Nostradamus prophecy of Jesus return before end of 20th century – 1973-1997= Ti and Do

The following was left as a comment on Hanna’s piece in beforeitsnews site link provide below:

Hanna, this is a welcomed piece, ( but hold onto your hat, that is if you want something to write about that blows all circuts but in a plain talk way that will not sound like plain talk to the book learned intellectuals or the spiritual elite that only know symbolism and metaphores and stories, which I don’t fault, except when they act arrogant and condescending at those simplier minds.

First off, a question:

“In Quatrain 6,100 (6= man, 100= percent of man take note), he wrote:”

Where did you get this interpretation of the Quatrain number/code? I am realitively new to Nostrodamus writings so forgive me that.

Now for a bit of interpretation:

In what you said Nostradamus said:

The “Song” of The Law against Unintelligent Critics.
Let those who read this verse consider it profoundly,
Let the common crowd and the unlearned leave it alone:
ALL of them – idiot Astrologers and Barbarians – KEEP OFF!
Let he (Cesar) who does otherwise be a priest for the rite.

Sawyer’s response:

The “Song” is the proclaimation of the law. It’s sung by those who come to raise humanity up a notch in their realistic perception and understanding of WHO is responsible for our existence and why. Thus we had the Song of Moses that consisted of all the rules and regulations given him by the person named Jehovah, whom only Moses was allowed to see the physical shape of and that had to be from behind. Others could see the cloaked Jehovah – cloud of light, etc. Aaron had a special relationship in that regard. He was to return in the task of Elisha with Moses returning as Elijah and then that same soul returns as Jesus with the soul who was Elisha as John the Baptist. So is the WAY of hands on delivery and management of the “Song”. Never mind the actual psalm. It too has it’s context as do all things provided by what is really an “Evolutionary Level Above Human” just like human is above animal and animal above plant and plant above mineral, these living physical beings (who have non-mammalian suits (bodies) they wear) are “Above and beyond human beings” in all ways, biological and mental/spiritual – where spiritual defines their MIND.
And of course this message shows the sign of coming from the Older members of this Level Above Human aka Kingdom of Gods from the literal heavens (outer space) (though they maintain a local to Earth base that is cloaked and it too is “heaven” as an abode for their crew’s to work within, as the message is addressed to “those who have ears to hear and eyes to see” that is in the record of much of what Jesus spoke. It’s designed that way to keep those who would use it against those who come in-carnel (flesh) from killing them before they want to be killed, before they have delivered their new Song, while offerring others a glimpse of the reality they represent in case when they leave they SEE and seek to draw that mind to themselves to become a future disciple, as if they believe and demonstrate that belief in the current rep by working for (worshispping) them by sharing their info with others and taking the consequences, when they die
their soul body, having sprouted some will be “saved” (put on ice, so to speak) to be brought back for a next opportunity to overcome their human mammalianism according to the “song” sung by the next rep that will be consistant with but an update to the previous song sung.

Next: you say Nostradamus said:

To my son Cesar; he who will come at the end of the
twentieth century; My spiritual son. He will understand
what I have written and use the information wisely.

Sawyer’s response:

This way the previous song become direct and indirect clues to the next reps incarnate task/mission to bring the student body of “returned souls” through their next “trimester” towards a real “soul birthing” that equipts that soul with enough MIND power that they can pilot a new physical body that has certain facility human bodies, nor space alien bodies have such as Jesus demonstrated in the 40 or so days he stay around to demonstrate to his 11+ disciples.
Now, it’s true in my opinion that the promised return of the one who was called Jesus Christ of Nazareth returns by the end of the 20th century. Therefore who was he. Was he to be an invisible spirit that stimulated the 60’s births of consciousness. Was he one of those who said they were the return of Jesus? Was he a she this time?

Well I have a vast amont of proof by the total historic record that the Rev 11 TWo Witnesses prophecy was the depiction of the what would be a two phase return. The first phase for the purpose of birthing the first fruits, those students who were disciples with Moses, then Jesus, (who also did many of the prophet tasks which perhaps Nostradamus was one). So the first phase was incarnate while the second phase will not be as the second one also comes to wrap up the garden to take what is salvagable in terms of souls and spirits, to save for the next civilization (garden) startup along with a certain amount of the genetic seed of humans that were “meek”, who will inherit the Earth as the modern civilization is returned to a technologyless one.

Now the MOON weighs in:

You said Nostradamus said:

The Warnings of These Times:

When twenty years from the Moon’s reign have passed,
Another will take up his reign of the Seventh millennium:
When the Sun (Christ) takes up his remaining days,
Then My prophecy and warnings will be accomplished. (Quatrain 1,48)

Sawyer’s response:

The Moon finished her reign on June 19, 1985, plus 20 years takes us to June of 2005. I would say this was the end of the tiny 7 yr or so grace period before the U.S. was to begin experiencing the escalation of the nearing recylcing, because the U.S. was protected before then due to the incarnte presense of the Father and Son and Student body who were in their experiential classroom in the new temple area that encompassed essentially the southwestern U.S.:

War is brought to space officially with this attack on a comet. Comets sometimes are designed craft to deliver elements and to be as signs to incarnate representatives and the people in general so to try to blow one up is like attacking the creators enviornment and tools:

-July 4 NASA’s “Copper bullet” from the Deep Impact spacecraft hits Comet Tempel 1, creating a crater for scientific studies.

The biggest storm to hit the U.S. that demonstrated class warfare and biotry all over again:

-August 29 – Hurricane Katrina makes land fall along the U.S. Gulf Coast causing severe damage. At least 1,836 die in the aftermath.

One of the biggest earthquakes and tsunami’s to ever hit:

-October 8 – The 2005 Kashmir earthquake kills about 80,000 people.

The Moon is under Her feet. See Rev 12, the woman. This woman is the Father who was working with Jesus from a cloaked vantagepoint but showed up physically on the transfiguration mount and spoke as well for the sake of the 3 disciples who Jesus brought with him, one of which was John. John was prepared to see more by that experience so he could be used to write down the forcasts of the future in the book of revelations that would show a blueprint for the remainder of the lesson plan in the Earth schoolroom.

What I am revealing to you was in part given to me, or was enabled by my 19 years with those who were called Ti and Do, the Woman (Father) and man (Son) who returned as the Two Witnesses in 1975 and exited in 1997 by laying down their borrowed physical human bodies, (who had souls that wanted to serve so agreed to sacrifce their physical body as well). They exited in the timing of the Hale Bopp Comet’s arrival. Hale Bopp was photographed by at least two astronomical groups to have a companion object with it but one was airbrushed out but the Japanese photo can still be found and that would make a great story too.

Christians will say these two could not be the two witnesses because they were not killed in the street, but in 1975 they were figuratively shot down by the press on the national media commons/street stage by Walter Cronkite. Ti and Do said they felt defeated for a couple days and felt like they got instructions to call off the “demonstration” as they believed they would be killed and they certainly were hated because of all the students that walked out of their lives and left families looking for them for years afterwards.

I was with them for 19 years and their names came from the Sound of Music which they felt was a type of blueprint for their task and subsequent names after notes on the scale, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti….. and the next octave as stimulated, boosted into existence by the Father Ti in a female artillerary vehicle named Nettles, where Do’s vehicle was named AppleWhite, who was as prophesied, In a white body (head, as in rev 1:14) with white hair and whose vehicle was made pure once he was awakened by Ti, his Father, as depicted in Rev 12 and Ti’s departure before they were finished in accordance with this Nostradamus prophecy.

Oh, yes and that name of that queen associated with the moon: Teia Tephi. In the group we first spelled Ti, Te. Do said we could spell it either way.

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