand)
So regarding “son of man” it is all the meanings but they are all clearly pertaining to having a human physical presense on the planet again, though on the day, the Next Level determines “it’s done”, all the returnee souls have found soul impregnated vehicles (you and me and other believers in ti and do), it may be that what those who are still in human vehicles will actually be able to see Do and the face of the last vehicle he used hovering among the clouds like in the wizard of Oz. It would be done in such a way that no space alien or human could even come close to demonstrating if it happens this way.
And I suspect if it does happen this way, the reason those in human vehicles may see Do’s face is because that’s who had his face imprinted on their brain by the media and study, etc.
Thus those that irgnored or hated Do – saw him as evil could die of freight from witnessing this. They’d want to hide from his face and would go underground to try to escape him and wish they were dead, they would feel so terrible, while those who grew accustomed to Do’s vehicles face and to some degree love him, want to work for him, accepting the ramifications as they come, would be drawn to him and I suppose if the Next Level wants to preserve some of those vehicles they might levitate (beam up) some, but only those who have to the best of their abilty (which means they ask help with accomplishing) are not sexual and have no guile – are not critically judging eveyrthing and everyone they come upon, beause as Ti and Do said, upon a spacecraft the existing members of the Next Level who are very senstive to thoughts as that’s the way they communicate, would know what we are thinking and it would be like having creatures among them that are like animals giving off poofoofusses (what Ti and Do called farts.
(I’m not exactly sure they said it would be like giving off poofoofusses, but it was certainly quite undesirable to have around them, but they would know that before them took those vehicles into their craft.
And this may be how those that can be assigned new tasks are distinguished from those who are “put on ice” til next classroom begins. If they are either a soul (as the soul, if it hadn’t developed restraint, would still not be restrained when in the Next Level’s physical company.
Ti and Do said that, regarding getting on board a spacecraft, that sure at first we’d be so taken with everything, the enviroment, the activities, the technologies…we’d be on our best behavior but if we hadn’t started a strong program of restraint of our negativity (that judgementalism is) and/or we were still desiring sexuality, that sense of awe would fake off and we’d be faced with that programming coming into our consciousness and that would be also like putting “static” into the craft. Oh, yes, I believe Ti might have compared it to dragging one’s fingernails accross a chaulkboard to where they’d have to find someplace to put you where you couldn’t interfer with their tasks.


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