Q & A from a new seeker of Ti and Do Heaven’s Gate teachings

Question forwarded to Sawyer:

Are there currently any new members of Heavens gate? Who now heads this teaching? Are there any new teachings? I pass no judgements. I am only interested in higher understanding and education.

Sawyer’s response:

There is nothing to be a member of so NO new members.

There is no “group” except for all those who are making up group names and trying to attract members, which are facsimile’s only. Ti and/or Do are not operating in physical bodies and not generally coming to people in dreams and are certainly not channeling through human beings nor incarnating into new human bodies. But there are humans being put up to such tactics to confuse people. The ones doing this are in some shape and form the space aliens who are either Luciferians or descendants of Lucifierians and their equivalents who are allowed the the one true evolutionary level above human to do what they do to provide humans with the choice to not believe in Ti and Do, the ONLY other option. Like the real Jesus said, it’s between God and Mammon, where Mammon is essentially Mammalian – humanism in all it’s facets – intellect, philosophy, talents, skills, deceits, manipulations, predatory. Any Kingdom of God/Heaven characteristics humans have, “love as giving”, compassion, non-judgementalism, desires for equal rights, kindness, gentleness came from the Kingdom of God/Heaven initially, though the space aliens have many of these, but the biggest characteristic

The teachings remain in the documentation Ti, Do and their active student crew left behind, namely, all the information on the Heavensgate.com website that can be downloaded for free as a .zip file, which is largely the content of a book you can also buy from the Two former members who are still hosting that site. It seems they sent me this communication from you. They are also providing tapes.

However most things they provide for purchase are available free. I once posted a list on my blog, http://www.sawyerhg.wordpress.com/ There is the Beyond Human series Do and crew made in 1991-2 available for free download on youtube I believe, though nothing is organized so it’s hunt for it and there are joke video’s too, but they are pretty obvious. There are also internal meeting tapes where you can hear Ti and Do talking to students from the early 1980’s, available on 4shared.com though may cost a little to host them there. You can get a few of them on my youtube site: channel name: 3spm and search my vide’s for “Blackhawk” the town in Coloraod where one tape was created when They were briefly staying there.

No there are no NEW teachings – we can hardly understand all they taught as it wasn’t about the accumulation of information. It was about behavior and ways and sharing what they shared with others. That’s the only way to become one of their active students now, but of course would include asking them in the names, “Ti and Do” for service as they don’t need any humans, so if we want what they offer, we must appeal to what they give us to do, which from here on out until the planet is recycled it’s share the information they brought and everything about them with others – that would be our first service to them.

If you talk to them, they may give you one appearance in a dream but they will NOT tell you to do anything at all to hurt you physically or mentally nor others but they may show up just to acknowledge to you they received your “call for help/service”. From then on, you should regularily seek their guidance in anything but they are not interested in helping people with human relationships or material matters, though if you serve them they will help you have your needs, but not by miricles per say, but by helping you to have opportunities, whether it be a job or some other help. But CHANGE is always the name of the game. It’s not Change just for the sake of Change and it’s not change according to anyone elses idea of change. For instance I was not able to work on the service they offered me in writing all about them because I was with them for 19 years, as much as I wanted because my partner, a woman I had been living with was having more and more problems with the time I was putting into the writing, so I asked for help and circumstances arose to where the woman split with me and now I have much more time and the woman is happier as well. That’s just an example.

The only things that will be new are what those who had experience with them bring up, as I am doing but these are not “teachings” – they are just able to offer perspective of what they did teach relative to today and today’s events. That is what you will find on my blog and youtube channels and facebook page, “sawyer heavensgate”. On that facebook page I have friends that don’t believe in Ti and Do at all and some that are trying to trap me into saying things they can use against me, as if I was recruiting or something like that and there are those that do believe in Ti and Do and there are some that think they are a new incarnation of Ti and Do and some who are just curious as with most facebook situations.

I suggest on the facebook page, you make up a name if this name isn’t made up already as better to be anonymous. It’s the info that’s important now who we are. I do include my picture in most of my sites as then people can better count on what I share as I’ve done a great deal of national and international media over the years as there are some who will take any measures to put a damper on the efforts of Ti and Do and their active students, which I claim to once again be and feel they have made it clear that I am, which anyone can also be, except some think by believing in them they can start to talk as if they are in their non-existent group or talk as if they are talking or make things up without a basis for what they are saying. I don’t make things up though I do consider how coming events are being made manifest as there is a type of second harvest of souls but NOT by laying down our lives. Our test for our graduation to our next appropriate grade in school is to learn all we can about Ti and Do and share that with others that will find us at odds with some who hate to hear about them. We don’t try to make others hate us, and we don’t push info on people but it’s part of the territory.

So I suggest doing a great deal of study of all their materials and all mine and Carlan is another former member who is actively in service to Ti and Do in the sharing of information with people. And there are new believers who are all over who believe in Ti and Do in degrees and who share with others in degrees according to what they think someone might be wanting to know that they can take as an opening to begin dialog about Ti and Do. It’s all a big step so we need to be patient even with those who appear to be against us as sometimes fighting against is what that person needs to go though to kick out those discarnate influences that cause the confusion.

I’m going to send this to my blog in possibly help others.

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