Q and A re Communicating directly with Do and What people do in the Next Level

Questions 8:26pm Oct 22:

I have been listening and reading up and this does speak to me to some degree, but I don’t understand the Kingdom Level above Human. What do they exactly do? I know they don’t eat or have sex or have children, but what are their ends? What makes their eternal lives fulfilling, which is what I would like to know. And you said Do would not answer any of my questions directly, but according to some of your videos you yourself have recieved visions or dreams of them. Is there a way to have contact with those crew members at all?

Sawyers response:

I apologize if I said “Do wouldn’t answer your questions directly”. I would have hoped I said, “He probably would not…” but I could be wrong about that. It’s up to him who he communicates with directly. It’s tricky to discern as the Luciferians can mimic Do in appearance I believe and I believe can project that image to us in dreams to try to fool us into thinking it’s Do. A number of new believers have told me they felt like they did have a visit from Do in a dream. I don’t doubt that but it’s tricky. Ti and Do themselves had what they called a check and balance system to determine if they were getting instruction from their Older Member from a craft or a Luciferian space alien using some technological means to beam a thought to them. So if they have a system that I can’t recall their outlining, we should also remain discerning.

A big part of coming to believe in Ti and Do is of course what’s called “faith”. It’s not having all the answers to all our questions but still feeling we’ve seen/heard enough that we can’t deny what they have said and done to be the work of beyond human beings (and beyond space aliens who are human equivilents) so we are willing to move into more and more active service (sharing with others) trusting we will have answers to our questions in due time.

But I encourage you to talk to Do directly. Ask him whatever you want and if you want to run any answers you get by me as a check, I’m here for that. When Do instructed us in the classroom to try our hand and communicating directly to Ti, who had by then exited her human vehicle, he told us the same thing, to let him know if we feel “she” responded. And so I did ask something of Ti and did feel I “heard” a response, words in my head, not in her voice but all I can say is it was a subtle feeling with specific words, that I don’t actually recall right now. However, I did report what I felt like she said to Do in a note and he communicated to me (this was when I was in class, so his communication on most things was directly face to face or by telephone or in a meeting) and said, “sounds like something Ti might say” – that’s all.

So that is what I will offer anyone at this point as a check partner as to whether it “sounds like something Do would say”. My experience in the classroom was that Ti and Do rarely responded to general questions. They would ask the student to be specific so I suggest your being specific. Several have told me that Do told them to ask me.

Yes, I have had many dreams to where Do or Ti or jwnody or nrrody or srrody or lggody or dstody were answering direct questions I have had, but there were a few to where they were so weird, one with Ti another one time with Do and another with tllody that left me with a creepy feeling, where the first ones I just noted felt exactly as if I was with them. But in each dream I came away with a clear sense of the answer, even exact words. Like when I first was gearing up to seeking to be of more service I asked Do if I should start preparing my vehicle to lay it down as the classmates did. In a sense my vehicle was afraid to ask that as the last thing my vehicle wants to do is lay itself down as they did, but my mind (what I had been given from Ti and Do over the years that I drew from them) was willing to work up to it. Do came to me in a dream as clear as could be. He was sitting with me face to face and he said, “You need to give your life”. In other words he was answering my question but the answer had options as to what “give” meant. And this answer to me was 100% consistant with everything Ti and Do taught and everything Jesus taught and actually what Moses taught in the first trimester about “giving all our love to the Lord” in Deuteronomy that Jesus said was the greatest instruction/commandment that all student are in process of working up to at their pace.

But who knows, perhaps considering I was in the third trimester (first fruits) classroom and appeared to be very near graduation (though that’s debatable as having one major part of me contaminated by humanness, like ego, for instance can overshadow all the qualities I had that put me in line to be offered to join Ti’s Crew as Do would say.

Just because someone has dreams with Do, etc. doesn’t put them higher up on the hierarchy. Perhaps I needed those dreams to recapture my vehicle from the humanness it reattached to after leaving the group.

And after you ask a question, go into listening mode for however long it takes to recognize an answer. This is what I meant as I’ve had many questions that were answered by circumstances – the news, someone says something to me that appears unrelated but it stimulates a feeling that this was the answer to my question. Am I sure it is? Well, actually yes, that is sure enough because it sounds like something they would say. I experience this in my responses to people like yourself. I’ll say something and feel something funny about what I said and it would feel like I was being corrected on the spot. Do I know it’s correction. Well, I do feel I know it, yet can’t prove it and also know I could be wrong.

This mindset of seeking Ti and Do’s guidance to how we can serve them (and we are also serving by doing anything they taught), yet knowing that we could be wrong is what I believe Ti and Do described as developing a type of radar – a navigation system. It’s the start of having telepathic communication but while in a human vehicle we can’t trust we are getting it right, thus a check partner can help with that. And this is also 100% in line with every step being by our exercised free will to seek what we want and to apply what we feel we are given.

And of course when we have questions, often we will have an idea of …go read this, or turn on the radio or go to a movie. I mean of course we can have those thoughts regardless of whether they are a response from Ti and Do and Crew or not but They also use all the human tool available to nurture their sprouting seeds (souls).

For whatever it’s worth, I would prefer that all who seek to communicate with me in regards to belief and service in/to Ti and Do to whatever degree, understanding that at first studying the information is that service but then tippy toeing into talking to others about it when it feels right, not like an evangelical seeking to win converts or get people to stop certain human behaviors. We simply tell the truth when asked and that is best accomplished by quoting Ti and/or Do.

I’ve got check partners too. Carlan who was in the class at times will correct me and I am eager for that, but also you all with your questions, as you have done in this question, by expressing what I’ve said, face me with what I said or at least what you got from what I said, which results in my providing a clearer response that also allows me to pull from Ti and Do’s mind as I offer a response to you, so I can continue to grow in Their mind. There is never an end to that.

As far as what people do in the Next Level. At first you will be doing a lot of observation on spacecrafts and in labs of different sorts. A lab could be inside a heavenly body, even a planet that houses a replica of the Earth for instance, to where they can simulate weather patterns, etc. they are about to instigate, for example. You would be given choices of departments. Anything that happens automatically on Earth happens that way because it was designed to work that way. Some of the elementary tasks even apprenticing members could be assigned would be as observers of particular humans that the Next Level wants to monitor. And that would include reporting back the observations. You will be building your “career” in a sense and you could apply for the training to perform the kind of task Do has had, which will be down the road a bit of course though it’s not predefined that it has to be a certain ways off. Like in the Next Level they don’t have limitations built into one’s growth in service. As Ti and Do said, theoretically a young member could pass up an Older Member. It’s theoretical only because the Older Members don’t get to be Older Members by shirking away from growth opportunities. And there is no competition in the Next Level.

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  1. tmmody Says:

    sawyer, you are sincere and you are a gentle soul.

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