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Hayden Hewes gets proof that Ti & Do are contacted when one prays to the hightest source of truth

October 31, 2013

In 1975, Hayden Hewes gets some proof that Ti and Do can hear his “prayers”:


1) Hayden Hewes recounts his talk with Herf (who later used the name Bo and finally used the name Do) and Bonnie (who later used the name Peep and finally used the name Ti on how they said he could contact them, in a mental way by use of a code directing that code in the way one would want to talk to one’s Father in Heaven as Jesus instructed. This was without a telephone or any other technical form of communication.

2) Examples of how people left the cult

3) Bonnie and Herf explain how they receive humans’ “prayers” from people asking to know the truth.

1) Hayden Hewes recounts his talk with Herf

An excerp from Hayden Hewes comments regarding those he knew of as Herf and Bonnie regarding a code Hayden was given to direct to his “Heavenly Father” if he wanted to contact these Two as written in the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, compiled and edited and with comments by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger”.

Hayden says of July 13, 1974 in the office of his International UFO Bureau, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma …,

“As the interview was ending, “Herf” gave me a simple thought-code sequence to use if I ever needed to get in touch with them to know the truth.

Shortly afterward, The Two said good-bye and walked out of the office toward the street. I accompanied them to the road and started to return to the office. I immediately turned around–and they were gone. There were no cars on the street, either parked or passing by. It appearned that they had simply vanished.”

Sawyers note: Years later in the 1980’s, Ti and Do told their student body of how this was reported in the media when they did nothing miraculous to leave Hayden but walk off. (However, one can wonder if the Next Level crew even unbeknown to anyone else cloaked Ti and Do without their knowing they were cloaked, one way to account for their apparant vanishing from Hayden. We known the Next Level Above Human has this power.

(Continuing with Hayden’s account:)

“It was not until almost fifteen months later that The Two began to hold public meetings. A great deal of media coverage was generated by their appearances at these gatherings and the message they related.

It was at this point that I decided to use the mental code to find out “the truth.” It was my understanding that it was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the next level, but I wanted to know for sure. So I used the code while asking for the truth in the name of our Father in Heaven.

The following morning, I received a telephone call from a young man who professed to be a follower of The Two. He said he had been directed to contact me. “What do you need to know?” he asked.

After several minutes of conversation, it became plain to me that this individual did possess information that had not been related in the media. He advised me that they would always be in touch with me when I needed him.

I tried the code again that night, and the following day the young man called once again. He wanted to talk in person, so I gave him my address. Less than three minutes later, he was standing on my front porch with another individual.

They explained to me that only The Two would die-not the followers. “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level,” they said.

Before they left, I was informed that I would be hearing from the Two in the near future. It is very hard to explain the feeling I experienced when it appeared that, in fact, the code had worked.”

Sawyers notes: After their 1997 laying down of their physical human containers, reported as suicide by the media, one would have every reason after hearing/reading this report from October of 1975 when Hayden got back in touch to ask if it “was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the Next Level?” in which he recalls then two followers of Bonnie and Herff explaining to him how, “only The Two would die-not the followers”, by their saying, “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level”, how one would think they were wrong so couldn’t be from the Next Level as all the students that stayed with them til March of 1997 did die by drinking a mixture with phenalbarbitol in it that put each of their physical bodies to permenant sleep, the death of their “vehicles” as Ti and Do called them.

Two things come up. For one Ti and Do said many, many times to their students over the 19 years I was in attendence, when they would bring some form of a new thought to the group, that “this [thinking] works for now”. They would say, “it may not be 100% accurate but is what we need to focus on now”. I recall this in particular with two subjects. One was whether all humans had souls.

At the time (before the 1990’s when many things were clarified) we didn’t have as clear understanding of what a soul really was. That understanding that a soul was a “container” came to Do, at least in a way he expressed to the class, after Ti left her physical body. I recall feeling unsettled by the idea that the humans I would interface with in the human world, as I had a task as a programmer didn’t have a soul. It just felt wierd but then I didn’t know what a soul was anyway but it just made humans seem less alive somehow though we never would have said that to anyone nor treated anyone with any less respect as we too had no guarantee that even if we did have a soul, that we were going to the Next Level, though it was assumed if we stayed the course we would.

What we didn’t know is that Next Level kept on making it harder and harder to stay the course. A month or two later they said, erase that idea. They said they are not saying it’s not as they were suggesting but that there is more to it and for now just forget about that thinking. By then I had grown comforable with the thought so it was a little disappointing to be told to forget about it, thus another challenge to be that flexible.

Humans tend to want to have certainty about things. It gives them security and they often talk with certainty about things they really have little knowing about but there is no one to challenge them that they consider a challenge as they have it all locked up in the university curriculums and like a cult largely agree among their peers or at least don’t disagree in public as they want to be seen as consistant and secure in their knowledge while in reality most everything they come to know a little about is still just a little but that they simply don’t know what they don’t know about until something happens that throws them for a loop in which case many fight tooth and nail to surpress the new thought of. This happens in all departments of life; politics, science, religion, spirituality, sociology, etc.

The other example was regarding the students “having also with Ti and Do, come from the Next Level”. They said this when a student (pmmody) while in Blackhawk, Colorado where Ti and Do and four student helpers (Lgg/Jnn, Dnc/Snn) lived, where groups of six students would drive to from Dallas, Texas as a two day retreat, in response to a students question that upon their answering helped them realize. It’s fair to say the student body really loved that idea as it was uplifting to think we too were from the Next Level, though they later clarified that that doesn’t mean we had graduated. Those with ego struggles, like me who had an influence that wanted to be seen as being special particularily liked thinking I (my mind) was from the Next Level. Ti told me once that characteristic would keep me off the spacecraft as they don’t have crewmembers that want to be SEEN as special. It sort of reminds me of Jesus talking to the Jewish priests about how they liked being seen praying and fasting. Those in a Next Level crew have overcome that kind of mindset. I still hear that influence play it’s tape in my head and usually send it packing pretty fast. Anyway then a few months later they said that thinking wasn’t 100% accurate and later still explained why. We later learned that some had bodies in the Next Level that they sacrificed in the “ufo crashes” but they were not adult “Next Level” bodies, while others on board those spacecrafts were not in bodies. Ti said she remembered a briefing on board the spacecraft before they all started the crashes and some were standing around and had bodies and some were not in bodies.

So when Ti and Do said, “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level”, which I can verify was the mindset they taught in 1975 and wasn’t updated til at first in 1985 when Ti left her vehicle and Do wasn’t exiting with her (a change of what they thought) and then when he felt it was instruction to leave by “taking it upon ourselves to exit” by laying down our vehicles which was first concretely introduced in 1994 after we’d finished 9 months on the road giving public meetings all over the U.S. He had felt to set up circumstances to see the Next Level would pick us up or allow us to leave our vehicles from fasting on water in the near Phoenix desert that he cancelled after two weeks on water only.

Thus they believed that at the time so that’s what they taught. Looking back it’s interesting how some left when certain things they said did not come to pass and they even said, people had every right to not believe them, but were then surprised how to most of the student body it didn’t matter. They hadn’t been their students on a promise of how and when to leave. They were students because they recognized Ti and Do as their Older Members from the Next Level and they trusted them explicitly. This was also evidenced in 1975 when they saw the handwriting on the wall that they were “shot down by the press in the street” (commons for every eye to see (media)) as prophesied in the Rev 11 Two Witnesses prophecy. Ti and Do said it changed and the students weren’t ready. And it’s interesting that having since examined prophecy it’s clear that the Two aren’t killed at all and that the woman of the two takes them to the wilderness (Wyoming) for a time and then is taken away when she is “swallowed up by the Earth” with the flood (persecuting thoughts against her) sent after her by the dragon (Luciferain reptilian space aliens), an expression used when someone died and how the student body “fell upon their faces” speaking about it in the past in,

Rev 11:16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,

In this verse “face” was their human self, the actual vehicle they were wearing (incarnate into) for their task of overcoming it’s humaness to graduate the human evolutionary condition. Jesus said his disciples would be “born again of water” (a flesh body in the watery womb of the watery Earth) and would “stand up again” (re-surrection (both by interfacing with and coming to be the sole controller of the human vehicle they are helped to select for the task) to “life” as the “just” (those abiding by their Older Member’s instructions) while the unjust would also “stand up again” (as the Luciferian advasarials (satan’s) needed to test and stimulate the just to acquire more strength of mind/will to combat their influence, which would be a standing up to death, where death is really at that point the “second death” when the spirit and/or undeveloped dead soul is actually dissolved in the lake of fire. “Life” isn’t the life of the body, the vehicle Ti and Do called it but the life of the Soul body that was literally growing inside the human vehicle, the reason a water birth (human body) was required to have a Soul body born from overcoming it.

Do described the human body as like a glass vase and that human mind was like a balloon inside the vase while the Soul body deposit was a type of “seed” (like Jesus referred to along with referring to the body as a wineskin (vase)). Spirit and Mind are synonymous. The human balloon can only house human mind (spirit), thoughts, ideas, terms pertaining to human behaviors and ways while the Soul body balloon can only contain Next Level Mind (holy spirit) – information pertaining to behavior and ways of Next Level members. Do went on to explain that when one is overcoming their humanness they are emptying the human mind (spirit) balloon and are filling their Next Level Soul body baloon by taking in the Mind from their Older Members which involves doing all they are given to think, say and do.

Thus when a student who has successfully filled their Next Level balloon full of their Older Members mind, that can only be filled while in the physical company of the incarnate Older Member, then to release that new growing Soul body from the physical human body the physical human body must die.

When Ti and Do saw that the “demonstration” of their rising from the dead, Jesus style wasn’t the modus operandi, they began to wonder how they and the student body would leave, how and when their physical human bodies would be discarded. For a while they wondered if the Next Level would do it on a spacecraft like by lying on a table next to a table that had their new Next Level fully grown adult body on it, sort of like a blood transfusion might be thought of. They didn’t think the Next Level had any use for their or their students’ human bodies. How the Next Level would take them and the students would be according to the lessons the students needed and the strategy of what record they wanted to leave the humans to ponder. For instance they also wondered if when the human vehicles were picked up if the Soul body would be extracted from it and the human vehicle would fall dead. There was that old expression referring to when Jesus was murdered as he “gave up the ghost (mind/spirit/soul body)” and when Jesus’ soul body filled with holy mind/spirit came into the vehicle prepared for him named Jesus most significantly it was literally seen by some as a “body lighting upon Jesus like a dove” and accompanied by a voice that said, “this is my son whom I am well pleased” that Jesus said was for the benefit of those observing it.

Now the students who returned from having been in the Jesus led classroom, spoken of as the Saints (new holy angels/reapers) who proved their loyalty to Jesus by spreading the information He brought far and wide and being eventually all killed because of the hate they encountered that Jesus said would be their fate in drinking his same “cup”, were returned with the same Souls that were The Father and Jesus before.

Jesus took his changed over physical body with him back to the spacecraft cloaked by a cloud. He had visited with the Father at some point before spending the 40 days or so with his disciples proving he was “not a spirit but was flesh and bone” still, though he looked different.

The Father could have actually been physically present, even incarnate as well, a potential consideration from the Essenes records (Do indicated Jesus may have had a physical relationship with his Older Member (Father) at some point) as the Essenes spoke of a “Teacher of Righteousness” that exited quite some time before a second teacher of Righteousness arose in their community, which may have been about The Father and Jesus. In either case the Father would have by the time Jesus awoke been on board an overseeing spacecraft to help Jesus. It was likly the Father who appeared with another in white to Jesus and three disciples on the mountain where they told him when and how to exit, which is kin to how three of Do’s students saw two small white beings in their house in Yuma, AZ in 1996 that became confirmation that most of the student body had raised their “vibrations” high enough to have that visual awake experience and was additional confirmation to Do that his plans to self stimulate exit of their containers (vehicles/bodies) was a go that the Hale Bopp comet and suspected spacecraft in it’s tail was confirmation of the timing for exit.

In any case the Father and Jesus had physical bodies on board their spacecraft and the ones who gave their lives may have been issued temporary physical bodies and some who believed after Jesus left and lost their vehicles were taken to be put on “ice” were all returned by 1970 or so. Ti would say all along to us, “get your mind in your vehicle”. We even taught a pet parakeet that, which was Ti talking to the Saints, the Minds/souls who returned who needed to get totally inside that new human vehicle (vase). Do had indicated that there were different kinds of “tags” or “deposits”. He felt like deposits were made at birth of the vehicles he and Ti took as well as the vehicles the student body were to take. Like Jesus whose soul came into his body after he had been deposited as a baby, where Jesus may have also had some engineering of his physical body’s components to be able to handle the level of mind he needed without “bursting” his wine skin thus a “virgin birth”.

So the humans who were to become the recipients of the returning Next Level souls were drawing in the Mind from those returning Souls that entered when they first met up with Ti and Do at a meeting and when they exited those human bodies, they were not dying. The physical container was being dropped like the butterfly discards the catapillar/crysallis the analogy Ti and Do initially taught about this metamorphosis. Thus the students didn’t die to go to the Next Level. The human vehicles died but the human vehicles were always scheduled to die eventually which is why humans are all actually dead. (The are all given a shot to reach for “life” but they have to ask/seek search for it and in so doing would be directed to where there are Older Members of if it is after the Older Member and student body have left then to connect with an “active student”.

Thus Ti and Do were correct all along in what they said to Hayden Hewes. In summation, the ones returning were their student body and they were living souls which are perfectly real and even more real than human bodies because the former don’t die unless some take a task of laying it down to provide the same graduation experience to humans and still the soul body that is the pilot of their newly assigned physical body is very much alive now permenantly. But Ti and Do weren’t provided with that information in the 70’s because it wasn’t timely. The Next Level Older Members from the heavenly vantagepoint know well that humans rightfully will have a much greater tendency to balk at the idea of dying voluntarity. After all the Luciferians had instilled the religious and society with the idea that choosing to exit one’s physical body was a grave “original” sin. The sin would be not seeking the will of one’s heavenly Father to decide whether or not there is a task they would have us do before deciding to exit our human body on our own. This is why the Older Member needs to be trusted and works very, very hard to be sure each student is fully aware of the ramifications of exiting by their own hand while the world looks on in horror and dismay largely not believing that they will be very much alive after they exit.

Finally, these two followers of Ti and Do said, “only The Two would die”, so to what definition of “life” were they anticipating dying would be an understandable question. Actually there is no trying to hide the fact that Ti and Do believed they were fulfilling the role of the Two Witnesses and that Rev 11 said they would be “killed” and they would rise from the dead before their enemies who would witness their ascension. But the facts are that Ti and Do didn’t need that Revelations 11 prophecy to know they had come from “outer space”, the literal heaven’s and that they were here to “fulfill prophecy” and “bring updates to the bible”, all of which they recognized from their “less than six weeks” in the town of Bourne, Texas from during January and February of 1973. Additionally they didn’t get from the Revelations prophecy that the overcoming process Jesus taught was necessary for graduation/harvest (going to the Kingdom of God/Heaven) that most Christians are taught to ignore that includes a seperation from our human lives to include our physical life apparant clearly throughout many Jesus quotes. Nor did they get from Revelations that the Kingdom of God/Heaven was a physical kingdom that was a potential next “evolutionary” step for humans into what they more accurately termed the “Evolutionary Level Above Human”. Nor did they get the analogy of the overcoming process to the metamorphosis of a catapillar to a butterfly and how that was a “christing” (christening as in Crysalis), the PROCESS, (their term) needed that is the “pressing of the OIL that when burned in the LAMP creates LIGHT, the human vehicle being the vessel/container with the EYE as the LAMP part that needed to be refined to hold the OIL by restraining all human expenditures of the flames of passion, whether they be through sexuality or a drive for success and/or power and/or enlightening, all for SELF as opposed to with the Next Level for one’s Older Members (Parents(Fathers) in the literal heavens).

All this was on their minds but in their terms as they were obviously not drawing their terminology strictly from translations and interpretations of the Bible alone nor from any one recorded body of information designated the basis of a religion. No doubt all of these ideas could be traced to this or that philosophy and since Ti was an avid student of Theosophy and that included some study of the Hindu Vedas while Do was raised on Christianity and even attempted to enter seminary, why didn’t they think the students wouldn’t have to “die” to get to to the Next Level, one has to ask as in those early days when Do wrote Statement One, which was written just weeks before they arrived at Hayden’s office in July of 1974 it talked about each students “Christening”? Did they miss that Jesus instructed his disciples to give their physical lives, DRINK THE SAME CUP HE WAS DRINKING THAT IS FILLED WITH HIS BLOOD because they would be hated as he was hated and like the seed that falls to the ground and is buried and dies as a seed to sprout as a plant that stands up to become a tree that then provides an environment and “sustenence” (mind/spirit) to many new creatures because of. Did they miss where Peter said He would die for Jesus and Jesus said, he wasn’t ready to die for him yet.

Yet they told us, the students in no uncertain terms that we were not to die. If they were building their script solely on what they had studied in various books and records, wouldn’t they have incorporated this one more fact. It’s not like they were sugar coating it all. They required students by then to “leave all behind” to join them. They spelled that out as Jesus did to include that children could not come/join as they couldn’t make that decision to engage in overcoming the world. It was the leaving of children that in fact started the investigation when two would be students were arranging to leave their two young children with the biological dad who lived less than 100 miles from them and the police got involved and so they were being thought of as kidnappers as well or at least instigators of a mass brainwashing to the detriment of the public so sought after to stop.

In fact the work “kill” translated from the Greek “apokteino” to which there is very little data that describes anything about the “kteino” part, where “apo” is to “remove” or “off” or take “away” from something, is not the usual term for “kill” as in to murder or slay or remove someone from their physical life. It’s thought of as “to kill in ANY way” which Ti and Do if they knew that translation didn’t ever lead on to knowing it. One would have thought if they knew of that translation that after the news broke in October of 1975 by Walter Cronkite saying their vehicles names and how they were “felons” though only Do was a felon as the charges against Ti were dropped weeks after they were arrested together with different charges in early 1974 in Brownsville, Texas when they were about to give their story to the press that included their saying they were rewriting much of the bible. When that news broke they were in Las Vegas, Nevada – “sin city” (the spiritual sodom as depicted in Rev 11?) and they literally felt “shot down” and thought for a couple days there was no use in going on as everyone by then would have made up their mind about them. They were both showing their being raised in the establishment of having respect for authority. They weren’t actually rebels growing up so to them once the national press showed them to be felons their mission was dead but that’s not the death they were expecting. They always, even years later expected to die in terms of loss of their physical body, though that dimished a great deal after they were shot down by the press in the commons of the land, the media the only way peoples from nations and kindred, etc. could all see them in their “dead” state as it says in Rev and the only way their bodies would be “dead” for 3 days without being “buried” another mistranslation as there are many in that section of Revelations as with the interpretation of apokteino to slay or kill the translators followed that idea up with building that case in the next verses translations. (This is all detailed in my book).

But if they had known that kill was “kill in any way” even if they had re-read that in their hotel bible while watching the fever of media on national television about them as dangerous felon ufo cult leaders, if they were to continue leading their student body as they did wouldn’t they then tell their now 70 or so students this new understanding of the translation of apokteino which would spare their having to prove they are who they say they are by fulfilling the previous understanding of the Two Witnesses prophecy?

Here is Do recounting the event in 1988 when he wrote, “88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew”:

Do writes…:

“Ti and Do were in Las Vegas when the TV network news programs all broke the story about the two. Now because of the kind of publicity that had come out across the country, climaxed by the networks, Ti and Do felt that further meetings were pretty hopeless and people had already made up their minds about how ridiculous this all was. Ti and Do felt that the demonstration was still the one thing that could change that. However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead.

They received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the “killing in the street” of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media. However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a “chickening out” interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following. So, with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans. Much to their surprise, the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, “OK then, where do we go from here”?

Ti and Do still felt that to continue was probably one of their greatest tests. Nevertheless, they got up, kicked the dust off their tired feet, and continued with the instruction to hold meetings a while longer. They then became more organized in their groups and more systematic with their communication between cities. All in all, the meetings continued for a little over ten months.

At a meeting in a Manhattan, Kansas college auditorium (April 21, 1976), Ti announced that “the Harvest is closed, there will be no more meetings.” Since that time, no new students have been admitted to the class.”

(end of Do’s statement in “88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew)

I remember not caring about the Two Witnesses prophecy though I had no understanding of the Greek apokteino either until many years later when they talked about it and I learned that Ti thought the Next Level decided not to go ahead with the demonstration because the students weren’t ready for them to leave. I didn’t join on that basis, nor to take a ride on a UFO, nor because I thought they were aliens and wanted to be with aliens or out of mere new age “California” styled curiosity or wild mindedness. I simply had a core recognition of them and was compelled to be with them and that remained with me even after leaving in 1994, then reconstituting my belief and service in early 2000 til now in 2013. It was in my return to active studentship when I began disecting prophecy and saw that all prophecy that could be attributed to the Level Above Human, all the Jesus records and the Book of Revelations but with a many, many direct links back to Moses writings of the first five books of the record as well as to a number of the Old Testament prophets that I saw that all prophecy was like a map with one starting place and one destination but lots of ways to interpret it to get to the destination.

So after the national news broke with the human identities of Ti and Do alongside Rob Balch and David Taylors infiltration into one of the groups and then the overall group at the Chicago camp at Chain of Lakes national forest and the fact that the FBI was looking for Ti and Do to question them about the rash of UFO related cattle mutilations in the Colorado and Oklahoma areas, Ti and Do split the 70 of us up into six groups and sent us in different directions. But somehow I still thought there was to be a “demonstration”. Somehow my partner and I missed that part of the new interpretation that was saying the “killing already happened”.

So when we were dispatched out of Chain of Lakes the group I was in which had one partnership assigned to be “helpers” or “overseers” of, who had some way of staying in touch with Ti and Do’s group who were made up of them with 6 students, headed south to Oklahoma, stayed a few days and eventually met with Ti and Do which is probably where they would have told us about their not walking into a demonstration but that my partner and I missed as we spoke about that idea of a demonstration thereafter as we got separated from our group and thus any Ti and Do connection. We ended up hitchiking all over the midwest from Florida to Texas and from Colorado to Tennesee and from Wisconsin to Boston and Vermont to Brownsvile, Texas, giving large and small meetings everywhere we went. We even did a meeting in Liberal, Kansas that got advertised in the newspaper in which the report indicated we, my partner “Dandy” and I were portrayed as the Two Witnesses. I recall before that meeting saying to Dandy, I think I’m going to bring it up first thing that we are not the Two in case someone wants to shoot us. I was willing to die but wasn’t looking forward to it. In fact I had trouble really believing I wouldn’t die though according to what Ti and Do had written in the three statements we wern’t going to die. So I put my sense about it aside and told others we encountered we wouldn’t be dying and of course was laughted at and scorned for saying.

With all this said, I can honestly say that after 19 years with Ti and Do they proved to me that they were willing to say and/or do anything when they could verify it was coming from their invisible, in a spacecraft Older Member which would have been Ti’s Older Member and therefore like Do’s grandfather, his Older Member’s Older Member.

2) Examples of how people left the cult

Thus they told us what they were given to tell us and when it changed they told us what they were given to tell us. If in the process students fell away because of what would have looked like changing core pieces of their information or as occurred in the scheduling of a pickup twice that didn’t happen or in the case of Ti unexpectantly exiting her vehicle first (dying of cancer, that Do said was Ti burning out her vehicle because of the deluge of attacks she was up against and having to surmount to help Do get started in his task to birth the student body) and a number of other reasons why students dropped out or were arranged to leave (as the 19 were in early winter of 1976, that two, years later reconnected from) or were arranged to be in a half way situation instead of with the main body, having an easy way to not reengage, which did happen to one long time member. Or when Do said we had enough sticks (money) in the coffer to give some $1,000.00 to leave because he didn’t want anyone staying on because it had become comfortable living in a very tight nit high standard, high tech, even fun commune. Or when one classmember didn’t want to work on the lesson entitled “I could be wrong” which was to be put in front of any statement, especially in decisions or in remembering something. Another classmate decided to take his side showing us an example of how, as the record says, “a third of the angels fell from heaven”. One named Lucifer chose not to serve his Older Member and some sided with him so they all lost their task and facility to circulate among other members of the Next Level in the heaven’s beyond the near to Earth sky/atmosphere. In other words the Earth and it’s immedieate environment that might extend into near space became their prison and to survive a recycling period they hid underground, which is what is occurring now but will be a new crop of lower forces to the old crop can be dissolved in the Lake of Fire.

When I began to unknowingly compete with Do coupled with demanding a harder task “like Do’s” of Ti, while she was then outside her human vehicle and who we were permitted by Do to communicate with to see if we were connecting and recognizing when she would respond, coupled with a weakness I had not had enough control over, my vehicles desire for sexual stimulus that up til then took the shape of allowing my eyes to linger some seconds on any view that was attractive to the vehicle whether it was looking down the shirt of a female when they might bend over or becoming fixated on one’s backside should they bend over, for example. So it just so happened the day or even hour after I did that insistant request for more growth (which in and of itself was always good to desire) but taking the shape of thinking I was anywhere near able to provide service in a task like Do’s showed two things; (1) that I was still egocentric looking at Do’s task in a way that would make me look better, even to myself a symptom of what Ti had told me before she left that would keep me off the spacecraft, that I was (2) “a little too pleased with self” in that I thought I was doing pretty well in my overcoming to demand a harder task. In any case, ask and you shall receive, so I’m sure Ti opened a gate to so speak and what she knew was a stronger discarnate stepped into my space and in minutes I folded – I could not stop the sexual thoughts and feelings and was masturbating at times several times a day for months to come and I began to understand how there are worse things than death because “death” (a dead luciferian space alien) was allowed to attack me regularily and whenever he did, I folded immedieatly. Finally, though Do was offerring me help, I seemed to have no desire to use any of the tools I’d been using successfully for 18 years to combat my previous level of sexual challenge. As I was removed from the overseer tasks I had become accustomed to performing, Do asked me one day to take an overseer task with Mllody as my checkpartner. I told him I couldn’t as I’d be a hypocrit to which he then said, “Well then what do you want to do?”, to which I said, “I guess I have to leave”, to which he said, “you want to get more objective.” And he then asked to speak to nrrody and “told her to tell others not to try to talk me out of it because he knows what he is doing”, which is what she repeated to all in the room then. The next day they bought me a plane ticket to where I wanted to go, Phoenix, AZ to temporarily stay with two x-classmates who still believed but wanted to be outside the class. And they gave me $600.00 cash to get started on.

Then there were the two times, once when Ti was still in her physical vehicle and the other after she exited, when we were all given the option to fly to visit relatives of our vehicle or anyone that we thought may still have anxiety at our absense for the last 10 years before that. That opened the door very wide for some to be tempted to leave. We each went on the plane by ourselves and had a visit over a weekend and returned. While back with my folks and siblings and relatives and some friends I had the opportunity to hook up with an old girlfriend but I wanted nothing of the sort. I was not tempted to leave at all. One student enjoyed their visits so much, he ended up wanting to leave the group so did.

Another classmate left after it became a lesson step for certain males in the group to express whether we would have any reservations against castration should Do get the okay from Ti to provide that option. No one was being proded and only the ones that had expressed an ongoing problem with sensuality were asked this, as these had asked Do for any measure to help them overcome. So it was because of our instigation that this was brought up. I was one who was present when this question was asked. One classmate did have reservations and it put him on the spot and some months later he asked to leave and was given help to fly where he wanted to go. I am still in touch with him.

There are more examples but these are the biggest ones I know about personally. No one told me about these events. I was involved with each one to a degree as I was often assigned partners that were having problems and they knew it and also knew I was reporting my observations to Do. To be in the classroom we had to desire that we were an open book, eager for help to overcome our human self ways from any direction. We were expected to ask our partners often for this help. We were never to assume if we asked once it was good indefinitely. It’s very, very easy to not want to ask this of our partners. After all they might bring up the same things we’d been working on for years and it could feel like we were not making headway on conquering it. But the task wasn’t to conquer it was to try to conquer and seek help to conquer. From that vantagepoint then conquering occurred. But keeping it in and thinking we can rise to perform our own fight is an illusion the influences want us to maintain so they could win.

In the early years people would leave without telling anyone. Ti and Do didn’t like that because they knew they might reveal our location and they knew and had evidence that there were investigators looking for some in the class hoping to deprogram them. On a documentary, an x-member of the class who has since turned against Ti and Do publically expressed sarcastically and perhaps arrogantly that Do was always worried about security when in fact there had been several efforts of parents or siblings to find their “loved ones” thinking they were trapped into beign in the cult. It’s completly understandable to be suspectible to that fear just like a momma bear seeks to protect their cubs. The difference though is that all the members of the group were adults who had been living on their own for years and in most cases in different states, even totally across the country and with a seeker mentality that they were not going let anyone stifle. Ti and Do were both security conscious despite what this x-classmember says with a big grin on his face as though he is above Ti and Do in perspective. Isn’t it interesting how when people left they largely became against Ti and Do as who they said they were and yet could provide no evidence that they were in the same league as the hundreds of groups that had formed as cults that ended up having families with children among them and whose dropouts complained and filed charges against the leadership for child abuse (Jim Jones) and molestations of underage girls (David Koresh) and highly questionable financial dealings, or the use of prostitutes when their rules forbid it thus a major hypocrisy to preach against, the building of a human empire the opposite of what Jesus taught (Sun Myung Moon) and the list is enormous involving sex, money and power abuses. So what does this x-classmember bring up…(all paraphrased), “they made me shave up instead of down” and “they had a procedure to be precise in measuring salt for a recipe”, or another x-member said, “they didn’t take care of my teeth the way I wanted”. They were so far distant from human thinking and acting, they couldn’t even be corrupt the way humans do. This one x-classmember also gave his opinion on this same documentary that he thought Do (Marshall or Herf) was so upset with his homosexuality, he was putting strict rules against sexuality into effect to act out his own problem. He said something to that effect. This x-classmembers sounds a bit homophobic. This is a line he got from the psychologists that really can’t find any reason for either Ti or Do’s thinking and actions nor the student body so they make stuff up that sounds feasible to those that don’t know any better and the reporters are satisfied so print it and people who have their own problems and who want to sound like an authority quote the report without any evidence to support their claim. This is a typical “intelligence tactic”. It’s intelligent only because it uses words and provides what some want to hear so athesist, spiritual new ager or relgionist or not, they get to have an explanation other than the most obvious “consideration” that they might very well have been exactly who they represented themselves to be.

After all, if Do was troubled about his vehicles sexuality, what about Ti as Ti is the one who “got Do going” that Do admitted to. He even said he resisted Ti and wondered at first whether she was interested in him (in a human way, like for dating or something like that). She had zero interest in him in that way and Do quickly learned that but still gave Ti a hard time as they began to work together after leaving houston together in 1973. But by the time Do got out of jail he knew who Ti was, his Older Member, his Heavenly Father working through the female vehicle named Bonnie Nettles. (Around 1984 Do held a meeting with the class without Ti present in which he first said that Ti was the woman depicted in Revelations chapter 12. This was the only bible lesson we ever had. They spoke about what Jesus said many times without actually quoting chapter and verse but before this never tried to explain particular translations or interpretations with the very slight exception in 1975 pertaining to their being the Revelations chapter 11 Two Witnesses, though they never covered more a couple verses of that and in no detailed analysis.

At least once a year Ti and Do gave an instruction to literally think about leaving and if there is anything we wanted to do in the world. That instruction was short lived. Maybe it lasted 30 minutes. Then they said, wipe out those thoughts. Of course if someone really did want to leave they wouldn’t be able to wipe out those thoughts.

3) Bonnie and Herf explain how they receive humans’ “prayers” from people asking to know the truth.

An excerp from Hayden Hewes interview with those who would come to be known as Bo (Herf) and Peep (Bonnie) and later Ti and Do (Bo) regarding “Prayer” according to the book of He and Dan Garcia’s interview with “The Two” as documented in the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, compiled and edited and with comments by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger”.

Bonnie: This is what I mentioned earlier…that we have been visiting a group…and this is probably one thing that will get us killed. When humans pray, they contact the source which we are from.
Herf: If they pray to the highest source.
Bonnie: If they are praying for truth, then they contact us.

Q and A re Communicating directly with Do and What people do in the Next Level

October 25, 2013

Questions 8:26pm Oct 22:

I have been listening and reading up and this does speak to me to some degree, but I don’t understand the Kingdom Level above Human. What do they exactly do? I know they don’t eat or have sex or have children, but what are their ends? What makes their eternal lives fulfilling, which is what I would like to know. And you said Do would not answer any of my questions directly, but according to some of your videos you yourself have recieved visions or dreams of them. Is there a way to have contact with those crew members at all?

Sawyers response:

I apologize if I said “Do wouldn’t answer your questions directly”. I would have hoped I said, “He probably would not…” but I could be wrong about that. It’s up to him who he communicates with directly. It’s tricky to discern as the Luciferians can mimic Do in appearance I believe and I believe can project that image to us in dreams to try to fool us into thinking it’s Do. A number of new believers have told me they felt like they did have a visit from Do in a dream. I don’t doubt that but it’s tricky. Ti and Do themselves had what they called a check and balance system to determine if they were getting instruction from their Older Member from a craft or a Luciferian space alien using some technological means to beam a thought to them. So if they have a system that I can’t recall their outlining, we should also remain discerning.

A big part of coming to believe in Ti and Do is of course what’s called “faith”. It’s not having all the answers to all our questions but still feeling we’ve seen/heard enough that we can’t deny what they have said and done to be the work of beyond human beings (and beyond space aliens who are human equivilents) so we are willing to move into more and more active service (sharing with others) trusting we will have answers to our questions in due time.

But I encourage you to talk to Do directly. Ask him whatever you want and if you want to run any answers you get by me as a check, I’m here for that. When Do instructed us in the classroom to try our hand and communicating directly to Ti, who had by then exited her human vehicle, he told us the same thing, to let him know if we feel “she” responded. And so I did ask something of Ti and did feel I “heard” a response, words in my head, not in her voice but all I can say is it was a subtle feeling with specific words, that I don’t actually recall right now. However, I did report what I felt like she said to Do in a note and he communicated to me (this was when I was in class, so his communication on most things was directly face to face or by telephone or in a meeting) and said, “sounds like something Ti might say” – that’s all.

So that is what I will offer anyone at this point as a check partner as to whether it “sounds like something Do would say”. My experience in the classroom was that Ti and Do rarely responded to general questions. They would ask the student to be specific so I suggest your being specific. Several have told me that Do told them to ask me.

Yes, I have had many dreams to where Do or Ti or jwnody or nrrody or srrody or lggody or dstody were answering direct questions I have had, but there were a few to where they were so weird, one with Ti another one time with Do and another with tllody that left me with a creepy feeling, where the first ones I just noted felt exactly as if I was with them. But in each dream I came away with a clear sense of the answer, even exact words. Like when I first was gearing up to seeking to be of more service I asked Do if I should start preparing my vehicle to lay it down as the classmates did. In a sense my vehicle was afraid to ask that as the last thing my vehicle wants to do is lay itself down as they did, but my mind (what I had been given from Ti and Do over the years that I drew from them) was willing to work up to it. Do came to me in a dream as clear as could be. He was sitting with me face to face and he said, “You need to give your life”. In other words he was answering my question but the answer had options as to what “give” meant. And this answer to me was 100% consistant with everything Ti and Do taught and everything Jesus taught and actually what Moses taught in the first trimester about “giving all our love to the Lord” in Deuteronomy that Jesus said was the greatest instruction/commandment that all student are in process of working up to at their pace.

But who knows, perhaps considering I was in the third trimester (first fruits) classroom and appeared to be very near graduation (though that’s debatable as having one major part of me contaminated by humanness, like ego, for instance can overshadow all the qualities I had that put me in line to be offered to join Ti’s Crew as Do would say.

Just because someone has dreams with Do, etc. doesn’t put them higher up on the hierarchy. Perhaps I needed those dreams to recapture my vehicle from the humanness it reattached to after leaving the group.

And after you ask a question, go into listening mode for however long it takes to recognize an answer. This is what I meant as I’ve had many questions that were answered by circumstances – the news, someone says something to me that appears unrelated but it stimulates a feeling that this was the answer to my question. Am I sure it is? Well, actually yes, that is sure enough because it sounds like something they would say. I experience this in my responses to people like yourself. I’ll say something and feel something funny about what I said and it would feel like I was being corrected on the spot. Do I know it’s correction. Well, I do feel I know it, yet can’t prove it and also know I could be wrong.

This mindset of seeking Ti and Do’s guidance to how we can serve them (and we are also serving by doing anything they taught), yet knowing that we could be wrong is what I believe Ti and Do described as developing a type of radar – a navigation system. It’s the start of having telepathic communication but while in a human vehicle we can’t trust we are getting it right, thus a check partner can help with that. And this is also 100% in line with every step being by our exercised free will to seek what we want and to apply what we feel we are given.

And of course when we have questions, often we will have an idea of …go read this, or turn on the radio or go to a movie. I mean of course we can have those thoughts regardless of whether they are a response from Ti and Do and Crew or not but They also use all the human tool available to nurture their sprouting seeds (souls).

For whatever it’s worth, I would prefer that all who seek to communicate with me in regards to belief and service in/to Ti and Do to whatever degree, understanding that at first studying the information is that service but then tippy toeing into talking to others about it when it feels right, not like an evangelical seeking to win converts or get people to stop certain human behaviors. We simply tell the truth when asked and that is best accomplished by quoting Ti and/or Do.

I’ve got check partners too. Carlan who was in the class at times will correct me and I am eager for that, but also you all with your questions, as you have done in this question, by expressing what I’ve said, face me with what I said or at least what you got from what I said, which results in my providing a clearer response that also allows me to pull from Ti and Do’s mind as I offer a response to you, so I can continue to grow in Their mind. There is never an end to that.

As far as what people do in the Next Level. At first you will be doing a lot of observation on spacecrafts and in labs of different sorts. A lab could be inside a heavenly body, even a planet that houses a replica of the Earth for instance, to where they can simulate weather patterns, etc. they are about to instigate, for example. You would be given choices of departments. Anything that happens automatically on Earth happens that way because it was designed to work that way. Some of the elementary tasks even apprenticing members could be assigned would be as observers of particular humans that the Next Level wants to monitor. And that would include reporting back the observations. You will be building your “career” in a sense and you could apply for the training to perform the kind of task Do has had, which will be down the road a bit of course though it’s not predefined that it has to be a certain ways off. Like in the Next Level they don’t have limitations built into one’s growth in service. As Ti and Do said, theoretically a young member could pass up an Older Member. It’s theoretical only because the Older Members don’t get to be Older Members by shirking away from growth opportunities. And there is no competition in the Next Level.


October 21, 2013

(original posted to the World Wide Web) October 11, 1995
(slightly edited) January 1997


1. In the early 1970’s, two individuals (my task partner and myself)
from the Evolutionary Level Above Human (the Kingdom of Heaven)
incarnated into (moved into and took over) two human bodies that
were in their forties. I moved into a male body, and my partner,
who is an Older Member in the Level Above Human, took a female body.
(We called these bodies “vehicles,” for they simply served as physical
vehicular tools for us to wear while on a task among humans. They
had been tagged and set aside for our use since their birth.)
2. We brought to Earth with us a crew of students whom we had worked
with (nurtured) on Earth in previous missions. They were in varying
stages of metamorphic transition from membership in the human kingdom
to membership in the physical Evolutionary Level Above Human (what
your history refers to as the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven).

3. It seems that we arrived in Earth’s atmosphere between Earth’s 1940’s
and early 1990’s. We suspect that many of us arrived in staged
spacecraft (UFO) crashes and many of our discarded bodies (genderless,
not belonging to the human species), were retrieved by human
authorities (government and military).

4. Other crews from the Level Above Human preceded our arrival and
“tagged” – placed a deposit “chip” – in each of the vehicles (bodies)
that we would individually incarnate into, when that instruction would
be given. These “chips” set aside those bodies for us.
5. We feel that while we were “out of body” between arrival and
incarnation, we were thoroughly briefed and were taken through an
extensive preview of places and events that would assist our individual
incarnation process of bringing our mind our consciousness – into the
vehicle (body) and overriding the mind of the human “plant” (or
container) that each of us was to use. This incarnation process is
very difficult and cannot be done without the help of Older Members of
the Evolutionary Level Above Human who have not only gone through the
metamorphic transition to completion themselves, but who have also
assisted others through this transition before (acting as “midwives”
for some in the shedding of their human-creature characteristics while
preparing to be born as new creatures into the Next Evolutionary
6. The true Kingdom of God – the real physical Kingdom of Heaven – the
Evolutionary Level Above Human – are completely synonymous. As a
genderless Kingdom, it “reproduces” or adds to its Kingdom membership
through the use of this metamorphic process. This Next Level Kingdom
created all that is – including all the paths that lead to decay and
destruction, for the creatures it creates are created with free will –
an ever-present option to choose the direction to take at any juncture
or moment of decision.
7. The metamorphic “birth” into the Level Above Human occurs as follows:
In any given civilization on a fertile planet such as Earth (and Earth
has had many periodic/cyclical civilizations), the Level Above Human
plants all the new life forms (including humans) for that civilization
in a neutral condition so that they have a chance to choose the
direction of their growth. The Level Above Human – or Next Level –
directly (hands on) relates significantly to the civilization at its
beginning stage, and subsequently (with few exceptions) at approximately
2000-year intervals (48-hour intervals from a Next Level perspective)
until that civilization’s final “Age.”
8. Each time the Next Level relates directly to any portion of that
civilization, “deposits” containing “souls” (the “seed” or “chip” with
a program of metamorphic possibilities) are placed in many human plants.
This deposit is potentially the “gift of life” into the physical and
real Evolutionary Level Above Human. These deposits are given or made
only when members of the Level Above Human are assigned to directly
relate to (be incarnate in) the civilization. Only these Represent-
atives can “nurture” those deposited souls with Next Level thinking,
behavior, and all the information required to effectively “fluff off”
all human/mammalian characteristics of the old creature. (A potential
creature of the Next Level cannot cling to human ways any more than a
butterfly can cling to caterpillar ways.) So, when a Representative
from that Kingdom is present – that “Rep’s” nurturing (teaching) is a
“window” for exiting the human kingdom for all who have been given
deposits/souls. These deposits are made only in vehicles (bodies)
that are “old enough” – having grown or matured enough – for self-
determination or responsibility.

9. Humans with deposits containing souls can likely be identified at this
time as some of those who are rapidly losing respect for this world or
its “system.” They are, from the establishment’s point of view,
being irresponsible or anti-social – and will be seen by the world
as duped, crazy, a cult member, a drifter, a loner, a drop-out, a
separatist, etc.
10. Not only is the body, in a sense, the temporary container for the
soul, but even more importantly – the soul is the housing or container
of the new creature. The soul has its own “brain” or “hard drive”
that accumulates only information of the Next Level – mundane as well
as theoretical or philosophical. The soul also becomes part of the new
physical body of the new creature, though it is seldom seen by human
eyes. Therefore, when a soul is a part of a new deposit, it has very
little information and is as a very small Next Level “fetus.” As it
develops or grows in size, it necessitates the abortion of the human
mind, which is in a container beside it. If you think of a glass vase
that has two balloons in it, one balloon is the human mind, the other
is the Next Level mind. When the Next Level makes a “soul deposit,”
it is like placing the second balloon in the glass vase. So, when
metamorphosis begins, the human mind (balloon) is all but filling the
container, and the Next Level mind or soul is all but empty. As the
Next Level mind increases – and the soul begins to grow larger –
the human-mind container or balloon decreases until, if the Next
Level mind successfully makes it to “term,” the human deflated balloon
is discarded and the Next Level balloon (with Next Level mind) is all
that fills the container, or glass vase. That soul with its Next
Level mind has by then become a physical body in a new species (the
Level Above Human), needing only a new physical outer shell, which
it receives as a “quartermaster issue” upon physically entering the
Next Level.
The final act of metamorphosis or separation from the human kingdom is
the “disconnect” or separation from the human physical container or
body in order to be released from the human environment and enter the
“next” world or physical environment of the Next Level. This will be
done under the supervision of Members of the Next Level in a clinical
procedure. We will rendezvous in the “clouds” (a giant mothership)
for our briefing and journey to the Kingdom of the Literal Heavens.

11. Metamorphosis is not ordinarily accomplishable during only one period
of visitation from the Level Above Human. Therefore, the deposit task
at each visitation includes deposits with “programs” for returnees who
are still in “forward motion.”
12. At the end of the Age or civilization (where we are now), it seems that
all souls that were deposited in any part of the present civilization
are brought back. Between visitations, “faithful” souls are “put on
ice,” so to speak – in the keeping of the Level Above Human, to be
re-deposited and again incarnated during the next visitation. So, at
this time we have both “faithful” souls who might be in the third
“trimester” of their metamorphosis preparing for the final test before
“emerging” in their new physical body belonging to the Next Level, and
we also have all those souls who have “fallen away” during this
civilization’s visitations. Even they now have a chance at
13. The requirement is the same for all who might expect to find themselves
in the safekeeping of the Level Above Human – each must proceed in the
forsaking of all human ways, ties, addictions, thinking, gender behavior
(sexuality), and be in the forward motion of becoming this new creature
(literally and physically belonging to the Kingdom Level Above Human).
(Some in the class have chosen on their own to have their vehicles
neutered in order to sustain a more genderless and objective
consciousness.) The overcoming process can only be accomplished in the
care, keeping, and tutorship of the present (incarnate) Representative(s)
of that Next Kingdom.
14. Humans in any given time seem to fall in one of three categories:
i) Humans without deposits – those who are simply “plants” )a part of
the various levels of human “plant” life) containing the mind or
program of their genetic information combined with their brain’s
interpretation of the information of their current body’s
ii) those with deposits/souls who are receiving nourishment from the
present Rep(s) toward metamorphic completion, and
iii) those with deposits/souls who are not in a classroom nor in a
direct relationship with the Representative(s) from the Level
Beyond Human, having:
a) not been confronted with the information and the Rep(s), or
b) been confronted but have chosen not to “pursue.”

15. Now that we are here again, how an individual responds to us and our
information will, in fact, judge that individual as to whether he or
she will or will not have a further relationship with the Next Level.
In other words, coming in contact with this information will force a
decision for all with souls, and the stand they individually take will
judge or determine their future. Remember, even those who have fallen
away are being given an opportunity at this time to be reconciled or
16. Those with souls — who fall away — become a part of the opposition
to the Next Level. Once, in a prior civilization, records suggest that
a third of the class fell and the strongest, and thereby leader of those
fallen, was called “Lucifer” (or Satan). Even today they occupy the
near heavens as what humans refer to as “space aliens.” They also
burrow in bases underground and participate in genetic manipulation
and hybridization with humans, and attempt to recruit (while remaining
among the “unseen”) those humans with souls who are unstable or weak
in their pursuit of the true Kingdom of Heaven. These “Luciferians”
(for the most part from the “unseen” world) started all religions and
masquerade as “gods” to humans. They offer to humans (who are
unknowingly praying to them) whatever material gains they desire.
These “Luciferians” and their devotees preach “Heaven on Earth,”
“Peace among men,” and a long and healthy life in the human condition,
and are determined to take the steps to make the inhabitants of the
planet subservient to their “ideal” mammalian ethic – destructive to
the natural evolutionary processes, and abhorrent to the Kingdom Level
Above Human. These “fallen angels” unknowingly also SERVE the Next
Level — for as the aspirants to the Level Above Human apply the
necessary effort to rise above “this world” — they gain the strength
to enter the “Next World.”
17. Where the space aliens have a major stronghold in playing “God” is
through those humans with the most power. The power is the strongest
among the very rich and the very righteous (their self-styled religion)
who accept that it is their (“God-given”) responsibility to maintain the
world’s stability – judged, of course, by whatever actions are necessary
to maintain and increase that power. These powerful individuals have a
loose-knit world-wide “club” that for the most part dictates who their
primary “monopoly” players are – those leaders in the “significant” or
strong societies or cultures. Government leaders, the very rich, and the
world’s righteous or “moral” leaders need each other to accomplish their
desired ends. They together really determine what is “right” and “wrong”
for the populace as a whole, for they trust their overview (and needless
to say, it is motivated, for it makes the rich richer, the political more
powerful, while offering sufficient “moral consciousness” to nurture a
guiltless society). This “morality call” translates down to every level
of society’s structure, i.e., its laws, its permissiveness, and its
intolerance. The governments’ law enforcers see to it that nothing is
permitted to significantly threaten the rules of the “big bedfellows'”
morality – which is no morality at all, but the long list of do’s and
don’ts which protect the money flow, secure the power players, and
sustain the acceptable morality code. Any little group that isn’t
naively, totally submissive to their social rules, or begins to see
through this “control mechanism,” or questions its rightness, is seen as
subversive, radical, anti-social, a cult, or even treasonous – or
potentially “terrorists.”

18. It is a fact of record that a number of space alien groups or “races”
have related to humans as recently as the past few decades for various
reasons. These ranged from “deals” of mutual benefit – trading
spacecraft technology for uninterrupted genetic experimentation – to
missions of “spiritual enlightenment.” All of these activities are far
beneath Next Level interests or activity and are, in fact, diversionary
efforts of the space aliens to have humans look to them at a time that
our return presence was imminent.
19. The space aliens have very successfully, through their religions,
totally confused the humans’ concept of “God” or “Deity.”
(These religions were begun as major distortions immediately
following any visitation of the Next Level.) The Next Level
abhors religions, for they bind humans more thoroughly to the
human kingdom, using strong misinformation mixed with cosmic or
universal consciousness of Creation, about which, in truth,
they know nothing. Some of their Christians say that God was
incarnate as Jesus – though He knew that His Father was clearly
a separate entity, even when His Father’s mind was in Him.
Luciferians now answer the Christians’ (as well as all other
religions’) prayers or requests as they promote enriching their
human lives and having them seek a “Heaven on Earth” and a type of
Second Coming that would clearly be abominable to the Next Level.
Only the Luciferians could have Christians believing that Jesus
promoted family values, becoming better humans, establishing
professional religious institutions, and looking for the Second
Coming of some flowing-robed, peace-and-love manifestation of
their artists’ conceptions.
Most religious think of a Kingdom of God, though it doesn’t
register to them that that Kingdom has many members. They feel
that if you acknowledge “many members” in the Kingdom of God,
then you would be acknowledging a pantheism. Any time any member
of the Next Level is assigned a task to relate to humans directly,
since he is of the Kingdom of God, he is rightfully “God” to them,
for he is the member of the Evolutionary Level Above Human
(“Kingdom of God”) who is relating to them. This is not to say
that there is not in the Next Level a “Chief of Chiefs” or one who
is Supreme. Luciferians have had humans spiritualize and elevate
that spiritual feeling for the word “God” so that no member of the
Next Level would want to identify as one of those members of the
Kingdom of God. The irony is that humans pray to the masquerading
“gods” – space aliens – who have many “superior” beings in their
different races and subraces. So, humans are unknowingly praying
to different “gods” of many “gods.” Of course, none of these are,
in fact, “Gods” – other than self-appointed. (They are simply
humanoid remnants from previous civilizations that are allowed to
exist as a part of the balance of positive and negative presences,
and allowing a full range of free-will options.)

The Next Level is not into rituals, or spiritual inflation of
stature, though it’s true that younger members learn to be
respectful and acknowledge the wisdom and serviceability of Older
Members in the Next Level. Where one can fall from progressing
in the Next Level is to slip into believing that he can grow on
his own. The only way an individual can grow in the Next Level
is to learn to be dependent on his Older Member as that source
of unlimited growth and knowledge. So, any younger member in
good standing, forever remains totally dependent upon (and
looks to) his Older Member for all things.

20. Since this is the close of the Age, the battle in the Heavens
with their servants on Earth will be the means of that closing
and the spading under of the plants (including the humans) of
this civilization. “Weeds” are now getting rid of weeds – from
gang wars to nations involved in ethnic cleansing. This is
simply a part of the natural recycling process which precedes a
restoration period of the planet in preparation for another
civilization’s beginning.

21. If you connect with this information – if you attempt to connect
with us in your desire to leave your humanness behind and link
with the Evolutionary Level Above Human – you may encounter what
seems to be insurmountable tests. You can imagine the “fallout”
of your separation. You may even be faced with the possibility
of losing the body you are “wearing” in the demonstration of your
faithfulness. We can take you through all of these trials – they
are designed to offer you strength and resolve.
22. If you expect to go with us in our spacecrafts headed for our
“world” and the only true Kingdom Level Above Human, you will
likely have to physically engage in preparedness and readiness
for that departure. That readiness should not be interfered with
by the servants of this world.
I find it all but impossible to present these truths to you in a way that
might stand a chance to survive the avalanche of thoughts from the
opposition that would do anything in their power to prevent your
separation from their world and your physical life in it. I hope that
my Older Member’s mercy will give you strength. If you care to speak to
me in your thoughts, I answer to “Do” (pronounced Doe). The name
itself means nothing, but I connect with it for it was agreed upon for
my usage by my Older Member “Ti” (pronounced Tee). Ti stayed with me,
setting an example and preparing me for this present responsibility
until 1985, and then separated from her borrowed human container and
returned to the Next Level. (If we’re not mistaken, our entire classroom
task here from 1975 until the present has only been about 30 minutes by
Next Level reckoning.)

If you have grown to hate your life in this world and would lose it for
the sake of the Next Level, you will find true life with us – potentially
forever. If you cling to this life —- will you not lose it?

Section 1 – Page 4

Did marshall applewhite steal a car?

October 21, 2013

Commenter says Marshall stole a car. Here is what Do told the class:

He didn’t steal the car. He and Bonnie had rented it using one of Do’s old credit cards. I don’t know why they didn’t just charge the credit card but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even have a way back then to validate a credit card was still an open account or had a enough on it to cover if the car was stolen or damaged by a client. So my guess is that the credit card was no longer valid or was full so when they didn’t return the car as agreed they gave it to the police. I know this about credit cards because in 1987 srrody and I wrote a software program that we ended up selling to a Houston Bank. Srrody wrote the main engine and I wrote the user interface, all in qbasic or something like that. Anyway what the program did was dial into McDonald douglas mainframe and log in over an rs232 port and as the software would be installed at banks, it would batch up all the banks credit card transctions and send them to douglas to be authorized or not and it would create and error log for rejects. Fraud was rampant then – banks lost millions in charges that had no money in the left accounts with no way to retrieve it or stop the transaction. We sold it for $800.00 code and all.

Do told us he and Ti sent a number of letters to the car rental company explaining that they fully intented to pay, though he had no way to pay and were just trusting the next level would help them.

So one could then say, why didn’t the next level help them – having someone donate a car to them or have them go to las vegas and win on the one arm bandit or have a millionair send them 1 mil. or something, but that’s the human way. The Next Level more or less have to, “when in rome do as the romans do”. So although all their needs were always met they worked jobs and whatnot.

I remember many years later while we were down to about 25 or 26 students and we’d just moved several times after having sold three homes full of furniture and stuff we used to make our communal homes look normal to realtors and workman that the class was close to broke and it concerned him as with Ti they always had some backup funds in case they got instructions to go here or there, they would be ready. Do kept that fund for a while too but then due to a streak of a lack of jobs even that fund was depleted. I remember Do wondering if he was off track from how Ti would have handled it that that stressed him some and then on the other hand he said, if someone gave us a chunk of money he’d be stressed at that as well as to do the right thing with it.

I bring this up because as it turned out, they were down in Brownsville and felt that they were to write a book, an new bible and wanted to give the story to the newspaper, not the book but the ideas they had about who they were as then they had realized they were probably the fulfillment of the Two Witnesses. But the media guy thought is was a drug deal related so called the police and they were apprehended by a helicopter and a bunch of police.

Now looking back one who looks at prophecy as not religious material but as a plan of action, some of which would be manufactured on the spot as needed to fulfill it in some way.

So thief in the night comes to mind though it’s really not a great fit to the context Jesus said it about.

But perhaps coming public in Brownsville via a news report wasn’t what Ti’s Older Member had in mind so let them get arrested while Ti and Do may have considered using those credit cards a mistake they learned from.

But because of that Do took the lead on the task about to unravel by being in prison where he was threatened but one gang leader took him under his wing to protect him from others, to write Statement I that resulted in the first meetings in L.A., the “City of God’s angels” on the sea as prophesied in the San Fernando valley, what the prophet Isaiah said about Jerusalem as the “valley of vision” because it is surrounded by mountains as is Los Angeles, except for the Pacific ocean on one side while this area is the only place in the U.S. that became known as the “valley” and there certainly is a great deal of “vision” in that area with all the motion picture industries, etc.

Q and A about Ti and Do and their modus operandi of allowing EVERY EYE TO SEE them

October 20, 2013

Below more Q and A from an inquisitive critical thinker, a most positive characteristic
1) Question(s) posed:

So… Do was looking for plants that had a TELAH mind in them…

It TELAH was so smart, why did Do have to resort to video taping a message in order to find these TELAH beings.

In fact, 99.999999999999% of the “plants” that saw the video, saw it only after Do committed suicide, so if they did have a TELAH mind in them — they were sortof screwed weren’t they?

Doesn’t the sheer primitiveness of the method of finding these TELAHs sort of indicate that the whole thing is bunk? Using a video — on the internet which was in its infancy?

Only 38 people? How many joined AFTER the tape? Just the black chick, right?

What about the TELAHS in Australia? They never would have had any chance at all.

A little strange for old Do to be begging plants to join him — especially since it wasn’t productive. Wouldn’t the next level have been more clever?

All his media coverage portrayed him as a Kook — not exactly a good way of recruiting. Wouldn’t Do have been able to telepath or something less crude to contact these other beings?

1) Sawyers response:

TELAH stands for “The Evolutionary Level Above Human”. I prefer to say it all every time or at least at the front of any document to protect it’s communication integrity from the inevitable distortion that is taking place as we speak by taking shortcuts, exactly as what has taken place many times before with words like “God” that became a catch all and today is many things to many different people. This is also part of the answer to some of these questions.

Communication. Sure the Next Level Older Members outside a human incarnation as Ti and Do both were could directly send out signals telapathically that could be constructed in such a way that might be able to inform everyone on the planet of “what” – well to be specific if it wasn’t extremely general there would be no guarantee that anyone would actually get anything from the communication because each brain has it’s own unique wiring, just like fingerprints and that is both physical and mental in framework to where if the brain was never taught (programmed) to understand something in some way required by any communication, it might not register at all or could register the way many times dreams evidence as seeming gobbeldegook. But if they were able to send a clear message to everyone that they would know could be computed by every human being like, “We are your creators and it’s time for you to become our servants so you need to drop everything you are doing and go to off yourself so we can harvest your inner being that we planted in you and you will be happy forever with us”, then as Do said, for one that it would (paraphrased) “deplete the human kingdom… and don’t forget the human kingdom was designed to be a stepping stone”, in the records, a footstool that The Next Level seeds would be planted and nutured within to be born into their next evolutionary step.

In fact, the evidence I have observed, that Ti and Do instigated our awareness of, that all through history there were periods of time when there were bursts of growth in all fields or departments of the human kingdom. Some of what Ti and Do said about this can probably be found in the pre-1985 audio tapes but I’ll just mention the few I recall. Womans rights, Racial equality, Health consciousness – even as specific as seeing the detriment to smoking. In fact in the U.S. closing in on the turn to the 20th century is when lots of inventions and ideas about space travel and beings came about in writings that were made into movies. That’s by far a surge in the U.S. but not only the U.S. I’m just highlighting the U.S. because of the evidence I’ve amassed that this was the area planned for the return so even though there were advances in Europe and India and China well before then, the point was for it to have it’s next surge because of the need to bring more reality to the entire idea behind the origin of the planet and life and the whole ball of wax as in so doing much of the hearsay and mysticism and esotericism and spiritual hokus pokus-ness and religious fever would look more and more antiquated as technologies could perform what was magic like before.

So how does the Next Level stimulate all this. I’d venture to say in many specific ways that can be generalized as the closer physical presence of very powerful mind that are like little self contained conscious suns with their living space crafts that are also little suns and their younger members who are also suns though smaller and less densely powerful than their Older Member and the Older Member’s Older Member. That’s not spiritual. It’s really like shining a literal wave of the light frequency spectrum and aiming at closer range right on the spots on the planet they want to. Ti and Do said in 1975 that a “light was shining on this planet” and they spoke of it as a rarity. Sure it’s figurative but that doesn’t mean it’s not without literal scientific application to reality in all ways mental and physical. It’s simply whether we are equip to attach our current physical theories to it or not, to then think it’s sound rational.

If everything happened in the way many Darwinian modeled thinkers describe it, it would take a billion years for the brain cells to develop the capacity to build themselves by outside stimulus of a need to survive into even the simpliest of inventors. And most inventors were starving or working on a shoestring budget or under threat from some monarch who wanted to come up with a better faster way to kill others or build stuff or whatever their motivation but I’d wager it never really came out of an animal level need to survive though probably did come out of a mind’s desire to maintain their current comfort level for as long as possible, a form of survival but far from the basic physical animal needs that the Darwinian model was based on observing.

But the Next Level, now they are definitely concerned on evolving of the mind and they do that through the physical interface of mind over matter, Mind as the pilot, the body as the vehicle. Without the vehicle there is nothing to pilot so one can not learn to be a pilot. Ti and Do at one point called the classroom an “astronaut training program”.

So in the early 1800’s while millions were migrating to the U.S. from all over the world as was forcast in a ceasation of the scattering and a combining of two “flocks” as jesus spoke briefly about, the Next level was seeing to it that the social and political and religious trends would be among the most flexible and tolerant because they knew they would have to say publically the most outlandish things of all that to EVERY group would be found fault with while would also contain what looked like links to every group. This set up an arena to where the only ones who could recognize the undercover agents from the next level would be those of the human environment they decided to inform, prepare and those human vehicles would end up unsettled in everything they did and not at all happy with anything status quo though that didn’t mean they wouldn’t find things to do, careers, entertainments, families, etc. But they would be different in when they heard that “voice” which is the words with that Mind behind them so would be new terms and old terms with new understandings to them is was like putting that smelling salt bottle under their nostrils and walla, that human vehicle with the returning Soul right there ready to take that thirsty vehicle to finish their task through.

Everything the Next level does is done in gradual stages that build upon one another not unlike building a skyscraper or anything complex. Just because the mice don’t know a sky scraper will be the result of all that noise doesn’t mean the builders are not real.

You will note major developments all had a huge surge in the U.S. in the mid 1800’s a mere couple decades before the very well documented Aurora (dawning (first) morning star/light), Texas “UFO” crash right in the middle of town in broad daylight in April of 1897 with one body found described as not being recognizable as human as it was burned but not entirely, which was in the newspaper and very well communicated that followed nearly a year of a huge flap of “dirigible like” UFO sightings all over the U.S. but mostly in the Western half. The flap before that occurred in the 1840’s. Then next big flap occurred in the 1940’s peaking in the 1950’s to the highest it ever was well before there were drones or so called weather baloons that can fly at speeds that would seem to be able to break the sound barrier without making any sound and then turn a 90 degree angel on a dime to continue at that incredible speed. (This is a sighting I had on the beach at Corpus Christi, Texas in 1976 around the new year while completly seperated from Bo and Peep and other classmates to be and on this sighting this bright star sized but seemingly close object after the first 90 degree turn did another to continue in it’s original direction out of my sight headed south).

And with each of these flaps, if one looks at the record books you will see bursts of consciousness during and thereafter in ALL directions – the Naughty or gay nineties, the roaring twenties (there was another minor flap in the 1910’s) that Mark Twain even wrote into his stories about his riding the tail of a comet and how it would cost $5.75 for a ticket the exact amount of money each of the students of Do’s graduate class had on them at their laying down of their physical borrowed containers that I’d bet they did so we’d link that Mark Twain (Samuel Clemmons) story and Sameul was a riverboat captain on the mississippi river for some years and I learned some time ago that a Texas was the name of the part of the riverboat where the captain and captain’s crew had their quarters, while Ti and Do always said that they were from Headquarters and Do spoke of he and Ti as his being a Captain’s position in the Next Level structure while Ti was an Admiral. But also Marshall is the name of a law man and the return of Jesus was going to demonstrate ruling which he was able to do to bring about the birthing of 38+4 students for the first fruit harvest. They may have taken the Captain idea from the Mark Twain discoveries, but some of the parrallels I saw in the Mark Twain story were in place before they were even born, like the comet relationships as Samuel said he came in with comet halley and would be dissappointed if he didn’t go out with halley’~ 75 year return, which he got his wish within about a week after the comets perihelian he died, if I recall but may have some of the timing a little off and I know there are aspects disputed but as far as I can tell no one has suggested Samuel Clemons didn’t exist or was a story made up to steal people from their belief in riverboats. (sorry, I have a fault of being sarcastic at times.)

Do was being thorough and was planting seeds for the future whether he perceived of exactly how that future would play out or not as while incarnate certain perspectives have either not been worked out entirely or would need to be communicated when he didn’t have to go through a human brain, and/or the strategy of not giving more to the “plants” than they can assimilatge willingly, not far different than the way humans who over fertilize their plants can actually kill them as prospective new members of the garden patch) by making them more prone to diseases (Luciferian Space Alien (fallen angel related offspring, human equivilents and discarnate programming and actions) and probably a number of additional reasons I am not privy to.

I also suspect Do wanted people worldwide to still have a chance to actually see his face, the face of the vehicle he chose to wear as Ti and Do did talk about the way a human connects with another human (and their content of their Mind (human mortal or Next Level Above Human Mind) through their eyes. They even cautioned us against stareing as in so doing one can receive some of the vibration of another. Thus if their vibration is for instance one of longing for some sensual satisfaction, one can become drawn to that vibration and not easily able to shake it off if they want to shake it off. Of course for humans who are not generally trying to “clean house”, rid themselves from all human behavior and ways according to the direction of an Older Member in the flesh or after having been in the flesh, the vibrations of one another are not that foreign to where they would go away troubled by an encounter with someone they may find no attraction to. But if one has sought to shut off all such attractions, though one does build armour against those vibrations it can still penetrate if caught off guard because with that kind of discipline one actually gets more senstive to the smallest degree of that otherwise normal human frequency of desire/passionate draw whether they intend to draw it to them or not.

Ti and Do also cautioned students that should they be seperated as they at one point were preparing the student for the possability of their exiting first by whatever means – death of the vehicle or by being picked up with witnesses or not. So they said should we encounter a spacecraft we shouldn’t assume just cause it looks and feels out of this world, it is from Ti and Do and crew. It was asked, how will we tell and they said, we would recognize them, that is I assume IF we had a graft that was still holding.

The communication natural to humans is by words/language and observation – body language, etc. The Next Level only has a certain amount of positions for new members on their spacecraft crews. It’s that real. This was talked about in the records as “seats” and the Older Member 2000 years ago said he had to leave to prepare a place for those he and his Older Member would be giving positions (seats) to. Plus they weren’t all necessarily seats on the same spacecraft or lab and crew though I suspect all who graduated in 1997/98 are assigned tasks related to the in progress “second harvest” fruit devleopment that they also have to prepare for but perhaps not in the same way as many of those might be simply “put on ice” so to speak until it’s replanting time after the humans have been filtered out, the weeds pulled up, the spading and refurbishiung of the parts of the surface, underground and of the seas they want to refurbish.

So staging a big event no one in government could or would want to surpress that went hand in hand with their exit timing and strategy needed for graduation gave them the global exposure that continues today. Remember, the Next Level doesn’t need new members. It’s their pleasure to offer what they have that they know is many times better than a temporary mammalian way of life.

What this questioner is calling TELAH beings is I believe his reference to the fact that the Next Level literally makes a physical “deposit” to each of the humans they determine are prospective students, according to the relationship the human has sought regardless of religious or spiritual or atheistic belief or non-belief systems they embrace (as Ti and Do said that it’s not what you get into in the human kingdom it’s what you get out of that counts to the Next Level’s qualifications to be acceptable on as Do would say, “Ti’s crew”.

Regarding the fact that the vast majority of the population of the planet saw the video after they exited their vehicles; it’s not over yet and in my way of thinking that I did get from Ti and Do initially, when you see migrations of humans, you see a potential for them to keep on seeking and we have no idea if one or a thousand of those are sending their pleas for survival or a better life to the Next Level, in which case these will get help so they will be the ones who survive the boat overturning or whatever calamity befalls them on their journey until they are in a place, a literal location where they can become privy to communication about Ti and Do. They don’t even have to be refugees or migrants. I occasionally get facebook friends from China who even seem open to the idea of who I say Ti and Do are.

And in particular I have had communications from some in Australia and in 1992 the class sent out a similar informational ad as the USA Today “ad” to one or two alternative newspapers in Australia in which we started having communications with a few from. Those were seeds planted. The ones on the ground follow their instructions and put the info out but they are not alone in the project. There are those who assist the ones on the ground with human vehicles that do not have human vehicles and the Next Level can even use certain discarnates for this and/or certain space aliens to unwittingly help Them, but upon seeing someone’s interest as they also have ways to monitor when people start to ask questions of them in whatever way they might do that, in which case they can give them a little deposit right on the spot that having received will increase their awareness that they are tapping into something more real than they previously thought of as real and walla there is a potential for a little sprout.

So is this primitive or better science than any other method to acheive the intended results of making available something very unusual while not literally overwhelming the recipient as the Next Level, if they wanted robots can grown them by the millions as evidenced all over the planet. All of us demonstrate robotic thinking and behaviors. It’s even part of the human design and that’s what makes it all so amazing as it’s by working to change our robotic actions and reactions in thought and deed according to the steps provided by the most recent Older Members that we bring those automatic actions to a hault eventually, while we are filling our self, our mind, our “soul” container with the literal ways of the Older Member that might look like just different sets of human ways, but not what’s behind them, to where we are literally changing out the content of mind reducing the human mind from it’s human brain/container while increasing the mind in the deposited Next Level container. When there is more Next Level mind governing our daily behaviors and ways in mind and body then we are on the road to an eventual graduation and when our human vehicle dies will have that container picked up and stored or assigned another temporary vehicle on board a spacecraft doing a more domesticated type task as say a “watcher” to where we can do little harm while demonstrating our desire to grow in Next Level ways (that we can still abort as the Luciferians and company did in times past when they were in an apprentising mode).

And the internet continues to grow and there are more and more believers in Ti and Do as as Ti and Do said early on, “It only takes a few cowboys to direct a whole heard of cattle”. Let’s face it, all us humans are mammals and are all slaves to having to eat and more or less mate and in the human case talk and impress or not the other cows around us, to dominate for the best pick of the mating options, etc. One Older Member can run a “mighty big shew” and most of the cattle will not even know about it and they want it that way. Ti and Do said all along theirs was an “undercover” operation”. In fact Ti said a number of times, paraphrased, “if they didn’t have to come by entering a flesh body to go through this crude human way of life, they certainly would not have done so”.

But if they had come in a more public way faster they would have shortened their ability to accomplish what was possible. They are not operating on a human time frame. It’s no accident that 100 years nearly to the day, of arival of the “Son”, the first crash, was the exit of that Son with his litter and there are many of these parrallels that will be shared soon.

Do didn’t beg anyone ever. That’s stupid talk and it has been most productive. Do said long ago that we don’t know that the Next Level wouldn’t consider a harvest of one a great success and he said that if all his students left him he’s still have to go on with his relationship with his Older Member until he got called back.

When humans who are given deposits are waking up more and some are waking up more by an osmosis I suspect, like a genetic thing from genetic history and/or combined with current events, they will know better than to believe word for word every jot and tittle of what is told them and reported in the media. So when someone is called a kook, when they see much of the ruling elite acting far kookier they are more inclined to take another closer look at who the kooks are calling a kook. They may prefer one kookiness over another. And of course to a human who has little or no remnant of genetic Next Level mind (if that is possible) they couldn’t care less about any of this pro or con. They ignore it all as they go about their lives. Someone who is dead against this thinking is at least showing they are thirsty to know or they wouldn’t be so bent on debunking it. Then again I could be wrong about that as the Luciferians can put people up to being a thorn in another’s side and they wouldn’t even know what’s motivating them.

2) Question posed:

Also, do you believe you had this other being in you before you met do… or did they invade you only after. Don’t you wish they had left you alone? You’d have had a much better life for yourself. You wouldn’t be being attacked by “Luciferians” — trust me, I’ve never been attacked good lock… I here formally ask them to attack me — if would prove duelism whihc would be neat. But it’ll never happen because none of it is real. It was all the musings of Herf and Bonnie…

I bet do said you were attracted to the cult because you must have a TELAH in you.

2) Sawyers response:

How would you know your not attacked by Luciferians? What is a Luciferian to you? A myth, you have said right! So you haven’t been attacked by a myth? Okay, I’ll buy that.

Ti and Do cautioned us of asking for tests and in fact that reminds me. That’s why I flunked out of the first fruit harvest graduation, which I could document quite well now 18 years later but am still seeing more and more clearly had to come to a head in some way.

They didn’t “invade”. I, my vehicle, the mind of my vehicle wanted what they offerred and I can prove that by years of seeking before I met them and how nothing floated my boat until Them and nothing even compared after leaving though I had to be gradually willing to be re-awakened that they took care of in the gentle gradual way they do to those that still demonstrate having even a small portion of their mind in them that may just amount to a little expression of once in a while. I don’t know the criteria but I do know it’s fair and in accordance to what each human says they want, by word and deed. Words are the medium of communication in the human kingdom so that’s why they come talking words. Talking telepathically is natural to their environment but there is no distortion between them in their environment but in the human environment there is tons of distortion between any two humans in any circumstance to where they can think anything but what another is thinking no matter how powerful the thought projector. And the space aliens, Do said were “transmitting” to human populations, though the Next Level also uses that for their harvest environment.

No, I don’t wish they’d left my vehicle alone. Now my vehicle isn’t always happy about trying to stay the straight and narrow. My vehicle in theory would like to go have sex with all those Raelian aliens too, that is until even it caught their vibration which I bet would be hideous to want to be with. I equate it to when I would go play music and these drunk women would try to hit on me and even if they were remotely attractive to the vehicle, I couldn’t imagine it worth it to get that little short lived buzz from orgasm. That’s not to say my vehicle can’t be tempted but that’s where I need to keep my guard up and I have some tricks for that, to trick my vehicle that is. But I also have to “just say no”.

No, Do never told us that idea of deposits until 10+ years after we joined.

3) Question: (Background on this question was – about a time when I (sawyer) was experimenting with the idea that Ti and Do might have reason to give some of those working for them ideas that could seem magical to project ahead about, to help some bridge some gap as Jesus did with some of what were called miricles that by the way Do suggested were mostly probably exaggerated. So I told this questioner about that time of experimentation so he is now attempting to challenge me on it.):

The 10 digit number is still on my desk… facing up for do and ti to see… just tell me what it is, and I’ll join you for life.

3) Sawyers Response: I have no impetus to amuse you with this but If Ti and Do and crew give me a number somehow I’ll pass it on.

Okay, I think I may have got a response. If I got the response right, the number would come to you somehow, not from me, but in a way that will still be open to seeing as coincidence.

But there are psychic humans who have discarnate and even space alien helpers who can perform tricks like that so it’s not really proof of anything

Remember the Next Level has no need to prove anything to you, nor do I. I’m just doing my job answering your questions so others that will be subject to these kinds of questions in times to come have some advantage in the experiences I had/have with Ti and Do that are stimulated to come to my mind as I seek answers. For all I know you are deliberatly trying to distract me from other tasks, or actually I don’t think deliberatly but certainly has not been the first time I’ve spend many hours responding to someone when the questions were even completly made up as a spoof. So far I’m not treating them as a spoof.

Q and A about Ti and Do – black holes, visits to families, impatience, where they are now

October 18, 2013

Here are some questions and Sawyers answers:
1) Did Do ever watch Mork and Mindy? Did he laugh?
I know I watched it and they weren’t reruns so it must have been in the classroom, which then I would say He did watch it though can’t recall sitting in the same room with him watching as we did at times with Star Trek episodes. And therefore don’t know if he would have laughed but he laughed at things all the time. There was nothing dry about his personality.Ti once laughed herself to tears over the Shroud of Turin controversy. She said it was his snot rag they were worshipping!
2) What was Do’s favorite musical group or singer?

I don’t know – we never talked about things like that I can recall.

3) We know that Ti wore make-up. Did you ever see Do wearing makeup?

Ti only wore a tiny bit of eyeliner and I don’t know if that was all the time. No I never saw makeup on Do, but he wore a beard at one time when he and Ti were living in Houston as he didn’t really want to be recognized but felt to be there.

4) Since we know that Do struggled with his sexuality so much that he almost imprisoned because of it and eventually had his testicles removed, did you ever see Do making sexual advances to classmates or old friends?

I want to see your evidence that he was “almost imprisoned due to his sexual struggles” even if it’s that quote from a news article. I read one tha spoke about his being fired for an alleged affair with a student. Given how many things the media got dead wrong and that includes somewhat what Terri believed that she got wrong, what’s the point of saying stuff that is just a rumor. If he had an affair with a student, so be it. If it cost him his job, so be it too. If the student was so called “under age”, so be that too and if there was a threat of prosecution so be that too. Spreading lies is dirty business. No I never saw him make sexual advances to anyone unless you consider a hug a sexual advance, which given the record of the media pertaining to Do, they probably would want to assume it was. Isn’t it interesting how much he has been made into one of the most evil people on the planet and that so many think he was so sex deranged.
In any case, If he was “almost imprisoned due to his sexual struggles” as you suggest that was well before he had been awakened by then Bonnie Nettles and he never talked about that alleged episode of some relationship with a student, but nor did he tell us every detail of his life. He did say he was frustrated by not finding lasting meaningful relationships and was at a point of not wanting to have sex at all not long before he met Ti. And he did say that at first he wondered if Ti was interested in him. And he did say that he wasn’t attracted to Ti then. And he did say he was very engaged in Houstons high society. He told us one time he forced himself to try to like shrimp to fit into a party and he went into the bathroom and threw it all up. He did tell us that Bonnie’s Husband thought they were having an affair and went after him and they got a court order against him because the X had threatened to kill him. He did say they were kicked out of the place where they had briefly started the “christian art’s center” because they were teaching unorthodox things. It was in a basement of the University of St. Thomas where He taught for a while. I don’t know if that was the job he was allegedly fired from.

5) Did the hospital or LVVODY keep the testicles? Are they still around somewhere maybe in formaldehyde or cryongenically stored?

No, No, No – they are in the pacific ocean

6) Did SRRODY act noticeably different once his testicles were removed? He comes off as a rambunctious young man full of enthusiam from the tapes — so what was he like before?

He felt like he was losing hair on his arms. The way on the tapes was the way it was all the time. He was also by the way an assembly language and C programmer, an astrologer and an avid bible researcher, all of which I was frequently his partner on related projects (except I was a lousy assembly programmer).

7) Who was your favorite ODY? Who was your LEAST favorite ODY? Let me guess — favorite was JNNODY and least favorite was RKKODY.

To answer that I would responding with what I know is my vehicle’s programming as my vehicle was attracted to females, so that’s not a question I am interested in responding to further as by in large they are all the same. I trust them all and can be trusted by them all because we were all bonding with the same Older Members. Even with those that left the class that I still have friendship with, they are as close as brothers and sisters to me, though some don’t believe in Ti and Do as who I still believe they are.

8) Did you attend any of their funerals? Have you spoken with the family members much about their lost kinfolk?

No funerals. Yes I have spoken to a few of their vehicles family members.

9) Did Do or Ti ever encourage “overcoming” by introducing you to stimulus that would be hard to overcome — say like porn or pictures of family, etc.? thus strengthening the overcoming muscle.

No not as a prescription. It was always a policy to not design the tests, though Ti and Do by asking the Next Level for next steps (and then Do after Ti left her vehicle) and then by putting things into motion they felt they received knew it would put classmates to tests though they didn’t generally know who in particular would be tested until afterwards when they’d hear of responses. They did watch all the movies they had us go see and would tell us sometimes that there was a small nude scene so we’d be forewarned and we had suggestion on what to do if we were troubled by them; close your eyes when you see it coming, look away, put up a blank card on thoughts, for instance. When they sent us to visit our vehicle’s families (optional) on two occasions, once while Ti was still incarnate once a couple years after she left, they knew that would be a testing circumstance but they didn’t prep us for it. Like they didn’t say to us anything like one might expect from “cult” leaders like , “remember to keep your guard up so that if a relative lures you to do this or that, say no”. They often changed partnerships and at times knew that certain combo’s were problematic for one or the other or both but still at times felt to make those partnerships, hoping they had grown from their past problems. But for the most part partnerships was complicated to come up with as especially after Ti left, Do would use certain students to make partnership suggestions to him or to let him know if there was a problem with a certain partnership arrangement so he could change it as most often if he could avoid putting certain ones together he would and especially in the field of sensual attractions. They always said, the tests will come and they don’t try to make them come, but like I said it was a bit more involved than that.

10) Where do you think they are right now? Location-wise — in our solar system? outside our solar system (let’s use the heliosphere as the boundary even though the Oort cloud is much further away).
If outside our solar system, then are they even beyond the Oort cloud?

They are not necessarily in the same spacecraft though probably do get together for briefings and reporting at times as they regularily adjust their strategies around what they observe. They can be wherever they need to be rather quickly. For instance they flashed a light at me one night and it appeared very, very close like perhaps the distance of a low flying airplane but it was night time and I have no idea whether it was a projection or was the craft being right there and there is an outside chance it wasn’t them at all but could have been a space alien or a government thing both of which I highly doubt. It’s the way it happened and the vibe I got from it and the location and the fact that I had been curious whether they were close or not the day before. I don’t actually remember these curiosities that have occurred many times until something happens …a dream or a sighting of a flash and I come away from it with a sense of knowing that was in response to my curiosity/question. But could I be wrong – yes of course. However when that Navy telescope in space photographed that very interestingly shaped and large sized object near mercury when the solar flare wave passed over it, that there was video of, to me I felt they were letting anyone watching know that someone was there. There have been many such sightings of things that few are told about or if they are told are like leaks that show up in some report and then is gone hours later. They have ways of making sure enough is leaked to cue those who are looking (as I am) into having a pretty good idea about what’s up, to the degree anyone person needs to know. For instance I generally report on my blog or facebook page and/or youtube channel things I believe are signals from them. I did have a dream years ago that I came away with knowing that they were leaving the immediate vicinity, I believe to get the new physical bodies they earned, but some may have been left behind to mind the store so to speak. I think they have a type of Skype like connection with those they want to connect with that operates on humans like myself during dreamtime. I also know the space aliens have tried to trick me into thinking it was Them, though they had nothing to say. I do feel I have received corrections and confirmations of some of my questions so regardless of where they are at any given moment, they can communicate in various ways and this pertains to all who they communicate with. If someone asks God for help, they can probably see that that light up on their computer screens if it seems genuine, regardless of the language or belief of what God means to the person, but then they can choose to help that person get out of a fix. I believe that happens often in various disasters. Those that don’t ask don’t get help – it’s that simple. And help doesn’t necessarily mean their physical life is saved from death or harm as if they want they can just scoop up that spirit or soul and put them into one of their holding areas to be brought back as needed to stock the planet for the next garden – like providing a database for the humans to draw on as the humans grow in capacity to understand more.

11) Did black holes hold significance to Do or Ti?

I only recall one tidbit that might be related to black holes as I don’t recall them using that phrase as this was before such talk I had any awareness of. It was in the 70’s that they said there were “highways” throughout the literal heavens. They might have also said something about entry points around the planet and that humans shooting up rockets anywhere was damaging. They indicated that Houston, Tx was such an entry point which is why humans were led to set up a big part of the space program there. They took us to the Houston space museum when we lived in Austin in the early 1980’s.

12) Did they give you scientific knowledge unknown to man? Maybe a peculiarity of physics or timespace that we don’t know…. like is the speed of light constant? I work with someone who doesn’t think it is… it was why she quit physics (she has a phd).

Like I just said about portals and highways. They introduced to us talk of genes in the early 1980’s saying genes could be changed when for most I believe thought it was a hard wiring but then again I wasn’t schooled much so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that scientists suspected that long long before they brought it up.

They said there can be people living on a planet (I think not unlike us) that are completely physical but that we simply can’t see because of the way our brains are wired. They said they believed the Next Level had a spacecraft that was physical sometimes right on top of the house (craft) we occupied and that it would be manned by members of the Next Level. When asked they said they were physical so that if you bumped into one of the crew you would know you bumped into something but they don’t have instructions to let you bump into them so that doesn’t happen.

They also talked about how discarnates bring with them, when they come into a human even their physical aliments/diseases that can turn healthy cells into diseased cells in the same way.

They said that some of the vehicles that Next Level designs that a Soul would be provided to “drive” by inhabiting it associated with an assigned task for some time could be a living vehicle that I believe they even compared to a whale. I remember thinking that quite strange but now, why not, don’t we have living vehicles and some can be whale like and others can be snake like and others can be bull like and others dove like.

13) Did you ever see Do or Ti with an “urchin”? Were Do and Ti impatient with plants? Did they respect any of us?

They didn’t talk about humans as plants except in occasionally in overview and they certainly didn’t look down on anyone and I did spend some time with both Ti and Do on a number of occasions among the public, like at a store or restaurant or at the airport, etc. I know when Ti was out and about if a store clerk was rude she would tell the manager. If she got food that was supposed to be hot and it came to her less than what she felt was her standard, she would send it back. Do told us these things. I never saw impatience as an irritation but there were a number of meetings where Ti was clearly unhappy with the student body and/or frustrated by a student. One time she cried out of frustration and this is one people can see the way they want to see it, but it was regarding a student who left the class way before I did named dncody. The vehicle named Dance then dncody admittedly had challenges with sensuality/sexuality – attractions to other classmates. Ti and Do were using him as an example in a meeting which they at times did with a specific student sort of on the hot seat, though the seat never got hot in a human way – never any yelling or put downs or accusations or threats of punishment, hell and damnation kind of religiosity. I was in the seat a few times and one just knew it was something to take seriously as was most of the entire classroom time, though we didn’t walk around with long faces either. However there was always a sense of urgency to make the most out of every moment. In any case, I recall Ti saying to dncody at the meeting, “Why aren’t you attracted to me?” When she said that she raised her voice and she was broken up in saying it and I was shocked. I knew it had nothing to do with what a human would mean if they said that to another human but I didn’t know what to make of it.

It was years later that I realized what she was saying…If we are only attracted by the outside shell, we are operating strictly on the human level. Members of the Next Level are attracted by what they feel from another. They gave us a little idea to use as a meditation if we wanted to that was imagining what it would feel like to be sitting at the feet of an Older Member.

Older Members on Next Level spacecrafts have no insignias that indicate their age and/or experience as age isn’t in indication of what they have become anyway but they said you will know who the Older Members are and you will feel the same thing for another Older Member that you feel towards the Older Member that birthed you into the Next Level.

But regarding frustration, there were a number of times Ti and Do would come to us in meeting and say, we weren’t pulling from their minds enough and they can’t wait for us and want to get out of here (earth/human level) but can’t until the class is ready. They both would say that they don’t like it here. They compared it to being in with a pit of snakes trying to help some recognize there is an entirely different and even more real world available to them, but that they have to want it. So they were stimulating our thirst and we’d come away from the meeting, frankly like a pep talk I guess stoked to do better, ask for faster growth in my silence, help them draw in the next step for us. Most times some days after that kind of meeting Ti would say that you all really started to draw as Do is almost unable to physically stand up. I saw this at time with myself, giving a meeting to people that were hungry for the info depleted my energy. I don’t think it’s limited to Ti and Do and students. I suspect big stars at concerts are not only on a huge high after a show but are also exhausted by it, even though all they did was sing or play an instrument. I have felt that high playing music for small audiences. Anyway I believe that’s because there is a literal invisible but electromagnetic vibrational interchange that gets heightened and a lot of it comes from questions. I feel I now. I was falling asleep two hours ago when I started to answer these questions but believe as I try to answer them, as I am trying to give what Ti and Do said or did, knowing them, their faces and their person, I am actually forming a remote connection to not only my memory but the source of that memory and in that way I am “consuming” their energy and like Jesus said, “his body”, his “soul body” the container that literally holds the content of the person’s mind.

When that Is happening it’s even visible to some. I saw it often at meetings with Ti and Do – the haze around their heads and at the couple public meetings I attended that they gave the room filled up with that energy and it was not smoke. At Arapahoe community college, it was very well lit and it was a college lecture small auditorium like a mini theatre. I was sitting on the floor in front of Ti and Do who were on chairs and they were shrouded in that hazy energy that wasn’t there until after the meeting got under way and then wasn’t there long after the meeting ended. This is what was called the “holy spirit” or Mind of the Next Level Members. And when that happened I wasn’t even in awe of it. At that time it was like I didn’t know what it was but I didn’t see it as I see it now.

Do only referred to a child as an “urchin” one time I am aware of and it was in one of the 1997 exit tapes and it bothered me, my vehicle, my influences to hear it but I understand it now. It wasn’t a put down. It was a fact. They are designed to be urchins – sucking from their mommas breasts, looking for constant attention, thriving on receiving of their new world. Aren’t sponges urchins?

But no, I can’t recall being around human “urchins” with Do or Ti. But there was a time after Ti left that we were all living in the same “craft” a ranch north of Dallas, Texas and I don’t know how it happened but we were taking care of a couple dogs and one had puppies that we tended to. And one time while Ti was still with us in her human vehicle, they brought into the craft birds. We had finches and parakeets and a parrot and we taught the parrot and parakeets to say things like: “waxahatchee” and “get your mind in your vehicle” something Ti said to us often at some meetings. I don’t know why they did that but not long after Ti left her vehicle and we moved and I don’t know what happened to them.

There was no disrespect for “us”. The few times I was with Do interfacing with humans, he was sociable. I remember how he liked Ross Perot for while and when we ended up getting sateliite dishes we’d watch all the evangelicals and became fond of many of them even though knew they didn’t know what we knew. Pastor Murray out of Arkansas, and Kenneth Copeland and others. Some we tried to get in touch with but they couldn’t tune into us.

I never saw them talk negative about anyone. Ti hated gossip. It was actually against procedure to talk about others unless it was instruction as when they assigned some of us to help another in some way or we were reporting something.

Now before the group came together as a group in Wyoming, it was a mess, which is what Rob Balch experienced and others who joined for a short time and left. That was a circus of every brand of thinking and behavior among the so called followers. I think Ti and Do did talk about some they met early on that were pretty out there, even knowing that they were pretty out there to most. It was simply a different “out there”.

Differences between Ti & Do’s Heaven’s Gate group & ‘UFO Centric” groups; Morman, Scientology, Raelians

October 17, 2013

Here is a question from a visitor to this blog and my response. He has been very busy with commenting. The blog post this is from is:

Commenter said:

Have you read much about the Solar Temple folks? Like HG and Scientology, the Solar Temple was a UFO cult… in their mythology, they were going to Sirius when they died. What do you think of that? That’s a pretty definite destination. You folks were going to anyplace specific, though… I think just travelling around in Ti’s spaceship. Or was there a specific location?

Mormonism is somewhat space oriented in that eventually couples will each get a planet to populate with “space babies” — and the couple will be the god of that planet. That’s why mormons are intolerant of same sex marriage — it thwarts the space baby centerpiece of their religion.

Scientology refers to Xenu an evil intergalactic overload who imprisoned souls in volcanoes in Hawaii. It is these souls that haunt humans and that humans have to rid themselves of.

Sawyer… I forgot one… Raelism. It was started a year before yours started… 1974…

Do you have a favorite ufo centric cult? Besides hg of course.

Sawyers response:

I like this kind of post as it serves us well to look at these apparent similarities in that they all are like you say, “ufo centric” though in reality that would be like saying humans are automobile centric. However, it’s no coincidence that ALL the religions and like you say mythologies have otherworldly characteristics as all of them are the result of a disinformation campaign by human equivalent beings from non-earth origins who were allowed to come to the Earth vicinity by the Creator Beings Ti and Do termed the organization (kingdom) that is evolutionarily a Level Above Human.  

So what are the main differences between the ones you mentioned and Ti and Do’s literal heaven’s gate keepers, you ask:  

Here’s a partial list:

  All the human and space alien stimulated organizations involve children or babies, what Do called “urchins” at one point because of how they by design take, take, take and don’t give – again natural to all animal species, that is until they are given the seeds of Next Level behavior and ways that is the opposite model, and the reason upcoming students NEED to learn and even value and enjoy, “giving, giving, giving”, with the initial training for takes place while in the human condition.


– they all involved families, families could join and remain families

– they all regularly look for new members

– I doubt they ever told members to leave because the leaders didn’t think they could keep up

– I doubt they ever paid members $1000.00 or anything to leave

– I doubt they have all forfeited their sexuality of mind and body with the only minor sensory stimulus being designed by the teachers, speaking of occasional sweet treats, trips to the movies, etc.

– I doubt any have given their will to the leaders

– I’d bet there are scandals with all the leaders

– I’d bet they all show profiteering motivations in their organizations

– I’d bet they all have symbolic rituals on a regular basis that have strictly representative value

– I doubt any left behind their past so that they no longer communicate with relatives, no longer climb their career ladders

– I’d bet none promote androgyny

– all who killed themselves also evidenced obvious murders

– I’d bet all pick and choose from a tiny few Jesus records to support their causes and/or morph the challenging quotes into the format we can easily see in parallel with commonly agreed upon mythologies, roman, Greek, Egyptian, etc.

– I’d bet none of them fulfill dozens of Jesus prophecies or more or less countless Jesus and Old Testament prophet, prophecies that show full progressive evolution of mind and behavior and ways consistent with the records also written by Moses alongside all of the rules and regulations of Moses, with explanations that are not mystical.

– I bet all are in bed with academia, intellectualism, spiritualism, multinationalism and with corporate ties to building their organizations.

– I doubt the leaders maintained 100% what they expected of students

I could go on and on and on, on all the many differences that they ALL have when compared to Ti and Do’s direction and of course there will be similarities as well as the space aliens, even the ones spawned on Earth from pre our current civilization initially got everything the same way’s humans on Earth have, from the Next Level who designed and developed all the science behind the total reality.

So what is perfectly clear to anyone not afraid of considering it is that of ALL the groups in history all over the worlds, Ti and Do’s group were the least human because all these points more or less outline what it means to be human, which is what Ti and Do were preparing their crew to be…Above and Beyond Human in every way so they could start over in a totally new environment without dragging all their primitive ways with them that would do nothing but interfere with their very involved operations to design and develop all the elements and all the life support systems and environmental systems, each time improving upon the last design od infinitum while humans sit around and look down on them.  

Astronomers say they’ve spotted lonesome planet without a sun

October 12, 2013

A friend sent this article and I had just posted some thoughts on how the Next Level could drag/bring a planet to a specific location to set it in motion as a part of a solar system the way humans put satellites in orbit. I’m not saying this is what this is but it is a curiosity for sure.

Astronomers say they’ve spotted lonesome planet without a sun
Alan Boyle, Science Editor NBC News
Oct. 9, 2013 at 8:39 PM ET
Image: PSO J318.5-22.
V. Ch. Quetz / MPIA
An artist’s conception shows the planetary-mass object PSO J318.5-22.
Eighty light-years from Earth, there’s a world that’s just six times more massive than Jupiter, floating all alone without a sun to keep it warm, astronomers reported Wednesday.
Such free-floaters have been reported before, but in the past, it hasn’t always been clear whether these were orphaned planets or failed stars. This time, the scientists say they’re sure it’s a planet.
“We have never before seen an object free-floating in space that that looks like this,” team leader Michael Liu of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa said in a news release. “It has all the characteristics of young planets found around other stars, but it is drifting out there all alone. I had often wondered if such solitary objects exist, and now we know they do.”
The heat signature of the world, known as PSO J318.5-22, was identified by the Pan-STARRS 1 wide-field survey telescope on Haleakala, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The light coming from the object is about 100 billion times fainter in optical wavelengths than the planet Venus. Most of its energy is emitted in infrared wavelengths.
In a report being published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, Liu and his colleagues said the object has properties similar to those of gas-giant planets found orbiting young stars.
Past reports of “rogue planets” have been murky, due to the fact that it can be hard to discriminate between large planets and a class of failed stars known as brown dwarfs. Some astronomers insist on a definition of planets that would apply only to objects that form around stars. They’d prefer to call objects like PSO J318.5-22 “planetary-mass objects,” or planemos for short.
PSO J318.5-22 was discovered while the researchers was combing through data from Pan-STARRS 1 for readings from brown dwarfs. Brown dwarfs are typically faint and red, but Liu and his colleagues said PSO J318.5-22 stood out because it was redder than the reddest known brown dwarfs.
Image: PSO J318.5-22
N. Metcalfe & Pan-STARRS 1 Science Consortium
A multicolor image from the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope shows the free-floating planet PSO J318.5-22, in the constellation of Capricornus.
They followed up with observations using the Gemini North Telescope and the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility telescopes on the summit of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, and concluded that its infrared signature was more consistent with a young planetary-mass object. The science team also monitored the object for two years using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, to determine its direction of motion and its distance from Earth. That’s how they figured out it was 80 light-years away.
The team concluded that PSO J318.5-22 is associated with a collection of young stars called the Beta Pictoris moving group, which formed about 12 million years ago. The best-known star in that group, Beta Pictoris, is known to harbor a gas-giant planet that’s about eight times as massive as Jupiter.
Gravitational perturbations may have kicked PSO J318.5-22 out of its planetary cradle soon after it was born, or it may have been formed by a different method. Either way, Niall Deacon of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany, a co-author of the study, said PSO J318.5-22 should help scientists get a better understanding of other planets that aren’t quite as lonely.
“Planets found by direct imaging are incredibly hard to study, since they are right next to their much brighter host stars,” Deacon said in the news release. “PSO J318.5-22 is not orbiting a star, so it will be much easier for us to study. It is going to provide a wonderful view into the inner workings of gas-giant planets like Jupiter shortly after their birth.”
More about free-floating planets:
‘Orphan’ planet found near Earth
Billions of stars capture rogue planets
Was giant planet kicked out of our solar system?
In addition to Liu and Deacon, authors of “The Extremely Red, Young L Dwarf PSO J318-22: A Free-Floating Planetary-Mass Analog to Directly Imaged Young Gas-Giant Planets” include Eugene Magnier, Katelyn Allers, Trent Dupuy, Michael Kotson, Kimberly Aller, W.S. Burgett, K.C. Chambers, P.W. Draper, K.W. Hodapp, R. Jedicke, R.-P. Kudritzki, N. Metcalfe, J.S. Morgan, N. Kaiser, P.A. Price, J.L. Tonry and R.J. Wainscoat.
Alan Boyle is’s science editor. Connect with the Cosmic Log community by “liking” the NBC News Science Facebook page, following @b0yle on Twitter and adding +Alan Boyle to your Google+ circles. To keep up with’s stories about science and space, sign up for the Tech & Science newsletter, delivered to your email in-box every weekday. You can also check out “The Case for Pluto,” my book about the controversial dwarf planet and the search for new worlds.

Did Romans make up the entire New Testament to steal the people’s loyalty

October 12, 2013

Did Romans make up the entire New Testament to steal the people’s loyalty?

I just saw an article about a book that is saying the Romans made up the entire New Testament to, like you suggested control the people to get them to behave, which is not the first time I’ve seen that thinking of course but it will continue to be broadcast by the major media, even NPR (who would have guessed NPR…lol) as an affront to Christians and here’s the thing about that idea… not that I disagree with the premise, because that’s exactly what took place officially under Constantine…he captured what was a new cult movement and made it into a Hollywood cult movement – interesting how that term cult is used in one way to be a put down, scary evil, ugly premise of a “subversive culture” and on the other hand is looked up to as indicative of popularity. More evidence of how the truth is bastardized in every way shape and form in the name of …whatever one wants it to be in the name of, but anything but the facts, the truth of what really was said or done to stimulate it’s start, which brings me back to my point about this book…

So a group of Romans made up the entire new testament, he says to control people? Then why in hell don’t the people adhere to what the main presumed “teachings” put forth by jesus in that written record, fact or fiction, if that was going to capture their loyalty and keep them from rebelling against the government because they are unhappy with what the government is doing…keep them placated?

Why is it that Pauls writings became the doctrine of Christianity? Isn’t that interesting the Paul was a proclaimed Roman and was in league with a “group” of …high priests who had it in for Jesus and his followers as the story goes. So why did this author suggest that Romans conspired to create the story when in the story it says the high priests led the whole episode against Jesus and his followers, with Paul as their intelligence guy led to believe he was now one of them, as the story goes, by the blinding light and voice of jesus, he was told. Another author suggests that paul was a conspirator who made up the story about being blinded by the light that forces his awakening to stop his persecution, but that’s beside the point here.

Wouldn’t one expect to see Jesus talking about all the things Christians believe today or that they came to believe whenever it was that the first manuscripts or papyrus were created? Were they that shrewd to think the people would be fooled better if they said in Jesus the very opposite of what they would come to believe and do?

For instance, Jesus was totally against (for his students that is) any loyalty to their human family and Paul doesn’t really touch that either, except where Paul says if you can’t keep it in your pants stay married to one – the rule before Jesus suggested even lust in thought was repeating the diversion of one’s total love from the Lord, that the adultery rules were geared to instigate as giving one’s loyalty to one.

If the people had followed that Jesus storyline, they would have given no loyalty to the roman government nor the jewish government. If anything they would have given more loyalty to the roman government under Jesus teachings as he said if you were going to uses ceasars money pay the taxes he demands of you and if you find yourself in a problem with the government seek to get along with them or else you’ll find yourself locked up. And in the story, the gov’t was trying to wash their hands of murdering the guy, though on that front of course the romans would want to paint themselves as not going along entirely with the jewish leaders as they did want to keep the peace with the religious because the religious did have control over many of the people that were anti-government prone, at least in theory while in bed with the government at the same time, the way it is now with the religious in more or less all nations.

And if this roman group made it all up, when did they do it, I wonder and did it include the manufacture of documents in the old testament as well as so much of what they alleged made up was directly linked to the Old Testament, but then I guess one could say they tailored their Jesus figure from the Moses figure, but then if so, why select certain things Moses allegedly recorded and have Jesus giving them a different slant that is frankly anti the previous religion to Christianity (their creation) – Judism as it had become, just as distorted as Christianity which is just as distorted as Hindu is today from it’s Vedic records, etc. But I guess the Egyptians or Indians each had their conspiracies to create religious stories to steal the people and not cause them to revolt against the governments, which is another nutty way of looking at it in light of the way religiosity has been one of the primary motivations to war on others, controlling not only the poor who generally trust the institutions whether secular or religious as seen in the crusades, and to date with the G.W. Bush “crusade” against Islam (while in bed with the Saudi Arabians).

The bottom line is that it’s easy to control the masses but the most effective way is not through religions, at least from the human perspective is with economics and propaganda and staged sting operations – like the Trojan horse, the gulf of Tonkin “attack”, the blowing up of the Reichstag, stimulating and then looking the other way to allow the pearl harbor attack, assassinations of kings as in supposedly the reason WWI started or manipulating any event to sway public opinion, in combo with the promoted media and Hollywood help, for examples many.

But making up a story to brainwash the people into conformity by promoting disconformity on the one hand (jesus teachings) and juxtaposing a conformity of the disconformity (Pauls teachings) that ends up going world wide and lasting for millennium to where the later conformity of the original disconformity becomes the rule when the original disconformity was frankly unpopular with most everyone to begin with would be the ultimate kind of deceptivity (if that’s a word).

I guess one could say, it was and that humans can be very shrewd and that it had unexpected results but if one is making up an unbelievable story (all Jesus taught) that goes against everything of human nature, where does such an idea come from…?

Maybe it’s like the amoeba crawling out of the sea on it’s fins that by the strength of it’s desire to survive, not finding survival in it’s primordial soup adequate, wills the mutation of it’s dna to morph those little cilia – into fins, into legs so it can crawl around to find food. It’s a premise some attach to, as the alternative they think is to think some bearded fellow who sits on clouds waved his magic wand to create, each extreme of which has it’s points as there is evidence of adaptation of creatures to new environments (though hardly seen in drastic environmental changes, like an ocean coming to be in an area previous a desert…those land creatures just die off if there is that kind of flood. If it happens gradually, they move on rather then morph back to fins from legs and on the other hand there is all this folk law about things in the sky, powerful beings over humans, with cave drawings of tanks and helicopters and ancient paintings of people riding inside comets, etc. in various cultures so why not consider that that is a feasible explanation for a great deal of stuff that has no better explanation as humans kind of hate not having the security of thinking they understand and thereby have a certain control of at least their mental world.

But finally, I suggest that, this premise is actually largely correct but only able to hold more weight if one brings into it yet another wild idea few care to consider, that the religions to include Christianity were largely the creation of the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens seeking to turn humans away from the facts, the truth about their reality to keep them anestisized and functioning as humans so they would have their usage to provide their dna needs and to stimulate increasing technology advancement for all their needs; energy elements and systems, facility to travel in space (to escape the rumored end of the current civilization, that some of them experienced before on Earth and/or other near planets or relatively near solar systems of their or their ancestral origin. In other words they NEED human slaves. Any true creators of all we term nature don’t NEED any of it for their survival. If they know how to terraform a planet to become an environment for multiple species of life within evolutionary framework, they hardly NEED humans help as evidenced by what the many space alien abductee/contactee accounts have suggested over the last 70 years since the space alien premise was making itself more evident, though as with all forms of thought, equally available to deny so it all becomes a need to know basis.

If any of us show a “need to know” the evidence is plentiful that provides us with the choices that we can then build a discernment of which most often will show us what’s NOT likely the closest view of what’s true and real about any circumstance and thinking.

Like even the likes of Christopher Hitchens in his put down of those that are willing to believe the Earth was created in 7 “god” days, or periods of time as opposed to the 3.5 billion year theory based on this or that carbon and/or spectrographic dating etc. doesn’t seem to take account of what actually constituted that “creation”. Why couldn’t the big bang happened at a faster pace than humans can currently imagine and evidence? Do humans know everything about time and space and terraforming and big bangs? And what’s the value of measuring that in terms of years anyway. That entire frame of measurement is based on the amount of time carbon or it’s electromagnetic signature degrades. But isn’t that based on the Earth’s current atmosphere, current being over the last 1000 years even and in some relationship with the other electromagnetic bodies in the solar system seen or not? How do we know the sun can not be like a computer system to put out electromagnetic particles together with comets and meteors and asteroids, etc. to introduce major changes to Earth’s atmosphere that might make things have a signature that is older than it is.

And what if the Earth was literally moved into orbit of the sun. Humans now know how to put a body in orbit of another. If that was the case would that constitute having “made” the Earth if it was actually constructed or grown in some other location and moved to this one when it came time to start a new “garden”, thus explaining how it could be x in age while the start of the experiment x in age?

What’s that saying about people in glass houses and their stones?

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive

October 9, 2013

Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive
– Leave With Us
Edited Transcript of Videotape – October 5, 1996:
This is a very exciting time for us. Who is us? I’m “Do”
(pronounced “Doe”) for starters, and I have in front of me a
number of students, or my classroom, or in old language of a
couple of thousand years ago, my disciples – those who are trying
to prepare themselves for entry into the Evolutionary Level Above
Human, synonymous with the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of
Heaven. We’re going to talk to you about the most urgent thing
that is on our mind, and what we suspect is the most urgent thing
on the minds of those who will connect with us.
We’ll title this tape, “Planet Earth About to be Recycled –
Your Only Chance to Evacuate is to Leave With Us.” Planet
Earth about to be recycled – Your only chance to survive or
evacuate is to leave with us. Now, that’s a pretty drastic statement
– pretty bold – in terms of religion, inn terms of anybody’s
intelligent thinking. To most people who would consider
themselves intelligent beings, they’d say, “Well, that’s absurd.
What’s all this doomsday stuff? What’s all this prophetic,
apocalyptic talk?” You know, intelligent human beings should
realize that all things have their own cycle. They have their
season. They have their beginning, they have their end. We’re
not saying that planet Earth is coming to an end. We’re saying
that planet Earth is about to be refurbished, spaded under, and
have another chance to serve as a garden for a future human
Now, the reason this is such an interesting time is not
only because we’re on the threshold of the end of this civilization
(because it’s about to be recycled), but because of where that finds
us, and where that finds you – where that finds those who would
judge us – how we would speak of them, and how they would
speak of us. Now, you might say, “You keep saying `us’? Who
do you think you are?” Well, I, in all honesty, to address that must
first acknowledge who my Father is. My Father is not a human
father. My Father is a member of the Evolutionary Level
Above Human – the Kingdom of God – the Kingdom of
Heaven. My Father – long before this civilization began – gave
me birth into that Kingdom Level Above Human, that Kingdom of
Heaven, that Kingdom of God.
Now, you can say, “I can’t believe that!” Well, it’s up to
you whether you believe that or not. That’s not important to me,
even though I wish that you could believe it for your sake. For
those who do believe it stand a possibility of having a future
beyond this recycling time. Now, you say, “According to religious
literature, I thought there was someone else who was going to
come and be our “Savior” here at these last days – that that was
going to be Christ’s return?” Well, the name “Christ” or the name
“Jesus” might be a little confusing. Because the name “Jesus,” of
course, was merely the name given to the body that that mind (that
was indeed from the Kingdom of Heaven) incarnated into. That
mind was here 2000 years ago, and that mind came for the express
purpose of teaching humans how they could be “saved”- how they
would not be plowed under at the End of the Age. Well, we’re
now at the End of the Age. So that mind that was in Jesus –
What? That mind, that spirit, that soul is me, and in this body
called “Do” that you’re looking at? You’ll have to decide that
for yourself. I must admit that I am here again. That I’m here
saying exactly the same thing that I said then, trying to say it in
today’s language, trying to hope that, for your sakes, you can
see what we have to offer you. For the Next Level, through my
Father and through me, is offering you LIFE for the first time
– and we’re not talking about human lifee.
Now, the planet is about to be recycled, and we say we
see the planet as a steppingstone – planet Earth as a steppingstone.
Just as with a civilization, that civilization can evolve upwards –
each segment within that civilization has the option to become
more civilized, less barbaric. It would be better for them if they
took more civilized options. Not that they necessarily do.
Sometimes they seem to appear to be more civilized when, in fact,
they have become more barbaric, more quick to condemn the rest
of the world, more quick to kill the rest of the world that does not
think as they think.
Well, I know what I said a few moments ago. I said that
I am the return of the Son of my Father. I’ll tell you something
that’s even more remarkable: my Father came with me this
time. He came in the early `70’s, took on a human form – an adult
female human form. He helped me “get into” an adult human
form, in the early `70’s. And we together helped those who came
with us (our students, who were also here 2000 years ago as
disciples) get in the bodies that they are presently wearing – so that
they could rid themselves of human behavior, human activity,
human thinking – so that they could be ready at this time to move
into the Kingdom of Heaven or the Evolutionary Level Above
These that are sitting before me have been students of Ti
and Do – Ti, my Father – and they are still students of Ti and Do,
even though Ti returned to the Heavens in 1985. Ti is my
Heavenly Father and is the One who gave me birth into that
Kingdom before this civilization began. Now, I’m not here to sell
you on that, or who I am or who these are. I’m here to offer you,
as these are, an opportunity to know the Truth, so that if you can
connect with it, at any level, then you might survive the re-spading
or the recycling that is about to occur.
We made a tape just shortly ago, and in that tape we said
that there are three types of individuals who will survive the
recycling. One type is those individuals who have overcome their
humanness enough that when the End of this Age is complete,
when the war is over (the spading complete, there is nothing left
here except for recycling), when the end of that occurs, that first
type will have reached a condition of having overcome human
behavior, human thinking, human desires – desiring only to be in
the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Evolutionary Level Above Human,
being of service in that Kingdom. When they have done that
overcoming to that degree, at that point they are a match for a
physical body belonging to that Kingdom.
Humans think that this is a flesh body world, and it is.
But, more importantly, it is a human flesh body world. The
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Evolutionary Level
Above Human also has bodies. I wouldn’t say flesh bodies
because they have different characteristics. But it is a physical
body, a biological body, and in a sense, it is equivalent to a human
body for that next Evolutionary Level. It doesn’t need the kind of
fuel that humans need, for it’s not a mammalian body. It doesn’t
reproduce. It’s not male nor female. It probably would look like
what you might consider a very attractive “extraterrestrial.” Most
of the illustrations of extraterrestrials these days have been
grotesque – looked like giant insects, or slimy reptilians, or have
eyes so big that you could fall into them. An extraterrestrial that
we would consider a genuine extraterrestrial is not a “fallen
angel,” is not a “space alien.”
We see fallen angels and space aliens as synonymous –
fallen angels and space aliens are synonymous. And the Next
Level – the only real extraterrestrials – have a body similar to the
human body. The human body was made from the same basic
design, the same general form, except the human body is more
animal than that Next Level form. The human body has hair,
needs teeth, has physical characteristics that are appropriate to this
environment. When you go into an environment that does not
require eating things that you have to pull off the bone, or crack
the shells off the nut, then certainly teeth are not needed. A Next
Level body in a non-earthly environment also needs no hair. That
Next Level body is a creature that looks very attractive, has two
eyes, some remnant of a nose, some remnant of ears – what you
would call remnants – even though they function very well as
nose, as ears. They have a voice box, but don’t really need to use
it, for they can communicate by thought – communicate with their
minds. And that’s an extraterrestrial – that is the “body”
belonging to a member of the Evolutionary Level Above Human,
the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God. It’s true, they
could seem unattractive to you if you’re really “into” human flesh
bodies and see them as beautiful.
You know, there are sayings that there is seed of flesh, or
there are things that are born of flesh, and there are things that are
born of spirit. Also, born of water is synonymous with being born
of flesh. If people really understood the more accurate of the
religious literature, and could read it as it was intended to be read,
they would know it clarifies that seed of flesh (human) was and is,
literally, seed of the negative, the opposition, the space aliens, the
fallen angels. Therefore, to the Next Level, human flesh has
become a product of the lower forces, and is of the kingdom
level beneath the Kingdom of God – that kingdom level that
rightfully should be only a steppingstone leading to the Kingdom
of Heaven.
Now, this understanding isn’t meant to put you down or
to say that an individual is necessarily “evil” just because they’re
wearing a human vehicle. I’m wearing a human vehicle, because I
have to wear one for this task. I don’t like it. It doesn’t match me.
And those who sit in front of me don’t like their human vehicles
that they have to wear for this task. But they have to wear them,
because the task of overcoming the human kingdom requires that
they overcome human flesh – the genetic vibrations, the lust of the
flesh, the desire to reproduce, the desire to cling to offspring, or
spouse, or parents, or house, or money, or fame, or job, or, or –
that could go on and on – overcoming the human flesh and its
desires – even its religious desires. There is not a religion on the
face of the globe that is of God, as it is today. All of those
ideologies that are called religions use corrupted records and
corrupted interpretations of man’s relationship with someone from
the Kingdom of God, the Evolutionary Level Above Human.
In other words, it’s like the religious literature (the Bible,
the Torah, the Koran, etc.) are written as time manuals. So that
ancient religious literature, with its laws and rules, was appropriate
to the time that it was written in and to that phase of civilization.
Less ancient literature, with its laws, was appropriate to its own
particular age. What did the “Lord” God – the one who was here
long before the Messiah came – say to His people? Through His
prophets, He said, `I will send a Savior, a Messiah to help you get
out of the human kingdom,’ knowing that some humans should
certainly reach a condition where they would be ready to move up
into His Kingdom by that period in time when His Representative
– the Messiah – would be sent. When thee One He sent came as the
“Messiah,” truly some in the civilization at that time were prepared
for the information – the steps, the requirements – that that
Messiah had to offer to those who would seek His Father’s
Well, that Savior came, that Messiah came. And after a
brief teaching period with those He picked – those who were His
disciples/students – He said, `I will come again.’ And His Father
sent Him again. And for me to say that I was and am He, is to
most, utter blasphemy. In other words, what I say to you now is a
direct, present, current transmission – information from the
Kingdom Level of My Father, the Level Above Human, the
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.
Today’s Christians say they are Christians and think they
are Christians. And yet they seldom quote the most important
things that Jesus said. Jesus said, `If you want to know My Father,
if you want to move into My Father’s Kingdom, then shed
everything of this world – leave everything behind – and come and
follow Me. And unless you hate everything of this world, your
sister, your mother, your brother – everything of this world – you
will not know the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to graft to Me,
you have to cling to Me, if I am to literally take you into My
Father’s house.’ Most Christians, world over, mostly frequently
quote Paul – who never sat with that Representative (Jesus), nor
was Paul ever a student of that Representative. Christians say,
“Oh, I love Jesus. He’s in my heart. I’m filled with Jesus. Jesus
wants me to live an abundant human life. He wants me to have
riches. He wants me to have more children so that I can bring
them up with Christian family values.” I don’t remember Jesus
ever saying that, “What I want you to do is to go get married, have
families, have children, and together bring all of them and I will
take them into the Kingdom of Heaven.” He only spoke to
individuals – and said, `The only way out of here is for you to
know that as an individual this human world is not for you – that
tie that binds you to the human kingdom is not for you. If you
know it is not for you, then come to Me – and My Father will feed
Me information that can nourish you – and help you overcome this
world – and we’ll leave this world, and we’ll go to My Father’s
Remember, we’re not talking about a spiritual kingdom –
no clouds, no harps – even though we are talking about in the
heavens. But the Heavens are no more spiritual than when you go
out at night and look at the Heavenly bodies and see them. They
are literally there. They are physical. My Father’s Kingdom also
moves or travels in spacecrafts (some of which are even organic).
You could say, “Oh, my goodness, that’s outrageous.” Well, you
don’t like the illustrations of chariots of fire or wheel within a
wheel? You don’t like the illustrations that are in your religious
literature that tell of spacecrafts of my Father’s Kingdom?
“Clouds of light” – at that time they didn’t know what else to call
them. Even when they saw angels that they said had wings – how
else could they have described that they fly? That didn’t
necessarily mean they had feathers on their backs (though that
possibility exists as well). Certainly some of these illustrations
mean that they came to Earth in a flying object and they left
aboard that flying object. And when they saw Jesus ascend, they
said, “He went up into that cloud of light.”
Now, I’m not trying to make a big deal over the means of
transportation issue. For a spacecraft – belonging to the Level
Above Human – is much more than a piece of transportation. It is
a very valuable work station. It is commonly a place of service to
the Level Above Human. These students that are leaving this
kingdom level to go with me to my Father’s Kingdom, to my
Father’s house, these will not go into houses on some planet like
Earth, and reproduce, and have families and sit and watch
television and make scrambled eggs. They’re going to be
genderless individuals, in service – full time – for whatever need
the Level Above Human, the Kingdom of Heaven has for them.
And the tools they use, the workstations that they use are
spacecrafts – all sizes. Spacecrafts that are so small that a very
small crew could fit into them because that small spacecraft is best
suited for that given task. Spacecrafts that are so large you can’t
even see the outer extremities of them. They could look like
something larger than a planet to the observers, because that size
craft is best suited for whatever laboratory work or
experimentation is going on. All sizes are used for a variety of
How can these students be effective servants in that
Kingdom if they’re worried about their children, or their dogs, or
their horses, or their cats, or how much time they have to put in at
the Rotary, or such things as that. As individuals they serve one or
two individuals – older Representatives of that Next Kingdom –
who are their instructors for their assigned tasks. Just as in the task
that we’re in now with this classroom – these look to me as their
Older Member, their instructor, for everything. I look to my Older
Member for everything – to fill me in on what these students’
needs are and how I might be used to instruct them. I’m not just
talking about their physical needs, but their mental/spirit/soul
needs – how they can most effectively make their change from
human into the Kingdom Level Above Human.
Now, this is not to say that we know that there is a
guarantee that we will all go on board a craft together, in order to
leave before this spading under occurs. We will definitely go on
board a craft to leave before the “spading under” occurs. You
could say, “Well, what’s the difference?” Well, the difference is
that we don’t yet know if we are going to take these flesh bodies
on board that craft or if we will leave these flesh bodies behind
before we board. We don’t believe that Our Father’s Kingdom has
much need for these flesh bodies. But, it’s possible that a
spacecraft will come down, and we’ll walk on board that craft, and
they’ll take these bodies from us, and issue us the ones that belong
to that Level so that we might begin our service. It is also possible
that part of our test of faith is our hating this world, even our flesh
body, to the extent to be willing to leave it without any proof of the
Next Level’s existence, other than what we have come to know:
that we have nothing to fear; that we are in Good keeping; that
we can leave the body that we’re in and Be that soul, that identity,
which totally survives that separation – whether it is by
martyrdom, because someone went crazy over our “righteous
blasphemy,” or whatever event that might separate us from that
human body that we are wearing. Our faith is primarily based
upon our trust in our Older Members. We do know one thing –
we don’t care to cling to the life of this body until it naturally
“gives up.” We don’t care to be aborted by the body that we’re
wearing. We care more to abort it in proof to our Heavenly Father
that we trust Him and are ready to leave this place. We’re ready to
go into His Kingdom. And they, these students, have to say to my
Father, “We trust your Son. We trust the One You sent for our
sakes. Even so much that we have no hesitation to leave this place
– to leave the body that we are wearing.. We know that whatever
happens to us after we leave this body is a step forward from what
we were, and that we don’t care to be here any longer.”
Earlier in this tape I spoke to you of three types of
individuals who can be salvaged from this re-spading. One type
that I mentioned was those who have overcome enough that they
will get an issue of a physical body belonging to the Next Level,
and go into service, as a crew member, working for the Next
Level. A second type of individual that can be salvaged from this
planet at this time are those who don’t quite reach that point of
overcoming by the time it is time to leave. But they are still
faithful to the best of their ability in their effort of breaking away,
leaving their humanity, and looking to us – looking to me, looking
to my Father, looking to the Next Level – to give them the strength
and the understanding of how they can break away more quickly.
So wherever they are, to the best of their capability, at the time of
our exit, even if they are not ready for issue of a Next Level body
– they may have to experience a time in a civilization that is yet to
come and do more overcoming of the human kingdom. But they
will be in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, just as
these have been in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above
Human – not just here at this time, in this generation, with me and
with Ti.
“Ti” isn’t Ti’s name, by the way. “Do” isn’t Do’s name.
I’m not even given to tell you what my name or Ti’s name is. The
Next Level wouldn’t have humans know what our real names are.
I had to put that in for the record, so that you would understand.
Back to the previous subject, the second type of
individual who can go into the Kingdom of Heaven is one who, at
the time we leave, has not completed their human overcoming to
the satisfaction of the Next Level, and therefore the Next Level
will bring them back when a civilization is at its development
point to be a “match” – at the point where those individuals might
pick up where they left off. Then they will reach “issue time” for a
Next Level body by or before the end of the next civilization.
The third type of soul or individual who can go to the
Kingdom of Heaven now, with us, and be in the keeping of that
Kingdom, are those who either hear our voice right at the end of
our task, or have received this information and don’t know where
it’s coming from. In other words, some might hear our voice and
might know where it is coming from, might know that I exist in
physical form here, about to leave. Others might not make
contact, but something tells them, “I’ve got to break away, I can’t
stand to stay here. I’ve got to put my life on the line for the
Kingdom of Heaven.”
The lower forces’ whole effort is to have potential
members of the Next Level not succeed in remaining faithful to the
end so that they might prevent them from coming into the keeping
of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.
So, here we are. We’re going public with this
information once again, right before we leave. This is like putting
ourselves right out on the chopping block where the lower forces
will have a chance to try to demean us, have the world turn against
us, and try to do us in. It will challenge all those who are religious
minded to look at us and say, “Hmmm, how could that possibly be
the Truth, is this not the Anti-Christ or the spurious Messiah?”
“Spurious Messiah” is the term that some prominent
television/satellite ministries use in describing the Anti-Christ,
who, they say, is to arrive on the scene before Christ returns. So,
in their eyes, since the Anti-Christ has not yet arrived, then
Christ’s return must be at a later time. Well, I hate to tell you, but
the Anti-Christ – the spurious Messiah – has been on the scene
ever since my Father and I left 2000 years ago. And he and his
helpers have worked as hard as they could through religions,
through governments, through “acceptable” morality, through
“responsibility as a human,” to brainwash humans to expect
“Heaven on Earth.” Those lower forces have “programmed”
humans, especially Christians, to see our arrival “on the scene” as
the Anti-Christ. Those fallen angels – those humanoid space
aliens – would have humans not look to or expect to go to a
Kingdom of Heaven, but to look for a Heaven on Earth – where
they might reign as your Christ – to work toward the future – to be
preoccupied with replicating or reproducing children – and laying
aside enough money to take care of those children so that they will
have a future, and they will have a future, and they will have a
future. A future in what? – the human kingdom? What an
abomination! To the Next Level the human kingdom is, at its
best, nothing more than a potential steppingstone. It’s clear
that anyone who wants to stay in the human kingdom – and
make it some sort of divinity – is looking to some “spurious
Messiah,” an anti-Christ indeed.
Now, I know that those who are expecting the arrival of
the “spurious Messiah” – “the anti-Christ” – if they become aware
of this tape and of Do sitting here saying what I’m saying now,
they’ll say, “That’s the one. Because I warned you that the
spurious Messiah would say, `I’ll take you out of here. I’ll rapture
you into my father’s kingdom.’ ” And that’s what I’m saying. I’m
saying that, “If you can believe my Father’s information, if you
can believe the Truth that we share with you, and if you believe it
enough that you can put your trust in me – and that could be a “big
dose” for some – you will soon find yourself in the safekeeping of
the Kingdom of Heaven.” These students in front of me know me
well. If you have some of my Father’s mind in you, you can have
recognition as well, even with only this brief viewing, though I’ll
remind you that the lower forces will do everything they can to
have you lose or doubt that recognition.
We have a website now, you know, it’s the popular thing
– everybody has to have a website. Our website on the Internet is
called Heavensgate. Heavensgate – oh, of course, .com.
Everything is .com. We’re not .org, we’re .com. So if you want
to, you can learn more about who we are, what we have to say,
what I have to say, what my Older Member can share with you
through what we have said, and know of our history. We have
nothing to hide. Even though to some, we might be a dangerous
cult. We understand that. Why dangerous? Because we threaten
the family, we threaten the established norm of family values. If
you knew Jesus 2000 years ago, you would know that exactly the
same thing occurred. And that the reason for getting rid of Him
was because if people really began to follow Him to any
significant degree, it would threaten the political, and certainly the
religious norm. His teachings were clearly against what the
mainstream was teaching, what the norm was in the governments
or the family, and certainly against the religion of that time.
Religion today is an interesting thing. Remember how we
said a moment ago that the religious literature like the Bible, the
Koran, the Torah, are time manuals. In the time that something
was written, as the Lord or as God related to man, it was
appropriate for them at that time. And yet we have the bulk (if not
the vast majority) of humans on the planet today who are very
religious living exactly as they were trying to live some 5000 years
ago, or some 4000 years ago. They never made it to 2000 years
ago. But 2000 years ago, a chance to get out of here, was available
to those who listened to what the Next Level’s Representative had
to say. A chance to get out of here – out of the human kingdom
– whenever it is offered, requires everyything of you – that you, as
an individual, go join some cult – that you leave everything behind
– that you ignore the members of your faamily – that you ignore the
responsibility to your community – that you ignore your career –
and that hearts will be broken.
I don’t mean to make light of that, “that hearts will be
broken.” I know that hearts are broken. I also know that anyone
who leaves to go to my Father’s Kingdom, that any heart that is
broken in the process of that transition, can easily be more than
healed, if that heart looks to my Father for healing, and looks to
my Father for understanding. That soul does not need to see this
as a terrible experience. Many times, the worst things in the
human kingdom that can happen to us, end up being the best
things that could happen to us. Because we learn “in depth”
lessons as a result of those difficult times. Every life that was
touched by these who are sitting in front of me – every life that
was hurt or experienced pain by their leaving and becoming
students of mine and of my Father’s – was hurt, severely hurt.
Some of them still hurt. They could actually say, “Thank you,
God, for the lesson that is mine to learn in this experience. And as
far as that individual that I used to call my son or daughter, or my
husband or wife, I put them in Your trust. I cannot tell them what
they must do with their life. That is their decision.”
We cannot judge each other. I cannot judge you. I don’t
care to judge you. You will judge yourselves by how you respond
to what we have to say, by what you can accept and what you
can’t. In some cases, it’s almost better that you never see me, or
hear what we say, for that will put you to the test of whether or not
you will condemn me, whether or not you will judge me. You
cannot hurt me. You cannot hurt these. We can only be hurt if we
displease our Heavenly Father.
It’s funny that the world – the mainstream human world –
is so quick to condemn and judge (those who are not like them) as
if they were God Almighty. They would also judge those who
would follow us, determining the worthlessness of any that would
join some cult, assuming that that is the worst thing that anyone
could possibly do, for they are being brainwashed and led down
the wrong track into some occult camp, and they’re going to the
devil. What is the devil like? Know your literature. What do the
fallen angels like? They like the pleasures of the human flesh –
the aspirations of this world.
What is told to you in all religious literature – that you
will find if you ever reach the Kingdom of Heaven? There, there
will be no males, no females, no children, no families other than
your relationship with God – your Lord. Your Lord is whichever
Member of His Kingdom He has given to you, assigned to you as
your Helper, your Instructor, your Teacher. This is so simple that
it sounds unreal-unspiritual. This information would be easier to
accept if it were more spiritual, if it were more complicated, if it
had more ritual with it, or more trappings of religion. In my
Father’s house, no incense is required, no flowing robes, no
tinkling bells, no genuflecting, no sitting in the lotus position, no
things of “spirituality,” even though our Father’s Kingdom
requires cleansing of the spirit/the mind. It requires ridding
ourselves of the mind of the human kingdom – ridding ourselves
of the lusts of the human world, and of the binds to the human
“Being filled with spirit” is an interesting thing for you to
think about. What happened when the illustration was made that
Jesus was with John the Baptist, and was being baptized, and a
dove descended and He was “filled with the Holy Spirit”? “Filled
with the Holy Spirit” meant that the major portion of Jesus’ mind,
His Next Level identity, was entering the body that He was
wearing to the degree that the vehicle’s human mind was no longer
affecting Him – He had aborted that mind of the human kingdom.
He was “filled” with the mind of His Father. The mind of His
Father is “Holy Spirit.” Any mind of the Level Above Human
is pure Spirit – is Holy Spirit. To think of “being filled with the
Holy Spirit” as something that comes-and-knocks-you-down-and-
your-broken-knee, is an abomination. It is anything but the
“Holy Spirit” that you’re being “filled with.” Likewise, to
“babble” in some indiscernible “mumbo-jumbo” and call it
“speaking in tongues” or “being filled with the Holy Spirit” is also
an outrage. It might be an experience of being “filled with the
spirit,” but it certainly is not the Holy Spirit.
You know, a soul is another very interesting thing,
because my Father’s Kingdom plants souls. And souls become the
great separator as they are planted. My Father’s Kingdom plants
souls in many humans each time a Representative of the Kingdom
Level Above Human is to be incarnate on planet Earth – plants
many souls in many human plants. Now, even though they’re
planted in the flesh, because the flesh is what has to be overcome,
they are really planted in the spirit of that flesh. The spirit being
the mind or the intelligence of that flesh. And you can say, “Well,
does that mean that everybody doesn’t have a soul?” Yes, that’s
exactly what it means. But it also means that anybody can have a
soul that can believe in my Father – the reality of my Father, the
reality of His Son, and the reality of His Kingdom.
In other words, those who are given the responsibility and
the task of planting those souls, plant them in all of the human
plants who have a potential of making that step – using that
steppingstone – and getting out of the human kingdom and into
that Next Kingdom Level. That soul, as the separator, helps the
individual, in their mind (in their spirit), abort human thinking,
human evaluation, human behavior, and replace it with the mind
that they get from the Representatives – the mind of the Next
Level – fill it up, fill it up, fill it up. When it is so filled and
enough aborting of human mind has occurred – then that
individual has come into viability – has come into bloom enough
that that individual is ready to go to “quartermaster” when they
leave this planet, and be issued a body, of service, belonging to the
Kingdom of my Father.
Now, let me say this: all human plants – even in their
genetic structure – have a little bit of Heavenly mind, or mind of
the Kingdom of God, mind of the Evolutionary Level Above
Human (I have to say all of those each time I say it, just to remind
you I’m talking about the same thing). Each human plant has a
little bit of that Next Level mind in it. So theoretically, and this is
true, that if there is a human listening to me who, in fact, may not
at this moment have a soul, but that plant listens to me, and says,
“Could it be true, what Do is saying? It sounds crazy, but I
wonder if that’s true?” Even that degree of curiosity would attract
the attention of the Next Level crew which is assigned to planting
souls. That crew will be sure that a separator (a soul) is
immediately made available to that individual. So that deposit of a
soul could happen very, very quickly. They’re not going to let it
happen, that any potential recipients of their Kingdom not have the
needed receptacle of Next Level spirit coming into full blossom as
pure spirit, pure mind, of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Now, let’s go back to the topic of urgency. I don’t know
if you are aware that a great deal of literature used by many
scholars today, says that the calendar that humans use is off by 4
years. And that Jesus was born in 4 B.C. Now, if Jesus was born
in 4 B.C., and this is ’96 A.D., could this be the year 2000 – the
millenium, the beginning of the end? That’s why we’re talking.
For us to surface with who we are and the information that we are
surfacing with, we know, could challenge you to want to squelch
us. It’s interesting that we see the world – we see the world – as
the anti-Truth, the anti-Christ, the spurious Messiah. The world –
those who want to stay in the world – will see us as anti-Truth,
anti-Christ, spurious Messiah. We’re prepared for that. We know
that that is inevitable at this time. That was inevitable 2000 years
ago – that is what found Jesus sentenced to die on a cross.
Remember, we said that the third type of person who can
actually be salvaged at the end, can be taken into the keeping of
the Next Level, simply because they believe in what we say. That
simple belief is what occurred in the mind of the thief who was on
the cross next to Jesus. When Jesus recognized his belief, He told
him that, `this day he would, upon their departure, be with Him in
paradise.’ He knew that he seriously believed. And He knew that
is all that it took – is for him to believe who He was. Even
believing Him in a condition when He was being killed as a heretic
– against the Church, against the systemm. The Church today
certainly will see us as against the Church. The Church of today is
not of God. Though once the true followers – the Church – were
of God. The only true Church of today are those who are
connected with the present existence of the Next Level, the
Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven – and the
Representative from that Kingdom.
This time is so exciting to us, even though we know that
it is close to our end, and that is why it is exciting to us. We don’t
expect to or want to build a Church on this planet. We don’t want
any gothic Cathedral. We don’t want any membership roll. We
don’t want to help you reproduce so that we have more children to
put on the Sunday school roll in our Church. We are a group of
believers in the Kingdom Level Above Human, who want to leave
and enter that Kingdom, and become of significant service to that
This does not mean that when in the human kingdom, that
a strong humanitarian drive is not a healthy thing. Because really
a strong humanitarian drive is motivated to improve. But if you
could only see that a human condition is a temporary condition, a
steppingstone, an opportunity to get out of this kingdom, then you
could accept this Truth. This is as scientific – this is as true as true
could be – but you have to know me, you have to trust me, you
have to believe me. Some can know me now. Some can even
know me for the first time when they see this tape and say, “I don’t
know what there is, but there’s something in my head that makes
me know that fellow, and makes me know that what he’s saying is
true. And I may be wrong, but I’m going to try to find more out
and see if that’s what I need to be a part of. Because I know that
this Earth has become something that is not where I belong.”
It’s funny – not funny – it’s really sad that a segment of
my Father’s Kingdom, in particular my personal Heavenly Father,
related to a community that is today considered the early Jewish
community, and worked with them preparing them for my
presence here 2000 years ago and now. And yet, the Jewish
community of then and now, would certainly see me as anything
but a Representative of God. The Muslims, who are considered by
some to be the enemy of the Judeo-Christians, many of them have
sustained a more real connection with God – with some higher
standards of behavior, and with more restraint. You know, one of
my students reminded me just today that they came in contact with
a Muslim who said, “Look, you know you people of the West have
a wrong idea of what we are. We don’t praise Mohammed. We
don’t worship Mohammed. We consider Mohammed a prophet of
many prophets. Many of the books of our literature are about
Jesus. And I say, `Great is God’ more than 50 times a day,
because God means so much to me.” God means so much to many
of them that they are more modest in the clothing that they wear.
Many are more on guard against sensuality and “worldly” things.
God means so much to many of them that they are willing to die
for God and justify that frame of mind more quickly than they
would a willingness to die for nation, or die for world. I’m not
saying that Muslims are the ones who are going to inherit God’s
Kingdom any more than anyone else. In the eyes of the Kingdom
of Heaven, there’s no such thing as race or color or religious
background. It doesn’t matter – none of it matters. If the extent of
your religious background was Star Trek – that in itself could be
the best background you could have, if you could accept this as
Truth, if you could accept this as reality.
This is a test time. You could easily say, “Here’s a little
bitty classroom, with some old fellow with a prune face sitting
here, calling himself Do, saying, `I’m a Representative of the
Kingdom of God.’ How can I believe that?” If you have some of
my Father’s mind in you, you will have some recognition of us
and this information. Even though once you recognize me, the
forces of this world will dive in with all their might to have you
lose that recognition, to have you not trust me, to have you come
to your senses, and come back into the service of this world.
I hope this tape session with you will be the beginning of
our relationship. If this tape session is used to validate your seeing
us as anti-God, the Anti-Christ, so be it. That’s part of what we
expect. That’s part of the necessity of what comes at this time.
It’s the common thing for us to see each other as opposites of what
we believe we are.
I’m so happy, because my time is short here. If you come
with us, your time here can be shortened. When Jesus left 2000
years ago – or the one who was in Jesus, or when I left 2000 years
ago – only a very short time after that, Truth was significantly
corrupted. So that no matter who tried to use the name of “Jesus,”
or of “Christ,” or His information – seeing it as true, seeing it as
real, referring to what had been said of what it takes to come into
my Kingdom – that fell apart, that deteriorated, that became
unimportant. It’s a miracle that His Teachings can still be found in
the gospels – they’re still there – you’d be amazed, you should
read them again. Likewise this time, after I’m gone, when we
leave, when we enter into my Father’s spacecraft in order to go
into service in His Kingdom, the Truth will deteriorate as fast as
we depart. It will leave this atmosphere within a very short time.
I hope for your sake that you will, at least, ponder this –
don’t ask your neighbors, your friends, what they think of this.
Instead, go into the privacy of your “closet” and see if you can
connect with the purest, highest source that you might consider
“God,” and ask: “What about this? Is this information for real? Is
this for me? If it is, then please give me the strength I need to
pursue it.” As soon as you tell anyone else, they will likely be
used by the lower forces as their instruments to have you not
believe, to have you stay in this world and wait for the “Heaven on
We hope to be of some service to you in this short time
before our departure. We believe it to be a very short time. So our
thoughts will be of you. We hope that your thoughts will be of our
Father’s Kingdom.