Using the names Ti and Do, provision of service, giving one’s all in stages as Jesus and Moses taught

Below is the comments around the subjects of using the name Ti and Do or marshall applewhite as a facebook handle, plus some sense of the reason and timing for the way Do and students layed down their physical lives to include some more accurate defintions of “life” and how giving ours at this time is in the form of providing service to Ti and Do despite what might end up being detrimental to our physical life on Earth.
Melceir Adonein Soul and body must remain the same evolution cannot be separated…
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Sawyer Heavensgate true believer: Ti and Do never spoke of planets that way. They are environments set up to be gardens to grow souls upon, or for other purposes in support of a garden’s growth or for use by the Next Level for a base or for any number of growth projects….See More
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Sawyer Heavensgate Tiand Do: for whatever it’s worth, I feel it’s misleading and even a form of deceit, not that you intend to be, to use the names Tiand Do to represent yourself. It would be the same if I called myself Gautama Buddha or Jesus Christ. Maybe in your think…See More
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Melceir Adonein I would say that the soul is to perceive the world through the body lacks the soul is equated with as substance so in fact I do not understand why you have to give up the body? (IN1997)
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Melceir Adonein Of course, this is just a name I did not want to impersonate any person’s intention
If you query face book you will find hundreds of Marshall Applewhite name I believe they meant no harm…So I do not think it is distorted or deceptive
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Sawyer Heavensgate suit yourself and I don’t care about all who are mimicing Do, I find no value it talking to someone who portrays themselves as someone else. It is deceptive and all who do it are deceiving who they communicate with in that manner. If I did that how would someone know when I was quoting the real Do and when I was making stuff up. This is not an insignificant matter, so if you expect to have conversation with me, then you need to change your handle.
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Melceir Adonein ok … if you feel angry I will try to modify my name But I do not want to laugh intention In fact, I read your book :Heaven’s Gate a Memorial Established 2009 I want to understand this religion Rather than just listen to a letter to the newspaper…
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Sawyer Heavensgate Thank you, as now at least if i’m talking to you and quoting Do it won’t look to others that I’m talking to Do and quoting Do. I don’t do this for me, though it is satisfying to do so, I do this for Ti and Do so that we all can grow at the pace we wish in their service if and when we choose. I am not interested in talking much philosophy except as it pertains to what I and we have been given from Ti and Do. Nor does it matter what name you choose or what it means in different languages. The words Ti and Do are special just the way they are as an “address” that will of course gradually become corrupted as was the Jesus Christ address and any addresses in other cultures where the Next Level provided their program during the current or past civilizations that I don’t do much speculation on as all those names were also corrupted over time.
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Melceir Adonein In fact, I feel angry for you…I do not keep my right to change the name ?…I do not deny that I ever wanted to commit suicide but 1997 events Let me rethink the importance of life…so In some ways I must thank Marshall That’s why I use their names …This is a memorial….But you have when it is a deception ….
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Sawyer Heavensgate Melceir, of course you have the right to use whatever name you want and to believe whatever you want and to say whatever you want. There are simply ramifications and one ramification to conversing with me is to not appear to represent the same person I am attempting to provide representative information about as it’s confusing. I’m not saying you intended to be deceptive, though there are some that certainly are, who have befriended me on this site. I don’t sense that from you so I don’t mean to say you are deceptive and especially if you in your culture see it as honoring to use someone else’s name you respect for some reason. When jesus said or implied for his students to “ask in my name” or do this in memory of me, “in my name” meant in accordance to what he had given them as their teacher but if they were actually talking to him, following his physical departure for those that literally knew him especially he would be listening when they pick up the telephone with that address on their minds, the address in that case being literally Jesus but not just the name but all that name represents to those using it at the time. Today the name Jesus can mean just about anything and mostly things apart from what he taught so it is hardly an address to use which is why for the general public he said address your petitioning for service to the “Father in the literal heavens – sky, amidst the planets and stars”. This is actually what Ti and Do initially told us to do as well but in their absence now the best way to communicate with them is to use the new address, “Ti and Do” which will also become corrupted, which is part of which I am trying to delay.
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Sawyer Heavensgate Melceir – yes life is precious. Their laying down of their lives did not make it any less precious but life as we know it is very temporary and we don’t fully recognize what about us actually is “life” as even a hardware/software computer can resemble life and can even be made a case for being alive because all the electrons of the atoms are animated and make decisions to some degree, though automatically driven by interactions with other particles, etc. What has been taught by those who represented the evolutionary level above human throughout historic records that have all been subject to dis/mis-information campaigns, but the core of which in some respects remains in tact is that there are additional evolutionary strata’s of “life” just like evidenced on Earth with mineral, plant, animal and human evolutionary stratas that all have their electromagnetic signature “vibration” and degree of sentience, while human has the most sentience, that is until the Next Level introduces their even more evolved sentience that demonstrates the existence of a body within the human physical body that is also physical but in a far less dense construction termed a “soul” that is apart from the built in product of the human genetic system as stored primarily in and around the brain termed a “spirit”. That soul is literally given by the Next Level to many humans when there is a harvest stage and for those plants that receive it and take to it’s germination becomes a separate living entity that upon reaching viability is born into the Next Level that has acquired the strength of mind to drive a new upgraded physical body to circulate indefinitely on spaecrafts in crews as teams assigned to tasks in providing this same opportunity to other humans. They are very much alive, in fact more alive for several reasons relative to the lesser alive kingdom levels of life on earth.
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Sawyer Heavensgate For someone who is first getting started, as in a sense we all are to date, being that we all have human vehicles with degrees of Next Level programming available according to what we have sought and been provided, the idea of “laying down our lives”, I would say is “jumping the gun”, so to speak. That’s an expression of some one in a race starting the race before the signal was given to start the race. It would be a false start. In this case I have no idea what the Next Level would do with a soul that under best intentions laid down their life before they had grown to have reached that lesson step. I suspect they would save that soul for a future opportunity to overcome their humanness as the intention alone when it’s for them according to their best comprehension would seem to be enough as demonstrated by what Jesus said to the “thief on the cross” next to him, when that “thief” indicated he believed Jesus was the son of the living god, so Jesus said, he (that soul) would be with him in the protected environment that was provided as a local “heaven” base of operations for that stage of the experiential overcoming classroom so that soul could be brought back the next time an Older Members came undercover (incarnate) to lead a class or students further towards their birth/graduation.
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Sawyer Heavensgate I suspect the stage we are in right now is learning all there is to know about Ti and Do’s teachings which could lead to one’s seeking communication with them using the names Ti and Do as the address to call on for help with anything, but primarily to be shown how to engage one’s own classroom experience given their physical incarnate absence. When one does learn all about Ti and Do they will recognize that the task now as with Jesus is to disseminate the information they taught and to do so as close to what they said and did as is possible. The next level however is not a static place so on Earth trying to be in their service can’t be static either necessitating regular checking in one’s privacy of their mind with Ti and Do with virtually everything we say to others about them. One of the ways the Lucifierian space aliens come in to influence humans to corrupt the most accurate teachings from an incarnate Older Member from the Next Level is by rendering the words, common or to mean multiple things or to be diluted into figures of speech and used as metaphors so much so that it becomes anyone’s guess what was originally intended. However the Next Level keeps some of this distortion from taking too much hold too fast and so for instance we can still count on seeing the core teachings of the Next Level through Jesus in the red letters of the new testament though the scripture quoters still try to talk around them and make them more easily digestible for the general public which for the thirsty doesn’t really make sense so it drives them away from those scripture quoters but if they remain thirsty doesn’t drive them away from what Jesus actually said.
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Sawyer Heavensgate When beginning to deliver Next Level info to fellow humans who seem to want to know as there is no point to slamming it down people’s throats, one will quickly experience great resistance. Sometimes it’s in the form of even violent opposition and others times just wanting to ignore it. In either case we can remain sensitive and understanding that it’s a big step to change one’s long held beliefs or disbeliefs and one’s ability to quickly receive the info is not necessarily indicative of greater advancement as there are all sorts of degrees of not only comprehension but application of the behaviors and ways the Next level teaches and demonstrates while incarnate both of the mind and of the body. So just being able to talk about it is not necessarily reflective of ones station towards Next Level membership, thus we can’t judge another as lessor or greater than ourselves. Our task is simply to try to be a “pipe”, not a channel as has become popular to where someone goes into a type of trance to let an invisible entity talk through. That’s a Luciferian inspired facsimile of the Next Level way we want to be a pipeline or link in their chain of mind. If that method worked, the Next Level would never need to send an undercover Older Member. They could just transmit the data through a receptive human. They need to be on the ground, in the trenches, face to face with the student body to take instructions inch by inch on how to lead them to graduation. We would be just beginning to experience that by sharing information with people, hearing their reaction, thinking about whether Ti and Do or any of their active students addressed that, which is “asking” for it to come to mind and then giving a response your best shot. And that best shot will always be subject to improvement which often comes after delivering it when we go over what we said in our minds and it occurs to us this or that could have been said better or with less doors open to misconceptions, in which case if we can, we can try to correct with whoever we are speaking to.
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Sawyer Heavensgate When we are willing to talk about Ti and Do’s teachings when we know some could respond even violently in our opposition to talking about them, which is not something we try to stimulate nor enjoy per say, it is a first step to “giving our all” as taught by Moses and Jesus to be the greatest instruction to students as at that point, willingness alone is demonstrating faith that there is LIFE beyond the human grave IF one is connected to the source of that LIFE which we believe is evidenced by Ti and Do in accordance with what was taught before.
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Sawyer Heavensgate There is naturally some working up to this kind of service. It takes some practice to get the brain versed in the terms Ti and Do used and what those terms represented. It is important to use their terminology and their examples as those were the words Their Older Member gave them to use, while recognizing that those words will be bastardized necessitating delivery of the intention behind the words not just the words alone which is what many of the religious are led to not do and has come to the point that if they see/hear someone using words not in their translation of scripture they quickly dismiss as having any bearing on the subject. But even in talking to these one can find ways to talk in their language that can open a door to their thinking about, usually later, that is if they do have in their heart a desire to be connected to the same Level Above Human.

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