A most generic presentation of how to choose to attempt to communicate to the grand directors

Here is my latest attempt to offer a perspective and choice as I see it to those that are very observant of all the possabilites of what is going on in the world and our tiny view of this part of the solar system/galaxy, etc. It’s a cut to the chase effort to try to help some make the ultimate choice of who to serve without giving names since so many humans are nearly totally jaded by names that stimulate this or that programming for or against.

Great to see all the conversation in observance of all that’s happening that 99% of the public are nearly completely unaware of. And the confusion is to be expected about what is and isn’t possible or what is or isn’t being caused by humans, or space aliens or the evolutionary level above human (nature). The most interesting aspect of all this is that everyone has pieces of the puzzle either in theory or empirical evidence and yet no one will do anything to change what’s going on so it simply means each of us coming to terms with the bottom line. In this regard intelligence gets in the way, that is if intelligence is measured by the acquisition of data only because we all KNOW if we have been watching that data is all relative and changeable as Einstein and Boehm argued, according to the observer and what they are willing to entertain or not. In our world there is really only one absolute and that is that we each have choices until we die of what to simply believe and what to not believe which will boil down, like it or not to between only two perspectives or truths about our reality. We know harp did not create our envioronment and we know there have been storms and odd weather for as long as there are records and certainly well before that on earth and in perhaps millions of earths. We know nothing that has a system with cooperating elements can not exist with out some type of direction, particle ionic exchange, genetic adaptations, etc. whether the instigation of change is detectable elementally or by frequency generation that motivates the elements to play out their programmed action/reactions. The point is that there is very, very clear evidence of direction on every level of our reality thus directors on every level as well and we know humans nor space aliens don’t evidence having much direction relative to all that is beyond their control, otherwise the space aliens would not want what humans have…dna, elements, nuclear energy, etc. That means there is something that has the ultimate direction and I could go on for hours with the basic logic 101 on this, but just the fact that humans have created nothing without having the elements and systems to permit development is very strong absolute evidence that it takes some provisions to bring anything about thus something with at the very least as much intelligent driven direction to bring about the provisions themselves, the elements and physical systems within systems, etc. And with this one can not avoid logically considering that there is a potential purpose to it all as there is always purpose to what humans do, even if it’s to distract from the real purpose knowingly or not. And of course that takes the form of theory, philosophy, mystery analysis, and all the machinations in the historic records as this is nothing new really except in how we current humans are witnessing to date.

This brings us back to the choice that must extend past the brain as the computer can only manage perception of reality as it’s been prepared to and that preparation is for all intents and purposes saved as genetic data that is ultimately in a frequency format the records call “spirit” which of course has become a “religious” word, so automatically for many, poppy cock, which is a CHOICE. So what is our ultimate choice now one might wonder with all these words that I know say nothing to many? Well we can choose to tap into the ultimate directors as what directors of a project that has purpose would not provide a way for that which is being given direction to provide feedback in some way, which has also been evidenced in records past. But how to send such a request for help. The system is to project one’s request as far away from the planet as is possible for the help to sort out each of our highest potential from the highest directors and then expect to SEE that help materialize and look for it day to day. If our request is weak then our ability to perceive a response will be weak. It’s that simple and the response will blow our minds as it unfolds in our view and of course we must still observe and consider all that’s happening so we can talk to others about it somewhat on their terms so they too can choose where to go for the hightest answers to our individual purpose in this grand evidenced designed environment. And the other choice is to not make that request or to simply look to fellow humans and/or space aliens and/or slugs for ultimate answers. This is not a pie in the sky, idea as upon perception of a response from the grand directors we are required to take baby steps that will become leaps that will require us all to change. It’s not like religion or spirituality with this balony of the 100Th monkey or I’m saved from hell because I talk like I am. That’s all distortions and humans and space aliens, some of which know of this option are responsible for the confusion around those and all the other mindsets that are flooding us. So no one to answer to on this. Nothing to buy, no membership in this or that group. A simple choice – take it or leave it but if you take it take it with guts if you have any as there is nothing causal about any of this.

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