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Q & A from a new seeker of Ti and Do Heaven’s Gate teachings

July 31, 2013

Question forwarded to Sawyer:

Are there currently any new members of Heavens gate? Who now heads this teaching? Are there any new teachings? I pass no judgements. I am only interested in higher understanding and education.

Sawyer’s response:

There is nothing to be a member of so NO new members.

There is no “group” except for all those who are making up group names and trying to attract members, which are facsimile’s only. Ti and/or Do are not operating in physical bodies and not generally coming to people in dreams and are certainly not channeling through human beings nor incarnating into new human bodies. But there are humans being put up to such tactics to confuse people. The ones doing this are in some shape and form the space aliens who are either Luciferians or descendants of Lucifierians and their equivalents who are allowed the the one true evolutionary level above human to do what they do to provide humans with the choice to not believe in Ti and Do, the ONLY other option. Like the real Jesus said, it’s between God and Mammon, where Mammon is essentially Mammalian – humanism in all it’s facets – intellect, philosophy, talents, skills, deceits, manipulations, predatory. Any Kingdom of God/Heaven characteristics humans have, “love as giving”, compassion, non-judgementalism, desires for equal rights, kindness, gentleness came from the Kingdom of God/Heaven initially, though the space aliens have many of these, but the biggest characteristic

The teachings remain in the documentation Ti, Do and their active student crew left behind, namely, all the information on the website that can be downloaded for free as a .zip file, which is largely the content of a book you can also buy from the Two former members who are still hosting that site. It seems they sent me this communication from you. They are also providing tapes.

However most things they provide for purchase are available free. I once posted a list on my blog, There is the Beyond Human series Do and crew made in 1991-2 available for free download on youtube I believe, though nothing is organized so it’s hunt for it and there are joke video’s too, but they are pretty obvious. There are also internal meeting tapes where you can hear Ti and Do talking to students from the early 1980’s, available on though may cost a little to host them there. You can get a few of them on my youtube site: channel name: 3spm and search my vide’s for “Blackhawk” the town in Coloraod where one tape was created when They were briefly staying there.

No there are no NEW teachings – we can hardly understand all they taught as it wasn’t about the accumulation of information. It was about behavior and ways and sharing what they shared with others. That’s the only way to become one of their active students now, but of course would include asking them in the names, “Ti and Do” for service as they don’t need any humans, so if we want what they offer, we must appeal to what they give us to do, which from here on out until the planet is recycled it’s share the information they brought and everything about them with others – that would be our first service to them.

If you talk to them, they may give you one appearance in a dream but they will NOT tell you to do anything at all to hurt you physically or mentally nor others but they may show up just to acknowledge to you they received your “call for help/service”. From then on, you should regularily seek their guidance in anything but they are not interested in helping people with human relationships or material matters, though if you serve them they will help you have your needs, but not by miricles per say, but by helping you to have opportunities, whether it be a job or some other help. But CHANGE is always the name of the game. It’s not Change just for the sake of Change and it’s not change according to anyone elses idea of change. For instance I was not able to work on the service they offered me in writing all about them because I was with them for 19 years, as much as I wanted because my partner, a woman I had been living with was having more and more problems with the time I was putting into the writing, so I asked for help and circumstances arose to where the woman split with me and now I have much more time and the woman is happier as well. That’s just an example.

The only things that will be new are what those who had experience with them bring up, as I am doing but these are not “teachings” – they are just able to offer perspective of what they did teach relative to today and today’s events. That is what you will find on my blog and youtube channels and facebook page, “sawyer heavensgate”. On that facebook page I have friends that don’t believe in Ti and Do at all and some that are trying to trap me into saying things they can use against me, as if I was recruiting or something like that and there are those that do believe in Ti and Do and there are some that think they are a new incarnation of Ti and Do and some who are just curious as with most facebook situations.

I suggest on the facebook page, you make up a name if this name isn’t made up already as better to be anonymous. It’s the info that’s important now who we are. I do include my picture in most of my sites as then people can better count on what I share as I’ve done a great deal of national and international media over the years as there are some who will take any measures to put a damper on the efforts of Ti and Do and their active students, which I claim to once again be and feel they have made it clear that I am, which anyone can also be, except some think by believing in them they can start to talk as if they are in their non-existent group or talk as if they are talking or make things up without a basis for what they are saying. I don’t make things up though I do consider how coming events are being made manifest as there is a type of second harvest of souls but NOT by laying down our lives. Our test for our graduation to our next appropriate grade in school is to learn all we can about Ti and Do and share that with others that will find us at odds with some who hate to hear about them. We don’t try to make others hate us, and we don’t push info on people but it’s part of the territory.

So I suggest doing a great deal of study of all their materials and all mine and Carlan is another former member who is actively in service to Ti and Do in the sharing of information with people. And there are new believers who are all over who believe in Ti and Do in degrees and who share with others in degrees according to what they think someone might be wanting to know that they can take as an opening to begin dialog about Ti and Do. It’s all a big step so we need to be patient even with those who appear to be against us as sometimes fighting against is what that person needs to go though to kick out those discarnate influences that cause the confusion.

I’m going to send this to my blog in possibly help others.

Q and A – clarification of why Do suggest a “willful exit” and then said it “does not need serious consideration at this time” in 1996

July 29, 2013

I’m helping someone with a book, so when he has questions, I try to provide answers, thus below his question to a previous set of answers that I did post on this blog. Here is the question he had:

“One question: can you explain what you meant by this statement: “So by the end of this nine month tour it was apparent that their ‘exit’ of their physical bodies was not going to be taken care of by what they saw as the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens influence over humans to instigate, for instance as Do saw in the Branch Davidian governmental massacre.” Who is “they”? Do? Yourself and other members? And if I am reading you correctly, you are saying that it had become clear that the there would probably *not* be a government raid like the Waco incident that would result in mass violence. That is interesting, since the author the “Our Position Against Suicide” document—Do, I assume?—mentions the Branch Davidian type government raids as something that could happen to the Class.”

Sawyer’s respone:

It’s just a kind of habit, I shouldn’t do and will try not to, but can use it to offer you further perspective relative to how Ti and Do thought. “They” is Do but does include his crew (active students) because how they came to operate as one mind. It sounds like a cliché but I actually saw the evidence of how people outside of the group, not knowing what they were seeing thought people that didn’t look at all alike were the same or the opposite person sort of the way a parent will do with their kids, but in more than name ways. Without telling all the stories, I was working at the same country club as Dstody but he was a waiter and I was a cook and we’d been there for many months never or rarely actually having interface as we tried to stay clear of one another and we had separate rides most times because of different hours and to hide our being seen as related. (We had situations where people got nosy and suspicious we were hiding something about ourselves and followed us a time or two I know of, so we developed procedures to never take the most direct route back to the craft so we could be sure if someone was following us). In this situation the restaurant manager and not only he on at least two different occasions I recall and witnessed, would call me “Tom” (Dstody) and he “Robert” (Swyody/Sawyer), (names we used on the job) and on top of that Dstody had a “black” vehicle and mine is “white”.

Do was very clear that he always sought Ti’s mind first on any questions he had, but after she physically left, though he continued to have what he felt was very concrete awareness of her presence helping him, though not all the time or in all areas of the country, nor as a physical image or anything concrete in that respect, (that is, according to what he spoke of to the class while I was there). And subsequent to Ti’s exit of her physical body he used those he surrounded himself with most, but also the entire class as a sounding board – as a “check partner” as well, to confirm in his mind directions he felt he was getting from Ti, which many times took time to become evident as an answer. Of course, this subject of the exit method and timing were on the top of the list of things he wanted to be sure about because they were irreversible. I know sometimes I talk as “we” because I felt included in that as I was when I was there both in small groups and as a part of the larger student body.

The reason my statement seems to indicate a decision that the government wasn’t going to assist “us” in our exit, was because such remained a potential until it became totally clear that it wasn’t on the docket. Ti and Do said that many times, paraphrased, “a decision often comes from learning what not to do”.

I am saying that in September of 1994 after 9 months of doing public meetings, that did not show any signs of hostility from the public to any degree more than hecklers towards us, Do did present it to us as, “it seems we will need to exit by our own hands” (paraphrased), but he meant it…”it seems…”. He was being completely honest and of course those that don’t believe he was can surmise it as a calculated thing to say, while still potentially having some accuracy because of how Ti was involved in it. In other words, Do wouldn’t have been thinking about saying that to the class, primarily as a way of “testing” students though I feel confident he knew it would. Those would probably have been after thoughts to feeling instructed to talk to the class as by doing so he believed exactly what he said, that it might be what will be required of us. (come to think about it that rings a bell that he did state it as “might be required of us to exit by our own hands”.

They would often say, paraphrased, “we don’t know all the reasons why but it’s our instruction”. They didn’t spend any time with us on “what ifs”. Of course the critics will see much of this talk as an excuse like claiming insanity or not knowing any better or just following orders as humans do, but those same critics don’t have the dozens and dozen of examples to prove otherwise. Ti and Do would also say, “this [understanding] works for now”. Here again I’m using “they” but can’t say if I heard one or both of them say this. When they sat together at a meeting, thought did most of the talking, they spoke as one mind and students could count on hearing about any corrections that might come later to things they said but there weren’t a lot of these and most were handled on the spot of the meeting.

Later after they implemented things, even something as trivial as a change of locations, even from one area of land to put our little tent city to another on the private lands we leased from ranchers in Wyoming, for instance, they would see some of the reasons for it, but the more important sometimes after doing it.

It didn’t mean they were blind followers of their ideas either, (their Older Member’s mind, that I wonder now if perhaps was the one Ti called, Brother Francis – it’s interesting, and they did rent the movie, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” once but I can’t recall them ever talking about parallels in it as was the case moreso with the Sound of Music they said, helped them wake up) . But in terms of making decisions, they talked about having a rigorous set of “checks” to engage to determine if something is coming from the Next Level (Ti’s Older Member, who Do at one point suggested was actually another part of Ti’s mind that wasn’t needed to be incarnate to perform the task she performed. This point is very interesting in the light of how Jehovah showed physicality to Moses on at least one occasion where he said Moses could not actually look at his face or he would die, so he was able to look at his shoulder without dying and did. Other things Do said over the years indicated that Next Level Minds are literally significantly more powerful energy wise, even electromagnetic energy wise than humans so they needed to regulate what they showed humans so not to liteally kill or overwhelm their computers, and this was the reason Ti couldn’t bring all of her mind into that vehicle, or it would have possibly killed the vehicle to try to handle so the task would fail.

It was well after the Branch Davidian government murders and after that September day in 1994 that Do and the class were in Albuquerque where that document you referred to might have been written from, I would guess in 1996 when I think they were there briefly building their straw bale “compound” and where Strody (Star – ody) and others were doing target practice with a rifle or two, that they seemed to put “willful exit of the body” on hold evidenced as you said in this statement from the document, “Our Position Against Suicide”:

“We have thoroughly discussed this topic (of willful exit of the body under such conditions), and have mentally prepared ourselves for this possibility (as can be seen in a few of our statements). However, this act certainly does not need serious consideration at this time, and hopefully will not in the future.”

And this document also includes their awareness of any and all methods of exit. So it was simply more proof of the tenacity and thoroughness in which Do considered things honestly and when he got instuctions to drop a topic he dropped it. The same thing happened with “castration”. It was brought up, we had some meetings about it, it was dropped and some students continued to express interest for themselves even though it hadn’t been presented as a general option and then it was a year later that because of a few classmates srrody and I were given the opportunity but then srrody’s didn’t go as smoothly as was hoped so my option was cancelled and then after I left, the option was back on the table but only through a professional facility and each student was given some of the choices but had to go by themselves to that location and even get a job and pay for it themselves. I can’t say that all were handled that way, but that’s the way alxody’s was handled.

The color of Jesus body, arms, feet likley a brownish shade but not upon return as the Two Witnesses

July 28, 2013

To continue a talk with a friend who has a “black” vehicle, an African American woman, who lives with a bunch of “white” catholics in a type of shared living circumstance, while she is a Buddhist, who has a blog that speaks to all sorts of justice issues, I wanted to share the ongoing research I do re: color of beings as depicted in the bible, so here is what I wrote to her, which by the way she is always appreciative of:

I just came across another scripture that speaks about the body and FEET of someone from the Kingdom of God as described by the prophet Daniel, from the book of Daniel that seems to be describing some aspects of “colour” of an “Older Member from the Level Above Human” that is the kind of non-gender and more specific evolutionarily speaking, thus more accurate description that Ti and Do uniquely delivered. (as juxtaposed by the “religious” terms that would be referred to as the Heavenly Father(s) or messenger(s) from the Kingdom of God in the literal heavens)

Two verses are deciphered here. Dan 10:6 refers to “colour”. But first the context:

Dan 10:5 Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz:

“clothed in linen” is consistent with having a physical body. “loins girded” is consistent with how they restrained their reproductive activity as the loins were from the waist down and girded was wearing a belt (girdle). Saying it is “gold” has to do with their behavior being the most “pure” as in “refined by fire”, the result of having had experience on the human level restraining the fires of passion and sexuality that are natural to creatures/humans but not natural to those who have chose to be in a program to purge those mammalian characteristics from their consciousness and activity, the reason most all of the religions have lots of rules around sexuality and is thought that those who have become celibate in mind and body are more pure. (Except the practice has also become distracted as a religious practice that people who practice it are put on a pedestal, not knowing any longer to whom it is geared to give that passion in place of expending it on one another. The idea was to translate that “love” to ones “heavenly Father” as represented by the last incarnate member of the Next Level (which would be an “incarnate “son” of God”, a graduate of the human kingdom at a previous time, serving to show others the way, by incarnating. It’s likely that one or more of the 28 (to date) Buddhas were/would be depicting such a member of the Next Level providing that demonstration of behavior and ways that when applied to sets of souls that germinate and sprout over the course of the civilization’s “plantings” eventually qualify for harvest and then are rewarded with a body natural to the Level Above Human that has no human capacity to act as a mammal reproductively, or digestively or socially, as they have become a new creature that circulates in a new environment that is also physical though less limited physicality as then their physical bodies are truly like suites of clothing that have different tasks they are geared to perform. For instance Ti and Do said, one “vehicle” type could actually be a physical spacecraft to transport and help others on tasks, in which case that “soul body” (also has it’s frequency based density and is the power supply and thought mechanism of that person) becomes the “pilot” of their body, the same way we can become the sole pilot of these human bodies when we don’t just go with what the body wants but use our mind to determine when the body can have this or that pleasure, need, or activity. That is describing the “overcoming process” as then an incarnate Older Member is the one designing the program of what each student will enforce onto their own physical body so the Older Members will regulate the “pleasures”, down to how much sugar, etc., thus a student would be using their HOLY MIND (spirit) by doing what they instruct and thereby would be establishing that new programming to their own MIND making it more “HOLY” (the same mind of the Older members providing it), which is why Jesus said he was only saying what he was given to say by his Parent (Father) in the heavens (as the Father wasn’t incarnate).
It can look like robotics, but is no more robotic than when someone goes to school to learn a skill. Once they apply all the lessons, they have that skill, but if it’s not learned, then when it’s an intricate skill the person won’t get it, which brings me back to the idea of restraining of sexuality. One can learn the skill to do it and can get some benefit from it but if it’s not being accomplished FOR an Older Member, according to the instructions from the last one who was incarnate, that will be in stages, like having rules of who to have sex with (reproduce with) and when then it’s simply not interfacing with that Older members “program”, though it may be part of some other human or human equivalent (space alien, fallen angel, luciferian, shiva, etc. “god”, who was once in a program at one time but not only dropped out but went against their instructors (Older Members to try to keep humans under their command so they wouldn’t gravitate to the Next Level’s program as they tend to resent the Older Members because they gave into the lure as provided by the Next Level to give them free will to even be against them.

Dan 10:6 His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude.

Hebrew – beryl = 08658 tarshiysh {tar-sheesh’}
probably of foreign derivation [compare 08659]; TWOT – 2546; n m
AV – beryl 7; 7
1) a precious stone or semi-precious gem 1a) perhaps a chrysolite, yellow jasper, or other yellow coloured stone

A more thorough perspective form Easton’s Bible Dictionary:

the rendering in the Authorized Version of the Hebrew word
_tarshish_, a precious stone; probably so called as being
brought from Tarshish. It was one of the stones on the
breastplate of the high priest (Ex. 28:20; R.V. marg.,
“chalcedony;” 39:13). The colour of the wheels in Ezekiel’s
vision was as the colour of a beryl stone (1:16; 10:9; R.V.,
“stone of Tarshish”). It is mentioned in Cant. 5:14; Dan. 10:6;
Rev. 21:20. In Ezek. 28:13 the LXX. render the word by
“chrysolite,” which the Jewish historian Josephus regards as its
proper translation. This also is the rendering given in the
Authorized Version in the margin. That was a gold-coloured gem,
the topaz of ancient authors.

Thus perhaps “gold coloured”.

Then “arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass”

colour = 5869
probably a primitive word; an eye (literally or figuratively); by analogy, a fountain (as the eye of the landscape):–affliction, outward appearance, + before, + think best, colour, conceit, + be content, countenance, + displease, eye((-brow), (-d), -sight), face, + favour, fountain, furrow (from the margin), X him, + humble, knowledge, look, (+ well), X me, open(-ly), + (not) please, presence, + regard, resemblance, sight, X thee, X them, + think, X us, well, X you(-rselves).

(Aramaic) corresponding to ‘`ayin’ (5869); an eye:–eye.

Brass = 05178 n {nekh-o’-sheth}
for 05154; TWOT – 1349a,1350a; n m
AV – brass 103, brasen 28, fetters 4, chain 3, copper 1, filthiness 1, steel 1; 141
1) copper, bronze 1a) copper (ore), bronze (as copper alloy) 1b) fetters (of copper or bronze) 1c) copper (as value) 2) lust, harlotry 2a) meaning dubious

which is an alloy of copper and zinc, was not known till the
thirteenth century. What is designated by this word in Scripture
is properly copper (Deut. 8:9). It was used for fetters (Judg.
16:21; 2 Kings 25:7), for pieces of armour (1 Sam. 17:5, 6), for
musical instruments (1 Chr. 15:19; 1 Cor. 13:1), and for money
(Matt. 10:9).

It is a symbol of insensibility and obstinacy in sin (Isa.
48:4; Jer. 6:28; Ezek. 22:18), and of strength (Ps. 107:16;
Micah 4:13).

The Macedonian empire is described as a kingdom of brass (Dan.
2:39). The “mountains of brass” Zechariah (6:1) speaks of have
been supposed to represent the immutable decrees of God.

The serpent of brass was made by Moses at the command of God
(Num. 21:4-9), and elevated on a pole, so that it might be seen
by all the people when wounded by the bite of the serpents that
were sent to them as a punishment for their murmurings against
God and against Moses. It was afterwards carried by the Jews
into Canaan, and preserved by them till the time of Hezekiah,
who caused it to be at length destroyed because it began to be
viewed by the people with superstitious reverence (2 Kings
18:4). (See NEHUSHTAN)

The brazen serpent is alluded to by our Lord in John 3:14, 15.

Before I close on this bit of evaluation, here is an overall colour view of bible use of color:

The subject of colours holds an important place in the

White occurs as the translation of various Hebrew words. It is
applied to milk (Gen. 49:12), manna (Ex. 16:31), snow (Isa.
1:18), horses (Zech. 1:8), raiment (Eccl. 9:8). Another Hebrew
word so rendered is applied to marble (Esther 1:6), and a
cognate word to the lily (Cant. 2:16). A different term, meaning
“dazzling,” is applied to the countenance (Cant. 5:10).

This colour was an emblem of purity and innocence (Mark 16:5;
John 20:12; Rev. 19:8, 14), of joy (Eccl. 9:8), and also of
victory (Zech. 6:3; Rev. 6:2). The hangings of the tabernacle
court (Ex. 27:9; 38:9), the coats, mitres, bonnets, and breeches
of the priests (Ex. 39:27,28), and the dress of the high priest
on the day of Atonement (Lev. 16:4,32), were white.

Black, applied to the hair (Lev. 13:31; Cant. 5:11), the
complexion (Cant. 1:5), and to horses (Zech. 6:2,6). The word
rendered “brown” in Gen. 30:32 (R.V., “black”) means properly
“scorched”, i.e., the colour produced by the influence of the
sun’s rays. “Black” in Job 30:30 means dirty, blackened by
sorrow and disease. The word is applied to a mourner’s robes
(Jer. 8:21; 14:2), to a clouded sky (1 Kings 18:45), to night
(Micah 3:6; Jer. 4:28), and to a brook rendered turbid by melted
snow (Job 6:16). It is used as symbolical of evil in Zech. 6:2,
6 and Rev. 6:5. It was the emblem of mourning, affliction,
calamity (Jer. 14:2; Lam. 4:8; 5:10).

Red, applied to blood (2 Kings 3;22), a heifer (Num. 19:2),
pottage of lentils (Gen. 25:30), a horse (Zech. 1:8), wine
(Prov. 23:31), the complexion (Gen. 25:25; Cant. 5:10). This
colour is symbolical of bloodshed (Zech. 6:2; Rev. 6:4; 12:3).

Purple, a colour obtained from the secretion of a species of
shell-fish (the Murex trunculus) which was found in the
Mediterranean, and particularly on the coasts of Phoenicia and
Asia Minor. The colouring matter in each separate shell-fish
amounted to only a single drop, and hence the great value of
this dye. Robes of this colour were worn by kings (Judg. 8:26)
and high officers (Esther 8:15). They were also worn by the
wealthy and luxurious (Jer. 10:9; Ezek. 27:7; Luke 16:19; Rev.
17:4). With this colour was associated the idea of royalty and
majesty (Judg. 8:26; Cant. 3:10; 7:5; Dan. 5:7, 16,29).

Blue. This colour was also procured from a species of
shell-fish, the chelzon of the Hebrews, and the Helix ianthina
of modern naturalists. The tint was emblematic of the sky, the
deep dark hue of the Eastern sky. This colour was used in the
same way as purple. The ribbon and fringe of the Hebrew dress
were of this colour (Num. 15:38). The loops of the curtains (Ex.
26:4), the lace of the high priest’s breastplate, the robe of
the ephod, and the lace on his mitre, were blue (Ex. 28:28, 31,

Scarlet, or Crimson. In Isa. 1:18 a Hebrew word is used which
denotes the worm or grub whence this dye was procured. In Gen.
38:28,30, the word so rendered means “to shine,” and expresses
the brilliancy of the colour. The small parasitic insects from
which this dye was obtained somewhat resembled the cochineal
which is found in Eastern countries. It is called by naturalists
Coccus ilics. The dye was procured from the female grub alone.
The only natural object to which this colour is applied in
Scripture is the lips, which are likened to a scarlet thread
(Cant. 4:3). Scarlet robes were worn by the rich and luxurious
(2 Sam. 1:24; Prov. 31:21; Jer. 4:30. Rev. 17:4). It was also
the hue of the warrior’s dress (Nah. 2:3; Isa. 9:5). The
Phoenicians excelled in the art of dyeing this colour (2 Chr.

These four colours–white, purple, blue, and scarlet–were
used in the textures of the tabernacle curtains (Ex. 26:1, 31,
36), and also in the high priest’s ephod, girdle, and
breastplate (Ex. 28:5, 6, 8, 15). Scarlet thread is mentioned in
connection with the rites of cleansing the leper (Lev. 14:4, 6,
51) and of burning the red heifer (Num. 19:6). It was a crimson
thread that Rahab was to bind on her window as a sign that she
was to be saved alive (Josh. 2:18; 6:25) when the city of
Jericho was taken.

Vermilion, the red sulphuret of mercury, or cinnabar; a colour
used for drawing the figures of idols on the walls of temples
(Ezek. 23:14), or for decorating the walls and beams of houses
(Jer. 22:14).

My Conclusion:

Now since this book of Daniel was dated well before Jesus, though later on in the chapters that follow this one that seem to be speaking to the same visit from this being, there are a number of indications of the “end days” and the depiction of the “Two” (witnesses?) at that time, but before that all sorts of depictions of armies conquering one another that others are better at sorting out but that often have historic correlations with non-biblical records. I would guess that if anything this being could have been the Older Member who later performed the task of Jesus as that was the purpose of the Old Testament Prophets (of which one can equate near to the 28 Buddhas curiously – (Do (doe) thought Buddist teachings of detachment from various forms of sensuality/human family and materialism was one sign of an overcoming process at some stage), to speak to the times and the behaviors, add certain updates to prophecies of the future, mostly pertaining to Jesus and thereafter depicting the activies of the “fallen angels” in control of humans.

Of course common sense says the physical body named Jesus was brown skinned as if he was “white” which is preposterous, but logically speaking as a strategy alone would have made him stand out so much that he never could have related and blended in to that society in order to deliver his radical information. He blended in well which is part of why they couldn’t catch him until he was ready to be caught.

Revelations 11:16 deciphered depicts the Heaven’s Gate “suicides”

July 25, 2013

Revelations 11:16 deciphered depicts the Heaven’s Gate “suicides”

Before getting started, some qualifications:

First off, this in no way is suggesting suicide in any way shape or form is something the Kingdom of God/Heaven wants anyone to do. It doesn’t work that way. Without knowing the Older Member(s) from when they were incarnate thus physically present and communicating with them and putting into motion the instructions of service they provided and left behind their human lives to follow them and not trying to escape learning human kingdom lessons, one might be making a mistake to take it upon themselves to lay their body down as they did. To do so as they did would require that you knew Them and proved to them you were ready and screamed to the Highest Source you can reach in the distant heavens for whether that action was right for you.

They gave us a way to serve them now and that service if applied could eventually bring one to be “bumped off” by those who hate to hear about them and fear the spread of what they said and did. In that way by spreading the info they left for us to spread, while having regular seeking of their will for us on Earth by calling on the names “Ti and Do”, asking for help and strength that they will provide in a gentle and stepwise fashion, while not accepting that They would lead us by “telling us what to do”, whether in dreams or by some other means or by our pretending that we are some reincarnation of Do, which is another Luciferian ploy, we are “giving our life” to them and when we lose our current physical body, our soul body will be taken to where some of them are on board one of their spacecrafts and assigned a new task that will further prepare us to be brought back again to have a face to face incarnate classroom experience with our Older Member(s) to move yet closer to graduation from the human evolutionary kingdom.

There is no need for a group to perform our task of disseminating Their information and no need for leaders either. Those would be Luciferian ploys as well. And it’s not at this time about looking like them, wearing the clothes they wear or eating the kinds of foods they ate or using some of the terms they used for living in a house. I’m not suggesting that it would be wrong to mimic them in that way but I believe what can come from that is a return to the dis/mis-information that we are somehow serving them by duplicating those trivial lifestyle characteristics. Now Behavior and ways is another story and those are still posted on but if they are ever not found there, feel free to seek out a believer in them as I and I will get you to where a copy of those “major and lessor offense lists are posted”.

The preface to the deciphering of Rev 11:16:

I read in a book that was referring to the Heaven’s Gate “suicides” that, “members felt they had no option but to follow” that’s another outright folly of judgement as EVIDENCED BY RIO IN HIS BOOK “Beyond Human Mind” that should be read carefully as in it he explains how and why he left and what Do said and this was already when they had discussed for YEARS – self stimulated exit – termed “suicide.” (The important segments of his book are provided in my book as I understand Rio’s book is quite expensive). Revelations 11 talks about such laying down of a vehicles life in several ways and applications I believe to include when they crashed their primitive spacecrafts, ending the lives of the physical vehicles they had received after demonstrating to Jesus and his Heavenly Father that they were fully engaging the lesson plan Jesus outlined that included laying down their vehicles lives then (drink the cup of blood he was to drink – accept the task – “take up one’s cross”. Then they layed down the lives of the new vehicles they took over in the 1970’s and 1990’s with those vehicle’s full consent, as mine is one example.

And by the way, in Rio’s book he also demonstrates that after they were visited by two small phosphorescent white beings that three students saw when they got up to use the bathroom from different vantage points having the same identical description and that others including Rio remembered as a dream with the same description, that another student decided to leave. Again this was when they had already spent years talking about exiting by their own hand by drinking a drug mixture that would gently put the vehicle to sleep permanently.

Note: I understand that this is all far fetched for many, even most, but like some have said, no more than all the other historic writings that are termed supernatural, spiritual, paranormal and even science of mindish, electromagnetic “life” (software simulation of life) that at one time or another are beyond belief for most until by their experience they can’t deny some of it and for some, because they continue to explore, SEE all of it as facets of our overall reality.

Not knowing what any one person believes or not, it may be of little to no value to quote scripture but I have amassed a great deal of direct scriptural evidence to support what I already felt I saw but that was masked in scripture as frankly the original and subsequent translators couldn’t help not seeing what I’ve been given to see because it is only viewable with direct help from the Older Members from the Kingdom of God/Heaven through personal face to face experience to establish their mindset with the human vehicles we each have and then through the digging to find where it’s been hidden in the provided record, as I feel have been commissioned to be the excavator of.

With that said, here is one verse that is an example of my work on the Book of Revelations and the Gospels. First the context. This is recorded in Rev 11 after the seventh angel sounded so it is after the depiction of the “ascension” of the Older Members (and crew) though from the vantage point of the crew looking back at that ascension that is witnessed by the world. This is not the only part of Revelations depicting this event which I have shown in painstaking detailed analysis of nearly every word of Revelations, but primarily found in Rev 4, 6, 8, 11, 12 and 14:

Rev 11:16 And the four and twenty elders *1, which sat *2 before *3 God *4 on *5 their seats *6, fell *7 upon *8 their *9 faces *10, and worshipped *11 God,

*1 – It’s 4 and 20 – and it just so happens that the numbers of classmates at it’s lowest point was in the mid 20’s. I’ve documented this in my book in great detail with all sorts of number configurations of the history of Ti and Do’s classroom while rooted to the Jesus and Moses records.

*2 – “sat” – written here in PAST TENSE which I have not been able to verify yet, but would make sense in my hypothosis of this referring to what these 24 did in the past, thus considered to be while with their teachers.
sat = 2521 kathemai kath’-ay-mahee
from kata – kata 2596; and hemai (to sit; akin to the base of 1476); to sit down; figuratively, to remain, reside:–dwell, sit (by, down).

The surface evidence that there are students with these two witnesses during their prophecy period is below in the depiction of THOSE WHO ARE WORKING FOR/IN THE TEMPLE geographic area chosen by the Older Members before incarnation that I can show is largely the western United States as Ti and Do also indicated in a number of ways not referring to scripture, and in 11:2 stating that the “holy”, which constitues the Souls that are holy as a city is nothing without it’s occupants but is the “THEY” THAT ARE “TREADING UNDER FOOT” that can be documented further by disecting every word as I have done in my book:

Rev 11:1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.
Rev 11:2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

As with most if not all prophecy, there are BOTH literal and figurative translations. The figures also play out literally really depicting a mindset and it’s physical manifestation. So “sat” can literally mean, these 24 sat with the Older Member Two Witnesses as they were incarnate to prophesy – deliver new information and perspective, behaviors and ways about the Kingdom of God/Heaven (that will be consistant in a progressive evolutionary manner with all that’s been given before so all those prepared for them in any way shape or form have a chance to SEE them for who they are, the Father and Son and Crew’s return). Hence the physical evidence of that is seeing in the exit videos everyone was sitting with Do being video taped. Do and students may have at that point staged it to be filmed that way to satisfy prophecy as Jesus said he did with the donkey ride and with the Judas betrayal as they give us every opportunity to open our eyes. The Next Level is not a static organization. They do everything in steps and see how the students and human population responds before they decide what the next step was. I could give countless direct evidence of this watching Ti and Do for 12 and 19 years I was with them and I do in my book.

*3 before = 1799 enopion en-o’-pee-on
neuter of a compound of en – en 1722 and a derivative of optanomai – optanomai 3700; in the face of (literally or figuratively):–before, in the presence (sight) of, to.

Note: it’s related to the eye part of the face so is referring to a literal seeing as opposed to understanding though that would also be considered to be taking place to some degree while seeing.

*4 God – is referring to one or more Older Member(s) from the Kingdom of God/Heaven

*5 “on” – 1909 epi=
(among many possabilities) I choose in this context “because of” or “on behalf of” – in other words that these Older Members are physically present in the stately seat of power to be described next “on behalf of” or “because of” the 24 elder student body.

*6 “their seats” = 2362 thronos thron’-os
from thrao (to sit); a stately seat (“throne”); by implication, power or (concretely) a potentate:–seat, throne.

Note: It’s not the same Greek word as what was just translated as “sat” so as to it’s referring to where these Older Members are “sitting” should be translated to “throne” depicting a “stately seat of power”. To me this was an oversight though the Luciferians often cause such oversights as this is contextually understood while sometimes there would be no way for a translator to know what a more accurate translation could be.

*7 fell CAN MEAN – “FALLING DEAD SUDDENLY” (see below in caps)
4098 pipto {pip’-to}
a reduplicated and contracted form of peto {pet’-o}, (which occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses), probably akin to 4072 through the idea of alighting; TDNT – 6:161,846; v
AV – fall 69, fall down 19, light 1, fail 1; 90
1) to descend from a higher place to a lower 1a) to fall (either from or upon) 1a1) to be thrust down 1b) metaph. to fall under judgment, came under condemnation 2) to descend from an erect to a prostrate position 2a) to fall down 2a1) to be prostrated, fall prostrate 2a2) of those overcome by terror or astonishment or grief or under the attack of an evil spirit OR OF FALLING DEAD SUDDENLY 2a3) the dismemberment of a corpse by decay 2a4) to prostrate one’s self 2a5) used of suppliants and persons rendering homage or worship to one 2a6) to fall out, fall from i.e. shall perish or be lost 2a7) to fall down, fall into ruin: of buildings, walls etc. 2b) to be cast down from a state of prosperity 2b1) to fall from a state of uprightness 2b2) to perish, i.e come to an end, disappear, cease 2b2a) of virtues 2b3) to lose authority, no longer have force 2b3a) of sayings, precepts, etc. 2b4) to be removed from power by death 2b5) to fail of participating in, miss a share in

*8 upon is also “at” or “on” or “by”

*9 their = 846 autos {ow-tos’}
from the particle au [perhaps akin to the base of 109 through the idea of a baffling wind] (backward);; pron
AV – him 1952, his 1084, their 318, he 252, her 242, they 121, same 80, himself 58, misc 1678; 5785
1) himself, herself, themselves, itself 2) he, she, it 3) the same

*10 face = 4383 prosopon pros’-o-pon
from proV – pros 4314 and ops (the visage, from 3700); the front (as being towards view), i.e. the countenance, aspect, appearance, surface; by implication, presence, person:–(outward) appearance, X before, countenance, face, fashion, (men’s) person, presence

Note: related to the same root of “4314 pros” related to “prostrate/worship (work for” described below.

Note: the reference to “person” – the outward depiction and thus appearance of the person – their physical body as headed by the FACE as one doesn’t have a physical body without a FACE and visa versa so this is depicting the physicality.

Note: also the phrase, “fell upon their face” or “fell on face” in various configurations is a response of awe (often translated as fear that has since taken on a negative connotation with those trying to depict the Kingdom of God/Heaven in a fearful way, which of course could be fear if one has done things to anger the Lord like inhibat others from living and choosing to live according to the instructions the Lord has given through various representatives) or in respect of or out of desire and thirst for help from or for communication from the Father or the Lord or in feeling overwhelmed emotionally to feel physically faint, even literally falling down upon one’s “face” because of a revelations or experience of some physical awareness or actual physical presence of someone we feel has been sent to us as a messenger or teacher from the Kingdom of God/Heaven. Of course the person that is “falling on their face” in some of these contexts may or may not actually be experiencing a genuine member of the Kingdom of God/Heaven as the Luciferians who were once in an early stage of “classroom”, but enough to have draw from their Older Member at that time, their Mind, could in a human or another student of an Older Member invoke some of the same feelings. In this way, Luciferians can and do create facsimili’s of the Kingdom of God/Heaven reps, as humans who draw people to them because that Luciferian will spend time shaping that human for their service similarly to the way the Kingdom of God/Heaven does with those who seek to be their students. A huge difference is the Kingdom of God/Heaven requires regular asking from the human and they only give them small doses of their mind at any given time, primarily by their Rep being physically with them as in a “classroom” or through the words they delivered to humanity by their physical incarnate presence. This way there is no mysticism and one can know who they are serving and they never get more than they can handle and must constantly prove they want more by their asking and application of what they are given. The Luciferian doesn’t wait for asking and they don’t generally regulate that much and they operate in shady ways so those that become their tools demonstrate all kinds of erratic and fanactical behaviour that often times goes directly against the Kingdom of God/Heaven and their instructions for studentship. For instance all these cases of sexual abuses of children by priests, but in some of those cases I suspect the Luciferians seek to discredit the priests at the same time as bolstering them in other respects. This way in either case they are turning people away from the real Kingdom of God/Heaven as people observe those who are supposed to be representing the Kingdom of God/Heaven, even though they may or may not be depending on their relationship with the Kingdom of God/Heaven and whether or not the new representatives have come and given them a chance to recognize them.

*11 worshipped = 4352 proskuneo pros-koo-neh’-o
from proV – pros 4314 and a probable derivative of kuwn – kuon 2965 (meaning to kiss, like a dog licking his master’s hand); to fawn or crouch to, i.e. (literally or figuratively) prostrate oneself in homage (do reverence to, adore):–worship.

Note the relationship of worship to “prostrate” and the example of “kissing the masters hand”, giving/showing our love for which in the Kingdom of God/Heaven isn’t by representations of love – it’s by “working for” as Do said the word “worship” actually meant. It’s the provision of service that is throughout the Old and New Testament that demonstrates “love” and that without is, as Jesus depicted by people saying Lord, this and Lord that, like today with Jesus this and that while virtually ignoring the WAYs HE said to show your love by “keeping his sayings” – Doing what he asked – performing service as the Kingdom of God/heaven doesn’t need new members so we have to prove to them we want it and are not only willing to do everything their way to qualify but grow to not want to even consider doing something other than their way, not out of obedience but out of recognition that their way is always a better way. Now that can be thrown in one’s face as with all things and the Luciferians are masters when it comes to mixing things up and twisting, which is why the religions are so “f’ed up” to put it culturally correct as the Luciferians have sown so much mis/dis-information that everyone that doesn’t thirst for the truth at any cost to their reputations will not be given the keys to unlock the mysteries because they frankly don’t want to see them. I won’t play this out now but it’s interesting that this word is related to the gland in the male that produces ejects semen and how that is associated with “love” and “kissing” and sex and reproduction and marriage/committment with our love, physcially and mentally of our Older Member who we then become Happy to even give our life to as a bride is happy to give herself totally to their groom in that analogy used throughout the bible but I believe is applied in the human kingdom to the groom giving their life to their bride as well.
Summation of new translation and interpretation of Rev 11:16:

Therefore, given this context of depicting the 24 as the students of the Two Witnesses who were physically with them and are giving themselves to whoever is on the throne, presumably one or both of these Two Witnesses (as clearly deliniated by my detailed analysis as this one) and since we know that one of the primary ways we must give ourselves is through service doing what They have asked us to do, and as they don’t care to infringe on our free will to choose, the primary way they show us what it is that we must do is by demonstrating it to us, then if they demonstrate giving their life as Jesus did and said his disciples would also drink that cup to be loved by he and his Father then for these 24 one can’t help but consider the translation of “pipto” translated in King James as “fell” to the choice listed in it’s definition example as choosing “FALLING DEAD SUDDENLY” as in laying down ones life voluntarily as that was what the Older Member was choosin and would be seen as suicide by all who don’t know whom or what they are really observing. But even that is providing the option and serves it’s purpose as unlike the many facsimili’s that are hardly spoken of anymore Heaven’s Gate remains as the most intriguing group and has had more people writing about than all others combined even though they were such a small group.

Ti and Do used to say, “it only takes a few cowboys to drive a entire herd of cattle”. When the Luciferians drive humans they drive them off the cliff but when the Next Level reps do it, they drive them to a new life that far surpasses in every way the human kingdom, even though they never used much bait. They did compare humans to horses that were wild and the Next Level Older Members to ranchers who round up some of the wild horses against their will at first and then offer them taming and training. The ones who take to the taming and training get to stay and get to provide service to the ranchers and grow to a point that they fall in love with their good masters and even if given the chance to run away back to the wild heard would not. The ones that don’t take to the taming and training get let back out into the wild. So everyone gets what they want.

Incidentally, in the case of the Heaven’s Gate group, it makes total sense that Do would be among the last to lay down his life as he would not want to chance anyone not succeeding in that committment. This is the kind of deep consideration Ti and Do demonstrated throughout their mission. I know it’s very, very hard, even near impossible for most to see this and no one is to be faulted for not seeing it, yet being given the opportunity to see it is a seed in and of itself. As a seed, there will be watering and if the seeds desires to sprout it still can, that is until it dies. Then their fate is sealed for or against. No decision is probably against based on scripture of those who are “lukewarm”.

2 Q & A – 1) shift of religion in favour of science 2) when jesus would return for church

July 24, 2013

Here are two questions I tried to answer on yahoo answers:

Question 1: How long do you think it will be before we see another shift on the part of religion in favour of science?

Sawyer’s response:

Both are approaching obsolete. Let me explain. Religions are based on distortions of the truth, however they all have at their core an understanding that there is someone or something beyond human that brought about our reality, and they have many of the same core ideas about what was taught by those “beings”. If one actually looks at the data, the records, whether in the Hindu Vedas or the Moses and Enoch accounts and/or the Sumerian records there are many “sciences” taught then too. In archeology and anthropologic data there is significant evidence of technologies way before the current bloom of technology as we call it along with evidences of areas that were once oceans where they are dry now like the middle of the United states which could be evidence of the flood spoken of in the Genesis account. The point I am making is that religions are comprised of beliefs of what constitutes our reality seen and unseen as provided by key figures in history like Moses, Krishna, the first couple Buddha’s, Jesus, etc. along with the many who didn’t bring new information but supported the information brought buy these, documented as the other 24 something Buddha’s, the 24 something Old Testament prophets. This is all history that people formed stories from and those stories are what the modern religions are comprised of. There is no difference in reality between a belief in something hard to prove to some and a belief in something hard to prove using scientific methods as even those scientific methods are subject to constant updates, though they like religion are seldom taught in the schools as like with the religious no one wants to think about how they could be wrong and don’t want to lose their job or following or peer colleagues as these are what give most of us our own confidence and self worth and purpose and life, which is why people avoid new thought like the plague. One can look at most any field of science to date and will find controversy. It’s happening big time with space science as new telescopes and analysis methods are showing water on the moon and mars, planets that seem to be able to harbor life, galaxies beyond previously seen galaxies to who knows what degree and the same goes for the internal search of microorganisms to particles and quarks and dark energy where before science told us it was a vacuum or absent of water or ability to support life, etc. They have seen bodies in space in orbit around smaller bodies in space, something not previously thought possible. The Hale Bopp comet had a companion object with it as photographed and analyzed by a number of professional astronomers that was quickly covered up so the heaven’s gate people wouldn’t look like they were who they said they were. That in my opinion was the last shift if one wants to call it that and we are on the way out now. I believe the next event will be a type of start over on most of the planet where our technologies will be rendered useless except for some who are able to build underground which is happening at a huge pace right now, disguised as new subway systems or airports or ski resorts. And so it will all start all over again.

Question 2: When will Jesus return for his bride (church)?

Sawyer’s response:

The first harvest as depicted in Rev 14 already took place. The Two Witnesses were evidenced to be those called Ti and Do, known as the founders of what became known throughout the world as the UFO cult, HIM (human individual metamorphosis), and finally Heaven’s Gate. Ti was the woman in Rev 12 and Do the white horse in Rev 6 and they came via crashing of primitive flying saucers first in 1897 via the Aurora (morning star), Texas. That was the Older Member who last time 2000 yrs. ago was named Jesus. He came back again, took a new human body for his task and was awakened by this “Father” Ti who crashed a spacecraft, perhaps in 1945 near Laredo, Texas and the ones spoken of as the saints, the 24 elders crashed in a number of crashes thereafter like near Roswell, and Aztec, NM. They wanted to leave physical proof of their reality and then as Soul bodies that were invisible to humans and detection prepared humans who wanted to serve their “heavenly Father” in whatever way they thought of that as the terminology is not that important at that juncture, and when these Two awakened to their task, which took about a year from meeting in Texas, having taken over unsuspecting humans themselves, they began to talk publically and the first time they did those students who were perched to hear their public disclosure of having come from outer space and were here to update the bible and fulfill prophecy resulted in their coming into those human vehicles with their “elder” minds to begin the last trimester of their soul birth by overcoming their humanness under the direct teachings of these TWo Older Members, though Ti left first telling them that they must also drop their bodies to leave as it was a “spirit birth” like Jesus compared to the wind, unseen. That was the “first rapture” when they were plucked out of their otherwise normal human lives and then were taken though the birth canal of overcoming/conquering their human roots, behaviors and ways and then finished their mission by laying down the physical containers they borrowed for their task that also graduated the souls of those physical containers to their next station in the overall process of graduation from the human evolutionary kingdom to the Evolutionary Level Above Human. (not Darwinian evolution that is only a tiny view of how life forms evolve/grow) and this was an evolution of Mind which also makes a physical imprint on the Earth’s electromagnetic field, sort of like the “echo” of sound does. I am about to publish a book that documents all this scripturally and very thoroughly which could help some in the second harvest. The second harvest is NOT a voluntary laying down of life as there is no Older Member physically incarnate, though the task and challenge for all those who come to believe in Ti and Do will be to share their info with others and that could bring them to a premature end of their life as it did for Jesus disciples after he left. There is no “group” surrounding this information and no leaders and no membership and nothing to buy. Each person only needs to ask Ti and Do as those are still special names to use, who are in the literal heavens but have technology to hear any who call their phone number how they can serve them. They will NOT say anything to anyone directly but circumstances in one’s life will provide opportunities to see their response and sense it’s from them. No one will hurt anyone else nor try to convince anyone of anything. It’s all about learning what they taught and offering it to others as it feels right when people seem to want to know about something related like I am doing now. I was with Ti and Do for 19 years and will share any of my experience with them honestly as I have no need nor desire to have anyone look to me in any way shape or form as I work for Ti and Do not fellow humans though they have assigned me the task of writing/sharing all I learned from them as I failed to graduate with my class but have another opportunity as they don’t give up on us. We can give up on them. That’s our choice.

A tone, singing in the classroom, a little about Ti’s exit and Do’s response

July 23, 2013

stay connected to him and you will get everything you wish for if it isn’t human. Ti actually did ask him teach the class to sing, besides singing their message, behaviors and ways. But it really started in Wyoming in july of 1976 when they gave each of the groups that I never did know how many there were then but, counting those with Ti and Do, certainly less than 9 and more than 5 is my suspicion. I guess I could have just said, 6-8. Anyway what I recall as the first lesson step they provided that had very little talk about was becoming tuned to the A tone. They helped us do that by giving each of the group a tuning fork of the note A. I suggest you go out and get one but they may be more easily found on line. The instruction we got was to take turns using it. They are simple to sound. Gently tap the one of the two prongs on a hard surface and hear the tone. You can hear it better if you put the end on the opposite of the fork on your head. It makes your skull into an instrument. Match the tone with your voice. Hum it to yourself or whatever you want to do with it. It was just a couple months ago, I realized that the A Tone as they/we called it, was like Atonement which was tuning in to the Lord, getting right with the lord in atoning for the ways we missed the mark over the previous year, that was represented by “gold” the metal used to mark special occasions like the “day of atonement”. Many years later, like I started to say, Do began teaching the class to sing Christmas carols. We were never religious but the words still seemed special to Do as they expressed thoughts and feelings about the Next Level. I’m talking about the Christian carols not the secular jingle bell kind. For instance, we sang, Hard the herald angels sing, and the one with “five golden rings”, oh come all ye faithful, O come O come Emanuel, silent night and Do’s favorite that we sang at random moments thereafter was “lo how a rose”. We were divided into voice ranges, soprano, alto, tenor and bass and were taught to read the music and some that could not hold a tune no matter how hard they tried would just listen or sing on some songs and or know which notes they couldn’t hit so avoided trying to sing them. Do would listen to each student and would position them in the group so that a weaker singer was next to a stronger singer who could keep them in tune. Do sang baritone but not with us, except to demonstrate a part. Ti said it was to teach us to follow Do’s lead. They changed the words on the one with the 5 golden rings but I don’t recall them except we gave Ti and concert as she was not among us when we practiced. So we sang the one with 5 golden rings in it to Ti and where it said, “10 chimes a singing”, whatever the words were, some students came up with “10 years a waiting” as this was 10 years into being in the group. We learned later from Do that Ti was very upset by that verse as we were with our Older Members so there was no waiting for us as this was our assigned task so to be wanting the task to end meant we didn’t appreciate how special it was to be with the Older Members that consistently for that long. It was only months later that Ti left her vehicle after we moved from the Austin area back to Dallas by “white rock lake” where her ashes were spread over. Do told us she requested to be creamated and he had two witnesses to that – Jnnody and Lvvody who cared for her for the time before exiting. The class never knew what she was going through until she didn’t show up at a meeting and Do explained to us why, which was two weeks before she left. Do was devastated for a time but it didn’t make him crazy like he is portrayed to have become after Ti left, though I suspect it did make Do wonder if we all needed to plan on leaving our vehicles. But it was over 14 years later that he felt he knew that we needed to take it upon our selves to exit as no one was going to take us out as occurred 2000 years ago.

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Using the names Ti and Do, provision of service, giving one’s all in stages as Jesus and Moses taught

July 17, 2013

Below is the comments around the subjects of using the name Ti and Do or marshall applewhite as a facebook handle, plus some sense of the reason and timing for the way Do and students layed down their physical lives to include some more accurate defintions of “life” and how giving ours at this time is in the form of providing service to Ti and Do despite what might end up being detrimental to our physical life on Earth.
Melceir Adonein Soul and body must remain the same evolution cannot be separated…
Sunday at 4:13am · Like..

Sawyer Heavensgate true believer: Ti and Do never spoke of planets that way. They are environments set up to be gardens to grow souls upon, or for other purposes in support of a garden’s growth or for use by the Next Level for a base or for any number of growth projects….See More
Sunday at 1:16pm · Like · 1..

Sawyer Heavensgate Tiand Do: for whatever it’s worth, I feel it’s misleading and even a form of deceit, not that you intend to be, to use the names Tiand Do to represent yourself. It would be the same if I called myself Gautama Buddha or Jesus Christ. Maybe in your think…See More
Sunday at 1:29pm · Like · 1..

Melceir Adonein I would say that the soul is to perceive the world through the body lacks the soul is equated with as substance so in fact I do not understand why you have to give up the body? (IN1997)
Sunday at 5:37pm · Edited · Like..

Melceir Adonein Of course, this is just a name I did not want to impersonate any person’s intention
If you query face book you will find hundreds of Marshall Applewhite name I believe they meant no harm…So I do not think it is distorted or deceptive
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Sawyer Heavensgate suit yourself and I don’t care about all who are mimicing Do, I find no value it talking to someone who portrays themselves as someone else. It is deceptive and all who do it are deceiving who they communicate with in that manner. If I did that how would someone know when I was quoting the real Do and when I was making stuff up. This is not an insignificant matter, so if you expect to have conversation with me, then you need to change your handle.
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Melceir Adonein ok … if you feel angry I will try to modify my name But I do not want to laugh intention In fact, I read your book :Heaven’s Gate a Memorial Established 2009 I want to understand this religion Rather than just listen to a letter to the newspaper…
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Sawyer Heavensgate Thank you, as now at least if i’m talking to you and quoting Do it won’t look to others that I’m talking to Do and quoting Do. I don’t do this for me, though it is satisfying to do so, I do this for Ti and Do so that we all can grow at the pace we wish in their service if and when we choose. I am not interested in talking much philosophy except as it pertains to what I and we have been given from Ti and Do. Nor does it matter what name you choose or what it means in different languages. The words Ti and Do are special just the way they are as an “address” that will of course gradually become corrupted as was the Jesus Christ address and any addresses in other cultures where the Next Level provided their program during the current or past civilizations that I don’t do much speculation on as all those names were also corrupted over time.
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Melceir Adonein In fact, I feel angry for you…I do not keep my right to change the name ?…I do not deny that I ever wanted to commit suicide but 1997 events Let me rethink the importance of life…so In some ways I must thank Marshall That’s why I use their names …This is a memorial….But you have when it is a deception ….
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Sawyer Heavensgate Melceir, of course you have the right to use whatever name you want and to believe whatever you want and to say whatever you want. There are simply ramifications and one ramification to conversing with me is to not appear to represent the same person I am attempting to provide representative information about as it’s confusing. I’m not saying you intended to be deceptive, though there are some that certainly are, who have befriended me on this site. I don’t sense that from you so I don’t mean to say you are deceptive and especially if you in your culture see it as honoring to use someone else’s name you respect for some reason. When jesus said or implied for his students to “ask in my name” or do this in memory of me, “in my name” meant in accordance to what he had given them as their teacher but if they were actually talking to him, following his physical departure for those that literally knew him especially he would be listening when they pick up the telephone with that address on their minds, the address in that case being literally Jesus but not just the name but all that name represents to those using it at the time. Today the name Jesus can mean just about anything and mostly things apart from what he taught so it is hardly an address to use which is why for the general public he said address your petitioning for service to the “Father in the literal heavens – sky, amidst the planets and stars”. This is actually what Ti and Do initially told us to do as well but in their absence now the best way to communicate with them is to use the new address, “Ti and Do” which will also become corrupted, which is part of which I am trying to delay.
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Sawyer Heavensgate Melceir – yes life is precious. Their laying down of their lives did not make it any less precious but life as we know it is very temporary and we don’t fully recognize what about us actually is “life” as even a hardware/software computer can resemble life and can even be made a case for being alive because all the electrons of the atoms are animated and make decisions to some degree, though automatically driven by interactions with other particles, etc. What has been taught by those who represented the evolutionary level above human throughout historic records that have all been subject to dis/mis-information campaigns, but the core of which in some respects remains in tact is that there are additional evolutionary strata’s of “life” just like evidenced on Earth with mineral, plant, animal and human evolutionary stratas that all have their electromagnetic signature “vibration” and degree of sentience, while human has the most sentience, that is until the Next Level introduces their even more evolved sentience that demonstrates the existence of a body within the human physical body that is also physical but in a far less dense construction termed a “soul” that is apart from the built in product of the human genetic system as stored primarily in and around the brain termed a “spirit”. That soul is literally given by the Next Level to many humans when there is a harvest stage and for those plants that receive it and take to it’s germination becomes a separate living entity that upon reaching viability is born into the Next Level that has acquired the strength of mind to drive a new upgraded physical body to circulate indefinitely on spaecrafts in crews as teams assigned to tasks in providing this same opportunity to other humans. They are very much alive, in fact more alive for several reasons relative to the lesser alive kingdom levels of life on earth.
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Sawyer Heavensgate For someone who is first getting started, as in a sense we all are to date, being that we all have human vehicles with degrees of Next Level programming available according to what we have sought and been provided, the idea of “laying down our lives”, I would say is “jumping the gun”, so to speak. That’s an expression of some one in a race starting the race before the signal was given to start the race. It would be a false start. In this case I have no idea what the Next Level would do with a soul that under best intentions laid down their life before they had grown to have reached that lesson step. I suspect they would save that soul for a future opportunity to overcome their humanness as the intention alone when it’s for them according to their best comprehension would seem to be enough as demonstrated by what Jesus said to the “thief on the cross” next to him, when that “thief” indicated he believed Jesus was the son of the living god, so Jesus said, he (that soul) would be with him in the protected environment that was provided as a local “heaven” base of operations for that stage of the experiential overcoming classroom so that soul could be brought back the next time an Older Members came undercover (incarnate) to lead a class or students further towards their birth/graduation.
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Sawyer Heavensgate I suspect the stage we are in right now is learning all there is to know about Ti and Do’s teachings which could lead to one’s seeking communication with them using the names Ti and Do as the address to call on for help with anything, but primarily to be shown how to engage one’s own classroom experience given their physical incarnate absence. When one does learn all about Ti and Do they will recognize that the task now as with Jesus is to disseminate the information they taught and to do so as close to what they said and did as is possible. The next level however is not a static place so on Earth trying to be in their service can’t be static either necessitating regular checking in one’s privacy of their mind with Ti and Do with virtually everything we say to others about them. One of the ways the Lucifierian space aliens come in to influence humans to corrupt the most accurate teachings from an incarnate Older Member from the Next Level is by rendering the words, common or to mean multiple things or to be diluted into figures of speech and used as metaphors so much so that it becomes anyone’s guess what was originally intended. However the Next Level keeps some of this distortion from taking too much hold too fast and so for instance we can still count on seeing the core teachings of the Next Level through Jesus in the red letters of the new testament though the scripture quoters still try to talk around them and make them more easily digestible for the general public which for the thirsty doesn’t really make sense so it drives them away from those scripture quoters but if they remain thirsty doesn’t drive them away from what Jesus actually said.
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Sawyer Heavensgate When beginning to deliver Next Level info to fellow humans who seem to want to know as there is no point to slamming it down people’s throats, one will quickly experience great resistance. Sometimes it’s in the form of even violent opposition and others times just wanting to ignore it. In either case we can remain sensitive and understanding that it’s a big step to change one’s long held beliefs or disbeliefs and one’s ability to quickly receive the info is not necessarily indicative of greater advancement as there are all sorts of degrees of not only comprehension but application of the behaviors and ways the Next level teaches and demonstrates while incarnate both of the mind and of the body. So just being able to talk about it is not necessarily reflective of ones station towards Next Level membership, thus we can’t judge another as lessor or greater than ourselves. Our task is simply to try to be a “pipe”, not a channel as has become popular to where someone goes into a type of trance to let an invisible entity talk through. That’s a Luciferian inspired facsimile of the Next Level way we want to be a pipeline or link in their chain of mind. If that method worked, the Next Level would never need to send an undercover Older Member. They could just transmit the data through a receptive human. They need to be on the ground, in the trenches, face to face with the student body to take instructions inch by inch on how to lead them to graduation. We would be just beginning to experience that by sharing information with people, hearing their reaction, thinking about whether Ti and Do or any of their active students addressed that, which is “asking” for it to come to mind and then giving a response your best shot. And that best shot will always be subject to improvement which often comes after delivering it when we go over what we said in our minds and it occurs to us this or that could have been said better or with less doors open to misconceptions, in which case if we can, we can try to correct with whoever we are speaking to.
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Sawyer Heavensgate When we are willing to talk about Ti and Do’s teachings when we know some could respond even violently in our opposition to talking about them, which is not something we try to stimulate nor enjoy per say, it is a first step to “giving our all” as taught by Moses and Jesus to be the greatest instruction to students as at that point, willingness alone is demonstrating faith that there is LIFE beyond the human grave IF one is connected to the source of that LIFE which we believe is evidenced by Ti and Do in accordance with what was taught before.
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Sawyer Heavensgate There is naturally some working up to this kind of service. It takes some practice to get the brain versed in the terms Ti and Do used and what those terms represented. It is important to use their terminology and their examples as those were the words Their Older Member gave them to use, while recognizing that those words will be bastardized necessitating delivery of the intention behind the words not just the words alone which is what many of the religious are led to not do and has come to the point that if they see/hear someone using words not in their translation of scripture they quickly dismiss as having any bearing on the subject. But even in talking to these one can find ways to talk in their language that can open a door to their thinking about, usually later, that is if they do have in their heart a desire to be connected to the same Level Above Human.

A most generic presentation of how to choose to attempt to communicate to the grand directors

July 16, 2013

Here is my latest attempt to offer a perspective and choice as I see it to those that are very observant of all the possabilites of what is going on in the world and our tiny view of this part of the solar system/galaxy, etc. It’s a cut to the chase effort to try to help some make the ultimate choice of who to serve without giving names since so many humans are nearly totally jaded by names that stimulate this or that programming for or against.

Great to see all the conversation in observance of all that’s happening that 99% of the public are nearly completely unaware of. And the confusion is to be expected about what is and isn’t possible or what is or isn’t being caused by humans, or space aliens or the evolutionary level above human (nature). The most interesting aspect of all this is that everyone has pieces of the puzzle either in theory or empirical evidence and yet no one will do anything to change what’s going on so it simply means each of us coming to terms with the bottom line. In this regard intelligence gets in the way, that is if intelligence is measured by the acquisition of data only because we all KNOW if we have been watching that data is all relative and changeable as Einstein and Boehm argued, according to the observer and what they are willing to entertain or not. In our world there is really only one absolute and that is that we each have choices until we die of what to simply believe and what to not believe which will boil down, like it or not to between only two perspectives or truths about our reality. We know harp did not create our envioronment and we know there have been storms and odd weather for as long as there are records and certainly well before that on earth and in perhaps millions of earths. We know nothing that has a system with cooperating elements can not exist with out some type of direction, particle ionic exchange, genetic adaptations, etc. whether the instigation of change is detectable elementally or by frequency generation that motivates the elements to play out their programmed action/reactions. The point is that there is very, very clear evidence of direction on every level of our reality thus directors on every level as well and we know humans nor space aliens don’t evidence having much direction relative to all that is beyond their control, otherwise the space aliens would not want what humans have…dna, elements, nuclear energy, etc. That means there is something that has the ultimate direction and I could go on for hours with the basic logic 101 on this, but just the fact that humans have created nothing without having the elements and systems to permit development is very strong absolute evidence that it takes some provisions to bring anything about thus something with at the very least as much intelligent driven direction to bring about the provisions themselves, the elements and physical systems within systems, etc. And with this one can not avoid logically considering that there is a potential purpose to it all as there is always purpose to what humans do, even if it’s to distract from the real purpose knowingly or not. And of course that takes the form of theory, philosophy, mystery analysis, and all the machinations in the historic records as this is nothing new really except in how we current humans are witnessing to date.

This brings us back to the choice that must extend past the brain as the computer can only manage perception of reality as it’s been prepared to and that preparation is for all intents and purposes saved as genetic data that is ultimately in a frequency format the records call “spirit” which of course has become a “religious” word, so automatically for many, poppy cock, which is a CHOICE. So what is our ultimate choice now one might wonder with all these words that I know say nothing to many? Well we can choose to tap into the ultimate directors as what directors of a project that has purpose would not provide a way for that which is being given direction to provide feedback in some way, which has also been evidenced in records past. But how to send such a request for help. The system is to project one’s request as far away from the planet as is possible for the help to sort out each of our highest potential from the highest directors and then expect to SEE that help materialize and look for it day to day. If our request is weak then our ability to perceive a response will be weak. It’s that simple and the response will blow our minds as it unfolds in our view and of course we must still observe and consider all that’s happening so we can talk to others about it somewhat on their terms so they too can choose where to go for the hightest answers to our individual purpose in this grand evidenced designed environment. And the other choice is to not make that request or to simply look to fellow humans and/or space aliens and/or slugs for ultimate answers. This is not a pie in the sky, idea as upon perception of a response from the grand directors we are required to take baby steps that will become leaps that will require us all to change. It’s not like religion or spirituality with this balony of the 100Th monkey or I’m saved from hell because I talk like I am. That’s all distortions and humans and space aliens, some of which know of this option are responsible for the confusion around those and all the other mindsets that are flooding us. So no one to answer to on this. Nothing to buy, no membership in this or that group. A simple choice – take it or leave it but if you take it take it with guts if you have any as there is nothing causal about any of this.

What does Next Level (Kingdom of God/Heaven) existence entail and is Pluto a base?

July 6, 2013

Here is a recent question I received and my response for anyone interested:

Question:i had a very in depth question about next level existence. will we be teraforming planets and using pluto as our base, or will we be based on some other planet?

Sawyer’s response: I don’t know where any one person would be assigned to work, but I believe Ti and Do indicated at first there would be a great deal o…f “observing” while a member of a crew which can be in any number of labs. They simulated such stages of coming up to speed on tasks in our “house” that we called a “craft” (but that’s about as far as it went in terms of trekkyness). It won’t be boring, that’s for sure and Ti and Do indicated there would be continuous growth based on what each wanted to learn about and one will be provided with choices of departments they want to get experience in/with. I have no idea if Pluto is actually a base or if Ti and Do designed one movie script around it’s being a base because it worked for our thinking, but the reality is that some of the bodies we see in space can potentially be used as some type of base or transport. They did talk about how the Earth could be changed into what they called a “celestial body”. I believe the context was, “what if humans accepted the Next Level? To that, They indicated members of the Next Level might come and actually be visible around us to some degree but that should any of the humans choose to become like them – eternal, etc., they would be given that opportunity, I presume somewhere else. They did indicate there are planets that have human equivalents thriving upon that are not like earthlings, with no wars and such, but they are not Next Level Members. They have limited life spans still.