Who are the “ELECT” and is there predestination

Below is a comment I posted to a blog, entitled “spirit of discernment” that is maintained by a person I only know of as Henry, who has been a popular Christian blogger who in times past banned me from commenting but I arrived at through another blogger that has enjoyed my posts even though doesn’t hold my beliefs about Ti and Do. So I’ve posted my comment here for those that follow my blog and in case Henry doesn’t permit my comment. It’s on the subject of “Election, as in the Elect and Predestination” so may be helpful for others that talk with Christians to consider though I didn’t document everything scripturally yet. In the post I’m commenting on very little was said but referred to Paul of Tarsus letter to “Romans” that I’m sure you can find by searching scripture using the key word “elect”. For those that do want to serve Ti and Do by providing Christians with ways of looking at the New Testament, I suggest following Henry’s blog, as well as another called, Historicist and another by a popular avant garde blogger named Marzulli, all three of which I have been banned from. I don’t care to change these bloggers minds but often there are thirsty Christians that visit their sites so is a way of simply making Ti and Do’s mind available. What they do with it is then in their hands though one needs to be prepared to do some research into what they say to talk their language (tongue) to give them a chance to hear more truthful talk that Ti and Do brought. If nothing more it can serve as a seed as we don’t know for how long Ti and Do will continue to provide avenues to learn about them and decide who to give our allegiance to, the Next Level through Ti and Do or to Mammon (what are the treasures of human mammalianism).

Sawyer’s comment:

First off, Paul of Tarsus, alleged author of the letter to those called the Romans is among the least of the authors of anything attributed to what Jesus said and did, while among most Christians is by in large the most quoted and studied. I have as many examples of how distant he was from what Jesus taught as the words he used in all his letters. However the evidence suggests he had a relationship with Peter, an assigned delegate (assigned task to disseminate what Jesus said/taught because he had the firsthand experience necessary for the task) of Jesus, thus no doubt what he did gleen about Jesus was likely his main source. With that said the idea of “election” has to do with those who “elected” to seek out what Jesus taught, which in so doing become elected by the Kingdom of God/Heaven to receive the help to further advance what they have asked for in their seeking.

Thus there is no predestination in this way as we each have the free will to choose what we seek and in so doing receive or don’t what the Kingdom of God/Heaven is eager to provide us. Thus it’s our choice to elect ourselves and this is a day by day mindset. There is no tenure in this election. We are elected as long as we seek to be and seeking to be isn’t just about “belief” and talking about the Kingdom of God/Heaven – it’s about continuing to seek and ask for ways to grow “belief” into offering ourselves in service to the Lord, the one assigned as our Heavenly Father by the “big daddy”, the Oldest Member of the Kingdom of God/Heaven, by our “in secret” petitioning (prayers) that cease to be genuine if what we say becomes meaningless repetition as we see used in the religions.
The only predestination among humans is that their physical bodies will die, though along the way there are many characteristics of our genetic makeup and environment that are as programs that we become influenced by and create habits of thought and action around. These can then seem like pre-destination but can be reversed by choice by seeking the help from the Kingdom of God/Heaven that includes what was taught by the incarnate representatives throughout history. Seeking the help from the Lord in this respect may or may not be conscious. For instance for some ailments fasting is a solution which people may or may not recognize came initially from the Kingdom of God/Heaven as well as all the elements on the planet, though in the records it will seem that this or that human discovered the solution. Of course, we do get things via fellow humans but humans are never the ultimate source. In the Book of Enoch it’s said that the “fallen angel (watchers)” taught humans healing arts, etc., but they were not the original source either. Everything must eventually lead to the Above Human beings in the Creators’ many membered Physical Kingdom – the organization from which these aspiring and apprenticing (angels) fell away from seeking their continued “election” to remain grafted to.

Now where the idea of “elect” also refers: When the members of the Kingdom of God/Heaven, actually in more accurate terminology a Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human, observe a human being seeking to learn more about them and their reality in whatever terms they think of; Lord, Creator, God, Allah, Vishnu, Heavenly Father, etc., when the soul growing garden schedule is set to provide one of their Older Members to incarnate (take a flesh body) as in the parable of the seed planter Jesus illustrated, those on the Next Level crew assigned that task literally go to each specific individual who had been asking/seeking or knocking in their way that doesn’t have to include religio-spiritual terminology to give them a “seed”. The seed is a literal physical (but far less dense physicality than can not be seen or disturbed by denser physical structures) container that has with it a set of programs that provide more facility for greater interface with one’s Heavenly Father, to receive more of their “holy” Mind/Spirit. The provision of this seed is like a tag, even a “chip” as in computer chip and has come down in history as a “soul” in the English language. It is that seed that then can be grown into a new physical and even more dense “body” that at harvest time is harvested by the death of the human physical body it was attached to, and taken into the keeping of a Next Level crew.

However that seed is given when it can be grown, which only takes place when the incarnate Older member provides their teachings by Their words and demonstration of the behavior and ways of their Above Human Family, the Kingdom of God/Heaven, the next step for a human as the Earth and human kingdom are but stepping stones to that next evolutionary level. It’s an evolution both of Mind and Body because upon graduation (harvest) if one’s soul has become viable, they are provided a new dense physical body MADE for them that is appropriate to their new environment on spacecrafts and in laboratories throughout the literal “heaven’s” (outer space).
Those humans that don’t reject this seed by rejecting the information and teachings of the incarnate Older Member who came incarnate are provided ample opportunities to proceed to that graduation which will entail severing all their roots to the human kingdom. In other words, the incarnate Older Member will require students to leave all their humanness behind to be their student and literally go with them, “follow the lamb wherever he goes”. They will also be required to cease functioning in human mammalian ways, thus no reproductive activity, no sexuality or any forms of sensuality and giving of their energy to fellow humans as it’s time for them to graft to their Older Member’s family, though that Older Member will assign them tasks to serve future members to the Next Level, mostly by the provision of the same information that incarnate Older Member provides.

The task of disseminating the Older Member’s teachings continues after that Older Member has exited their incarnation, at which time many seeds are still able to be planted by the invisible crew assigned that task, when humans come in contact with the truths provided by the spreading of the Older Member’s Mind/Words, teachings that will be identical to the intentions of previous incarnate Older Members, Jesus being the last one before the Two Witnesses depicted in Revelations, His successors, in Their case being both the Father and Son coming incarnate together.

All the souls that were grown during previous incarnate Older Member periods are saved in soul form and brought back to have their next appropriate growth experience as a human being provided with that soul seed as a soul can not be brought to harvest in one season, which is where the idea or reincarnation came from but was spoken of as resurrection in the religious records but has become distorted into various opinions of what it represents that would require a lengthy discussion to distinguish.

Thus, all humans who elect to be in service to the Kingdom of God/Heaven become recipients of not only their own soul seed, but become hosts to a returning Soul who is being advanced to harvest during that time of the Older Member’s incarnation. This is what was meant by Jesus talk about a disciple becoming a producer of fruit as they are themselves (the human with the new soul seed) fruit but are also in so doing providing the avenue of growth of overcoming humanness to the more elder soul and by their dissemination of information opening up the avenues for non-seeded humans to be seeded with a soul (fruit).

Much of this has become twisted by the lower forces who serve the Next Level Older Members unwittingly but is being clarified at this time because of the fact that the Two Witnesses came incarnate, known by the names Ti and Do, who have exited their incarnation with their firstfruit harvest while leaving behind their records that some have chose to disseminate in preparation for the second scheduled harvest period that will resemble the harvest period following Jesus exit when Jesus disciples were largely hated by establishment religionists but who had grown and elected to serve him by spreading his information that Jesus knew would also result in their loss of their physical human life over as they too would be hated for disturbing what had become a faith in name only.

The data that Ti and Do brought is still being retained on the web site heavensgate.com though there is no new group nor leaders nor duplication of their means of exit. It’s up to each individual to seek/elect themselves to be elected to receive and/or grow their already received soul seed by learning all they brought and seeking our then more real interface with Ti and Do that will lead to the willingness to share Their information with others as it feels appropriate to do so even though it will often not be received and thus will be a means to our own disconnect from our human roots to maintain.

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  1. Who are the “ELECT” and is there predestination | ChristianBookBarn.com Says:

    […] Recommended Article FROM https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/who-are-the-elect-and-is-there-predestination/ […]

  2. jpgilyard Says:

    what about those who only come to believe after the current Rep has left? people such as myself, or Irish Peter? will the new believers also be put on ice for a new planting? was this ever addressed?

    • sawyer Says:

      Do addressed this as the “three” groups of believers that will not be recycled in three documents. I just posted two: 1)Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive- Leave With Us “Leave with us” was left open ended as to the time frame. 2) Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled Another earlier indicator of the three categories in which we all find ourselves is in: 3) ’95 STATEMENT BY AN E.T. PRESENTLY INCARNATE, which I posted last month on this blog Essentially, it’s up to each of us to address Do in our privacy as often as we feel expressing what we want knowing that if we want to connect further with Him, He will see to it that we have all the help we will need to separate from our humanness, remembering that we are never told what to do until we are in the physical classroom with an incarnate Rep (in the future, replanting) and we have asked that Rep to give us the lessons and instructions to complete their program. They they will tell us what to do in a stepwise way that will still allow us time and repeated opportunity to disengage from that program. How fast we move in separating from our humanness is up to us, but as Do says in ’95 statement, overcoming takes place with the incarnate Rep (though of course separating from human behavior and ways are integral to the overcoming process, so will be repeated each time we are brought back as a soul to take over a human vehicle to bring that vehicle into active studentship with the incarnate Older Member Rep). I can not define what “separating” means at this time but from my experience if we ask help in that separation we will get it, to where it will happen in a gradual way we can handle. The main thing is to trust Do – seeking his Mind, so not to fear that separation as it’s the fear of it that the lower forces will use to try to thwart our desire, making it more fearful to consider. I can tell that I am getting Do’s help with my own separation. I am single now and my daughter is more and more independent and there are even financial aspects coming together so I’m not leaving a mess in that regard. I anticipate leaving my current nest soon either on a temporary basis at first but eventually permenantly and then of course eventually because I will lose this vehicle, though I don’t anticipate that being by my own hand, but thenI can’t close down that possibility. I am preparing my daughter for all this so when it occurs as it will for all of us sooner or later anyway, she will be better equip to see it as a positive in time, hopefully propelling her to a closer relationship to “God” and/or in the names of Ti and Do whom I don’t preach to her about, though she knows those names but doesn’t know anything about themnor my involvement with them. It is still painful for me to consider this but that’s part of growth to be willing to endure the painful parts of it. It doesn’t remain as painful once disconnects have been made. It’s kind of kin to a child going away from their nest for the first time – if they had a good upbringing it will be painful to say goodbye to their parents and siblings but thatwon’t stop them as they will knowthey need to try their wings. It is natural to disconnect in that way though for me I look to Ti and Do’s example that even when they left their lives behind, on occasion Ti sent letters to her vehicles daughter Terri as did students over the years haveoccasional communications. In that circumstance of being with the Older Members, it was up to them to decide when such communications were permitted, which is the program we accept in their studentship. When we are not with the Older Members it’s different so we needn’t try to make the classroom examplefit except to know that there’s nothing wrong with being in touch and who knows to what degree physically and/or mentally. The point here is that separation is the modus operandi so we should know that up front that it means total separation from everyone, lock, stock and barrel eventually as all humans will experience but with our willfulness according to how the Next level guides us.But I don’t think it means separating from one human situation only to form another. I’m notjudging anyone in their choices and when and where they are moving in this direction but that direction is like I said, theMO and I believe circumstances in the world will often be what prods us. We lose a job, a marriage breaks up, we try to escape an addiction to behavior and ways wedon’t deem healthy, we experience a natural disaster, we feel compelled to travel somewhere, we’re invited somewhere are all some of the ways the Next Level helps humans separate as this separation can be happening to many humanswho are in varied stages of life experience relative to Their close physical presence andthe degree of relationship each has soughtto have with the Next Level in whatever terms.

  3. gemunis Says:

    I am , without a doubt a believer, in the incarnation of (TI), and (DO), as the elect. They were our teachers sent into this century to awaken us, to help us with the installation of the information, they were provided with to provide us, when they were here. For the few of us who already understood the information, for at some time in our past we were already apart of the human overcoming process, as over comers of this world, and human worldly way’s, a great deal of it was pr planed by our supreme creator, and in which case we were left with the choice, to either over come (Shed Our Caterpillar), and evolve into the (Butterfly), or reject the next level, members, and choose the human path, which is (Death Of The Body), with no hope for greater nurturing of our minds, or evolving of the soul in a future life time (Incarnation), with a chance to , (graduate), to the next level.
    I do understand that, this is the reason (Ti), and (DO), had information with them, that was clearly not human, and fresh for the sharing of a hand full of students, only.

    • sawyer Says:

      well said. I can recognize Ti and Do’s mind in your words and manner. You’ve become much clearer. And so we have that same information to share. Ask Their help often to be the cleanest clearest instrument of Their Mind to others as you can be. All still have the opportunity to know Their Minds.

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