Differences between Ti & Do’s Heaven’s Gate group & ‘UFO Centric” groups; Morman, Scientology, Raelians

Here is a question from a visitor to this blog and my response. He has been very busy with commenting. The blog post this is from is: https://sawyerhg.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/did-romans-make-up-the-entire-new-testament-to-steal-the-peoples-loyalty/

Commenter said:

Have you read much about the Solar Temple folks? Like HG and Scientology, the Solar Temple was a UFO cult… in their mythology, they were going to Sirius when they died. What do you think of that? That’s a pretty definite destination. You folks were going to anyplace specific, though… I think just travelling around in Ti’s spaceship. Or was there a specific location?

Mormonism is somewhat space oriented in that eventually couples will each get a planet to populate with “space babies” — and the couple will be the god of that planet. That’s why mormons are intolerant of same sex marriage — it thwarts the space baby centerpiece of their religion.

Scientology refers to Xenu an evil intergalactic overload who imprisoned souls in volcanoes in Hawaii. It is these souls that haunt humans and that humans have to rid themselves of.

Sawyer… I forgot one… Raelism. It was started a year before yours started… 1974…

Do you have a favorite ufo centric cult? Besides hg of course.

Sawyers response:

I like this kind of post as it serves us well to look at these apparent similarities in that they all are like you say, “ufo centric” though in reality that would be like saying humans are automobile centric. However, it’s no coincidence that ALL the religions and like you say mythologies have otherworldly characteristics as all of them are the result of a disinformation campaign by human equivalent beings from non-earth origins who were allowed to come to the Earth vicinity by the Creator Beings Ti and Do termed the organization (kingdom) that is evolutionarily a Level Above Human.  

So what are the main differences between the ones you mentioned and Ti and Do’s literal heaven’s gate keepers, you ask:  

Here’s a partial list:

  All the human and space alien stimulated organizations involve children or babies, what Do called “urchins” at one point because of how they by design take, take, take and don’t give – again natural to all animal species, that is until they are given the seeds of Next Level behavior and ways that is the opposite model, and the reason upcoming students NEED to learn and even value and enjoy, “giving, giving, giving”, with the initial training for takes place while in the human condition.


– they all involved families, families could join and remain families

– they all regularly look for new members

– I doubt they ever told members to leave because the leaders didn’t think they could keep up

– I doubt they ever paid members $1000.00 or anything to leave

– I doubt they have all forfeited their sexuality of mind and body with the only minor sensory stimulus being designed by the teachers, speaking of occasional sweet treats, trips to the movies, etc.

– I doubt any have given their will to the leaders

– I’d bet there are scandals with all the leaders

– I’d bet they all show profiteering motivations in their organizations

– I’d bet they all have symbolic rituals on a regular basis that have strictly representative value

– I doubt any left behind their past so that they no longer communicate with relatives, no longer climb their career ladders

– I’d bet none promote androgyny

– all who killed themselves also evidenced obvious murders

– I’d bet all pick and choose from a tiny few Jesus records to support their causes and/or morph the challenging quotes into the format we can easily see in parallel with commonly agreed upon mythologies, roman, Greek, Egyptian, etc.

– I’d bet none of them fulfill dozens of Jesus prophecies or more or less countless Jesus and Old Testament prophet, prophecies that show full progressive evolution of mind and behavior and ways consistent with the records also written by Moses alongside all of the rules and regulations of Moses, with explanations that are not mystical.

– I bet all are in bed with academia, intellectualism, spiritualism, multinationalism and with corporate ties to building their organizations.

– I doubt the leaders maintained 100% what they expected of students

I could go on and on and on, on all the many differences that they ALL have when compared to Ti and Do’s direction and of course there will be similarities as well as the space aliens, even the ones spawned on Earth from pre our current civilization initially got everything the same way’s humans on Earth have, from the Next Level who designed and developed all the science behind the total reality.

So what is perfectly clear to anyone not afraid of considering it is that of ALL the groups in history all over the worlds, Ti and Do’s group were the least human because all these points more or less outline what it means to be human, which is what Ti and Do were preparing their crew to be…Above and Beyond Human in every way so they could start over in a totally new environment without dragging all their primitive ways with them that would do nothing but interfere with their very involved operations to design and develop all the elements and all the life support systems and environmental systems, each time improving upon the last design od infinitum while humans sit around and look down on them.  

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One Response to “Differences between Ti & Do’s Heaven’s Gate group & ‘UFO Centric” groups; Morman, Scientology, Raelians”

  1. tmmody Says:

    Melange of questions because I am a concerned citizen of Iowa:

    Did Do ever watch Mork and Mindy? Did he laugh?

    What was Do’s favorite musical group or singer?

    We know that Ti wore make-up. Did you ever see Do wearing makeup?

    Since we know that Do struggled with his sexuality so much that he almost imprisoned because of it and eventually had his testicles removed, did you ever see Do making sexual advances to classmates or old friends?

    Did the hospital or LVVODY keep the testicles? Are they still around somewhere maybe in formaldehyde or cryongenically stored?

    Did SRRODY act noticeably different once his testicles were removed? He comes off as a rambunctious young man full of enthusiam from the tapes — so what was he like before?

    Did the hospital or LVVODY keep SRRODY’s testicles? Are they still around somewhere? Did you see them?

    Who was your favorite ODY? Who was your LEAST favorite ODY? Let me guess — favorite was JNNODY and least favorite was RKKODY.

    Did you attend any of their funerals? Have you spoken with the family members much about their lost kinfolk?

    Did Do or Ti ever encourage “overcoming” by introducing you to stimulus that would be hard to overcome — say like porn or pictures of family, etc.? thus strengthening the overcoming muscle.

    Where do you think they are right now? Location-wise — in our solar system? outside our solar system (let’s use the heliosphere as the boundary even though the Oort cloud is much further away).
    If outside our solar system, then are they even beyond the Oort cloud?

    Did black holes hold significance to Do or Ti?

    Did they give you scientific knowledge unknown to man? Maybe a peculiarity of physics or timespace that we don’t know…. like is the speed of light constant? I work with someone who doesn’t think it is… it was why she quit physics (she has a phd).

    Did you ever see Do or Ti with an “urchin”? Were Do and Ti impatient with plants? Did they respect any of us?

    Thanks, brother!

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