letter to Nathaniel a fellow Ti and Do believer abroad asking how I am doing

Hi Nathaniel,

All is well in some ways but in turmoil in others as, though I sit in some comfort at my computer daily in my mountain hideaway and write the prophecy book and have occasional fun playing music and a little socializing, I feel there is much more I need to do and know it entails leaving this comfort zone without having that strong impetus that came when Ti and Do came to my town in Waldport to “catch us away” from our human lives, as most of us then wanted and were unattached enough to do, at least for me fairly easily compared to those that had families, kids, careers, and many of the human trappings. I always wondered why Do would say it was hard to break away and yet it didn’t seem that hard for me. I know it perhaps wasn’t equally hard for all, depending on what lessons they still needed coming into this environment as souls from the lesson time with Jesus, but for me and the Soul taking over my vehicle it’s tough to recon with leaving without a push. Perhaps the push will come and I don’t look forward to it, but then again at time do look forward to it. However the Next Level is gentle though know we students need prodding now and again as evidenced by 19 years with Them where mostly when Ti was still using her human vehicle was filled with that gentle prodding.

It is very mentally depleting to decipher prophecy and not settling on this or that meaning without giving it my best shot to learn what Ti and Do really intended that got recorded by disciple john in the revelations as to timing of events and stages and to whom and where they most apply, all of which are not generally static as it’s all a road map but like human road maps, having many turns that can result in the same destination whether in thought or in action with only two ultimate destinations between working for Ti and and Do or for all things human.

So the reasons I am here is very clear because for whatever reason I flunked out but flunking out does not mean not going back to school as many times as it takes to learn the lessons that resulted in the flunk out, but the longer one stays in a human lifestyle the harder to break away from it, one of the challenges, while also defining “breaking away” as one can break away while appearing to still be engaged, they just do so without too much change of their physical situation. This is my condition – feeling less and less able to related to things thought normal and yet really not able to say much about it without alienating people when they don’t feel the same way while also not judging that they should feel the same way. There are no should. It’s all a matter of what we want and who we look to and how bad we want to show our allegiance to our sense of the highest source in those I know to be Ti and Do but others have their own way of considering. Thus the way we live becomes a potential example of who we are attaching to even if we often stumble, part of being attached to Ti and Do is to admit stumbling to those we have involved in our stumble to seek their forgiveness and tolerance of us, even though they may or may not be stumbling just as much according to their lesson plan that can be at a different grade in school, yet not really able to be determined by us as for those that are given much, much more is required, so if we havn’t have the chance to SEE our stumbles are not the same as for those that have had the chance to SEE.

We are all judged and rewarded by our performance not by our experience.

I have lots of specifics I can go into, but they are not important. What is important is, not giving up and even if with a tiny bit of desire asking for help to take our next best step.

I am fairly certain that events will continue to intensify in the world and in space and the environment to where to deny that these are all fulfillments of prophecy will be absurd but certainly a choice, but for some will be their awakening to their next best step.

With these events will also come challenges as we who serve Ti and Do to whatever degree we seek to are targeted, right now in mental ways but soon to also be in physical ways as we do have to “live for Ti and Do’s service” that will result in giving our lives in all ways to show our graft is in place enough to be counted on their crew, for future lesson steps. I don’t count that as motivation consciously – “to be saved” – yet at the same time don’t want to die and I know that sense is not exclusively in reference to my vehicle as sometimes it feels more desirous to leave my vehicle, which is where my soul is speaking louder knowing what I (the soul) knows exists outside the vehicle in the Next Level environment that can’t be had unless we are outside our human vehicle.


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