Hayden Hewes gets proof that Ti & Do are contacted when one prays to the hightest source of truth

In 1975, Hayden Hewes gets some proof that Ti and Do can hear his “prayers”:


1) Hayden Hewes recounts his talk with Herf (who later used the name Bo and finally used the name Do) and Bonnie (who later used the name Peep and finally used the name Ti on how they said he could contact them, in a mental way by use of a code directing that code in the way one would want to talk to one’s Father in Heaven as Jesus instructed. This was without a telephone or any other technical form of communication.

2) Examples of how people left the cult

3) Bonnie and Herf explain how they receive humans’ “prayers” from people asking to know the truth.

1) Hayden Hewes recounts his talk with Herf

An excerp from Hayden Hewes comments regarding those he knew of as Herf and Bonnie regarding a code Hayden was given to direct to his “Heavenly Father” if he wanted to contact these Two as written in the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, compiled and edited and with comments by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger”.

Hayden says of July 13, 1974 in the office of his International UFO Bureau, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma …,

“As the interview was ending, “Herf” gave me a simple thought-code sequence to use if I ever needed to get in touch with them to know the truth.

Shortly afterward, The Two said good-bye and walked out of the office toward the street. I accompanied them to the road and started to return to the office. I immediately turned around–and they were gone. There were no cars on the street, either parked or passing by. It appearned that they had simply vanished.”

Sawyers note: Years later in the 1980’s, Ti and Do told their student body of how this was reported in the media when they did nothing miraculous to leave Hayden but walk off. (However, one can wonder if the Next Level crew even unbeknown to anyone else cloaked Ti and Do without their knowing they were cloaked, one way to account for their apparant vanishing from Hayden. We known the Next Level Above Human has this power.

(Continuing with Hayden’s account:)

“It was not until almost fifteen months later that The Two began to hold public meetings. A great deal of media coverage was generated by their appearances at these gatherings and the message they related.

It was at this point that I decided to use the mental code to find out “the truth.” It was my understanding that it was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the next level, but I wanted to know for sure. So I used the code while asking for the truth in the name of our Father in Heaven.

The following morning, I received a telephone call from a young man who professed to be a follower of The Two. He said he had been directed to contact me. “What do you need to know?” he asked.

After several minutes of conversation, it became plain to me that this individual did possess information that had not been related in the media. He advised me that they would always be in touch with me when I needed him.

I tried the code again that night, and the following day the young man called once again. He wanted to talk in person, so I gave him my address. Less than three minutes later, he was standing on my front porch with another individual.

They explained to me that only The Two would die-not the followers. “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level,” they said.

Before they left, I was informed that I would be hearing from the Two in the near future. It is very hard to explain the feeling I experienced when it appeared that, in fact, the code had worked.”

Sawyers notes: After their 1997 laying down of their physical human containers, reported as suicide by the media, one would have every reason after hearing/reading this report from October of 1975 when Hayden got back in touch to ask if it “was necessary for followers to undergo death to get to the Next Level?” in which he recalls then two followers of Bonnie and Herff explaining to him how, “only The Two would die-not the followers”, by their saying, “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level”, how one would think they were wrong so couldn’t be from the Next Level as all the students that stayed with them til March of 1997 did die by drinking a mixture with phenalbarbitol in it that put each of their physical bodies to permenant sleep, the death of their “vehicles” as Ti and Do called them.

Two things come up. For one Ti and Do said many, many times to their students over the 19 years I was in attendence, when they would bring some form of a new thought to the group, that “this [thinking] works for now”. They would say, “it may not be 100% accurate but is what we need to focus on now”. I recall this in particular with two subjects. One was whether all humans had souls.

At the time (before the 1990’s when many things were clarified) we didn’t have as clear understanding of what a soul really was. That understanding that a soul was a “container” came to Do, at least in a way he expressed to the class, after Ti left her physical body. I recall feeling unsettled by the idea that the humans I would interface with in the human world, as I had a task as a programmer didn’t have a soul. It just felt wierd but then I didn’t know what a soul was anyway but it just made humans seem less alive somehow though we never would have said that to anyone nor treated anyone with any less respect as we too had no guarantee that even if we did have a soul, that we were going to the Next Level, though it was assumed if we stayed the course we would.

What we didn’t know is that Next Level kept on making it harder and harder to stay the course. A month or two later they said, erase that idea. They said they are not saying it’s not as they were suggesting but that there is more to it and for now just forget about that thinking. By then I had grown comforable with the thought so it was a little disappointing to be told to forget about it, thus another challenge to be that flexible.

Humans tend to want to have certainty about things. It gives them security and they often talk with certainty about things they really have little knowing about but there is no one to challenge them that they consider a challenge as they have it all locked up in the university curriculums and like a cult largely agree among their peers or at least don’t disagree in public as they want to be seen as consistant and secure in their knowledge while in reality most everything they come to know a little about is still just a little but that they simply don’t know what they don’t know about until something happens that throws them for a loop in which case many fight tooth and nail to surpress the new thought of. This happens in all departments of life; politics, science, religion, spirituality, sociology, etc.

The other example was regarding the students “having also with Ti and Do, come from the Next Level”. They said this when a student (pmmody) while in Blackhawk, Colorado where Ti and Do and four student helpers (Lgg/Jnn, Dnc/Snn) lived, where groups of six students would drive to from Dallas, Texas as a two day retreat, in response to a students question that upon their answering helped them realize. It’s fair to say the student body really loved that idea as it was uplifting to think we too were from the Next Level, though they later clarified that that doesn’t mean we had graduated. Those with ego struggles, like me who had an influence that wanted to be seen as being special particularily liked thinking I (my mind) was from the Next Level. Ti told me once that characteristic would keep me off the spacecraft as they don’t have crewmembers that want to be SEEN as special. It sort of reminds me of Jesus talking to the Jewish priests about how they liked being seen praying and fasting. Those in a Next Level crew have overcome that kind of mindset. I still hear that influence play it’s tape in my head and usually send it packing pretty fast. Anyway then a few months later they said that thinking wasn’t 100% accurate and later still explained why. We later learned that some had bodies in the Next Level that they sacrificed in the “ufo crashes” but they were not adult “Next Level” bodies, while others on board those spacecrafts were not in bodies. Ti said she remembered a briefing on board the spacecraft before they all started the crashes and some were standing around and had bodies and some were not in bodies.

So when Ti and Do said, “It is not necessary for followers to die to reach the Next Level”, which I can verify was the mindset they taught in 1975 and wasn’t updated til at first in 1985 when Ti left her vehicle and Do wasn’t exiting with her (a change of what they thought) and then when he felt it was instruction to leave by “taking it upon ourselves to exit” by laying down our vehicles which was first concretely introduced in 1994 after we’d finished 9 months on the road giving public meetings all over the U.S. He had felt to set up circumstances to see the Next Level would pick us up or allow us to leave our vehicles from fasting on water in the near Phoenix desert that he cancelled after two weeks on water only.

Thus they believed that at the time so that’s what they taught. Looking back it’s interesting how some left when certain things they said did not come to pass and they even said, people had every right to not believe them, but were then surprised how to most of the student body it didn’t matter. They hadn’t been their students on a promise of how and when to leave. They were students because they recognized Ti and Do as their Older Members from the Next Level and they trusted them explicitly. This was also evidenced in 1975 when they saw the handwriting on the wall that they were “shot down by the press in the street” (commons for every eye to see (media)) as prophesied in the Rev 11 Two Witnesses prophecy. Ti and Do said it changed and the students weren’t ready. And it’s interesting that having since examined prophecy it’s clear that the Two aren’t killed at all and that the woman of the two takes them to the wilderness (Wyoming) for a time and then is taken away when she is “swallowed up by the Earth” with the flood (persecuting thoughts against her) sent after her by the dragon (Luciferain reptilian space aliens), an expression used when someone died and how the student body “fell upon their faces” speaking about it in the past in,

Rev 11:16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,

In this verse “face” was their human self, the actual vehicle they were wearing (incarnate into) for their task of overcoming it’s humaness to graduate the human evolutionary condition. Jesus said his disciples would be “born again of water” (a flesh body in the watery womb of the watery Earth) and would “stand up again” (re-surrection (both by interfacing with and coming to be the sole controller of the human vehicle they are helped to select for the task) to “life” as the “just” (those abiding by their Older Member’s instructions) while the unjust would also “stand up again” (as the Luciferian advasarials (satan’s) needed to test and stimulate the just to acquire more strength of mind/will to combat their influence, which would be a standing up to death, where death is really at that point the “second death” when the spirit and/or undeveloped dead soul is actually dissolved in the lake of fire. “Life” isn’t the life of the body, the vehicle Ti and Do called it but the life of the Soul body that was literally growing inside the human vehicle, the reason a water birth (human body) was required to have a Soul body born from overcoming it.

Do described the human body as like a glass vase and that human mind was like a balloon inside the vase while the Soul body deposit was a type of “seed” (like Jesus referred to along with referring to the body as a wineskin (vase)). Spirit and Mind are synonymous. The human balloon can only house human mind (spirit), thoughts, ideas, terms pertaining to human behaviors and ways while the Soul body balloon can only contain Next Level Mind (holy spirit) – information pertaining to behavior and ways of Next Level members. Do went on to explain that when one is overcoming their humanness they are emptying the human mind (spirit) balloon and are filling their Next Level Soul body baloon by taking in the Mind from their Older Members which involves doing all they are given to think, say and do.

Thus when a student who has successfully filled their Next Level balloon full of their Older Members mind, that can only be filled while in the physical company of the incarnate Older Member, then to release that new growing Soul body from the physical human body the physical human body must die.

When Ti and Do saw that the “demonstration” of their rising from the dead, Jesus style wasn’t the modus operandi, they began to wonder how they and the student body would leave, how and when their physical human bodies would be discarded. For a while they wondered if the Next Level would do it on a spacecraft like by lying on a table next to a table that had their new Next Level fully grown adult body on it, sort of like a blood transfusion might be thought of. They didn’t think the Next Level had any use for their or their students’ human bodies. How the Next Level would take them and the students would be according to the lessons the students needed and the strategy of what record they wanted to leave the humans to ponder. For instance they also wondered if when the human vehicles were picked up if the Soul body would be extracted from it and the human vehicle would fall dead. There was that old expression referring to when Jesus was murdered as he “gave up the ghost (mind/spirit/soul body)” and when Jesus’ soul body filled with holy mind/spirit came into the vehicle prepared for him named Jesus most significantly it was literally seen by some as a “body lighting upon Jesus like a dove” and accompanied by a voice that said, “this is my son whom I am well pleased” that Jesus said was for the benefit of those observing it.

Now the students who returned from having been in the Jesus led classroom, spoken of as the Saints (new holy angels/reapers) who proved their loyalty to Jesus by spreading the information He brought far and wide and being eventually all killed because of the hate they encountered that Jesus said would be their fate in drinking his same “cup”, were returned with the same Souls that were The Father and Jesus before.

Jesus took his changed over physical body with him back to the spacecraft cloaked by a cloud. He had visited with the Father at some point before spending the 40 days or so with his disciples proving he was “not a spirit but was flesh and bone” still, though he looked different.

The Father could have actually been physically present, even incarnate as well, a potential consideration from the Essenes records (Do indicated Jesus may have had a physical relationship with his Older Member (Father) at some point) as the Essenes spoke of a “Teacher of Righteousness” that exited quite some time before a second teacher of Righteousness arose in their community, which may have been about The Father and Jesus. In either case the Father would have by the time Jesus awoke been on board an overseeing spacecraft to help Jesus. It was likly the Father who appeared with another in white to Jesus and three disciples on the mountain where they told him when and how to exit, which is kin to how three of Do’s students saw two small white beings in their house in Yuma, AZ in 1996 that became confirmation that most of the student body had raised their “vibrations” high enough to have that visual awake experience and was additional confirmation to Do that his plans to self stimulate exit of their containers (vehicles/bodies) was a go that the Hale Bopp comet and suspected spacecraft in it’s tail was confirmation of the timing for exit.

In any case the Father and Jesus had physical bodies on board their spacecraft and the ones who gave their lives may have been issued temporary physical bodies and some who believed after Jesus left and lost their vehicles were taken to be put on “ice” were all returned by 1970 or so. Ti would say all along to us, “get your mind in your vehicle”. We even taught a pet parakeet that, which was Ti talking to the Saints, the Minds/souls who returned who needed to get totally inside that new human vehicle (vase). Do had indicated that there were different kinds of “tags” or “deposits”. He felt like deposits were made at birth of the vehicles he and Ti took as well as the vehicles the student body were to take. Like Jesus whose soul came into his body after he had been deposited as a baby, where Jesus may have also had some engineering of his physical body’s components to be able to handle the level of mind he needed without “bursting” his wine skin thus a “virgin birth”.

So the humans who were to become the recipients of the returning Next Level souls were drawing in the Mind from those returning Souls that entered when they first met up with Ti and Do at a meeting and when they exited those human bodies, they were not dying. The physical container was being dropped like the butterfly discards the catapillar/crysallis the analogy Ti and Do initially taught about this metamorphosis. Thus the students didn’t die to go to the Next Level. The human vehicles died but the human vehicles were always scheduled to die eventually which is why humans are all actually dead. (The are all given a shot to reach for “life” but they have to ask/seek search for it and in so doing would be directed to where there are Older Members of if it is after the Older Member and student body have left then to connect with an “active student”.

Thus Ti and Do were correct all along in what they said to Hayden Hewes. In summation, the ones returning were their student body and they were living souls which are perfectly real and even more real than human bodies because the former don’t die unless some take a task of laying it down to provide the same graduation experience to humans and still the soul body that is the pilot of their newly assigned physical body is very much alive now permenantly. But Ti and Do weren’t provided with that information in the 70’s because it wasn’t timely. The Next Level Older Members from the heavenly vantagepoint know well that humans rightfully will have a much greater tendency to balk at the idea of dying voluntarity. After all the Luciferians had instilled the religious and society with the idea that choosing to exit one’s physical body was a grave “original” sin. The sin would be not seeking the will of one’s heavenly Father to decide whether or not there is a task they would have us do before deciding to exit our human body on our own. This is why the Older Member needs to be trusted and works very, very hard to be sure each student is fully aware of the ramifications of exiting by their own hand while the world looks on in horror and dismay largely not believing that they will be very much alive after they exit.

Finally, these two followers of Ti and Do said, “only The Two would die”, so to what definition of “life” were they anticipating dying would be an understandable question. Actually there is no trying to hide the fact that Ti and Do believed they were fulfilling the role of the Two Witnesses and that Rev 11 said they would be “killed” and they would rise from the dead before their enemies who would witness their ascension. But the facts are that Ti and Do didn’t need that Revelations 11 prophecy to know they had come from “outer space”, the literal heaven’s and that they were here to “fulfill prophecy” and “bring updates to the bible”, all of which they recognized from their “less than six weeks” in the town of Bourne, Texas from during January and February of 1973. Additionally they didn’t get from the Revelations prophecy that the overcoming process Jesus taught was necessary for graduation/harvest (going to the Kingdom of God/Heaven) that most Christians are taught to ignore that includes a seperation from our human lives to include our physical life apparant clearly throughout many Jesus quotes. Nor did they get from Revelations that the Kingdom of God/Heaven was a physical kingdom that was a potential next “evolutionary” step for humans into what they more accurately termed the “Evolutionary Level Above Human”. Nor did they get the analogy of the overcoming process to the metamorphosis of a catapillar to a butterfly and how that was a “christing” (christening as in Crysalis), the PROCESS, (their term) needed that is the “pressing of the OIL that when burned in the LAMP creates LIGHT, the human vehicle being the vessel/container with the EYE as the LAMP part that needed to be refined to hold the OIL by restraining all human expenditures of the flames of passion, whether they be through sexuality or a drive for success and/or power and/or enlightening, all for SELF as opposed to with the Next Level for one’s Older Members (Parents(Fathers) in the literal heavens).

All this was on their minds but in their terms as they were obviously not drawing their terminology strictly from translations and interpretations of the Bible alone nor from any one recorded body of information designated the basis of a religion. No doubt all of these ideas could be traced to this or that philosophy and since Ti was an avid student of Theosophy and that included some study of the Hindu Vedas while Do was raised on Christianity and even attempted to enter seminary, why didn’t they think the students wouldn’t have to “die” to get to to the Next Level, one has to ask as in those early days when Do wrote Statement One, which was written just weeks before they arrived at Hayden’s office in July of 1974 it talked about each students “Christening”? Did they miss that Jesus instructed his disciples to give their physical lives, DRINK THE SAME CUP HE WAS DRINKING THAT IS FILLED WITH HIS BLOOD because they would be hated as he was hated and like the seed that falls to the ground and is buried and dies as a seed to sprout as a plant that stands up to become a tree that then provides an environment and “sustenence” (mind/spirit) to many new creatures because of. Did they miss where Peter said He would die for Jesus and Jesus said, he wasn’t ready to die for him yet.

Yet they told us, the students in no uncertain terms that we were not to die. If they were building their script solely on what they had studied in various books and records, wouldn’t they have incorporated this one more fact. It’s not like they were sugar coating it all. They required students by then to “leave all behind” to join them. They spelled that out as Jesus did to include that children could not come/join as they couldn’t make that decision to engage in overcoming the world. It was the leaving of children that in fact started the investigation when two would be students were arranging to leave their two young children with the biological dad who lived less than 100 miles from them and the police got involved and so they were being thought of as kidnappers as well or at least instigators of a mass brainwashing to the detriment of the public so sought after to stop.

In fact the work “kill” translated from the Greek “apokteino” to which there is very little data that describes anything about the “kteino” part, where “apo” is to “remove” or “off” or take “away” from something, is not the usual term for “kill” as in to murder or slay or remove someone from their physical life. It’s thought of as “to kill in ANY way” which Ti and Do if they knew that translation didn’t ever lead on to knowing it. One would have thought if they knew of that translation that after the news broke in October of 1975 by Walter Cronkite saying their vehicles names and how they were “felons” though only Do was a felon as the charges against Ti were dropped weeks after they were arrested together with different charges in early 1974 in Brownsville, Texas when they were about to give their story to the press that included their saying they were rewriting much of the bible. When that news broke they were in Las Vegas, Nevada – “sin city” (the spiritual sodom as depicted in Rev 11?) and they literally felt “shot down” and thought for a couple days there was no use in going on as everyone by then would have made up their mind about them. They were both showing their being raised in the establishment of having respect for authority. They weren’t actually rebels growing up so to them once the national press showed them to be felons their mission was dead but that’s not the death they were expecting. They always, even years later expected to die in terms of loss of their physical body, though that dimished a great deal after they were shot down by the press in the commons of the land, the media the only way peoples from nations and kindred, etc. could all see them in their “dead” state as it says in Rev and the only way their bodies would be “dead” for 3 days without being “buried” another mistranslation as there are many in that section of Revelations as with the interpretation of apokteino to slay or kill the translators followed that idea up with building that case in the next verses translations. (This is all detailed in my book).

But if they had known that kill was “kill in any way” even if they had re-read that in their hotel bible while watching the fever of media on national television about them as dangerous felon ufo cult leaders, if they were to continue leading their student body as they did wouldn’t they then tell their now 70 or so students this new understanding of the translation of apokteino which would spare their having to prove they are who they say they are by fulfilling the previous understanding of the Two Witnesses prophecy?

Here is Do recounting the event in 1988 when he wrote, “88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew”:

Do writes…:

“Ti and Do were in Las Vegas when the TV network news programs all broke the story about the two. Now because of the kind of publicity that had come out across the country, climaxed by the networks, Ti and Do felt that further meetings were pretty hopeless and people had already made up their minds about how ridiculous this all was. Ti and Do felt that the demonstration was still the one thing that could change that. However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead.

They received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the “killing in the street” of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media. However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a “chickening out” interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following. So, with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans. Much to their surprise, the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, “OK then, where do we go from here”?

Ti and Do still felt that to continue was probably one of their greatest tests. Nevertheless, they got up, kicked the dust off their tired feet, and continued with the instruction to hold meetings a while longer. They then became more organized in their groups and more systematic with their communication between cities. All in all, the meetings continued for a little over ten months.

At a meeting in a Manhattan, Kansas college auditorium (April 21, 1976), Ti announced that “the Harvest is closed, there will be no more meetings.” Since that time, no new students have been admitted to the class.”

(end of Do’s statement in “88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew)

I remember not caring about the Two Witnesses prophecy though I had no understanding of the Greek apokteino either until many years later when they talked about it and I learned that Ti thought the Next Level decided not to go ahead with the demonstration because the students weren’t ready for them to leave. I didn’t join on that basis, nor to take a ride on a UFO, nor because I thought they were aliens and wanted to be with aliens or out of mere new age “California” styled curiosity or wild mindedness. I simply had a core recognition of them and was compelled to be with them and that remained with me even after leaving in 1994, then reconstituting my belief and service in early 2000 til now in 2013. It was in my return to active studentship when I began disecting prophecy and saw that all prophecy that could be attributed to the Level Above Human, all the Jesus records and the Book of Revelations but with a many, many direct links back to Moses writings of the first five books of the record as well as to a number of the Old Testament prophets that I saw that all prophecy was like a map with one starting place and one destination but lots of ways to interpret it to get to the destination.

So after the national news broke with the human identities of Ti and Do alongside Rob Balch and David Taylors infiltration into one of the groups and then the overall group at the Chicago camp at Chain of Lakes national forest and the fact that the FBI was looking for Ti and Do to question them about the rash of UFO related cattle mutilations in the Colorado and Oklahoma areas, Ti and Do split the 70 of us up into six groups and sent us in different directions. But somehow I still thought there was to be a “demonstration”. Somehow my partner and I missed that part of the new interpretation that was saying the “killing already happened”.

So when we were dispatched out of Chain of Lakes the group I was in which had one partnership assigned to be “helpers” or “overseers” of, who had some way of staying in touch with Ti and Do’s group who were made up of them with 6 students, headed south to Oklahoma, stayed a few days and eventually met with Ti and Do which is probably where they would have told us about their not walking into a demonstration but that my partner and I missed as we spoke about that idea of a demonstration thereafter as we got separated from our group and thus any Ti and Do connection. We ended up hitchiking all over the midwest from Florida to Texas and from Colorado to Tennesee and from Wisconsin to Boston and Vermont to Brownsvile, Texas, giving large and small meetings everywhere we went. We even did a meeting in Liberal, Kansas that got advertised in the newspaper in which the report indicated we, my partner “Dandy” and I were portrayed as the Two Witnesses. I recall before that meeting saying to Dandy, I think I’m going to bring it up first thing that we are not the Two in case someone wants to shoot us. I was willing to die but wasn’t looking forward to it. In fact I had trouble really believing I wouldn’t die though according to what Ti and Do had written in the three statements we wern’t going to die. So I put my sense about it aside and told others we encountered we wouldn’t be dying and of course was laughted at and scorned for saying.

With all this said, I can honestly say that after 19 years with Ti and Do they proved to me that they were willing to say and/or do anything when they could verify it was coming from their invisible, in a spacecraft Older Member which would have been Ti’s Older Member and therefore like Do’s grandfather, his Older Member’s Older Member.

2) Examples of how people left the cult

Thus they told us what they were given to tell us and when it changed they told us what they were given to tell us. If in the process students fell away because of what would have looked like changing core pieces of their information or as occurred in the scheduling of a pickup twice that didn’t happen or in the case of Ti unexpectantly exiting her vehicle first (dying of cancer, that Do said was Ti burning out her vehicle because of the deluge of attacks she was up against and having to surmount to help Do get started in his task to birth the student body) and a number of other reasons why students dropped out or were arranged to leave (as the 19 were in early winter of 1976, that two, years later reconnected from) or were arranged to be in a half way situation instead of with the main body, having an easy way to not reengage, which did happen to one long time member. Or when Do said we had enough sticks (money) in the coffer to give some $1,000.00 to leave because he didn’t want anyone staying on because it had become comfortable living in a very tight nit high standard, high tech, even fun commune. Or when one classmember didn’t want to work on the lesson entitled “I could be wrong” which was to be put in front of any statement, especially in decisions or in remembering something. Another classmate decided to take his side showing us an example of how, as the record says, “a third of the angels fell from heaven”. One named Lucifer chose not to serve his Older Member and some sided with him so they all lost their task and facility to circulate among other members of the Next Level in the heaven’s beyond the near to Earth sky/atmosphere. In other words the Earth and it’s immedieate environment that might extend into near space became their prison and to survive a recycling period they hid underground, which is what is occurring now but will be a new crop of lower forces to the old crop can be dissolved in the Lake of Fire.

When I began to unknowingly compete with Do coupled with demanding a harder task “like Do’s” of Ti, while she was then outside her human vehicle and who we were permitted by Do to communicate with to see if we were connecting and recognizing when she would respond, coupled with a weakness I had not had enough control over, my vehicles desire for sexual stimulus that up til then took the shape of allowing my eyes to linger some seconds on any view that was attractive to the vehicle whether it was looking down the shirt of a female when they might bend over or becoming fixated on one’s backside should they bend over, for example. So it just so happened the day or even hour after I did that insistant request for more growth (which in and of itself was always good to desire) but taking the shape of thinking I was anywhere near able to provide service in a task like Do’s showed two things; (1) that I was still egocentric looking at Do’s task in a way that would make me look better, even to myself a symptom of what Ti had told me before she left that would keep me off the spacecraft, that I was (2) “a little too pleased with self” in that I thought I was doing pretty well in my overcoming to demand a harder task. In any case, ask and you shall receive, so I’m sure Ti opened a gate to so speak and what she knew was a stronger discarnate stepped into my space and in minutes I folded – I could not stop the sexual thoughts and feelings and was masturbating at times several times a day for months to come and I began to understand how there are worse things than death because “death” (a dead luciferian space alien) was allowed to attack me regularily and whenever he did, I folded immedieatly. Finally, though Do was offerring me help, I seemed to have no desire to use any of the tools I’d been using successfully for 18 years to combat my previous level of sexual challenge. As I was removed from the overseer tasks I had become accustomed to performing, Do asked me one day to take an overseer task with Mllody as my checkpartner. I told him I couldn’t as I’d be a hypocrit to which he then said, “Well then what do you want to do?”, to which I said, “I guess I have to leave”, to which he said, “you want to get more objective.” And he then asked to speak to nrrody and “told her to tell others not to try to talk me out of it because he knows what he is doing”, which is what she repeated to all in the room then. The next day they bought me a plane ticket to where I wanted to go, Phoenix, AZ to temporarily stay with two x-classmates who still believed but wanted to be outside the class. And they gave me $600.00 cash to get started on.

Then there were the two times, once when Ti was still in her physical vehicle and the other after she exited, when we were all given the option to fly to visit relatives of our vehicle or anyone that we thought may still have anxiety at our absense for the last 10 years before that. That opened the door very wide for some to be tempted to leave. We each went on the plane by ourselves and had a visit over a weekend and returned. While back with my folks and siblings and relatives and some friends I had the opportunity to hook up with an old girlfriend but I wanted nothing of the sort. I was not tempted to leave at all. One student enjoyed their visits so much, he ended up wanting to leave the group so did.

Another classmate left after it became a lesson step for certain males in the group to express whether we would have any reservations against castration should Do get the okay from Ti to provide that option. No one was being proded and only the ones that had expressed an ongoing problem with sensuality were asked this, as these had asked Do for any measure to help them overcome. So it was because of our instigation that this was brought up. I was one who was present when this question was asked. One classmate did have reservations and it put him on the spot and some months later he asked to leave and was given help to fly where he wanted to go. I am still in touch with him.

There are more examples but these are the biggest ones I know about personally. No one told me about these events. I was involved with each one to a degree as I was often assigned partners that were having problems and they knew it and also knew I was reporting my observations to Do. To be in the classroom we had to desire that we were an open book, eager for help to overcome our human self ways from any direction. We were expected to ask our partners often for this help. We were never to assume if we asked once it was good indefinitely. It’s very, very easy to not want to ask this of our partners. After all they might bring up the same things we’d been working on for years and it could feel like we were not making headway on conquering it. But the task wasn’t to conquer it was to try to conquer and seek help to conquer. From that vantagepoint then conquering occurred. But keeping it in and thinking we can rise to perform our own fight is an illusion the influences want us to maintain so they could win.

In the early years people would leave without telling anyone. Ti and Do didn’t like that because they knew they might reveal our location and they knew and had evidence that there were investigators looking for some in the class hoping to deprogram them. On a documentary, an x-member of the class who has since turned against Ti and Do publically expressed sarcastically and perhaps arrogantly that Do was always worried about security when in fact there had been several efforts of parents or siblings to find their “loved ones” thinking they were trapped into beign in the cult. It’s completly understandable to be suspectible to that fear just like a momma bear seeks to protect their cubs. The difference though is that all the members of the group were adults who had been living on their own for years and in most cases in different states, even totally across the country and with a seeker mentality that they were not going let anyone stifle. Ti and Do were both security conscious despite what this x-classmember says with a big grin on his face as though he is above Ti and Do in perspective. Isn’t it interesting how when people left they largely became against Ti and Do as who they said they were and yet could provide no evidence that they were in the same league as the hundreds of groups that had formed as cults that ended up having families with children among them and whose dropouts complained and filed charges against the leadership for child abuse (Jim Jones) and molestations of underage girls (David Koresh) and highly questionable financial dealings, or the use of prostitutes when their rules forbid it thus a major hypocrisy to preach against, the building of a human empire the opposite of what Jesus taught (Sun Myung Moon) and the list is enormous involving sex, money and power abuses. So what does this x-classmember bring up…(all paraphrased), “they made me shave up instead of down” and “they had a procedure to be precise in measuring salt for a recipe”, or another x-member said, “they didn’t take care of my teeth the way I wanted”. They were so far distant from human thinking and acting, they couldn’t even be corrupt the way humans do. This one x-classmember also gave his opinion on this same documentary that he thought Do (Marshall or Herf) was so upset with his homosexuality, he was putting strict rules against sexuality into effect to act out his own problem. He said something to that effect. This x-classmembers sounds a bit homophobic. This is a line he got from the psychologists that really can’t find any reason for either Ti or Do’s thinking and actions nor the student body so they make stuff up that sounds feasible to those that don’t know any better and the reporters are satisfied so print it and people who have their own problems and who want to sound like an authority quote the report without any evidence to support their claim. This is a typical “intelligence tactic”. It’s intelligent only because it uses words and provides what some want to hear so athesist, spiritual new ager or relgionist or not, they get to have an explanation other than the most obvious “consideration” that they might very well have been exactly who they represented themselves to be.

After all, if Do was troubled about his vehicles sexuality, what about Ti as Ti is the one who “got Do going” that Do admitted to. He even said he resisted Ti and wondered at first whether she was interested in him (in a human way, like for dating or something like that). She had zero interest in him in that way and Do quickly learned that but still gave Ti a hard time as they began to work together after leaving houston together in 1973. But by the time Do got out of jail he knew who Ti was, his Older Member, his Heavenly Father working through the female vehicle named Bonnie Nettles. (Around 1984 Do held a meeting with the class without Ti present in which he first said that Ti was the woman depicted in Revelations chapter 12. This was the only bible lesson we ever had. They spoke about what Jesus said many times without actually quoting chapter and verse but before this never tried to explain particular translations or interpretations with the very slight exception in 1975 pertaining to their being the Revelations chapter 11 Two Witnesses, though they never covered more a couple verses of that and in no detailed analysis.

At least once a year Ti and Do gave an instruction to literally think about leaving and if there is anything we wanted to do in the world. That instruction was short lived. Maybe it lasted 30 minutes. Then they said, wipe out those thoughts. Of course if someone really did want to leave they wouldn’t be able to wipe out those thoughts.

3) Bonnie and Herf explain how they receive humans’ “prayers” from people asking to know the truth.

An excerp from Hayden Hewes interview with those who would come to be known as Bo (Herf) and Peep (Bonnie) and later Ti and Do (Bo) regarding “Prayer” according to the book of He and Dan Garcia’s interview with “The Two” as documented in the book, “UFO Missionaries Extraordinary, compiled and edited and with comments by Hayden Hewes and Brad Steiger”.

Bonnie: This is what I mentioned earlier…that we have been visiting a group…and this is probably one thing that will get us killed. When humans pray, they contact the source which we are from.
Herf: If they pray to the highest source.
Bonnie: If they are praying for truth, then they contact us.

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One Response to “Hayden Hewes gets proof that Ti & Do are contacted when one prays to the hightest source of truth”

  1. Baldtim M Says:

    Attached is the list… only 226 files so I should recheck that I downloaded them all. The files have meta information in them (as you can see from the clip) — I may be able to extract and send.

    I’ve listened to about 5 hours. I always thought they were sincere and still believe that. I’m touched by their sincerity and sweetness actually. I bet those were all good times… a lot like being a monk perhaps except their is UFO stuff and space aliens and boogers. But otherwise, a certain amount of ascetism.


    Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 01:55:14 +0000 To: baldtim@hotmail.com

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