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Signs that 7th Angel with Trumpet WAVE started sounding

May 25, 2013

I was asked about the signs of the 7th trumpet, so here is part of my response. Ti and Do never talked about this during the 19 years I was physically with them in their classroom. Therefore I can only say that in my opinion it may be the most accurate depiction of prophecy to date and have sought Ti and Do’s mind for each and every rough spot in coming to these interpretations of scripture, that I can back up a great deal but will have to wait until I publish. So this is a little summary:

The 7 trumpets are reverberating WAVES of “light” (communications) to humans. The 7th one comes after the two witnesses (Ti and Do and Crew) have left. Since it’s a wave, it has a starting point but doesn’t seem to end until the garden is spaded under. The nature of the wave will be something new relative to previous waves.

During the 6th wave we saw the rights, new age, hippy, peace movements flourish. These were because of that “light” as preparation for Ti and Do and Crews arrival, uplifting consciousness which was also met by Luciferian facsimile generation of false prophets galore. The Vietnam war was what’s also depicted for the 6th wave. (The Next Level doesn’t generate wars of this sort, humans do and especially those whose genetic strain came from Luciferian fallen angle space alien seed, the seed spoken of in genesis garden of eden account and Genesis 6 Nephilum accounts, that would have resurfaced after the flood when the Luciferians were once again let out of their prison cells.

Then the two witnesses preceded and followed by the 2nd exclamations (woes), comets Kohoutek, West, Hale Bopp. The 7 thunders were 7 public offerings of Ti Do’s info.
Anyone can clearly document those 7, in the purple book, but they ended with the Heavens gate website and exit video’s, etc. that as part of the 6th wave continued in documentaries.

However, nothing new was presented in documentaries on behalf of Ti and Do until the National Geographic’s Channel’s “Final Report: Heaven’s Gate” which clearly and boldly posed the question up front in it’s headline, “Was this the second coming of Jesus?” And then suggesting IT WAS within the documentary. I don’t know if that was ever clearly stated to a world wide audience before and I am certain Ti and Do and crew stimulated that to be put into motion.

I believe this was the start of the 7th trumpet which comes after the “shaking” of the world, which was the 9/11 attack that ushered in the Red “war” horses, puppet headed by Bush and Blair that allowed the US to wage wars it was kept from waging during the time Ti and Do and students were physically incarnate so the classroom would have it’s best chance of succeeding without raising more eyebrows than it actually did. Vietnam war actually ended on April 30 1975 less than a month after the first private/public meeting Ti and Do gave in Los Angeles (city of angels) in April of 1975. And that 9-11 event became the hoped “like pearl harbor” to use as a planned excuse to attack Iraq for the start of “endless warring” to date. Red and Ruddy was all over the bush admin.

The 3rd woe is also any number of occurrences and the 7 angels with vials? are also accompanied by comets, but the Feb. 15-mar 24 Meteor over Russia, asteroid near miss, fireballs all over mainly English speaking areas of the world with the main focus on the US and on the eastern seaboard, and the comet pan-stars with the object photographed extending out front of it’s head was the 3rd woe(warning/exclamation) no doubt.

The 7th wave is in progress and is about to show itself more concretely as was spoken about in Rev 10 in ways I can’t predict but that will include the “Little Bible” to come that brings to light re-translation and re-interpretation of most all of Jesus prophecies with the most accurate to date applications in real life events as I’m touching upon here but in far greater detail.

And as we speak, as part of that 7th trumpet are the 7 angels with vials that are revealing themselves in global events but specialized in the U.S. in the fall of new Babylon (US) as each of these is given to shake things up in the garden, giving a chance for people to recognize what’s really of value and choose to seek out the Minds from the Kingdom of God/Heaven which if they do, will open them up to be receptive to the ways in which Ti and Do and crew will provide what they seek that will allow them to decide who to give their allegiance to, Ti and Do, or the Human Mammalian Luciferian Space Alien run Kingdom of “MAMMON” as Jesus spoke of the choices (“Mammon” where a persons treasure is anything but what our Father’s in the heaven’s in the names of Ti and Do value).