Q & A – how to safeguard against Luciferian interference sharing Ti and Do’s info

Here is a question from a new believer in Ti and Do.

But first off:

He posted some of his thoughts that I became aware of and offered some “correction” to, as I saw it, so he asked help to not get off the track. Well, first off, I don’t claim to be his or anyone’s teacher in this regard. I simply have more experience with Ti and Do being on their crew for 19 years and asking for new service to date. I am sure that I can also get off track, but being aware of that, I seek to be open to correction from any direction. This characteristic of “wanting correction” is a huge step for most of us to conquer being resistant to but it is the “Way” of every member of the Next Level to ask for and be thankful for correction even if it hurts to hear/receive it. In a sense the “classroom” was 99% correction. In other words, Ti and Do didn’t complement students often. Nor were they hyper-critical and nor did they leverage their experience over students. There were times when a student would question why Ti and Do chose such and such a procedure for doing something menial that they thought there was a much more efficient way to do it. This could be as simple as how to wash dishes. Ti and Do would hear a students criticism and then at some point would explain that they knew there were potentially more efficient ways to do things but that efficiency wasn’t their goal. Their goal was to “follow instructions” they felt they were receiving. Now that sounds strange right – instuctions on how to wash dishes? I’m not suggesting, a student would ask about how to clean dishes of Ti and Do and they would ask their Older Member’s before answering, but on the other hand that is the way it works…though they already have a backlog of their Older Member’s mind in them, that they bring with them on an incarnate task, but that doesn’t mean they still would not tune into their Older Members mind to see if there is an update. In the case of Ti and Do, Do told us he suspected Ti who did not need to bring all her mind with her to do her part of the incarnate task, had another part of her mind still with her Next Level vehicle on the spacecraft that would be where she was getting her instruction from. It’s this kind of automatic seeking on everything they did that we need to learn. It’s not like we become automatons. To the contrary we want to become automatons but They won’t let us be automatons, though before graduating they know that to overcome our human ego, etc. we need to lay our SELF down and not feel threatened by doing so.

Thus the fact that this individual asking this question took the “correction” I offered is a great characteristic even if I was off track in what I delivered. That’s between me and my Older Member and anyone that has something to say about what I express I welcome because even if it’s as simple as washing the dishes we don’t know that our Older Members might not want to present a certain challenge to a student at that moment by suggesting a remedy they might be challenged to accept as coming from a “higher” mind than theirs, which is the reason the Luciferians, in part, according to the records, couldn’t stand to be hooked into the vine of their Older Members who they saw as followers instead of individuals who could directly tap into a Universal consciousness for their needs, which the Next Level doesn’t need new members to try to design their own ways of doing things. This is not to suggest there is no room for creativity for Next Level members. I suspect it’s just creativity in following our Older Member’s mind because the Older Members have no desire or need to control us, so they are always providing options that we then need to respond to on the fly. But the best way we can learn to be like them and become a functional tool for them is to stick as close as possible to what they have already given us on any subject without “swinging at a gnat and swallowing a camel” as Jesus said or trying to “remove the twig in another’s eye when we have a log in our own” as Jesus also said that Ti and Do also taught in terms of taking things to extremes. Sometimes their response to a questions is, “either way” or “it’s not important” or “I don’t know” or “take a chance on a positive” or “cover your bets” rather than try to force having an answer when we don’t – making one up like we often see coming from some of the “spiritual teachers” that respond to a student with something so general, it’s relatively meaningless to providing any functionality to a task or a future greater understanding of reality but because they have the “air” of the teacher is considered wise.

Thus, the question:


Is there any way I can be safegaurded against luciferians who keep trying to take me away from the current mission of disseminating their information without any obstructions?

Sawyer’s response:

You know,this is easy to say but tough to do and I know this well. The way we human beings are wired, most of us get high when we do something well and are seen as doing something well – applause, compliments, invitations and for many of the religious and spiritual, followers and converts and tail feathers and even donations, all for doing what? Talking about Jesus, talking about God, etc. Jesus said:

Luk 6:26 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.
The Greek “pas” is also “all manner” men shall… as I can’t imagine that someone didn’t speak well of Jesus. At least his disciples spoke well of him, but then perhaps by “men” he was referring to those who had not received that seed of recognition.

When I first grabbed onto that fishhook because I wanted to be caught by Ti and Do, I wanted to tell everyone and that was good of course and I still feel that way, but looking back there was too much “I” in it. After years with them I still wanted to be that evangelist preaching the good sermon. When Do decided we should give it a shot again in 1994 I was elated. I was slated to speak at the University of Chicago that summer and Do suggested to the 4 groups that we play a Beyond Human tape during the meeting and I felt a let down of that “high” because I was not going to be as much of THE INSTRUMENT. However, I at least had enough sense to know that was a Luciferian Influence with me so I told it to shut up and I managed to get a TV and we played some of a Beyond Human tape at that meeting and I still got to be an instrument.

It also feels good to be a Luciferian instrument. Look at the thousands and thousands of religionist preachers who even make their living, unbeknown to them, being a Luciferian instrument indirectly, buy not telling people EVERYTHING Jesus actually said but in stead telling people about how he healed this one or that one and whether he was wearing sandals at the last supper or if he really did use that rag to wipe his sweaty face with.

Ti and Do did not want to use their MINDS. They said they were PIPES and wanted nothing of themselves in their pipe as they wanted their students to get the purest information and help that they could be the instrument of. Of course it feels great when we see and hear our Older Member’s mind coming through us.

So to answer your question with all that preface…The first two of “the 17 steps” say:

1. Can you follow instructions without adding your own

2. Can you deliver instructions as you receive them or do they change according to your computer?

Telling people about Ti and Do is the instruction we who believe in them have. I believe that is the number 1 priority. The challenge is can we do it with these first two 17 steps in mind.

The way any of us can do the best job of sharing Their info is to parrot them word for word. Someone asks you a question…go look up whether Do answered that questions and give them that answer in quotes and tell them your source so they can get it from the horse.

The more you do the better you will get at it.

Now I don’t think we should make another mistake and stick so close to the letter that we can’t adjust to the people we are speaking to. That I believe is what speaking in tongues is though perhaps they were given some ability to communicate in different dialects.

There are going to be plenty of times you won’t know what Do would say because we don’t have certain things written by Ti or Do or the active students who published their documents on the web site or on the audio meeting tapes and Beyond Human video series. Then you just ask for help on the spot and give it a shot and choose your words carefully and correct yourself when you think you are getting off track or say, you’ll research that and get back to them.

This is the only way I know of that Ti and Do gave us, to stay that straight and narrow.


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