2 Q & A – 1) shift of religion in favour of science 2) when jesus would return for church

Here are two questions I tried to answer on yahoo answers:

Question 1: How long do you think it will be before we see another shift on the part of religion in favour of science?

Sawyer’s response:

Both are approaching obsolete. Let me explain. Religions are based on distortions of the truth, however they all have at their core an understanding that there is someone or something beyond human that brought about our reality, and they have many of the same core ideas about what was taught by those “beings”. If one actually looks at the data, the records, whether in the Hindu Vedas or the Moses and Enoch accounts and/or the Sumerian records there are many “sciences” taught then too. In archeology and anthropologic data there is significant evidence of technologies way before the current bloom of technology as we call it along with evidences of areas that were once oceans where they are dry now like the middle of the United states which could be evidence of the flood spoken of in the Genesis account. The point I am making is that religions are comprised of beliefs of what constitutes our reality seen and unseen as provided by key figures in history like Moses, Krishna, the first couple Buddha’s, Jesus, etc. along with the many who didn’t bring new information but supported the information brought buy these, documented as the other 24 something Buddha’s, the 24 something Old Testament prophets. This is all history that people formed stories from and those stories are what the modern religions are comprised of. There is no difference in reality between a belief in something hard to prove to some and a belief in something hard to prove using scientific methods as even those scientific methods are subject to constant updates, though they like religion are seldom taught in the schools as like with the religious no one wants to think about how they could be wrong and don’t want to lose their job or following or peer colleagues as these are what give most of us our own confidence and self worth and purpose and life, which is why people avoid new thought like the plague. One can look at most any field of science to date and will find controversy. It’s happening big time with space science as new telescopes and analysis methods are showing water on the moon and mars, planets that seem to be able to harbor life, galaxies beyond previously seen galaxies to who knows what degree and the same goes for the internal search of microorganisms to particles and quarks and dark energy where before science told us it was a vacuum or absent of water or ability to support life, etc. They have seen bodies in space in orbit around smaller bodies in space, something not previously thought possible. The Hale Bopp comet had a companion object with it as photographed and analyzed by a number of professional astronomers that was quickly covered up so the heaven’s gate people wouldn’t look like they were who they said they were. That in my opinion was the last shift if one wants to call it that and we are on the way out now. I believe the next event will be a type of start over on most of the planet where our technologies will be rendered useless except for some who are able to build underground which is happening at a huge pace right now, disguised as new subway systems or airports or ski resorts. And so it will all start all over again.

Question 2: When will Jesus return for his bride (church)?

Sawyer’s response:

The first harvest as depicted in Rev 14 already took place. The Two Witnesses were evidenced to be those called Ti and Do, known as the founders of what became known throughout the world as the UFO cult, HIM (human individual metamorphosis), and finally Heaven’s Gate. Ti was the woman in Rev 12 and Do the white horse in Rev 6 and they came via crashing of primitive flying saucers first in 1897 via the Aurora (morning star), Texas. That was the Older Member who last time 2000 yrs. ago was named Jesus. He came back again, took a new human body for his task and was awakened by this “Father” Ti who crashed a spacecraft, perhaps in 1945 near Laredo, Texas and the ones spoken of as the saints, the 24 elders crashed in a number of crashes thereafter like near Roswell, and Aztec, NM. They wanted to leave physical proof of their reality and then as Soul bodies that were invisible to humans and detection prepared humans who wanted to serve their “heavenly Father” in whatever way they thought of that as the terminology is not that important at that juncture, and when these Two awakened to their task, which took about a year from meeting in Texas, having taken over unsuspecting humans themselves, they began to talk publically and the first time they did those students who were perched to hear their public disclosure of having come from outer space and were here to update the bible and fulfill prophecy resulted in their coming into those human vehicles with their “elder” minds to begin the last trimester of their soul birth by overcoming their humanness under the direct teachings of these TWo Older Members, though Ti left first telling them that they must also drop their bodies to leave as it was a “spirit birth” like Jesus compared to the wind, unseen. That was the “first rapture” when they were plucked out of their otherwise normal human lives and then were taken though the birth canal of overcoming/conquering their human roots, behaviors and ways and then finished their mission by laying down the physical containers they borrowed for their task that also graduated the souls of those physical containers to their next station in the overall process of graduation from the human evolutionary kingdom to the Evolutionary Level Above Human. (not Darwinian evolution that is only a tiny view of how life forms evolve/grow) and this was an evolution of Mind which also makes a physical imprint on the Earth’s electromagnetic field, sort of like the “echo” of sound does. I am about to publish a book that documents all this scripturally and very thoroughly which could help some in the second harvest. The second harvest is NOT a voluntary laying down of life as there is no Older Member physically incarnate, though the task and challenge for all those who come to believe in Ti and Do will be to share their info with others and that could bring them to a premature end of their life as it did for Jesus disciples after he left. There is no “group” surrounding this information and no leaders and no membership and nothing to buy. Each person only needs to ask Ti and Do as those are still special names to use, who are in the literal heavens but have technology to hear any who call their phone number how they can serve them. They will NOT say anything to anyone directly but circumstances in one’s life will provide opportunities to see their response and sense it’s from them. No one will hurt anyone else nor try to convince anyone of anything. It’s all about learning what they taught and offering it to others as it feels right when people seem to want to know about something related like I am doing now. I was with Ti and Do for 19 years and will share any of my experience with them honestly as I have no need nor desire to have anyone look to me in any way shape or form as I work for Ti and Do not fellow humans though they have assigned me the task of writing/sharing all I learned from them as I failed to graduate with my class but have another opportunity as they don’t give up on us. We can give up on them. That’s our choice.

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