Negative thoughts and thriving on receiving correction and the real rapture in progress

Negative thoughts and thriving on receiving correction and the real rapture in progress.

For anyone that is being bothered by negative thoughts, here is some of what Ti and Do said about them.

When you feel/see or hear a negative thought, label it and then treat it like an existing spirit and tell it to get lost. Visualize it’s going away. If you want more power tell it to get lost in the name of Ti and Do. Whatever the source it’s treated the same, as an invader of your headspace, as Ti said, “you have control over your own solar system”. You decide what you want to let in and what you don’t. This is how one cleans out what they don’t want. It won’t stop the negative thoughts necessarily, but it will get easier to identify them and gets ride of any guilt for having it. Ti and Do said having negative thoughts is not your fault. Allowing to let them stay or exercising what they represent is our fault and has it’s ramifications and they become harder and harder to get rid of but one can always start over even after failure to do so. This is part of the war that’s raging more now than ever in this civilization. Some of course would say listening to anything from Ti and Do is a negative. That’s a choice too.

After telling it to leave as often as you need to, to stop the thought from playing in your head, put your mind on something else. Don’t wait to see if it’s gone. Assume it’s gone. You will get better and better at this. You probably already do it know it or not. They can be applied to anything you want to stop thinking or doing. You don’t have to be angry at the thought though to some I can’t help it and that’s okay. If the negative thought is about yourself it’s the same technique. Give it a meaningful label, like “sweet tooth spirit or discarnate, get away from me” that is if you seriously consider the sweet tooth a negative. This is actually a form of brainwashing self, but really the vehicle we all have that will gravitate to most anything that will yield sensory satisfaction. Those satisfactions are not wrong unless you decide they are wrong for you.

You will know your making headway by how quickly you identify the negative to where Ti and Do called it “nipping it in the bud”. Ti said she could “smell” a discarnate influence. I believe I began to experience that to where I heard no words/saw no sentences in my head yet KNEW the signature of the thought/idea. I remember stopping the thought mid stream as a stage before not having it register at all. When someone actually has a discarnate influence or in whatever way thoughts can be sent to us, discarnates being the most obvious source but just like “thought streams” can be sent between devices they can be sent between brains or even from device to brain, even to blanket parts of the populace in any given area.

There was a movie called, “They Live” that demonstrated aliens who had figured out how to put subliminal messages on human billboards. Ti and Do said some space aliens did that and especially to any who are prospective candidates for a Ti and Do future classroom. Ti and Do said for those that were their students, they actually each had an assigned “adversary and/or accuser” which is what the Hebrew word “satan” actually means. Thus anyone who has an advasarial or accusing discarnate influence has a “satanic” influence, but they don’t have to win any contest for our allegiance to the behaviors and ways we know are beneath us.

For instance if some of these people who do terrible things to others had control over their minds they would never get to acting upon what they took a long time to justify. They had to come to accept certain thoughts as righteous or just or needed to act out, to actually act it out. That really is “demon” possession and it’s really intense in those that don’t take any coaxing to do horrible things to others, like for those who war becomes routine and a desirable “career” or anything where people know that what they do is having a deeply negative to life affect on even one person. They have put that part of their conscience in a corner to become only a subtle voice at best and from that position may never be able to return. Now someone who knows they were in that mindset but are not now, they did return from it so they still have a chance to evolve further.

For those who are telling others of their belief in Ti and Do, be sensitive that it’s a big leap to even be willing to consider what they said and did as something to believe in, let alone tell others about it. I’m not saying to not tell anyone, but once you have it would be harassment to keep telling them over and over. I can hear the thought in my head now that says, “aren’t you doing that now sawyer, telling your facebook friends over and over about your relationship with Ti and Do?” And of course I am but it’s real easy to turn me off and not read what I write or even defriend me. I could continue to express this battle in my head that’s not really a battle any more at all, but leads to suggesting what I am saying, if it can lead to what my classmates did by “laying down their lives” would be considered a negative, I’ve justified. But the answer to that accusation is that no one living now is being led in any way shape or form to lay down their lives for Ti and Do. I say you NEED your body now more than ever and you want it to be in good health and of clear conscience and in control of the brain and our behavior and ways so not to do ourselves or anyone else harm in any way but to serve as an example, if one so chooses of a more evolved existence.

Regarding some feeling they are doing some thing wrong by seeing me talk publically about a matter they asked me about privately:

There are more and more coming to believe in Ti and Do and all have similar concerns and problems and things they want help with, so when someone tells me of their circumstance as some have, sometimes I might feel to share a generalized version of it with others in case some could benefit from it.

That is the way I observed Ti and Do working with their classroom (not saying this is a classroom but that’s all semantics now) and even though I’m not in their league, I’m choosing to try to be an instrument for Them so to mimic the ways they taught are going to be the best ways I can be in their service in the way they would. So please, if I take from what someone asks me in private and share it with others, never using names or specific circumstances, you can feel good that it could help another as well. There is nothing “wrong” about receiving lessons. We all need lessons. We all need correction.

In the classroom we were taught to crave correction of anything we were doing that was different than what Ti and Do taught. We were compelled to verbally express that to our partners often so they won’t feel they are imposing to bring things they observe up to us.

Ti and Do never really told students what they were doing right in their program. They talked about this to us saying that they were helping us get rid of the things that would keep us off the spacecraft. In other words they wanted us to qualify. They do have a mimimum qualification but they don’t teach to it. They teach to each students greatest capacity. Do told me this personally when I was telling him I had these influences that made me lessor than I appear. When I kept insisting I was “bad” in this regard, he finally said to me, “if you insist that I see you at your worst, I can, but why do you want me to see you that way.”

A new believer in Ti and Do was expressing how the people in his household, in his family were telling him he was going to hell for his conversion to belief in Ti and Do. So I suggested to this person that they might want to ask any who are saying that to point out what in particular they are referring to and why they see it that way? Maybe they have misunderstood something. Influences work on others around us to then cause us trouble.

We all face this in some way, shape or form. You may be facing them with your new found belief by talking about it to them when they don’t want to hear it. I would suggest you define a space where ever you live where you can have privacy and not have others forced to see what you are doing or watching or listening to.

We are not trying to push people into seeing what we see. All need to come to it on their own terms if/when they want it. If you can’t help but talk about what you believe, I would suggest finding other avenues to express it rather than among those you live with. There is ‘no place to lay one’s head for those that follow the “son of man”‘, and a prophet is not without honor except in their own household. This is no “rest” as many seek when they attach to a new belief. This one is largely on the go, which you might want to consider.

You can ask Ti and Do for help with choices and if you do They will probably open some doors to a change of circumstance for you and probably simultaneously for someone else that will help you. But in any case, exercise restraint in what you talk about and with who and when and how much.
This is what is meant by there being “two in the field, one is taken and the other left”, two at the mill….two in the bed…. and one’s foes will be in one’s own family and not to cast pearls to those that might use it against you.

All those who are coming to believe in Ti and Do are being “raptured”. Their vehicles are being “caught” by the Ti and Do fishers at this time. I don’t think they will physically take any of our vehicles anywhere, but they are looking for vehicles that are thirsty that can become the lesson ground for the next classroom and I suspect there are souls with each of us that were previously saved souls who came with Ti and Do this time around but were not ready for the firstfruit harvest so are looking for vehicles that can become a second fruit harvest that is not accomplished by “laying down our bodies”, but is accomplished by “giving our lives” to Ti and Do which upon each of our natural or unnatural death will graduate our Soul body, the soul of our vehicle and the Soul who is assigned to also work through our vehicle to each of our next best station towards becoming a member of the Level Above Human after recycling and through participation in the Next Older Member led classroom.

So anything any of us who spent time with Ti and Do can do to share with you that classrooms lesson material will be another feather in your cap.

Humans are like wild horses that initially don’t want to be captured, so the Next Level as the ranchers need to give a little sugar as medicine in the form of clearly “advanced thinking and acting” and some of the horses take to it and the rancher literally takes them out of their old world and feeds them and takes care of them, as long as they keep asking for more. If they all of a sudden refuse a lesson, the Next Level backs off a little to give them space and if they come back for more gives them more. Pretty soon that horse will want to perform for the rancher purely because it feels so good to be close to the rancher and they wouldn’t want to return to the wild herd even if the gate was opened, which for us it always is open as my being here demonstrates as I was caught hook line and sinker but simply didn’t overcome certain human characteristics so needed more time to do so in a new setting.
There was a gamble that I could have been lost in so doing and that is always on the table as possible, but the Next Level doesn’t even really let that happen easily unless we really insist upon it and show that by going directly against them.

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