New comment Predestination and Election: Who will hear the gospel and believe?

Below is my response to a users comment on the spirit of discernment blog to the subject of Predestination and election. The comment is listed after my response. If anyone wants to help with getting some of my responses to the blogs that many Christians visit, since a number of their site managers list me as a heratic, then I suggest you follow the blog and try to answer questions, moreorless sticking to what they ask as if they still have a mind to, they might see the MIND of Ti and Do in the response and could be drawn to look into things you post, which can be taken from what I post, if you like or of course from your own research of what Jesus said to address their questions. If one goes to these blogs and just tells them about Ti and Do, the blogger will likely not post your comment so it will be a wasted effort. So yes, I am suggesting a type of clandestine delivery of Ti and Do’s mind in the language (tongue) of Christianspeak. With that said, here is my comment response:

I know what I say is shunned, but that’s the choice of this blogger to allow my voice to be included or not. It’s the same way with the Kingdom of God. They keep on sending communication but if the “plants” in the garden, ignore or discount what’s being communicated, what are they to do to help with their questions. It’s always been a struggle to discern the Lord’s intention from certain scriptures, while for what Jesus said it’s very clear, so I’d recommend sticking with the “red letters” and you can be sure the rug won’t be pulled out from under another part of his words, except when we don’t really understand the full breath of his words, which is an ongoing challenge that we must encounter as that’s what growth towards grafting to HIM requires – we must rise to his full intention and it will always be both tasty to the mouth but difficult to digest as one will see that the ramifications mean we have to change and change is always tough, until we’ve changed and then it remains tough but we know it was worth the discomfort.
Jesus spoke about this idea that some would be “saved” and some would not. There really was never in his words an in between though there are degrees of “saved” as in first fruits as depicted in the two harvest periods of Rev 14, where the term “elect” is really only applicable to what we could think of as the second fruits, those that must experience the time of great trouble that we are in the midst of as we speak that there are many proves of. It’s where Jesus spoke of the tares, the seed planted by the enemy, the Luciferians that look like the wheat but are not. At harvest time, which is a period of time and like said, in two phases, the tares are pulled up first by the angels who I believe are the first fruits harvested first. This is also depicted throughout many scriptures and these are “burned”, and yes that is the lake of fire depiction and is also the second death being it’s the death of spirits and/or souls that chose to not pay attention to God’s many expressions over years time by his incarnate representatives that must always be seen as in opposition to all who have become entrenched in religion and spirituality and atheism, all really parts of the same mindset that chooses not to look at the real deal when they are making themselves known, not that those within these groups are doing anything wrong by seeking the truth through these avenues, as they all can be passed through when someone wants to know what is most real and true about the Kingdom of God/Heaven but become a negative when we cling to them, again fearing the changes that are a must when we choose to look at God’s new presentation, as was the case with all God’s servants and especially with Jesus and absolutely is the case with the Two Witnesses that are the depiction of the return of Father and Son together.
We all need to constantly rise to the awareness that this Earth is a garden. It’s not “heaven” though many of the plants (tares) are saying it can be a heaven. In a garden there are only plants that are yielding fruit and those that are not. Is it cruel to toss those that are not into the compost heap? To leave them can choke off nutrients from the fruit and the fruit is the objective. God’s love is such that even the tares get the opportunity though they don’t want it, but I suppose there might be exceptions as even the tares have in their core a type of remembrance of the source of their existence before they became tares because “evil” was also created by the Lord to provide his garden plants with the choice, the free will to become whatever they wanted to become, while offering His Kingdom.

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