What does Next Level (Kingdom of God/Heaven) existence entail and is Pluto a base?

Here is a recent question I received and my response for anyone interested:

Question:i had a very in depth question about next level existence. will we be teraforming planets and using pluto as our base, or will we be based on some other planet?

Sawyer’s response: I don’t know where any one person would be assigned to work, but I believe Ti and Do indicated at first there would be a great deal o…f “observing” while a member of a crew which can be in any number of labs. They simulated such stages of coming up to speed on tasks in our “house” that we called a “craft” (but that’s about as far as it went in terms of trekkyness). It won’t be boring, that’s for sure and Ti and Do indicated there would be continuous growth based on what each wanted to learn about and one will be provided with choices of departments they want to get experience in/with. I have no idea if Pluto is actually a base or if Ti and Do designed one movie script around it’s being a base because it worked for our thinking, but the reality is that some of the bodies we see in space can potentially be used as some type of base or transport. They did talk about how the Earth could be changed into what they called a “celestial body”. I believe the context was, “what if humans accepted the Next Level? To that, They indicated members of the Next Level might come and actually be visible around us to some degree but that should any of the humans choose to become like them – eternal, etc., they would be given that opportunity, I presume somewhere else. They did indicate there are planets that have human equivalents thriving upon that are not like earthlings, with no wars and such, but they are not Next Level Members. They have limited life spans still.

19 Responses to “What does Next Level (Kingdom of God/Heaven) existence entail and is Pluto a base?”

  1. RNB Says:

    I find this very fascinating but as far as my understanding goes (very limited compared to you and others) didn’t we miss oppurtunities such as these? I mean ti and do left years ago and do said it was the last chance. I am sure it is otherwise but it all feels so spread out and far in between. Even though I have been unsure of these kind of questions I am still holding fast and have improved greatly. I think it would be great to understand what newcomers should do. I have been with this for over 2 years now but as any sheep the sheep needs guidance. You are not the shephard I know that do explained that very clearly. There is no memeber here so there is no class but if there was a class, ill call the homeschooled class. What should one do? Time feters things but I believe in this. I think the best thing people like me can do is private do what do had the class do.

    • sawyer Says:

      When Do and his crew of graduate students wrote and spoke about the “last chance” to leave with us, or to evacuate or to survive before recycling and with them, it was never held to a date. In the document, ‘”Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure’ By Jwnody on behalf of Do she wrote:

      There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of
      this world.” In order to get saved for further planting, the
      overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are
      the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that
      created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be
      willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that
      stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.

      Here’s what Do says in the purple book’s “Do’s Intro: Purpose – Belief, What Our Purpose Is – The Simple “Bottom Line”:

      The hard facts or bold statements in a nutshell, that are so
      difficult to accept or “digest” – come down to: If you want or
      ever expect to go to Heaven – here is your window. That window
      opportunity requires: 1) an incarnate (as human) Representative
      of the Kingdom of Heaven; 2) that all who hope to enter Heaven
      become active students of that Representative while the
      Representative is present; 3) those who endure the “transition
      classroom” until it ends (adequately bonding or “grafting” to
      that Representative) will go with that Representative – literally
      LEAVE the human kingdom and Earth as He is about to do. Staying
      behind, for any significant period, could jeopardizes that “graft.”
      That window to Heaven will not open again until another civilization
      is planted and has reached sufficient maturity (according to the
      judgment of the Next Level).

      Note the next to last sentence…”staying behind for any significant period could jeopardize that “graft”.

      A significant period is ?? and then even if you do it COULD, not would.

      And in “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled” by Do in 1996 speaking of three types of people who can be “saved” Do explains the three types of individuals with can “leave with them” being saved from the recycling. He also defines breaking away from our roots. And as jwnody reported, studying all Ti and Do did and said and disseminating that information to others. Do hasn’t said anything about “overcoming the world” except in these ways of disconnecting and he didn’t spell out how fast. That’s up to you as is everything. One can ask Ti and Do repeatedly how they can serve and for help to apply what they provide. They can be trusted to not take you faster than you can go, according to your asking. If it’s too slow ask them to speed it up. However, as we gravitate to more and more of what Ti and Do said, we can’t help but talk about it and that causes us breakaway.

  2. crlody Says:

    This is all assuming that anyone still on this planet will ever even make it into the NL, They don’t need any of us and that’s a much more important point than speculating about NL activities. The individual who posed this question to you has behaved in a highly unstable and vindictive manner and seems to have the same influences attached to him that Austin did and I do not see a shred of NL Mind in him and I’m now convinced that Austin had none either. Austin was a parasite used by the lower forces and after draining us for years(despite my repeatedly telling him that the Class is gone and there’s no one to follow here) he now apparently no longer believes in Ti and Do. Instead of trying to prove his worth to Ti and Do he always seemed to be trying to make the NL prove itself to him. It’s become pretty clear to me Sawyer that you’re more interested in drawing attention to yourself and your blogs and videos than the Information that Ti and Do left behind. This is evidenced by the fact that you seem to think that it’s no big deal(based on numerous statements that you’ve made over the years) that Mark King has hidden away the audio tapes containing the core teachings of the Class. You cannot deny that those tapes are going to have much more pure NL Mind on them than anything that ANYONE on this planet has to say and that includes you. Those tapes will blow anything that you have to say about Ti and Do out of the water because they are the actual words and instructions of Ti and Do. You recently dubbed yourself the “most outspoken supporter of the Class” which seems to be nothing but pure ego to me. Where were you when RKK was trying to distribute the Class’ Info after They left in March of 1997? You were busy with your own life which is fine but that doesn’t mean that because of your interpretation of a dream that you had years ago that you now have a “task” assigned by Ti and Do to answer questions about NL activities. Calling yourself the “most outspoken supporter of the Class” is a completely meaningless statement as far as I’m concerned. Actions speak louder than words. More than one person has already tried to look to you as a teacher and now this Anteros Turner character is asking you questions about what “we’ll” be doing in the NL!? The same fool who claimed he was Do and then condemned Do and His Teachings to hell now wants to know what he’ll be doing in the NL?! Fool me once shame on you (the Austin experience), fool me twice, same on……..

    • sawyer Says:

      As any of us, I can only answer to Ti and Do. I’m not working for anyone else, so if someone asks me a question I’m going to do my best to give answers I either got from Ti and Do or from the Jesus, Moses records and what’s been happening to date that might provide some context. And sure, I know what I say will at times be off the mark, which when I recognize I try to correct. If there is anything I say that you think is against Ti and Do’s teachings, then I welcome your input, but I have no interest in judging anyone to have Next Level mind or not and how much. However, if they say or act in ways that are clear to me not from Do and Ti’s mind, as in declaring they are Ti and/or Do or equivalent, I’m going to speak to that as well, which I have done, but that doesn’t mean they go on some list of evil forevermore anymore than I would want to be on such a list in Ti and Do’s mind because of the mistakes I made/make. As far as my saying I believed I’ve been the most outspoken, I agree that does sound egotistical and I regret doing so, yet my motivation is not to make myself look special as heck, what saying that really does is put me further in the loony bin with most. But there’s reason to say that as I’m not competing with anyone and I don’t get points with Ti and Do with how many words I speak anyway, how many video’s I put out. Actually if I was going to rate myself in comparison to you and your efforts to spread Ti and Do’s info, I think you have done more in some ways, though perhaps not so much in as public a way but by posting the info and mailing to people who ask, etc. but…as I know you know, it’s not at all about that – it’s that we do it and help any that want to do it. But in regards to the dreams I’ve had where Do was talking to me, and classmates at times, if I did not share any of those, or the premonitions and ideas about what this and that event in space might be or might relate to prophecy of Do, when he was serving in the vehicle named Jesus, I might be denying what that might provide someone today. Are we servants of Ti and Do or not? If they give us something or we discover something and it seems to have their fingerprints on it, then why not put it out there to consider. They haven’t terminated the garden yet. There are considerable prophecies that have not yet been fulfilled as best I can tell. Sure I guess it could have been an Luciferian that appeared to me in a dream to tell me that Obama was the black horse in Rev 6, but then to think that way is for me to say, Ti and Do and crew are not going to use any of us to help those in what seems to be the “second harvest” as the firstharvest had some different criterias based on what that student body needed. And there has been considerable circumstantial evidences in my mind of many of the communications we receive whether in feelings or dreams or by observations of events and people’s responses to it all and history, so I’m not going to be so fundamentalist as to say, “nothing new can come from the Lord after they leave” when it has all the earmarks as from Ti and Do. I have also shared that I felt I have had dreams that seemed at first to be Ti and Do but had these different qualities that made me doubt them. We know the Luciferians and influences use sleep time, dream time, and everything as their weapons, so perhaps if some of us who believe in Ti and Do have certain experiences with these to share, we can help others sort out the differences as well. It is a war for souls. That’s what Ti and Do taught even in the last days of their incarnate period and that’s going to continue and be challenging so even with my mistakes or seeming ego boosting, which I imagine putting music to video’s might also appear, it’s what I feel to proceed with and that’s my choice.

  3. TMMODY Says:

    crlody or swyody… How well did you know Walton Gayson? He was living in a shanty that was rented in Herf’s name when the murders happened. What was his ODY name? When did he leave? Did he call either of you before he immolated himself?

  4. TMMODY Says:

    by the way… it’s me TMMODY… i watch everything. I read everything. I listen to everything. I’m getting towards the end of the available tapes. Who do I need to contact to get the “lost tapes”…. Rio?

    I am in a position to apply pressure because… Just Because. LOL.

    I can’t believe you and CRLODY haven’t been able to somehow get those tapes.

    I bid you peace… but you don’t seem to remember be… TMMODY?????

    • sawyer Says:

      you silly man – how could i forget the phony ody. You may want to think twice before using that ody name given that gayson story. That story is so full of “set up” it’s bizarre. It may be a joke or a typical harrassment and may have a tiny bit of fact but if you read the 4 articles carefully you would have seen all kinds of major contradictions and statments of fact that are not, some of which I can prove. Anyway I’m working on that.

    • sawyer Says:

      You can try to get them by going through the website heavensgate.com contact email address, but short of a legal attack you don’t stand a chance. Plus they have copyrighted everything so even a legal attack doesn’t stand a chance. I don’t feel Do had instruction to be sure those tapes were available. He did have instruction to be sure the beyond human tapes and book material and exit videos were all available sending masters to different former students. And then rkkody was used to be sure the tapes with Ti in them became available thru rkkody and they are.

  5. Lauren Says:

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  6. Markus Says:

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  7. Anna Says:

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