Q and A – clarification of why Do suggest a “willful exit” and then said it “does not need serious consideration at this time” in 1996

I’m helping someone with a book, so when he has questions, I try to provide answers, thus below his question to a previous set of answers that I did post on this blog. Here is the question he had:

“One question: can you explain what you meant by this statement: “So by the end of this nine month tour it was apparent that their ‘exit’ of their physical bodies was not going to be taken care of by what they saw as the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens influence over humans to instigate, for instance as Do saw in the Branch Davidian governmental massacre.” Who is “they”? Do? Yourself and other members? And if I am reading you correctly, you are saying that it had become clear that the there would probably *not* be a government raid like the Waco incident that would result in mass violence. That is interesting, since the author the “Our Position Against Suicide” document—Do, I assume?—mentions the Branch Davidian type government raids as something that could happen to the Class.”

Sawyer’s respone:

It’s just a kind of habit, I shouldn’t do and will try not to, but can use it to offer you further perspective relative to how Ti and Do thought. “They” is Do but does include his crew (active students) because how they came to operate as one mind. It sounds like a cliché but I actually saw the evidence of how people outside of the group, not knowing what they were seeing thought people that didn’t look at all alike were the same or the opposite person sort of the way a parent will do with their kids, but in more than name ways. Without telling all the stories, I was working at the same country club as Dstody but he was a waiter and I was a cook and we’d been there for many months never or rarely actually having interface as we tried to stay clear of one another and we had separate rides most times because of different hours and to hide our being seen as related. (We had situations where people got nosy and suspicious we were hiding something about ourselves and followed us a time or two I know of, so we developed procedures to never take the most direct route back to the craft so we could be sure if someone was following us). In this situation the restaurant manager and not only he on at least two different occasions I recall and witnessed, would call me “Tom” (Dstody) and he “Robert” (Swyody/Sawyer), (names we used on the job) and on top of that Dstody had a “black” vehicle and mine is “white”.

Do was very clear that he always sought Ti’s mind first on any questions he had, but after she physically left, though he continued to have what he felt was very concrete awareness of her presence helping him, though not all the time or in all areas of the country, nor as a physical image or anything concrete in that respect, (that is, according to what he spoke of to the class while I was there). And subsequent to Ti’s exit of her physical body he used those he surrounded himself with most, but also the entire class as a sounding board – as a “check partner” as well, to confirm in his mind directions he felt he was getting from Ti, which many times took time to become evident as an answer. Of course, this subject of the exit method and timing were on the top of the list of things he wanted to be sure about because they were irreversible. I know sometimes I talk as “we” because I felt included in that as I was when I was there both in small groups and as a part of the larger student body.

The reason my statement seems to indicate a decision that the government wasn’t going to assist “us” in our exit, was because such remained a potential until it became totally clear that it wasn’t on the docket. Ti and Do said that many times, paraphrased, “a decision often comes from learning what not to do”.

I am saying that in September of 1994 after 9 months of doing public meetings, that did not show any signs of hostility from the public to any degree more than hecklers towards us, Do did present it to us as, “it seems we will need to exit by our own hands” (paraphrased), but he meant it…”it seems…”. He was being completely honest and of course those that don’t believe he was can surmise it as a calculated thing to say, while still potentially having some accuracy because of how Ti was involved in it. In other words, Do wouldn’t have been thinking about saying that to the class, primarily as a way of “testing” students though I feel confident he knew it would. Those would probably have been after thoughts to feeling instructed to talk to the class as by doing so he believed exactly what he said, that it might be what will be required of us. (come to think about it that rings a bell that he did state it as “might be required of us to exit by our own hands”.

They would often say, paraphrased, “we don’t know all the reasons why but it’s our instruction”. They didn’t spend any time with us on “what ifs”. Of course the critics will see much of this talk as an excuse like claiming insanity or not knowing any better or just following orders as humans do, but those same critics don’t have the dozens and dozen of examples to prove otherwise. Ti and Do would also say, “this [understanding] works for now”. Here again I’m using “they” but can’t say if I heard one or both of them say this. When they sat together at a meeting, thought did most of the talking, they spoke as one mind and students could count on hearing about any corrections that might come later to things they said but there weren’t a lot of these and most were handled on the spot of the meeting.

Later after they implemented things, even something as trivial as a change of locations, even from one area of land to put our little tent city to another on the private lands we leased from ranchers in Wyoming, for instance, they would see some of the reasons for it, but the more important sometimes after doing it.

It didn’t mean they were blind followers of their ideas either, (their Older Member’s mind, that I wonder now if perhaps was the one Ti called, Brother Francis – it’s interesting, and they did rent the movie, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” once but I can’t recall them ever talking about parallels in it as was the case moreso with the Sound of Music they said, helped them wake up) . But in terms of making decisions, they talked about having a rigorous set of “checks” to engage to determine if something is coming from the Next Level (Ti’s Older Member, who Do at one point suggested was actually another part of Ti’s mind that wasn’t needed to be incarnate to perform the task she performed. This point is very interesting in the light of how Jehovah showed physicality to Moses on at least one occasion where he said Moses could not actually look at his face or he would die, so he was able to look at his shoulder without dying and did. Other things Do said over the years indicated that Next Level Minds are literally significantly more powerful energy wise, even electromagnetic energy wise than humans so they needed to regulate what they showed humans so not to liteally kill or overwhelm their computers, and this was the reason Ti couldn’t bring all of her mind into that vehicle, or it would have possibly killed the vehicle to try to handle so the task would fail.

It was well after the Branch Davidian government murders and after that September day in 1994 that Do and the class were in Albuquerque where that document you referred to might have been written from, I would guess in 1996 when I think they were there briefly building their straw bale “compound” and where Strody (Star – ody) and others were doing target practice with a rifle or two, that they seemed to put “willful exit of the body” on hold evidenced as you said in this statement from the document, “Our Position Against Suicide”:

“We have thoroughly discussed this topic (of willful exit of the body under such conditions), and have mentally prepared ourselves for this possibility (as can be seen in a few of our statements). However, this act certainly does not need serious consideration at this time, and hopefully will not in the future.”

And this document also includes their awareness of any and all methods of exit. So it was simply more proof of the tenacity and thoroughness in which Do considered things honestly and when he got instuctions to drop a topic he dropped it. The same thing happened with “castration”. It was brought up, we had some meetings about it, it was dropped and some students continued to express interest for themselves even though it hadn’t been presented as a general option and then it was a year later that because of a few classmates srrody and I were given the opportunity but then srrody’s didn’t go as smoothly as was hoped so my option was cancelled and then after I left, the option was back on the table but only through a professional facility and each student was given some of the choices but had to go by themselves to that location and even get a job and pay for it themselves. I can’t say that all were handled that way, but that’s the way alxody’s was handled.

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