Q and A about Ti and Do and their modus operandi of allowing EVERY EYE TO SEE them

Below more Q and A from an inquisitive critical thinker, a most positive characteristic
1) Question(s) posed:

So… Do was looking for plants that had a TELAH mind in them…

It TELAH was so smart, why did Do have to resort to video taping a message in order to find these TELAH beings.

In fact, 99.999999999999% of the “plants” that saw the video, saw it only after Do committed suicide, so if they did have a TELAH mind in them — they were sortof screwed weren’t they?

Doesn’t the sheer primitiveness of the method of finding these TELAHs sort of indicate that the whole thing is bunk? Using a video — on the internet which was in its infancy?

Only 38 people? How many joined AFTER the tape? Just the black chick, right?

What about the TELAHS in Australia? They never would have had any chance at all.

A little strange for old Do to be begging plants to join him — especially since it wasn’t productive. Wouldn’t the next level have been more clever?

All his media coverage portrayed him as a Kook — not exactly a good way of recruiting. Wouldn’t Do have been able to telepath or something less crude to contact these other beings?

1) Sawyers response:

TELAH stands for “The Evolutionary Level Above Human”. I prefer to say it all every time or at least at the front of any document to protect it’s communication integrity from the inevitable distortion that is taking place as we speak by taking shortcuts, exactly as what has taken place many times before with words like “God” that became a catch all and today is many things to many different people. This is also part of the answer to some of these questions.

Communication. Sure the Next Level Older Members outside a human incarnation as Ti and Do both were could directly send out signals telapathically that could be constructed in such a way that might be able to inform everyone on the planet of “what” – well to be specific if it wasn’t extremely general there would be no guarantee that anyone would actually get anything from the communication because each brain has it’s own unique wiring, just like fingerprints and that is both physical and mental in framework to where if the brain was never taught (programmed) to understand something in some way required by any communication, it might not register at all or could register the way many times dreams evidence as seeming gobbeldegook. But if they were able to send a clear message to everyone that they would know could be computed by every human being like, “We are your creators and it’s time for you to become our servants so you need to drop everything you are doing and go to off yourself so we can harvest your inner being that we planted in you and you will be happy forever with us”, then as Do said, for one that it would (paraphrased) “deplete the human kingdom… and don’t forget the human kingdom was designed to be a stepping stone”, in the records, a footstool that The Next Level seeds would be planted and nutured within to be born into their next evolutionary step.

In fact, the evidence I have observed, that Ti and Do instigated our awareness of, that all through history there were periods of time when there were bursts of growth in all fields or departments of the human kingdom. Some of what Ti and Do said about this can probably be found in the pre-1985 audio tapes but I’ll just mention the few I recall. Womans rights, Racial equality, Health consciousness – even as specific as seeing the detriment to smoking. In fact in the U.S. closing in on the turn to the 20th century is when lots of inventions and ideas about space travel and beings came about in writings that were made into movies. That’s by far a surge in the U.S. but not only the U.S. I’m just highlighting the U.S. because of the evidence I’ve amassed that this was the area planned for the return so even though there were advances in Europe and India and China well before then, the point was for it to have it’s next surge because of the need to bring more reality to the entire idea behind the origin of the planet and life and the whole ball of wax as in so doing much of the hearsay and mysticism and esotericism and spiritual hokus pokus-ness and religious fever would look more and more antiquated as technologies could perform what was magic like before.

So how does the Next Level stimulate all this. I’d venture to say in many specific ways that can be generalized as the closer physical presence of very powerful mind that are like little self contained conscious suns with their living space crafts that are also little suns and their younger members who are also suns though smaller and less densely powerful than their Older Member and the Older Member’s Older Member. That’s not spiritual. It’s really like shining a literal wave of the light frequency spectrum and aiming at closer range right on the spots on the planet they want to. Ti and Do said in 1975 that a “light was shining on this planet” and they spoke of it as a rarity. Sure it’s figurative but that doesn’t mean it’s not without literal scientific application to reality in all ways mental and physical. It’s simply whether we are equip to attach our current physical theories to it or not, to then think it’s sound rational.

If everything happened in the way many Darwinian modeled thinkers describe it, it would take a billion years for the brain cells to develop the capacity to build themselves by outside stimulus of a need to survive into even the simpliest of inventors. And most inventors were starving or working on a shoestring budget or under threat from some monarch who wanted to come up with a better faster way to kill others or build stuff or whatever their motivation but I’d wager it never really came out of an animal level need to survive though probably did come out of a mind’s desire to maintain their current comfort level for as long as possible, a form of survival but far from the basic physical animal needs that the Darwinian model was based on observing.

But the Next Level, now they are definitely concerned on evolving of the mind and they do that through the physical interface of mind over matter, Mind as the pilot, the body as the vehicle. Without the vehicle there is nothing to pilot so one can not learn to be a pilot. Ti and Do at one point called the classroom an “astronaut training program”.

So in the early 1800’s while millions were migrating to the U.S. from all over the world as was forcast in a ceasation of the scattering and a combining of two “flocks” as jesus spoke briefly about, the Next level was seeing to it that the social and political and religious trends would be among the most flexible and tolerant because they knew they would have to say publically the most outlandish things of all that to EVERY group would be found fault with while would also contain what looked like links to every group. This set up an arena to where the only ones who could recognize the undercover agents from the next level would be those of the human environment they decided to inform, prepare and those human vehicles would end up unsettled in everything they did and not at all happy with anything status quo though that didn’t mean they wouldn’t find things to do, careers, entertainments, families, etc. But they would be different in when they heard that “voice” which is the words with that Mind behind them so would be new terms and old terms with new understandings to them is was like putting that smelling salt bottle under their nostrils and walla, that human vehicle with the returning Soul right there ready to take that thirsty vehicle to finish their task through.

Everything the Next level does is done in gradual stages that build upon one another not unlike building a skyscraper or anything complex. Just because the mice don’t know a sky scraper will be the result of all that noise doesn’t mean the builders are not real.

You will note major developments all had a huge surge in the U.S. in the mid 1800’s a mere couple decades before the very well documented Aurora (dawning (first) morning star/light), Texas “UFO” crash right in the middle of town in broad daylight in April of 1897 with one body found described as not being recognizable as human as it was burned but not entirely, which was in the newspaper and very well communicated that followed nearly a year of a huge flap of “dirigible like” UFO sightings all over the U.S. but mostly in the Western half. The flap before that occurred in the 1840’s. Then next big flap occurred in the 1940’s peaking in the 1950’s to the highest it ever was well before there were drones or so called weather baloons that can fly at speeds that would seem to be able to break the sound barrier without making any sound and then turn a 90 degree angel on a dime to continue at that incredible speed. (This is a sighting I had on the beach at Corpus Christi, Texas in 1976 around the new year while completly seperated from Bo and Peep and other classmates to be and on this sighting this bright star sized but seemingly close object after the first 90 degree turn did another to continue in it’s original direction out of my sight headed south).

And with each of these flaps, if one looks at the record books you will see bursts of consciousness during and thereafter in ALL directions – the Naughty or gay nineties, the roaring twenties (there was another minor flap in the 1910’s) that Mark Twain even wrote into his stories about his riding the tail of a comet and how it would cost $5.75 for a ticket the exact amount of money each of the students of Do’s graduate class had on them at their laying down of their physical borrowed containers that I’d bet they did so we’d link that Mark Twain (Samuel Clemmons) story and Sameul was a riverboat captain on the mississippi river for some years and I learned some time ago that a Texas was the name of the part of the riverboat where the captain and captain’s crew had their quarters, while Ti and Do always said that they were from Headquarters and Do spoke of he and Ti as his being a Captain’s position in the Next Level structure while Ti was an Admiral. But also Marshall is the name of a law man and the return of Jesus was going to demonstrate ruling which he was able to do to bring about the birthing of 38+4 students for the first fruit harvest. They may have taken the Captain idea from the Mark Twain discoveries, but some of the parrallels I saw in the Mark Twain story were in place before they were even born, like the comet relationships as Samuel said he came in with comet halley and would be dissappointed if he didn’t go out with halley’~ 75 year return, which he got his wish within about a week after the comets perihelian he died, if I recall but may have some of the timing a little off and I know there are aspects disputed but as far as I can tell no one has suggested Samuel Clemons didn’t exist or was a story made up to steal people from their belief in riverboats. (sorry, I have a fault of being sarcastic at times.)

Do was being thorough and was planting seeds for the future whether he perceived of exactly how that future would play out or not as while incarnate certain perspectives have either not been worked out entirely or would need to be communicated when he didn’t have to go through a human brain, and/or the strategy of not giving more to the “plants” than they can assimilatge willingly, not far different than the way humans who over fertilize their plants can actually kill them as prospective new members of the garden patch) by making them more prone to diseases (Luciferian Space Alien (fallen angel related offspring, human equivilents and discarnate programming and actions) and probably a number of additional reasons I am not privy to.

I also suspect Do wanted people worldwide to still have a chance to actually see his face, the face of the vehicle he chose to wear as Ti and Do did talk about the way a human connects with another human (and their content of their Mind (human mortal or Next Level Above Human Mind) through their eyes. They even cautioned us against stareing as in so doing one can receive some of the vibration of another. Thus if their vibration is for instance one of longing for some sensual satisfaction, one can become drawn to that vibration and not easily able to shake it off if they want to shake it off. Of course for humans who are not generally trying to “clean house”, rid themselves from all human behavior and ways according to the direction of an Older Member in the flesh or after having been in the flesh, the vibrations of one another are not that foreign to where they would go away troubled by an encounter with someone they may find no attraction to. But if one has sought to shut off all such attractions, though one does build armour against those vibrations it can still penetrate if caught off guard because with that kind of discipline one actually gets more senstive to the smallest degree of that otherwise normal human frequency of desire/passionate draw whether they intend to draw it to them or not.

Ti and Do also cautioned students that should they be seperated as they at one point were preparing the student for the possability of their exiting first by whatever means – death of the vehicle or by being picked up with witnesses or not. So they said should we encounter a spacecraft we shouldn’t assume just cause it looks and feels out of this world, it is from Ti and Do and crew. It was asked, how will we tell and they said, we would recognize them, that is I assume IF we had a graft that was still holding.

The communication natural to humans is by words/language and observation – body language, etc. The Next Level only has a certain amount of positions for new members on their spacecraft crews. It’s that real. This was talked about in the records as “seats” and the Older Member 2000 years ago said he had to leave to prepare a place for those he and his Older Member would be giving positions (seats) to. Plus they weren’t all necessarily seats on the same spacecraft or lab and crew though I suspect all who graduated in 1997/98 are assigned tasks related to the in progress “second harvest” fruit devleopment that they also have to prepare for but perhaps not in the same way as many of those might be simply “put on ice” so to speak until it’s replanting time after the humans have been filtered out, the weeds pulled up, the spading and refurbishiung of the parts of the surface, underground and of the seas they want to refurbish.

So staging a big event no one in government could or would want to surpress that went hand in hand with their exit timing and strategy needed for graduation gave them the global exposure that continues today. Remember, the Next Level doesn’t need new members. It’s their pleasure to offer what they have that they know is many times better than a temporary mammalian way of life.

What this questioner is calling TELAH beings is I believe his reference to the fact that the Next Level literally makes a physical “deposit” to each of the humans they determine are prospective students, according to the relationship the human has sought regardless of religious or spiritual or atheistic belief or non-belief systems they embrace (as Ti and Do said that it’s not what you get into in the human kingdom it’s what you get out of that counts to the Next Level’s qualifications to be acceptable on as Do would say, “Ti’s crew”.

Regarding the fact that the vast majority of the population of the planet saw the video after they exited their vehicles; it’s not over yet and in my way of thinking that I did get from Ti and Do initially, when you see migrations of humans, you see a potential for them to keep on seeking and we have no idea if one or a thousand of those are sending their pleas for survival or a better life to the Next Level, in which case these will get help so they will be the ones who survive the boat overturning or whatever calamity befalls them on their journey until they are in a place, a literal location where they can become privy to communication about Ti and Do. They don’t even have to be refugees or migrants. I occasionally get facebook friends from China who even seem open to the idea of who I say Ti and Do are.

And in particular I have had communications from some in Australia and in 1992 the class sent out a similar informational ad as the USA Today “ad” to one or two alternative newspapers in Australia in which we started having communications with a few from. Those were seeds planted. The ones on the ground follow their instructions and put the info out but they are not alone in the project. There are those who assist the ones on the ground with human vehicles that do not have human vehicles and the Next Level can even use certain discarnates for this and/or certain space aliens to unwittingly help Them, but upon seeing someone’s interest as they also have ways to monitor when people start to ask questions of them in whatever way they might do that, in which case they can give them a little deposit right on the spot that having received will increase their awareness that they are tapping into something more real than they previously thought of as real and walla there is a potential for a little sprout.

So is this primitive or better science than any other method to acheive the intended results of making available something very unusual while not literally overwhelming the recipient as the Next Level, if they wanted robots can grown them by the millions as evidenced all over the planet. All of us demonstrate robotic thinking and behaviors. It’s even part of the human design and that’s what makes it all so amazing as it’s by working to change our robotic actions and reactions in thought and deed according to the steps provided by the most recent Older Members that we bring those automatic actions to a hault eventually, while we are filling our self, our mind, our “soul” container with the literal ways of the Older Member that might look like just different sets of human ways, but not what’s behind them, to where we are literally changing out the content of mind reducing the human mind from it’s human brain/container while increasing the mind in the deposited Next Level container. When there is more Next Level mind governing our daily behaviors and ways in mind and body then we are on the road to an eventual graduation and when our human vehicle dies will have that container picked up and stored or assigned another temporary vehicle on board a spacecraft doing a more domesticated type task as say a “watcher” to where we can do little harm while demonstrating our desire to grow in Next Level ways (that we can still abort as the Luciferians and company did in times past when they were in an apprentising mode).

And the internet continues to grow and there are more and more believers in Ti and Do as as Ti and Do said early on, “It only takes a few cowboys to direct a whole heard of cattle”. Let’s face it, all us humans are mammals and are all slaves to having to eat and more or less mate and in the human case talk and impress or not the other cows around us, to dominate for the best pick of the mating options, etc. One Older Member can run a “mighty big shew” and most of the cattle will not even know about it and they want it that way. Ti and Do said all along theirs was an “undercover” operation”. In fact Ti said a number of times, paraphrased, “if they didn’t have to come by entering a flesh body to go through this crude human way of life, they certainly would not have done so”.

But if they had come in a more public way faster they would have shortened their ability to accomplish what was possible. They are not operating on a human time frame. It’s no accident that 100 years nearly to the day, of arival of the “Son”, the first crash, was the exit of that Son with his litter and there are many of these parrallels that will be shared soon.

Do didn’t beg anyone ever. That’s stupid talk and it has been most productive. Do said long ago that we don’t know that the Next Level wouldn’t consider a harvest of one a great success and he said that if all his students left him he’s still have to go on with his relationship with his Older Member until he got called back.

When humans who are given deposits are waking up more and some are waking up more by an osmosis I suspect, like a genetic thing from genetic history and/or combined with current events, they will know better than to believe word for word every jot and tittle of what is told them and reported in the media. So when someone is called a kook, when they see much of the ruling elite acting far kookier they are more inclined to take another closer look at who the kooks are calling a kook. They may prefer one kookiness over another. And of course to a human who has little or no remnant of genetic Next Level mind (if that is possible) they couldn’t care less about any of this pro or con. They ignore it all as they go about their lives. Someone who is dead against this thinking is at least showing they are thirsty to know or they wouldn’t be so bent on debunking it. Then again I could be wrong about that as the Luciferians can put people up to being a thorn in another’s side and they wouldn’t even know what’s motivating them.

2) Question posed:

Also, do you believe you had this other being in you before you met do… or did they invade you only after. Don’t you wish they had left you alone? You’d have had a much better life for yourself. You wouldn’t be being attacked by “Luciferians” — trust me, I’ve never been attacked good lock… I here formally ask them to attack me — if would prove duelism whihc would be neat. But it’ll never happen because none of it is real. It was all the musings of Herf and Bonnie…

I bet do said you were attracted to the cult because you must have a TELAH in you.

2) Sawyers response:

How would you know your not attacked by Luciferians? What is a Luciferian to you? A myth, you have said right! So you haven’t been attacked by a myth? Okay, I’ll buy that.

Ti and Do cautioned us of asking for tests and in fact that reminds me. That’s why I flunked out of the first fruit harvest graduation, which I could document quite well now 18 years later but am still seeing more and more clearly had to come to a head in some way.

They didn’t “invade”. I, my vehicle, the mind of my vehicle wanted what they offerred and I can prove that by years of seeking before I met them and how nothing floated my boat until Them and nothing even compared after leaving though I had to be gradually willing to be re-awakened that they took care of in the gentle gradual way they do to those that still demonstrate having even a small portion of their mind in them that may just amount to a little expression of once in a while. I don’t know the criteria but I do know it’s fair and in accordance to what each human says they want, by word and deed. Words are the medium of communication in the human kingdom so that’s why they come talking words. Talking telepathically is natural to their environment but there is no distortion between them in their environment but in the human environment there is tons of distortion between any two humans in any circumstance to where they can think anything but what another is thinking no matter how powerful the thought projector. And the space aliens, Do said were “transmitting” to human populations, though the Next Level also uses that for their harvest environment.

No, I don’t wish they’d left my vehicle alone. Now my vehicle isn’t always happy about trying to stay the straight and narrow. My vehicle in theory would like to go have sex with all those Raelian aliens too, that is until even it caught their vibration which I bet would be hideous to want to be with. I equate it to when I would go play music and these drunk women would try to hit on me and even if they were remotely attractive to the vehicle, I couldn’t imagine it worth it to get that little short lived buzz from orgasm. That’s not to say my vehicle can’t be tempted but that’s where I need to keep my guard up and I have some tricks for that, to trick my vehicle that is. But I also have to “just say no”.

No, Do never told us that idea of deposits until 10+ years after we joined.

3) Question: (Background on this question was – about a time when I (sawyer) was experimenting with the idea that Ti and Do might have reason to give some of those working for them ideas that could seem magical to project ahead about, to help some bridge some gap as Jesus did with some of what were called miricles that by the way Do suggested were mostly probably exaggerated. So I told this questioner about that time of experimentation so he is now attempting to challenge me on it.):

The 10 digit number is still on my desk… facing up for do and ti to see… just tell me what it is, and I’ll join you for life.

3) Sawyers Response: I have no impetus to amuse you with this but If Ti and Do and crew give me a number somehow I’ll pass it on.

Okay, I think I may have got a response. If I got the response right, the number would come to you somehow, not from me, but in a way that will still be open to seeing as coincidence.

But there are psychic humans who have discarnate and even space alien helpers who can perform tricks like that so it’s not really proof of anything

Remember the Next Level has no need to prove anything to you, nor do I. I’m just doing my job answering your questions so others that will be subject to these kinds of questions in times to come have some advantage in the experiences I had/have with Ti and Do that are stimulated to come to my mind as I seek answers. For all I know you are deliberatly trying to distract me from other tasks, or actually I don’t think deliberatly but certainly has not been the first time I’ve spend many hours responding to someone when the questions were even completly made up as a spoof. So far I’m not treating them as a spoof.

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2 Responses to “Q and A about Ti and Do and their modus operandi of allowing EVERY EYE TO SEE them”

  1. 11planetvenus Says:

    The sheep, know the voice of their Shepard…

  2. tmmody Says:

    Not spoofing you… in x-ray crystallography, x-rays are shot at a solid crystal. by looking at the reflections, scientists can tell the crystal’s internal 3-d atomic structure.

    Your response was clear and cogent… thanks for taking the time to respond. Pondering.

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