Did marshall applewhite steal a car?

Commenter says Marshall stole a car. Here is what Do told the class:

He didn’t steal the car. He and Bonnie had rented it using one of Do’s old credit cards. I don’t know why they didn’t just charge the credit card but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even have a way back then to validate a credit card was still an open account or had a enough on it to cover if the car was stolen or damaged by a client. So my guess is that the credit card was no longer valid or was full so when they didn’t return the car as agreed they gave it to the police. I know this about credit cards because in 1987 srrody and I wrote a software program that we ended up selling to a Houston Bank. Srrody wrote the main engine and I wrote the user interface, all in qbasic or something like that. Anyway what the program did was dial into McDonald douglas mainframe and log in over an rs232 port and as the software would be installed at banks, it would batch up all the banks credit card transctions and send them to douglas to be authorized or not and it would create and error log for rejects. Fraud was rampant then – banks lost millions in charges that had no money in the left accounts with no way to retrieve it or stop the transaction. We sold it for $800.00 code and all.

Do told us he and Ti sent a number of letters to the car rental company explaining that they fully intented to pay, though he had no way to pay and were just trusting the next level would help them.

So one could then say, why didn’t the next level help them – having someone donate a car to them or have them go to las vegas and win on the one arm bandit or have a millionair send them 1 mil. or something, but that’s the human way. The Next Level more or less have to, “when in rome do as the romans do”. So although all their needs were always met they worked jobs and whatnot.

I remember many years later while we were down to about 25 or 26 students and we’d just moved several times after having sold three homes full of furniture and stuff we used to make our communal homes look normal to realtors and workman that the class was close to broke and it concerned him as with Ti they always had some backup funds in case they got instructions to go here or there, they would be ready. Do kept that fund for a while too but then due to a streak of a lack of jobs even that fund was depleted. I remember Do wondering if he was off track from how Ti would have handled it that that stressed him some and then on the other hand he said, if someone gave us a chunk of money he’d be stressed at that as well as to do the right thing with it.

I bring this up because as it turned out, they were down in Brownsville and felt that they were to write a book, an new bible and wanted to give the story to the newspaper, not the book but the ideas they had about who they were as then they had realized they were probably the fulfillment of the Two Witnesses. But the media guy thought is was a drug deal related so called the police and they were apprehended by a helicopter and a bunch of police.

Now looking back one who looks at prophecy as not religious material but as a plan of action, some of which would be manufactured on the spot as needed to fulfill it in some way.

So thief in the night comes to mind though it’s really not a great fit to the context Jesus said it about.

But perhaps coming public in Brownsville via a news report wasn’t what Ti’s Older Member had in mind so let them get arrested while Ti and Do may have considered using those credit cards a mistake they learned from.

But because of that Do took the lead on the task about to unravel by being in prison where he was threatened but one gang leader took him under his wing to protect him from others, to write Statement I that resulted in the first meetings in L.A., the “City of God’s angels” on the sea as prophesied in the San Fernando valley, what the prophet Isaiah said about Jerusalem as the “valley of vision” because it is surrounded by mountains as is Los Angeles, except for the Pacific ocean on one side while this area is the only place in the U.S. that became known as the “valley” and there certainly is a great deal of “vision” in that area with all the motion picture industries, etc.

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4 Responses to “Did marshall applewhite steal a car?”

  1. tmmody Says:

    My understanding is that at some point one of them “came into money” thru possibly an inheritance. Was that money running out when the exit occured?

    Qbasic takes me back. I never had to use it much. Did SRRODY use GOTO’s? 🙂

    — are you currently working in the plant kingdom?

    • sawyer Says:

      sure we both goto  here and goto there – just jumps in asm 🙂   For whatever it’s worth to you and anyone who follows these comments, though we are “plants” with or without deposits, growing or not, we don’t exist in the “plant kingdom” a shortcut that can only lead to confusion as Ti and Do said humans were in the human kingdom, animals in the animal kingdom, grass and trees and whatnot as the plant kingdom and elementals as the mineral kingdom, but their preferred terminology expressed all of them as “evolutionary levels of life”, more accurate than “kingdom”, though within each level of life there may be a pecking order, (not their term that I’m aware of) which would demonstrate a type of hierarchy thus kingdom.  

  2. TMMODY Says:

    The deposits are like from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    I bet to family members it is too much like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    Inside the rubric — for some reason, the apex of evolution relies on humans to grow their souls in. You don’t see humans relying on rocks for such a feat. Imagine humans growing souls (sic) in plants… we wouldn’t see what the benefit would possibly be because plants don’t ponder at all. And to the TELAH, humans are like plants are to us. So what possible lesson could they get by being deposited into a human?

    It wasn’t an admirable feat of evolution to entwine the pinnacle’s progress with us knuckle-dragging apes. Seriously?

    There isn’t logic to it. Plus, of course none of this is testable in any way at all. If there was any truth to it at all, it would have to be self-evident… but there is no evidence in all of creation that any of it isn’t just the speculation of a creative mind. Whereas, if all truth were foundationed upon these premises, then the evidence would be overwhelming.

    That Aurora Tx ufo: The author of the article was known as the town jokester — he was full of jokes, pranks, etc. probably not a great source… but over the years people believed it. There were many reasons why he did it. The author said that the ufo was shredded when it hit a windmill. A windmill?

    Lots of people have these weird ideas about the nature of existence… thousands of different cosmologies… all of them with ardent believers. The sheer numbers and ferocity of belief in each and every one… humans are predisposed to believe this stuff… it comes from the infancy of our species. Recognizing that and facing the Truth is the highest level of evolution.

    Do you know the name of your deposit… could you play chess with it? In the sense that it is a completely separate mind.. or balloon. But you can’t play chess with it because it is you.

    I would imagine that the “overcoming” would be more like a fugue state… where Sawyer is in control, then 3 days later you come out of it to realize that your vehicle has been controlled by Agent x39 or whatever the name would be. It wouldn’t be a merging of consciousness… instead it would be two completely separate entities… but as I hear it told that isn’t the case at all… it is always the human you just trying to suppress human-like stuff. You’ve never received any insight from Agent x39, right? All the work has been to eliminate sawyer — but x39 has never taken over .

    • sawyer Says:

      maybe aurora event was staged by Luciferians or humans put up to it or exaggerated? I’m not sure, but if one looks at all the events, you of course can always come up with “holes” that we can then choose to believe, but what about also choosing to believe at least at face value that it’s possible some could actually have been what they were reported as.

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