A tone, singing in the classroom, a little about Ti’s exit and Do’s response

stay connected to him and you will get everything you wish for if it isn’t human. Ti actually did ask him teach the class to sing, besides singing their message, behaviors and ways. But it really started in Wyoming in july of 1976 when they gave each of the groups that I never did know how many there were then but, counting those with Ti and Do, certainly less than 9 and more than 5 is my suspicion. I guess I could have just said, 6-8. Anyway what I recall as the first lesson step they provided that had very little talk about was becoming tuned to the A tone. They helped us do that by giving each of the group a tuning fork of the note A. I suggest you go out and get one but they may be more easily found on line. The instruction we got was to take turns using it. They are simple to sound. Gently tap the one of the two prongs on a hard surface and hear the tone. You can hear it better if you put the end on the opposite of the fork on your head. It makes your skull into an instrument. Match the tone with your voice. Hum it to yourself or whatever you want to do with it. It was just a couple months ago, I realized that the A Tone as they/we called it, was like Atonement which was tuning in to the Lord, getting right with the lord in atoning for the ways we missed the mark over the previous year, that was represented by “gold” the metal used to mark special occasions like the “day of atonement”. Many years later, like I started to say, Do began teaching the class to sing Christmas carols. We were never religious but the words still seemed special to Do as they expressed thoughts and feelings about the Next Level. I’m talking about the Christian carols not the secular jingle bell kind. For instance, we sang, Hard the herald angels sing, and the one with “five golden rings”, oh come all ye faithful, O come O come Emanuel, silent night and Do’s favorite that we sang at random moments thereafter was “lo how a rose”. We were divided into voice ranges, soprano, alto, tenor and bass and were taught to read the music and some that could not hold a tune no matter how hard they tried would just listen or sing on some songs and or know which notes they couldn’t hit so avoided trying to sing them. Do would listen to each student and would position them in the group so that a weaker singer was next to a stronger singer who could keep them in tune. Do sang baritone but not with us, except to demonstrate a part. Ti said it was to teach us to follow Do’s lead. They changed the words on the one with the 5 golden rings but I don’t recall them except we gave Ti and concert as she was not among us when we practiced. So we sang the one with 5 golden rings in it to Ti and where it said, “10 chimes a singing”, whatever the words were, some students came up with “10 years a waiting” as this was 10 years into being in the group. We learned later from Do that Ti was very upset by that verse as we were with our Older Members so there was no waiting for us as this was our assigned task so to be wanting the task to end meant we didn’t appreciate how special it was to be with the Older Members that consistently for that long. It was only months later that Ti left her vehicle after we moved from the Austin area back to Dallas by “white rock lake” where her ashes were spread over. Do told us she requested to be creamated and he had two witnesses to that – Jnnody and Lvvody who cared for her for the time before exiting. The class never knew what she was going through until she didn’t show up at a meeting and Do explained to us why, which was two weeks before she left. Do was devastated for a time but it didn’t make him crazy like he is portrayed to have become after Ti left, though I suspect it did make Do wonder if we all needed to plan on leaving our vehicles. But it was over 14 years later that he felt he knew that we needed to take it upon our selves to exit as no one was going to take us out as occurred 2000 years ago.

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