Q and A about Ti and Do – black holes, visits to families, impatience, where they are now

Here are some questions and Sawyers answers:
1) Did Do ever watch Mork and Mindy? Did he laugh?
I know I watched it and they weren’t reruns so it must have been in the classroom, which then I would say He did watch it though can’t recall sitting in the same room with him watching as we did at times with Star Trek episodes. And therefore don’t know if he would have laughed but he laughed at things all the time. There was nothing dry about his personality.Ti once laughed herself to tears over the Shroud of Turin controversy. She said it was his snot rag they were worshipping!
2) What was Do’s favorite musical group or singer?

I don’t know – we never talked about things like that I can recall.

3) We know that Ti wore make-up. Did you ever see Do wearing makeup?

Ti only wore a tiny bit of eyeliner and I don’t know if that was all the time. No I never saw makeup on Do, but he wore a beard at one time when he and Ti were living in Houston as he didn’t really want to be recognized but felt to be there.

4) Since we know that Do struggled with his sexuality so much that he almost imprisoned because of it and eventually had his testicles removed, did you ever see Do making sexual advances to classmates or old friends?

I want to see your evidence that he was “almost imprisoned due to his sexual struggles” even if it’s that quote from a news article. I read one tha spoke about his being fired for an alleged affair with a student. Given how many things the media got dead wrong and that includes somewhat what Terri believed that she got wrong, what’s the point of saying stuff that is just a rumor. If he had an affair with a student, so be it. If it cost him his job, so be it too. If the student was so called “under age”, so be that too and if there was a threat of prosecution so be that too. Spreading lies is dirty business. No I never saw him make sexual advances to anyone unless you consider a hug a sexual advance, which given the record of the media pertaining to Do, they probably would want to assume it was. Isn’t it interesting how much he has been made into one of the most evil people on the planet and that so many think he was so sex deranged.
In any case, If he was “almost imprisoned due to his sexual struggles” as you suggest that was well before he had been awakened by then Bonnie Nettles and he never talked about that alleged episode of some relationship with a student, but nor did he tell us every detail of his life. He did say he was frustrated by not finding lasting meaningful relationships and was at a point of not wanting to have sex at all not long before he met Ti. And he did say that at first he wondered if Ti was interested in him. And he did say that he wasn’t attracted to Ti then. And he did say he was very engaged in Houstons high society. He told us one time he forced himself to try to like shrimp to fit into a party and he went into the bathroom and threw it all up. He did tell us that Bonnie’s Husband thought they were having an affair and went after him and they got a court order against him because the X had threatened to kill him. He did say they were kicked out of the place where they had briefly started the “christian art’s center” because they were teaching unorthodox things. It was in a basement of the University of St. Thomas where He taught for a while. I don’t know if that was the job he was allegedly fired from.

5) Did the hospital or LVVODY keep the testicles? Are they still around somewhere maybe in formaldehyde or cryongenically stored?

No, No, No – they are in the pacific ocean

6) Did SRRODY act noticeably different once his testicles were removed? He comes off as a rambunctious young man full of enthusiam from the tapes — so what was he like before?

He felt like he was losing hair on his arms. The way on the tapes was the way it was all the time. He was also by the way an assembly language and C programmer, an astrologer and an avid bible researcher, all of which I was frequently his partner on related projects (except I was a lousy assembly programmer).

7) Who was your favorite ODY? Who was your LEAST favorite ODY? Let me guess — favorite was JNNODY and least favorite was RKKODY.

To answer that I would responding with what I know is my vehicle’s programming as my vehicle was attracted to females, so that’s not a question I am interested in responding to further as by in large they are all the same. I trust them all and can be trusted by them all because we were all bonding with the same Older Members. Even with those that left the class that I still have friendship with, they are as close as brothers and sisters to me, though some don’t believe in Ti and Do as who I still believe they are.

8) Did you attend any of their funerals? Have you spoken with the family members much about their lost kinfolk?

No funerals. Yes I have spoken to a few of their vehicles family members.

9) Did Do or Ti ever encourage “overcoming” by introducing you to stimulus that would be hard to overcome — say like porn or pictures of family, etc.? thus strengthening the overcoming muscle.

No not as a prescription. It was always a policy to not design the tests, though Ti and Do by asking the Next Level for next steps (and then Do after Ti left her vehicle) and then by putting things into motion they felt they received knew it would put classmates to tests though they didn’t generally know who in particular would be tested until afterwards when they’d hear of responses. They did watch all the movies they had us go see and would tell us sometimes that there was a small nude scene so we’d be forewarned and we had suggestion on what to do if we were troubled by them; close your eyes when you see it coming, look away, put up a blank card on thoughts, for instance. When they sent us to visit our vehicle’s families (optional) on two occasions, once while Ti was still incarnate once a couple years after she left, they knew that would be a testing circumstance but they didn’t prep us for it. Like they didn’t say to us anything like one might expect from “cult” leaders like , “remember to keep your guard up so that if a relative lures you to do this or that, say no”. They often changed partnerships and at times knew that certain combo’s were problematic for one or the other or both but still at times felt to make those partnerships, hoping they had grown from their past problems. But for the most part partnerships was complicated to come up with as especially after Ti left, Do would use certain students to make partnership suggestions to him or to let him know if there was a problem with a certain partnership arrangement so he could change it as most often if he could avoid putting certain ones together he would and especially in the field of sensual attractions. They always said, the tests will come and they don’t try to make them come, but like I said it was a bit more involved than that.

10) Where do you think they are right now? Location-wise — in our solar system? outside our solar system (let’s use the heliosphere as the boundary even though the Oort cloud is much further away).
If outside our solar system, then are they even beyond the Oort cloud?

They are not necessarily in the same spacecraft though probably do get together for briefings and reporting at times as they regularily adjust their strategies around what they observe. They can be wherever they need to be rather quickly. For instance they flashed a light at me one night and it appeared very, very close like perhaps the distance of a low flying airplane but it was night time and I have no idea whether it was a projection or was the craft being right there and there is an outside chance it wasn’t them at all but could have been a space alien or a government thing both of which I highly doubt. It’s the way it happened and the vibe I got from it and the location and the fact that I had been curious whether they were close or not the day before. I don’t actually remember these curiosities that have occurred many times until something happens …a dream or a sighting of a flash and I come away from it with a sense of knowing that was in response to my curiosity/question. But could I be wrong – yes of course. However when that Navy telescope in space photographed that very interestingly shaped and large sized object near mercury when the solar flare wave passed over it, that there was video of, to me I felt they were letting anyone watching know that someone was there. There have been many such sightings of things that few are told about or if they are told are like leaks that show up in some report and then is gone hours later. They have ways of making sure enough is leaked to cue those who are looking (as I am) into having a pretty good idea about what’s up, to the degree anyone person needs to know. For instance I generally report on my blog or facebook page and/or youtube channel things I believe are signals from them. I did have a dream years ago that I came away with knowing that they were leaving the immediate vicinity, I believe to get the new physical bodies they earned, but some may have been left behind to mind the store so to speak. I think they have a type of Skype like connection with those they want to connect with that operates on humans like myself during dreamtime. I also know the space aliens have tried to trick me into thinking it was Them, though they had nothing to say. I do feel I have received corrections and confirmations of some of my questions so regardless of where they are at any given moment, they can communicate in various ways and this pertains to all who they communicate with. If someone asks God for help, they can probably see that that light up on their computer screens if it seems genuine, regardless of the language or belief of what God means to the person, but then they can choose to help that person get out of a fix. I believe that happens often in various disasters. Those that don’t ask don’t get help – it’s that simple. And help doesn’t necessarily mean their physical life is saved from death or harm as if they want they can just scoop up that spirit or soul and put them into one of their holding areas to be brought back as needed to stock the planet for the next garden – like providing a database for the humans to draw on as the humans grow in capacity to understand more.

11) Did black holes hold significance to Do or Ti?

I only recall one tidbit that might be related to black holes as I don’t recall them using that phrase as this was before such talk I had any awareness of. It was in the 70’s that they said there were “highways” throughout the literal heavens. They might have also said something about entry points around the planet and that humans shooting up rockets anywhere was damaging. They indicated that Houston, Tx was such an entry point which is why humans were led to set up a big part of the space program there. They took us to the Houston space museum when we lived in Austin in the early 1980’s.

12) Did they give you scientific knowledge unknown to man? Maybe a peculiarity of physics or timespace that we don’t know…. like is the speed of light constant? I work with someone who doesn’t think it is… it was why she quit physics (she has a phd).

Like I just said about portals and highways. They introduced to us talk of genes in the early 1980’s saying genes could be changed when for most I believe thought it was a hard wiring but then again I wasn’t schooled much so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that scientists suspected that long long before they brought it up.

They said there can be people living on a planet (I think not unlike us) that are completely physical but that we simply can’t see because of the way our brains are wired. They said they believed the Next Level had a spacecraft that was physical sometimes right on top of the house (craft) we occupied and that it would be manned by members of the Next Level. When asked they said they were physical so that if you bumped into one of the crew you would know you bumped into something but they don’t have instructions to let you bump into them so that doesn’t happen.

They also talked about how discarnates bring with them, when they come into a human even their physical aliments/diseases that can turn healthy cells into diseased cells in the same way.

They said that some of the vehicles that Next Level designs that a Soul would be provided to “drive” by inhabiting it associated with an assigned task for some time could be a living vehicle that I believe they even compared to a whale. I remember thinking that quite strange but now, why not, don’t we have living vehicles and some can be whale like and others can be snake like and others can be bull like and others dove like.

13) Did you ever see Do or Ti with an “urchin”? Were Do and Ti impatient with plants? Did they respect any of us?

They didn’t talk about humans as plants except in occasionally in overview and they certainly didn’t look down on anyone and I did spend some time with both Ti and Do on a number of occasions among the public, like at a store or restaurant or at the airport, etc. I know when Ti was out and about if a store clerk was rude she would tell the manager. If she got food that was supposed to be hot and it came to her less than what she felt was her standard, she would send it back. Do told us these things. I never saw impatience as an irritation but there were a number of meetings where Ti was clearly unhappy with the student body and/or frustrated by a student. One time she cried out of frustration and this is one people can see the way they want to see it, but it was regarding a student who left the class way before I did named dncody. The vehicle named Dance then dncody admittedly had challenges with sensuality/sexuality – attractions to other classmates. Ti and Do were using him as an example in a meeting which they at times did with a specific student sort of on the hot seat, though the seat never got hot in a human way – never any yelling or put downs or accusations or threats of punishment, hell and damnation kind of religiosity. I was in the seat a few times and one just knew it was something to take seriously as was most of the entire classroom time, though we didn’t walk around with long faces either. However there was always a sense of urgency to make the most out of every moment. In any case, I recall Ti saying to dncody at the meeting, “Why aren’t you attracted to me?” When she said that she raised her voice and she was broken up in saying it and I was shocked. I knew it had nothing to do with what a human would mean if they said that to another human but I didn’t know what to make of it.

It was years later that I realized what she was saying…If we are only attracted by the outside shell, we are operating strictly on the human level. Members of the Next Level are attracted by what they feel from another. They gave us a little idea to use as a meditation if we wanted to that was imagining what it would feel like to be sitting at the feet of an Older Member.

Older Members on Next Level spacecrafts have no insignias that indicate their age and/or experience as age isn’t in indication of what they have become anyway but they said you will know who the Older Members are and you will feel the same thing for another Older Member that you feel towards the Older Member that birthed you into the Next Level.

But regarding frustration, there were a number of times Ti and Do would come to us in meeting and say, we weren’t pulling from their minds enough and they can’t wait for us and want to get out of here (earth/human level) but can’t until the class is ready. They both would say that they don’t like it here. They compared it to being in with a pit of snakes trying to help some recognize there is an entirely different and even more real world available to them, but that they have to want it. So they were stimulating our thirst and we’d come away from the meeting, frankly like a pep talk I guess stoked to do better, ask for faster growth in my silence, help them draw in the next step for us. Most times some days after that kind of meeting Ti would say that you all really started to draw as Do is almost unable to physically stand up. I saw this at time with myself, giving a meeting to people that were hungry for the info depleted my energy. I don’t think it’s limited to Ti and Do and students. I suspect big stars at concerts are not only on a huge high after a show but are also exhausted by it, even though all they did was sing or play an instrument. I have felt that high playing music for small audiences. Anyway I believe that’s because there is a literal invisible but electromagnetic vibrational interchange that gets heightened and a lot of it comes from questions. I feel I now. I was falling asleep two hours ago when I started to answer these questions but believe as I try to answer them, as I am trying to give what Ti and Do said or did, knowing them, their faces and their person, I am actually forming a remote connection to not only my memory but the source of that memory and in that way I am “consuming” their energy and like Jesus said, “his body”, his “soul body” the container that literally holds the content of the person’s mind.

When that Is happening it’s even visible to some. I saw it often at meetings with Ti and Do – the haze around their heads and at the couple public meetings I attended that they gave the room filled up with that energy and it was not smoke. At Arapahoe community college, it was very well lit and it was a college lecture small auditorium like a mini theatre. I was sitting on the floor in front of Ti and Do who were on chairs and they were shrouded in that hazy energy that wasn’t there until after the meeting got under way and then wasn’t there long after the meeting ended. This is what was called the “holy spirit” or Mind of the Next Level Members. And when that happened I wasn’t even in awe of it. At that time it was like I didn’t know what it was but I didn’t see it as I see it now.

Do only referred to a child as an “urchin” one time I am aware of and it was in one of the 1997 exit tapes and it bothered me, my vehicle, my influences to hear it but I understand it now. It wasn’t a put down. It was a fact. They are designed to be urchins – sucking from their mommas breasts, looking for constant attention, thriving on receiving of their new world. Aren’t sponges urchins?

But no, I can’t recall being around human “urchins” with Do or Ti. But there was a time after Ti left that we were all living in the same “craft” a ranch north of Dallas, Texas and I don’t know how it happened but we were taking care of a couple dogs and one had puppies that we tended to. And one time while Ti was still with us in her human vehicle, they brought into the craft birds. We had finches and parakeets and a parrot and we taught the parrot and parakeets to say things like: “waxahatchee” and “get your mind in your vehicle” something Ti said to us often at some meetings. I don’t know why they did that but not long after Ti left her vehicle and we moved and I don’t know what happened to them.

There was no disrespect for “us”. The few times I was with Do interfacing with humans, he was sociable. I remember how he liked Ross Perot for while and when we ended up getting sateliite dishes we’d watch all the evangelicals and became fond of many of them even though knew they didn’t know what we knew. Pastor Murray out of Arkansas, and Kenneth Copeland and others. Some we tried to get in touch with but they couldn’t tune into us.

I never saw them talk negative about anyone. Ti hated gossip. It was actually against procedure to talk about others unless it was instruction as when they assigned some of us to help another in some way or we were reporting something.

Now before the group came together as a group in Wyoming, it was a mess, which is what Rob Balch experienced and others who joined for a short time and left. That was a circus of every brand of thinking and behavior among the so called followers. I think Ti and Do did talk about some they met early on that were pretty out there, even knowing that they were pretty out there to most. It was simply a different “out there”.

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6 Responses to “Q and A about Ti and Do – black holes, visits to families, impatience, where they are now”

  1. tmmody Says:

    Thanks! I will need to take some time to digest… apologies, he was imprisoned for stealing a car.

    The car should be in the smithsonian… as it is a piece of history… or maybe in the Newseum — which is a WONDERFUL museum. I know it sounds nauseating, but I highly recommend it… it is a spectacular museum.

    I could try to find the car — I’d have to do some digging but it might be interesting. thanks again!

  2. tmmody Says:

    Sawyer, have you seen this? I hope this guy is fixed. He’s well meaning but — you know. wow. He says he has a small amway business, too… wow. Cringe.


  3. Gemunis Says:


    Dear Sawyer,
    this might sound amazing to you, because you , and I, are not as close to one another, as you were to the crew members, and Ti, and DO, but when I was staying in the Media Pa forest, when I first left this world behind, (April 16 2013), I two out of loneliness, and solitude; would call on them, to let me know; give me a cue, if they were out there. Moments after I would ask them to please let me know I am not alone; I would always be prompt to stare into a direction in the sky where there would be a ship lit up, with greenish whitish light surrounding the flying vehicle. Sawyer the amazing thing is that they always appear in the direction I am prompt to look first, which is usually above my head-in other words, I to reject the idea That they could be government. The reason I know it is the next level, is because, they usually show up when I am desperate for answers, desperate to know I am not alone. One night in June 2013 on a Wednesday, they showed up in the area where I was camping, in the form of many orbs, coming from the map of space, which I pointed my camera seconds before. When the object came down from space, it at first appeared as a single object, moving about the highly dense wooded area. After setting itself a couple of hundred yards ahead from where I camped; the orb began to split (divide) itself into many orbs. With most of their activity taking place in the western geography from where I camped. I tried to do all that I could to be as quite as possible, because well, I was afraid, and in disbelief. After about a couple of minutes, I began to feel silly, I began speaking quietly to myself saying; Well this is what you wanted, meaning “I; so why are you so afraid, why are you dough ting; I told myself, This is what you have been waiting for.
    I slowly worked on getting over the fear, but the longer I waited the more of them slowly began to disappear. I remember telling myself; suppose They have come for my spirit, knowledgeable that on this date I would have left my body, on that particular date as I previously thought days before, and they are here , at this location looking for me, and they being of pure spirit cannot find me. Instead they are staring at this human hidden in his tent, and my spirit not yet discarnate; that would be I, and this feeling of self discuss came over me, and sadness began to set in, knowing I missed my chance for the second time,. After a while of self discuss, and embarrassment; I decided to step out of my tent, with a sense that they were still near, yet when I stepped out they were at a good distance moving towards the western skies. I hated myself for that moment, and when I looked to the ground near my tent; I saw a luminous greenish, white light, so I cautiously walked up to it, and nearly hesitant; I picked it up, and low, and behold, it was a beautiful branch about eight inches long, and about a half inch wide, with a beautiful greenish, white light on it’s end. I was without speech, and in solemn tears, for I knew that the next level, even Gods emissaries; were with me. It was Gods way of saying I know you feel alone, but I tell you, you are not alone, and though you were not ready today when I send them to you, there will be a time when you will be ready. I spend the entire evening with the branch, staring at it’s beautiful light feeling unworthy, but I guess God knows me better than I know myself. So it is important then, that we trust in the next level, and when we call them it is they who are appearing in the skies , and here with us, on the ground. It is they, there should be no doubt.


    • sawyer Says:

      Commenter says Marshall stole a car. Here is what Do told the class:     He didn’t steal the car. He and Bonnie had rented it using one of Do’s old credit cards. I don’t know why they didn’t just charge the credit card but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even have a way back then to validate a credit card was still an open account or had a enough on it to cover if the car was stolen or damaged by a client. So my guess is that the credit card was no longer valid or was full so when they didn’t return the car as agreed they gave it to the police. I know this about credit cards because in 1987 srrody and I wrote a software program that we ended up selling to a Houston Bank. Srrody wrote the main engine and I wrote the user interface, all in qbasic or something like that. Anyway what the program did was dial into McDonald douglas mainframe and log in over an rs232 port and as the software would be installed at banks, it would batch up all the banks credit card transctions and send them to douglas to be authorized or not and it would create and error log for rejects. Fraud was rampant then – banks lost millions in charges that had no money in the left accounts with no way to retrieve it or stop the transaction. We sold it for $800.00 code and all.   Do told us he and Ti sent a number of letters to the car rental company explaining that they fully intented to pay, though he had no way to pay and were just trusting the next level would help them.   So one could then say, why didn’t the next level help them – having someone donate a car to them or have them go to las vegas and win on the one arm bandit or have a millionair send them 1 mil. or something, but that’s the human way. The Next Level more or less have to, “when in rome do as the romans do”. So although all their needs were always met they worked jobs and whatnot.   I remember many years later while we were down to about 25 or 26 students and we’d just moved several times after having sold three homes full of furniture and stuff we used to make our communal homes look normal to realtors and workman that the class was close to broke and it concerned him as with Ti they always had some backup funds in case they got instructions to go here or there, they would be ready. Do kept that fund for a while too but then due to a streak of a lack of jobs even that fund was depleted. I remember Do wondering if he was off track from how Ti would      have handled it that that stressed him some and then on the other hand he said, if someone gave us a chunk of money he’d be stressed at that as well as to do the right thing with it.   I bring this up because as it turned out, they were down in Brownsville and felt that they were to write a  book, an new bible and wanted to give the story to the newspaper, not the book but the ideas they had about who they were as then they had realized they were  probably the fulfillment of the Two Witnesses. But the media guy thought is was a drug deal related so called the police and they were apprehended by a helicopter and a bunch of  police.   Now looking back one who looks at prophecy as not religious material but as a plan of action, some of which would be manufactured on the spot as needed to fulfill it in some way.   So thief in the night comes to mind though it’s really not a  great fit to the context Jesus said  it about.   But perhaps coming public in Brownsville via a news report wasn’t what Ti’s Older Member had in mind so let them get arrested while Ti and Do may have considered using those credit cards a mistake they learned from.   But because of that Do took the lead on the task about to unravel by being in prison where he was threatened but one gang leader took him under his wing to protect him from others, to write Statement I that resulted in the first meetings in L.A., the “City of God’s angels” on the sea as prophesied in the San Fernando valley, what the prophet Isaiah said about Jerusalem as the “valley of vision” because it is surrounded by mountains as is Los Angeles, except for the Pacific ocean on one side while this area is the only place in the U.S. that became known as the “valley” and there certainly is a great deal of “vision” in that area with all the motion picture industries, etc.

      • 11planetvenus Says:

        I would like to share -this is interesting, it places me at that point when they were out there, sharing their findings, and I suppose that even going back as far as (ISAIAH), the forms of spiritual evolution has become an adapting one, this go’s for those of us who have pursued, those who are seeking the truth, those who feel they are connected. I know that even of the most insignificant of us who seek the truth, those of us who have had a sincere awakening, even we have a responsibility to find the truth (searching), desperately, as though it were (is), natural for those of us who have become full time seekers. So, in many way, in more way than one Ti, and Do, were pioneers of their findings, in ways that were beyond sincere-these were seasoned individuals-who knew the world religions, they knew the scriptures since they were born into the Christian religions, yet something awakened them, led them to where they are now, along with those who also received their calling, who were led to the more seasoned teachers, and (in this case we had two teacher among us, yet yes it begins with leaders who are brave enough to take the stand as they did. I ask the world, that instead of being critical towards the (TWO), instead praise God, and thank him that (Two teachers who made a connection with the messager, Christ-understood The message conveyed by the Christ himself, unaltered, and in its natural form (formula), untainted as the churches have tainted. The only difference is that the (TWO kept the message pure, and untainted, they did not corrupt the message, and that message was, and still is that we leave everything behind of this world and follow when there is a representative present.

    • sawyer Says:

      Yes, I know Gary. He has no relationship to any of the 39 nor 4 who followed. Nor does he really believe in Ti and Do, last I spoke with him several years ago when he was publishing that book but he for some reason felt a connection to the student body. He asked me to edit his book and I started doing it but as with others who write books about them I would end up re-writing most everything they say that they think is factual or apparent, more the case with psychological writers, that my comments as you can see here in these comments are never short and to the point so are practically impossible to incorporate, so I give them what I’ve done until I my frustration point is reached and they publish and that’s that.   The majority of this book is fiction anyway. And there ya go, a modern day illustration of how the facts get mingled with imagination, mingled with distortion of opinions to walla…myth, while the core is still in tact (the next level’s doing as they don’t go through all their efforts to prepare and execute a massive strategy to watch humans led by the Luciferian space aliens totally destroy the true facts (what is real, what really happened, what was really said and intended). The ultimate way to disrupt the truth I believe is by changing the meaning of the words as the words are the vehicle for what took place. So make the literal figurative or into a metaphore and focus on the figurative stories without linking them to the literal parts they come from. Then make up meanings. They don’t have to even be good to take hold. Look at this fellow Inri Christo in Brazil, says he’s the returned Jesus and has a sizable following who says the resurrected Jesus was a spirit not a flesh body, yet the records indicate he said he was flesh and bone and not a spirit. So if the later was made up why is it that some huge percentage of Christians believe today that any return would be a spiritual return when he said he would talk upon return and he would have a white as snow head and white hair and a new name and his father and he would make their abode with us.   All that was rendered spiritual/mystical as with many even most everything he was quoted to have said. Isn’t that one of those oxy morons. The illusions become the reality for those that want it to be and also provides an open door for others to believe (their illusion) doesn’t exist and everyone gets what they want from it.    

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