Misinformation in Hal Taussig’s presentation of his book “New New Testament”

The following are some comments I made to the NPR show “To the best of our knowledge’s” report on Hal Taussig’s “New New Testament”. I know a religious scholar who I wondered might know Hal and this work so I was running some thoughts by him, so I’ve posted them. First here is the show Link:


Here is a comment I left for Hal and the people at the show:

“Pertaining to saying Jesus told Mary there was no such thing as sin NEEDs to be explained in context as there was no word “sin” – the Greek word: “hamartia” means simply “to err”…
or “to miss the mark”. In other words, when one has a goal, as Jesus said to become perfect according to his Father’s perfection requirements and they miss the goal, for instance become angry with their brother without cause or point out a fault in another – not part of the lesson plan for students to point out lessons to other students, then that person has made a mistake. To say there is no such thing as a mistake is very against many things Jesus said that are evidenced in the 4 gospels, thus Hal, by not explaining this to the public is misleading them, so I hope you will correct this in your talks. I am also tired of hearing Paul quoted as at best he ONLY can parrot what others told him Jesus said and he doesn’t ever do that. He should have said, Peter told me Jesus said this and that. Instead he appears to have wanted to be equal to them in their experience when he wasn’t though he would be equal with them as students if he stuck to what Jesus said that he would have to rely on them to learn. If you want to get an education on the new testament, I will help you. Write to sawyerhg@yahoo.com but I have no degrees, but do have a significant experience that most hate to consider but the proof is in what I have to share about it.”

Then I realized I left a big hole of understanding that I attempted to close up some with this comment:

“It’s not that it was missing the mark to “point out a fault in another”, it’s that first remove the larger faults in oneself, so if one has removed the larger faults then they can bring up the lessor things to their “brother” – a fellow student who WANTS to have their missing of the marks brought up. Jesus also said to not be angry with one’s brother “without cause” so if there is cause it’s appropriate. And he said if you have something to say against another, bring it up for them to examine and if they don’t take heed bring it up again with a witness and if they still don’t receive it, bring it up before the group of believers. These are all things that are considered to be errors in the program Jesus was delivering the next stage lessons for. What I suspect Jesus might have been saying to Mary was that there is no “sin” in the sense of “original sin”, the sin of the Fathers visited upon them at that time. The ancestral missing of the mark were what Jesus incarnation provided a new start to. Those missing of the mark – errors or a better term might be “slippages” in the past remain something for each individual who came from erroneous teachings or behaviors, relative to the lesson plan of the times past, as in the Moses encampment, are often still genetically encoded in that thinking and acting, usually subconsciously, so they will still have to overcome/conquer, learn those lessons but they are not “guilty” of making those errors and they are not held back in any way from past mistakes of their ancestors unless they allow them to hold them back. That’s part of why Jesus “saved” them from their ancestors missing of the mark. However they still needed to correct their own behaviors and ways in accordance to the new standards Jesus was teaching in that classroom to prepare them to graduate their human experience when he comes in the flesh again as one of the Two Witnesses.”

Additional notes I did not express in the comments on the show:

I’m glad they are adding the writings of Thomas, and Mary Magdalene, etc. to the official records though it’s really the latest form of whitewash or should I say blackwash because of how it’s obliterating what’s left of what Jesus really said and intended. How can scholars look at one thing Mary Magdalene said Jesus said and disregard the dozens of examples where Jesus does address what has been termed “sin”, and then present that to millions on NPR as an example of what Jesus was really about? Well I know the answer – humans are being played left and right by the very real Luciferian “fallen angel” space aliens invisibly. They are seeking to turn as many eyes as they can away from who Jesus really was. This has been the case since Jesus left but there was a rest period until the 1940’s – 1950’s and now since the Away Team has physically exited, they are being allowed to go all out. The result will be, if the garden is left un-recycled for very long a Christianity that is no different than Judaism with it’s lack of focus on what Moses taught having now a strictly Talmud based religion, and Hinduism that was morphed into the Indian form of Roman and Greek mythologies as depicted in the Bhagavad Gita – stories.

The Luciferian space aliens are painting Jesus as anything but who he said he was, so we have Muslims writing about him as a revolutionary – political figure (like Mohammed) and have New Agers writing about him as “pure peace and love”, disregarding how he said he came to bring “a sword of his mouth” not peace, though we were to have peace among ourselves – the peace he wasn’t bringing was the peace of stability as a human. He sought to teach to have Peace in his ways and his ways were frankly anti-human, not because humans were bad but because where he was from they had evolved beyond human. To those that followed him they would not have peace in the human sense as their friends and families would either feel they were duped to follow him or hypnotized and would feel anything but peaceful about what their loved ones were doing that he was responsible for. That’s why it was the sword of his mouth – he said the words and they cut their roots with those words.

I have so much support data on what I am expressing now, I can hardly contain it yet few have the guts to actually consider the facts – they’d rather find these little blurbs found in Qumram, etc. to use to support their new age peace and love view of jesus. I am glad the Qumram and Nag Hammadi library materials were found and are out. That was part of the Next Level plan to prepare for Ti and Do’s Two Witness job as without that the atheists would have more of a leg to stand on claiming that jesus didn’t even exist or if he did, he was just a good person, which of course a faction do still say but they are the same ones that think there can be no new elements added to the periodic table of elements.

We are in a period now that is awash in confusion. To those who are confused, it looks enlightening in many ways, mental, spiritual and physical but it’s where those who say the least think they are saying the most because they have all these terms that sound bigger than life both in the language of science and spirituality.

You should pick up the book, UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, by Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes if you don’t have it already. Ti and Do didn’t really like it but among other things, it shows how so many had different takes on what Ti and Do taught, even followers which is so telling as to why there are all sorts of takes to what Jesus said. However with that said, the Next Level saw to it that there was a body of information people could count on and that’s why those materials ended up in the two Testimonies called the Old and New Testaments not because a group of chrisitans voted them in or out (though that was the way it transpired) except there were members of Jesus crew present invisibly and were not going to allow certain materials to be left out because some of those in those councils did want to do right by their Lord so what they said did hold greater weight. Had that not taken place the gospel of john would not have been included in the New Testament nor John’s letters or the book of revelations and those are key materials to the proof of the Two Witnesses prophecy fulfillment.

And now the demon crats are beating the war drums. The red republican horses have ceased to have that power so it’s shifted to the black (dark-blue) horses with Kerry and Obama leading the charge. What a mess and it’s going to get much worse in all respects.


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