Pat Robertson says killing on a video game is like killing in real life

Pat Robertson says killing on a video game is like killing in real life but you won’t go to hell for it, comparing it to what jesus said about being married and lusting after another being adultery.

Sawyer’s response:

He uses the example that Jesus said when your married, lusting after a woman was adultery, so Pat is saying that’s a virtual sin since it of the mind then comparing that to playing video games that kill. Well, Pat Robertson, you need to study your scriptures more. First off, Jesus was talking to his disciples, those that believed in him and wanted to follow his program, saying that the content of their mind was also part of the program to self control to be considered for his crew. Remember the objective was to have only those on one’s crew he could trust not to do what luci did – get a certain amount of responsibility on a crew and then decide to break away and start his own crew. They simply don’t want to repeat mistakes so they are subjecting new students to luci where luci was forced to flee, his prison, here on earth where he moreorless on the surface rules even in having people think there is no one above human that designed all this. So Pat, leader of many Christians is using the name Jesus and quoting something from him but has no idea what he’s really talking about and from what I’ve seen in the past doesn’t want to know. Additionally, if someone is playing a game of killing doesn’t there have to be someone they are visualizing killing. Can you visualize killing an image on the screen.

Wasn’t the rule to not kill fellow humans like all the so called Christians did to the people of Iraq willy nilly cause they wanted their agenda’s satisfied? So it’s the drone strikes that are video game “virtual killing” but are not at all virtual that’s breaking a huge law against the creators rules, again for those that want to be in good stead with the creators. If they don’t think there are any, I guess like any animal predator killing another is fair game to survive, not that I propose it.

Then he said, you won’t go to hell for doing it. But why not Pat I would ask if I could. The scriptures he quotes say the murderers do get wasted in the “second death” the death of the spirit or soul whichever the case may be. If someone doesn’t want to be in the program then they don’t get the beneifts just like on Earth. Hell is simply the inclusion in the recycling – the default when the hardware is rebooted that they haven’t backed up onto their harddrive in the sky, in Their cloaked spacecraft called “heaven”.


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