Q & A – physicality – the big bang – chief of chiefs 4th seal of revelations 6


I have watched the Beyond Human series of videos several times, as you recommend; and every time I watch I discover something new.

I have a question regarding the correct interpretation of something Do says in Session 7. Discussing the theory of the Big Bang, Do states that even if there were such a ‘bang’ at the inception of the universe (which is clearly something he is sceptical about), it would be ‘because the Creator did a bang and knew at that bang exactly how to have it all end up with the evidence of things that we could actually see’.

To my mind, allowing that the Big Bang might have occurred is inconsistent with Do’s position that the ‘heavens’ in which inhabitants of the Next Level (or perhaps, strictly speaking, their vehicles) reside is the *physical* heavens. For the Big Bang distributes matter such that heavenly bodies and their inhabitants can exist, so there could not be any physical beings that could initiate the Big Bang.

My supposition that the Creator of whom Do speaks is physical might be incorrect, but I’d inferred that from Do’s claim that the heavens are physical. Do often speaks of a ‘chief of chiefs’, and he gives no indication that the chief of chiefs differs from other members of the Next Level in being non-physical.

Can you clarify this matter for me?

Thank you very much,


Sawyer’s response:

Ti and Do indicated that the Next Level members can be among us but to where their physicality is cloaked, even their spacecrafts can be literally occupying the same space as our cities and be set up in such a way that there are “gates” to allow humans to come and go into certain parts without any knowledge of what they are circulating within and around. They indicated that members of that spacecraft can be literally right next to any of us and if they allowed you to bump into them you could “feel” their physicality but they don’t let that happen. They indicated that a planet could look uninhabited but be very inhabited. They said that Older Members such as Ti could have more than one physical body. They indicated that a spacecraft could actually be a member’s physical body, here speaking of a denser physical body or one that isn’t cloaked or can change it’s vibration to be cloaked in some circumstances but visible in others.

Ti showed me some of the invisible beings around my house some years ago that I have not been able to see since. For the Next Level it’s like turning on a light switch that enables our eyes to perceive what has been there all along.

So a lot of this has to do with the definition of physical. So I believe Do was saying about the big bang that if some of what we call the universe got it’s start in that way, it was directed by the Next Level.

Question 2

This wasn’t a question but is talking about the 4th seal of Revelations chapter 6 that this person who posted their video to me linked with a population reduction.

Sawyer’s response:

Hi Christopher, I will try to get to view your video and from what you said about it, don’t disagree that there is a great deal of what can be seen as de-population at the time of the opening of the 4th seal, but I believe the seals are actually depicting events instigated by the Kingdom of God/Heaven that humans respond to with whatever they have become. If they have become murderers then they become better murderers as in war machines, etc. And if they are “good’ in terms the Kingdom of God terms “good” then they become more good. And with people choosing what to BE, what they have chose to become or not become, their fate is sealed to be recycled or “saved” for future lessons towards eventual adult membership in the Kingdom of God/Heaven. I say “adult” as just being saved can constitute membership but as a child that has not yet grown to have an adult role in “dad’s business” for instance. Thus the seals are also like “gateways” being opened in which Souls are sorted into their various grade levels in this Earth human school.

But with that said, I do agree we are in the period of time of the 3rd seal and it seems the 4th as defined by the arrival of the 4th horse will have all the earmarks associated with the the color “green” – space alien “green” as in serpent luciferian “Martian”, environmentalism, as promoted by the space aliens who are convincing humans that humans pollution is the biggest factor in the evidence of global warming as opposed to what the kingdom of God/Heaven is doing with the Sun and such, Green in terms of political activism that is thought to be able to bring about a “heaven on earth” and more all of which are “mammalian” (mammon) – even humanitarian and at this time in particular are decision points of who to give our allegiance to between the One true Kingdom level Above Human OR human (mammon – all the forms of treasure).


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